Saturday, October 28, 2006


this is the first time in a year i'm having an actual exam. wait. scratch that. examS. PLURAL.
i'm stressed and seriously lacking sleep.

doesn't help that i keep on waking every hour.
'cept for last night when i slept like a log.
sorry for not answering your message =(

anyway.. ej's berfday after exam. i'll be heading back to penang the next day so i doubt i'll be blogging for some time.

in the mean time, i'll leave you all with a harry potter parody

don't get me wrong, i love the harry potter series but this IS cute.
and, the 'hermione' is played by lindsay lohan.
i don't like her (lindsay lohan). and she can't act. or sing.
but this is a cute video.

may the force be with those studying hard-ish,

p/s: "FREEHUGS" video in the previous post has been removed =( no more free hugs for viewing on my blog

Thursday, October 19, 2006

*HUGS* make me smile =)

one man's quest to give out
free hugs

i can't believe they tried to ban free hugs

come on, seriously. seriously! life as we know it thrives on hugs.
who doesn't like to get a hug every now and then? who doesn't like to feel the comfort and love of a hug? hugs convey feelings that words cannot. hugs let people, whether friends, loved ones, parents or simply some stranger know that you CARE.

i want a hug.


watch the video. it's definitely worthed the loading time. it's touching.
after watching it i wanted to grab a signboard and go give out FREE HUGS too =)

i'll probably get arrested if i did it here O_o

may the force be with free hugs,

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

soon-to-be-homeless smurf

new house
must come with a single room, internet access and a washing machine.

and a bed

seriously. i DO need a new place to stay. the lease on my current room comes to an end in november and i've to find a new place to stay next sem.
if i want to keep my current room, i've to pay rent for the time i'm having my summer break.. which comes up to a neat little grand total of RM2625.
which can actually buy me a new computer or a return ticket to melbourne to visit my bro there #1
see, this is why changing course was actually a bad idea. =(
i should have gone straight into business.

i'm actually going to miss my room. it is a bit small.. and the security is crazy-assed tight. but it's still comfy AND a single room with aircon. which is like 'omg, you never get those kinda rooms in this area coz they're always full!'

moving out's gonna be such a hassle. and even wanting a single room with internet access and a washing machine is a bit much to ask for *sigh*

anyone know of rooms around here or wants a new housemate whom is not too difficult to live with
#2 please contact me.

mind me. i have just done a stocktake on my room and have come to a conclusion that i've got too many things.
hence, conclusion drawn: i'm gone to have a hell of a time moving my stuff out.

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may the force be with homeless smurfs,

#1 this of course will never happen. my parents would not give me the RM2625. if i want to visit my brother i'm going to have to make sure my grades are good enough to make it to melb. either that or he has his wedding ceremony.

#2 this is of course, if i don't need to share room. sharing rooms makes me grouchy coz i've got privacy issues. otherwise, it's true. i'm not too bad to live with coz i clean up. places which are TOO dirty makes me grouchier. and i tend to clean stuff when too bored.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

accidental firestarter

and well, see, i almost started a fire.

it wasn't on purpose.

at bbq-plaza for lunch.. and me, being absolutely fabulous at picking places to sit, i picked a place where the steam from the bbq steamboat kept on going into my face. so.. i used some tissue.. and put it on the table..
the tissue then proceeded to get blown into the fire.
which then prompted it to burst into flames.
just a note:
not smart to try putting fires out with ur hands.
or ur wooden chopsticks.

which is what we proceeded to do.

anyway, aside from the ash flying everywhere, and us squealing 'ooh, fire!' nothing untoward happened.
and (i think and definitely hope) no one saw.


anyway, it's pretty worthed it. good food and not that expensive.
topped it up with soome thai desserts which we happened to come across while walking aimlessly around trying to digest our bbq steamboat lunches.
oooh.. yummy.. mmmmm

anyway: haze update

actually.. wait. it's not.. just so happened there's haze at the moment.
see that white ribbon like thing? its actually a long roll of toilet paper.. which someone living in the apartments opposite me threw out..
was messing about on the computer and saw something white and angel-like fluttering past my window.
it's toilet paper.. which is now in sunway lagoon.
wth. ppl, throw ur rubbish into dustbins! not out of ur damn window -_-"

and.. just a note. the haze is getting worse =(
damn, stop burning ur forest already!

may the force be with burning trees,

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


so.. my poor darling wicket got infected. steven came over to try fix it.. but after i restarted, half my computer was in some weird junky language.
so, two days later, with a computer that had no functioning windows media playing, internet explorer, mozilla firefox, etc. i lugged my com to pyramid to have it fixed.
sarah offered to send me... but she had too many assignments so i took a cab there myself.
got a nice cab driver.. who saw me tottering out with my cpu.. so he came out to open the door for me. he then proceeded to scold me for not asking my boyfriend to carry it for me (wth!) anyways, told him i didn't have one. so he offered to lug my computer up to pyramid's i.t centre coz according to him 'i shouldn't carry so heavy stuff' =P

and he didn't even want to accept payment! *faint*
at least, i convinced him to accept the cabfare.

*lol* i always complain that cabfares are too expensive.. and the ONE time i get it for free i insist on paying *lol*

anyways.. took it to the shop.. dude told me to reformat was RM50. kinda expensive *sigh*
but i need a functioning computer.
a 100 ringgit later.. i got a webcam (original price 98) and my computer fixed

yea.. and i stole the pic from some site.. don't know which one =p

and.. i thought i paid that dude.. apparently i didn't.. i left to have dinner with sarah and ej who were waiting for me downstairs..

and sometime into dinner.. dude called to tell me i hadn't paid! omg.. so embarassing..
after dinner sarah drove me back so i COULD pay.. saw steven and his date? i think. lol
but was kinda in a rush coz computer shop dude didn't sound too happy. can imagine.. after i walked off with his 100bucks. hahaha
i can't believe i walked off without paying!

dude messaged me to thank me after that. how weird is that?

need to study.. 17days
may the force be with wicket..

Thursday, October 05, 2006

medicated baby heads

and, so, after a week of gruelling torture (9am - 3am with a few hours break in between for meals), i finally finished my accounts assignment. and just on time *phew*
despite the many setbacks like:
  • not knowing how to use the accounting software.. thank god yoko helped us find our mistakes and corrected it for us
  • not knowing how to post my journals and stuff to my ledgers.. and there, there was ezie who let me refer to hers
  • having to rewrite all 82 pages of it as i decided not to be lazy and leave my assignment in pencil (that WAS my draft and i initially planned on handing in my pencil-written assignment); 164pages worthed of writing is no joke. someone, massage my right hand.. please! =( *lol*
  • finding that i posted my account as a gain instead of a loss and having to correct the whole effing thing at 12am, 12 hours before my assignment was due.
  • having a crazy-ass long queue at the binding shop with all the slacker accounting students (so what if i'm one of them? =P) that waited till the last possible minute to get our projects binded. the queue was until OUTSIDE the shop, no kidding. luckily jason lined up.. so really, all i needed to do was come back when he made it to the front to get my project binded *lol* and of course, in the proces, skip the whole 25minutes of queueing =p
despite all that, sarah, jason and i still managed to get our assignments in at 11.45 (assignment due at 12) and even cin vin, (the other) jien and dickson got their assignments in before dr. kevin low stopped collecting. thankfully he gave a leeway of like, 15minutes.

on another painful note, the new pair of shoes i bought last week gives me blisters. ouchie =(
although they DO look nice =)
i guess for vanity, i shall not mind suffering a bit.

they have horrigible grip though. or maybe i'm just klutzy. probably a little bit of both. meh.
and i have the most fantastic bruise to show for it. double ouchie.
at least i fell near a door (so i had something to catch on to) and there weren't THAT many people around to watch me do it *lol*
although, it didn't hurt till i finished rushing up to the labs to print my work, bind it and pass it up.

life sucks when u're in a rush *grumble*

they're having a blood donation drive again. was thinking of donating till i remembered that i donated too recently to donate again. oh well. i shall do my good deed some other time.

so, in the mean time, while i'm in pain and suffering from serious lack of sleep, i shall hibernate. this is the third day in the row cin vin has commented on my eyebags. which really, doesn' tmake a difference... coz she and dickson have been commenting on my panda-ish looks since the day i met them. *lol*

may the force be with hibernating smurfettes,