Tuesday, April 12, 2005

attempting to push clear of the mist

today is the official first day of my study break. as one of my friends said: this is the time to break from study. then friday only begin the study break. lol
anyway, i'm unfortunately sick so studying is like trying to work myself through this glaze. my brain is totally misted up. oh well. i'm totally behind in my 'study schedule' lol damn end up still onlining
went up to inti this morning and totally wasted my time. forgot to bring my bks up and therefore i was left with absolutely NOTHING to study. but had to stay up there coz i was waiting for my friend who was suppose to return my bk.. but due to some unforseen circumstances, i couldn't get my bk back. so i had a totally wasted morning.
anyway, there is actually no updates wid my life. lol i'm upgrading my blog due to extreme boredom. i SHOULD be studying but i can't bring myself to study anymore. keep on sleeping or watching tv or onlining.. damn. shouldn't slack off so much.
learnt the fundamentals of pool. still pretty (actually superbly) bad at it.. seem to have problem pulling my que back after i hit the ball and i don't control the que to well.. lol
anyway may the force be with slackers like me,

Thursday, April 07, 2005

blog insertions

okok.. this is a blog to fill in some of the blanks of my past blog 'belated update' coz i forgot i did this stuffs till like recently
anyway, one of those days i went for blood donation.. went with sookie, angie and vanessa.. super lawak.. all of us were SOOOO scared... then went there.. wanted to do blood test and we had to fill up some form first.. my goodness they asked the stupidest questions.. anyway, after filling out the form we realised.. *drum roll* we were all UNDERAGED
i was underaged by like.. 5 months? sookie even more
so we had to go around col trying to find a lecturer/adult to permit us to donate blood.. finally ended up going to the dsa to get permission there.
anyway, during the blood donation itself.. ahaha.. sookie and i were having competition to see who could fill the blood bag up fastest.. i won!! yay!! ahaha.. actually that's because i started earlier.. ahaha.. anyway, the entire time we were pumping blood we were commenting on each other's progress.. "u're bag's half-full d!! hurry!!!" ahahaa
anyway, recently amy came back frm her ns.. went out wid her.. for baskins!! hehe.. i LOVE baskins!! except it seems rum raisin is either super popular or super unpopular.. can nvr find it.. ish! anyway.. sookie!! sorry bout yi xin's prez.. coz i sent amy to gurney so i decided to pick up her prez since i was there.. than her frenz didn't come yet so she came wid me.. then i saw this pair of super cute purple butterfly earrings so i bought it for her.. amy asked whether could share since she was leaving and she wanted to pass yi xin's prez to her thru me.. and she got this matching necklace.. asked me to wrap for her.. so it was easier to share.. sorry!!
anyway, attempted learning how to play drums juz now.. i'm quite hopeless at it.. cannot coordinate the right hand, left hand, right foot, left foot.... ahahaha.. dunno wat nonsense i was playing
oh well.. it was funny.. laughed most of the time
haih.. tomorrow is my ACCOUNTS second test!! damn.. i die d.. dunno wat the hell i am doing. oh well.. i'll live wid it kua.. i hope
at least i get to meet up wid some of my old sch pals tomorrow during yi xin's berfday.. that gal super keng.. having berfday party at evergreen
may the force be with ppl who are sick to their core..

Sunday, April 03, 2005

belated update

kayz.. been some time since i've last updated my blog so here's my new update
my life has been pretty monotonous since i last updated my blog.. everyday wake up go to col, come back.. blah blah blah...
although honestly i have to say col life is gettin more fun.. lol i s'pose coz making new frenz
furthermore nianz came back to study in inti.. i know she misses singapore but we're not THAT bad rite??? n our inti gang's quite fun rite?? lol
amy left two weeks ago.. haih.. miss her.. although fortunately for her she seems to be enjoying ns... it was great meetin up wid her juz now.. get to catch up a lil' bit on stuff miss talking to her d.. although she's changed a lil bit.. lol.. and i can't believe she doesn't like shopping d.. oh well.. lol when she gets back frm ns must ingrain into her the shopping bug again.. ahahaha
went for baskins that day.. so happy!! first time i ever did stupid parallel parking!! ahahahahahah!!! but unfortunately my rum raisin was sold out.. damn.. now have to wait two mths b4 can eat it d.. ahahahaa... the 31st was a day of ice-cream.. ahahhaa.. my gang planned all day to go eat baskins.. when we went, the queue super super long.. anyway, after finishing i went home.. then my bro asked me whether i wanted baskins.. so we went.. but the queue near pulau tikus there was amazing.. there were actually ppl lining up OUTSIDE baskins to go in.. needless to say i didn't go for a second round of baskins.. in the end tried this jap icecream.. no idea wat it's called but it's pretty good
april fools day yesterday.. my goodness.. first time in many years kept on getting fooled.. lol.. oh well.. i don't think i'm ever going to play april fool jokes anymore.. after experiencing an april fool's fiasco..
lol.. i'm soooo happy!! i passed LAN-MEC!!! more or less anyway.. so far got 46 out of 60.. it takes 50 to pass.. so i've essentially passed d.. lol alhtough finals this coming sat i don't care.. i've passed liao.. bwah ha ha!!
ook.. nxt test on thursday.. ACCOUNTS!! ahhh!!
lol.. summore mid terms coming up.. better go hit the bks..
may the force be with ppl who passed LAN...