Thursday, June 22, 2006

cruising around the island

congratulations to 4-time HD boy =) to celebrate, family went for a one day cruise around penang island (would have gone for a longer one if he could actually get time off work. lol)

the liner (if u can actually call it one) is really nth to shout about. there's absolutely nth to do coz it's solely meant for gambling. but ok i suppose... the company was great even if there wasn't much to do onboard. in the end, my siblings and i spent most our time playing big two in the bar.. listening to really bad karaoke-ing. or on the deck. on in the arcade playing photo hunt and some horse racing game. the photo hunt was really crappy. the screen's in really bad condition so it's really hard to see the differences in the photos. especially if it's the rotating photo or the symmetrical one O_o
they had an onboard movie theatre too.. the movie sucked but the seats made it all worthed it. seats were made of leather and really big.. had this leg rest and if u leaned back with enough force, the seat would lean back. omg, temporary bliss =) but unfortunately, the movie really sucked. they got this really pathetic version of x3 and started playing the movie halfway thru. and they cut off the last part of the movie -_-"
the buffet provided was pretty good. except it was like totally impossible to get dessert. seems ppl who board the ship are very kiasu. the minute dessert was served, could actually see ppl running off with plates of cakes -_-" but otherwise, food was good.
anyway, we all got back, juz in time for the world cup match (world cup fever has inflicted my family bigtime *grin*) posted some photos from the trip but it's only a small portion of the actualy amount of photos taken (4 cameras = a lot a lot of photos) enjoy =)
photos from the trip

me and my big sister

girls in my family

family on the deck

lil sis doing a strange jig

family of four. no, that is not my brother's daughter

if i were a chess piece, i'd be...

big two

ooh.. plush leather seats

and... more of the seats

well, that's roughly it bout my holiday. will be my last blog for some time coz it's hard to get a hold of internet here.

may the force be with HD scorers,

Saturday, June 17, 2006


this is the last day i'm going to be in kl for this sem. although, when i come back next sem, i'll still technically be a first-sem student.

reminiscing about the past (4mths anyway), i have to say i really don't have anything to complain about... i made a few really good friends here and other psycho buddies which made my sem anything but dull.
i juz went to watch tokyo drift with the group of them. went to watch them play daytona too. lol. al warming up to watch tokyo drift. the movie, is, as expected, brainless but with a lot of hot cars and hot girls. hot asian girls. although there were a few hot foreigners girls too. unfortunately, they couldn't get paul walker to come back, so *awww* no eyecandy =(
they did get some guy that look somewhat like paul walker. and ugly version of him. and vin diesel made a cameo. not that i like vin diesel. i never liked bald guys. see, this is where i get inconsistant.. i can't stand scruffy, unshaven ppl. but i don't like those totally cleanshaven guys either *note this means BALD.. as in chicken-egg-smooth bald*
anyway, jay sonn called after that.. offered to take us out to watch the holland-ivory coast match. so we agreed (obviously! sunway is like... bleah) pity steve, alex, khong and zaid. they had to cram at the back of the car.. i absolutely refuse to sit on any of them. lol. luckily jay sonn drives a pretty spacious car. went for supper after that. man, eating at 3am is the sure ticket to getting fat. lol
anyway.. hmm.. i've become quite the football fanatic. if nth else, due to sheer boredom. since my exam ended, i've been waiting for my friends to come to the end of theirs.. so i've watched almost EVERY single match aired. some are good (like today's) but some are like.. real boring. like the england-paraguay match. sweden. brazil. germany. *yawn*

anyway.. i'm finally going back to my lovely little dirty island!
can't wait
may the force be with penangites.. (lok lok, ckt.. here i come!)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

armed evil

math. one of the cruellest subjects ever to be created solely for the purpose of torturing and making the poor sufferers of this subject mentally retarded.
which brings me to my subject: engineering mathematics.
my day started almost normally. i woke up earlier than usual due to strange dreams. stranger than usual at least. which, were probably were caused from overeating the day before or nerves which caused my overindulgence in food the day before.
anyway... as there was no possible way i would get back to sleep, i decided to study. sort of. i ended up watching music videos instead.
exam halls (usually) are ridiculous. they make it so frigging cold that me, bad circulation and all, usually turn so blue that it's scary. i almost look as if i had been suffocated and some puppeteer is moving my limbs around. hell, my fingers and toes turn blue. even my lips do. walking corpse
so, in order to have full use of my limbs to do my exam, i dressed warmly. note: warmly. means, i wrapped myself up nicely in jackets and was even contemplating bringing a scarf to wrap my nose and gloves for my hands. not that i did.
and so, i left for uni. and it begun to rain. not the sweet, slow, romantic drizzle rain. i'm talking about the psychotic, horizontally moving missiles that are supposedly raindrops. my umbrella, being the perpectually broke person i am, is pretty light and has to be opened in a certain way for it to be used (read: cheap) dragged my sorry ass to uni.
and so, trekking miserably in the rain to uni, some idiot car decides to drive really fast and splash water on me. come on, give me a break. i know u're probably in a hurry to get somewhere but hell, u're in a freaking CAR! it's totally shielded from the rain. drive a LITTLE bit slower so that pedestrians like me don't get pools of muddy road water tossed in their face. ok. so it didn't fly into my face but still, it's kinda miserable being wet.
and so.. in the classroom doing my math exam. damn, the classroom's hot. the aircon wasn't even on. at least i doubt it was. it was so damn stuffy. where the hell does our ridiculously exhorbitant fees go? they definitely don't go to our labs (we PAY for our own lab materials AND still have to pay a 2k lab fee =/). they dont' go to the student lounge either (2 pool tables with 3 ques and one foosball table. but all three are constantly not in functioning order)
conclusion: monash is totally ripping us off

math was ok. although i have a nagging feeling i'm gonna probably manage juz a credit =(
whoever implemented the rule that students aren't allowed to use calculators for a MATH exam and ENGINEERING math at that should be shot. and stabbed. and shot again for good measure. i mean, come on, move forward into the 21st century! who doesn't use calculators for exams?!?!
*note to readers: i've become so totally calculator dependent since high school. even dividing numbers like 1234436 by 10 gives me some pause. i need a calculator to work. and think. actually, i need it so that i don't need to think. =p

anyway, i left the hall early. it's currently 4.41. i left at 4. the exam was suppose to end like... now. haha. there's absolutely nothing left for me to do in the math exam hall. i don't know what else to write. i juz wrote a hell lot of formulas, plugging in numbers and hoping for the best. lol
2nd ODE -_-"
1st ODE -_-""
implicit differentiation -_-"""
integration by parts -_-""""
matrix and vectors -_-"""""
convergence and divergence and their proving -_-"""""" WTH?!?!?!

there is no hope left for smurf-kind =(
oh well. a credit will be good =) at least my internal results are pretty good
i can't wait to get back to pg. before my sister heads off. why are medical schools so strange? their holidays are like totally WRONG. =/
and.. hopefully.. i'm invited on the annual family holiday this time (i haven't been invited for the past 4 yrs. i don't complain. except that now all my friends aren't in pg, i might as well go for a nice holiday) whee.. a cruise! yay! now.. if only i were invited *musing*

looking at my current monetary status i'm sorely tempted to get a job. i'm broke. again. and not only clothes and baskins ok? there's only like 50bucks left. and i need to top up my phone. and i need cash to get back to pg. buy my bus ticket. and stuff. *sigh*

to my certain friend there, be happy. be strong. things will work out. eventually =)

may the force be with incompetant fools,

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

happy 22nd berfday babe =)

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happy birthday girl. XOXO

we, her darlings *grin* decided to go out to celebrate her 22nd birthday. originally we planed to go to swensen's but unfortunately it was under renovation so we headed to tgif's instead.

is like one of the best places i've been to eat this year. the waiter's have this cutest hats which we girls uh, experimented with

Image Hosted by

the food there is fantastic. read: FANTASTIC. the dessert ej and i ordered (chocolate brownie) was like... omg, chocolate heaven. right there. momentary bliss. serious.
the cocktails offered was damn good too. i had the ultimate mudslide. think kahlua, bailey's, chocolate fudge, chocolate chips, chocolate cream, whipped cream all rolled into a mouth-watering, taste-tickling sensation. omg. *quote ej* fan-ta-bu-lous

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the deco there was so darn cute too. they had the weirdest assortment of things mounted on the walls like these ancient baby-walkers, sinks, boat paddles, etc.
and the strangest (but cute) signs hung up all over.

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some pix taken during the lunch/dinner. i would post nicer pictures but i'm no whiz at photoshop. besides.. after i reformatted my com i've been too lazy to reinstall photoshop on my com. lol

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me, ej, sarah and faris

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sarah and her cake

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me and ej

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sealed with a kiss =)

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me and ej

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ej, sarah and her dear

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muax, babe =)

today is 6.6.06
bad omen? nah. don't believe in that. lol.
on the up point, my big sister's back! whee~ i can't wait to go back pg and see you again! big big hug!
may the force be with homecoming ppl...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

happy 19th berfday steve!!

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steven turned 19 yesterday. happy birthday steve!!
hmm.. actually as birthdays go.. this was a bit pathetic. since we celebrated in orange a.k.a one2eat. sometime in the afternoon i went to baker's cottage at ss15 wid alex to pick the cake up. thanks aqel for bringing us there =)
i think the heat got to me. it was soooooooooooo bloody hot. i miss the clouds =(
came back wid a horrible headache. been eating panadol like mad.
anyway... few photos taken during our sort of 'celebration'

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birthday boy blowing out the candles

Image Hosted by
group photo

Image Hosted by
michelle, steven and alex

Image Hosted by
the engineering dudes. who are gradually becoming less straight. lol

anyway.. it's my darling sarah's birthday today =) happy birthday babe!
i'll do another post for her birthday later. haven't gotten the pictures frm her celebration yet.

may the force be with steven...

Friday, June 02, 2006

therapeutic ice-ys

when life gets you down, grab a quart of ice-cream and it'll all become better.

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math (i know, i SHOULD be able to do it. but i can't. sue me) was getting me really frustrated. i can't seem to do anything. *sigh*
and it all seems really frustrating. doesn't help that my bruise that came frm blood donating still hurts like hell. i accidentally whacked it that day when i was pulling my keyboard from the com table to my bed. one week later, my good deed is treating me like hell -_-"

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note: this isn't the first time i'm donating blood. but like, the nurse this time was really incompetent. she poked me the first time. are u aware how painful it is to have an inch-long needle pushed up ur arm?
well let me tell u. it hurts.
but for a good deed, a little pain doesn't hurt.
so i began pumping on this pipe-like cylinder for roughly 10minutes. still no blood coming out.
so, they repoked me in a new vein.
that hurt even more =/
and so.. i began pumping again.
after 5 minutes, another nurse (i'm thinking she's the sister) came and told the nurse attending to me that she poked me wrong. so, she increased the pressure on my left arm and started jiggling the needle around. omg. that REALLY HURT. !@#$% i almost felt like screaming at the incompetent nurse that jabbed me in the first place. but she's kinda sweet.. and looked kinda apologetic so i kept my mouth shut.
note to those who are gonna donate blood.
actually WEIGH urself before u donate blood. i was kinda lazy to weigh myself so i gave them a weight. any weight. and the weight i decided to give them was the weight i was at my heaviest.
big mistake *smacks myself on head*
i ended up feeling reallllllllly woozy the entire day coz i think i donated more blood then was good for me. and i was walking around like some retarded fool the entire day coz my arm was way too painful to be held straight =.=
didn't help that roughly 10minutes after i donated blood and i was telling steve that it hurt he whacked the blood soaked cotton bud taped to my injection point. juz for fun. juz to see my reaction. *rolls eyes*
juz a random piece of information: a person usually donates one pint of blood which roughly equals 16 ounces which roughly equals 470ml. 1 quart = 2pints. so tehrefore, i'm gonna eat 2times of wat i donated. haha.
anyway... one and a half weeks later. it is still bruised. and it still hurts. and i'm still grumpy coz i've got tonnes of math to understand.
thank god there's always baskins.
and shopping.

and baskins. =)

may the force be with bruised good-deed-doers...