Thursday, July 21, 2005


*yawn* i'm not particularly fond of updating my blog.. lol oh well.. i s'pose since i do have a blog i might as well blog
mm... wat has happened to me since i last upgraded.. a lot.. but i can't remember most of it.. so i'll just write a brief highlight
on the 31st of may.. it started off a fun day.. went for baskins!! hehe..i got my rum raisin!! yay!! after that... in the evening.. went to play badminton.. when one guy accidentally hit nianz in the eye with a shuttle.. ooh.. scary.. she started screaming.. i ran to get an icepack (which wasn't cold.. but no choice) and then yew drove her to the hospital.. thank goodness he knew where the emergency entrance is.. got stopped by police coz yew was driving real fast and illegally cutting in at the roundabout.. lol conversation was something like as follows:
polis: mengapa pandu cepat?
yew: kawan cedera.. mata
polis: huh? aiyoh.. bawa dia ke mana?
yew: lam wah ee
polis: oh, ambil pusingan (gestures) cepat.. pergi (to fellow police friend) matanya darah lar.. beri mereka pergi...
anyway.. needless to say.. we got to the hospital.. she got admitted and the nxt two weeks was spent with countless inti ppl terrorising lam wah ee hospital (me included) hahaha
pity them.. coz she had like visitors almost 24/7 (obviously the most popular patient on the floor.. haha)
anyway.. after she was ok and came out.. my turn to end up in hospital. involved in accident and got whiplash.. thankfully my passengers (nianz and jo.. i'm so sorry to involve both of you!! to yew and kev.. sorry for worrying both of you.. lol i was kinda blur) were both ok.. anyway.. i too caused a serious uproar in loh guan lye.. in my two day stay... my visitors got called to keep quiet 4 times.. haha.. luckily i got the suite.. it was like this really sterile hotel room with a small bed.. but the bed was soooo cool.. got to 'levitate' and stuff.. hehe.. and gave nianz, jo and yew something to play wid in my room.. coz i had a wheel chair.. hahaa.. and this seriously pathetic darth vader mask thingy
anyway.. came back to college... got lectured by a few of my lecturers for getting myself involved in an accident
anyway.. now.. let me see... mm.. nth new at the moment.. my foosball's improving.. got nominated for ms. hsc.. haha.. not that i'll win.. oh well.. had the dumb photoshoot thingy.. ended up doing nonsense.. coz i so do not know how to pose.. anyway.. time for me to go bug shuba to send some of the photos (the group ones my frenz and i who were nominated managed to convince the dsa to take for us wid their super cool camera.. hehe..) to send them to me.. dunno y.. the photos... juz couldn't be sent..oh well she sent me the wrong ones
watched fantastic four... wat can i say bout it?? it's fantastic!! and jessica alba's sooooooo pretty/hot/beautiful however u wanna put it.. hehe
oh.. nianz left to sunway already.. so now my group's become smaller.. lol oh well..
anyway.. i'm totally screwed.. trials coming.. have to finish two assignments (one a bloody mini-project) by like.. mm.. 6 hours time.. it's currently 1.18am. damn tired.. oh well.. i'll survive
can't wait for the one week break.. hopefully can plan the kl trip by then.. and obviously.. hopefully can execute it as well.. lol
may the force be with stiff-necked people..