Wednesday, November 29, 2006


working has now become better.

results suck.

disappointed smurf.
don't talk to me.
unless it's to give me a hug. real ones preferable to virtual ones.

may the force be with accounts,

Monday, November 27, 2006

working smurf

decided not to bitch too much on my blog so i modified it slightly.

i am officially a vacation trainee.

a vacation trainee basically means you work long hours (8.30 - 5.30) and u're underpaid. till now i'm not too sure what my pay is. i can't think it's too high.

i don't really do anything all day but look at files.
no one leaves the office. not even for the lunch hour.

tis a bit stressful coz i don't really know what to do and how to do any of it.
i hope i shall get the hang of it soon.

it's all my for my future. bite my tongue and keep at it. only two months anyway.

my colleagues are nice though. one of them's pretty hot.
at one point she was laughing and saying 'last time every week go glo.. now go all "gina" '
i shall keep mum on the fact that i'm one of the 'gina' that does go.

anyway. i shall stop complaining bout work. i could be vegetating and becoming useless.

wait. that doesn't sound too bad.

abstract of an article about babies/newborns/infants i read recently:

Newborns can feel all different sensations, but respond most enthusiastically to soft stroking, cuddling and caressing. Gentle rocking back and forth often calms a crying infant, as do massages and warm baths.
...staring at random objects. Usually anything that is shiny, has sharp contrasting colors, or has complex patterns will catch an infant's eye... to be wrapped tightly as it gives infants a sense of security...

hmm. interesting.
no, i'm not looking on how to raise a child. or my little sister.
i'm still blessedly unaffected by the maternal instinct and the need to populate the world with my *cough* good genes.

*more pondering*
damnit. i'm like an infant.
i respond like all of the above

i want a hug.
the tight squeezy comfy kinda hug.
so, as i can't get that at the moment i shall settle for snuggling deep under my comforters and saying goodnight to the world.
i after all have to be at work 8.30am.

may the force be with my infant instincts..

Friday, November 24, 2006

angel's 22nd

so i haven't been up to much aside from shopping like crazy these past few days

retail teraphy is the best. seriously.
except for the fact that i don't own a credit card. oh well. means i'm really going broke. winter wear's damn ex.

oh. that and a movie with sookie, sonia, ken, kenny and roshan.
casino royale's a bit lame. hot girl though. *jealous* how can a girl THAT skinny have boobs? =/

chie's (super extremely belated) birthday dinner at the restaurant in cititel. zhong hua or something. we three went for the retro look. didn't turn up too well. *shrugs* whatever. pictures below.

us girls =)

and us again. lil sis is a fairy. *aww* so shweet.

wait. damn it. i'm softening up towards kids!
and, i can almost hear you calling me mushroom here. don't.

angel and devil
bestest friend, sister, *cough* psychologist
(no, i'm not really a evil or mean or anything but i unfortunately compared to my sis, i AM! ='( )

mum, older sis and lil sis
yes, i know they're all beige and yellow and shades of white and stuff.
means i'm totally contrasting. oops.

us and the princess =)

may the force be with the 7th fairy,

Monday, November 20, 2006

smurf's back

smurf's got a working com again.
actually.. i've got a better sound system too.

i'm blasting my room down.
co left his stereos behind. which i (OBVIOUSLY) stole. that and his leather armchair.

OF COURSE (this is the whole point of this post)
big big THANKS to my dear friend who lent me her spare monitor.

thanks babe for doing me this favour while my ass is stuck in penang.
real lifesaver you are.
more importantly though..


brief update of my weekend.
went to kl to pack my room and hand my keys back to mr. chan (i actually have spares. *shrugs* i can break in when i'm bored)
met this old couple on the bus journey down going down for their friend's kid's wedding. wow. amazing thing is, husband's bout my dad's age but looks WAAAAY older. his daughter's around my bro's age. doing her masters in aeronautical engineering. *cough* apparently still single. enjoys uni life too much to stop studying. honour student. and, if she looks anything like her parents, is rather decent looking. *lol* seems i know quite a lot of their family. proud parents. *lol* i ate lunch with them and he was like 'the nasi kandar at that store's not bad.. my wife's there now. she'll help you get some food' and they promptly offered to pay for lunch. hmm.

i think i look like some long-lost daughter of folk above 50. seriously.

fun, kheng and cheong helped me pack my room and bring it over to their place. two carloads. omg. i've too many things. *lol*
looked around for winterwear and watched happy feet with jason on sat. not a really good movie but no complaints from me. it was the only common unwatched show.
and he has a thing for animated shows O_o
but i shall not complain. since he paid for the ticket. and lunch. and dinner. *lol*
hard to go dutch when he puts everything on credit though.

oh well. *shrugs* wat's the use of being a girl if you don't make use of it every now and then?

bus journey back was rather uneventful unless you count me almost catching frostbite something interesting. first time i turned corpse-like on a bus. complete with the whole pallid, pale complexion and blue-tinged lips and fingernails.

that's roughly it. oh. that and i got a haircut. i look dorkier/nerdier than usual. *sigh* all my straightening got chopped off. *gwumble* time to restraighten. can see my money flitting off. *doublegwumble*

may the force be with kind-hearted amy,

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

he left, she's coming back

so.. my parents wanted to throw this sushi party.. so 6 hours later, wah-lah! this is what we (co, mad, me, mum and auntie amy) made.
mostly under strict working orders of ms. japanese-restaurant-worker-for-6-months-mei yin
unagi bento set and udon soup

dinner for 16
no easy task, i tell you.

anyway, then co and mad headed off, back to aus *sniff (been 5 days since they left)

i'll see them again in june. i'll make sure of that. (i hope anyways. pray i get good results, all of you. NOW!)

chie's coming back in er.. 6days.
it's her birthday today.. she's gonna become the double two. lol.

happy 22nd birthday!

was sookie's berfday last weekend. happy birthday girl!!
photo was taken in the cable car on the way up to penang hill

more photos when i get them.
it's back to kl this weekend for me. got to pack my room up before my stuff gets thrown out.

may the force be with co and mad.. may they quickly get jobs and a place to stay..

Monday, November 06, 2006

legal clubbing

yes, ladies and gentlemen, e-jian can now legally club.
not that being underaged ever stopped her before, mind you

anyway, saturday, was spent celebrating her birthday
12am, i dragged her downstairs where her friends threw her a surprise birthday party.
or not really a party.. they brought cake and we sang her happybirthday by the roadside.. then we went to a mamak to chill where we proceeded to mutilate her cake (see, they don't really like eating cream) and two pots of loh shi fun.

next day, ej, sarah and i dropped by low yat for a while (sorry!) coz i needed to buy some stuff. then we went to klcc where we shopped for a while (and indeed, camwhored *cough), treated ej to dinner at nippon tei then went to watch 'the covenant' and 'death note: the last name PART1'

coming back at 3am, three days in a row is quite tiring. i need to recover my sleep.

Girl's Day/Night Out

Image Hosted by
eskimo babies
camwhoring with zara's winter wear X)

items offered for use in an RM2 bathroom in klcc

birthday girl

ordering food

the birthday ritual: birthdays spent with just us three..

birthday girl with the birthday pea =/ we paid for dinner too k *lol*

and we both got poked by sarah =(

ok.. i put in this photo coz i look nice in it X)

we paid (*note* all this photos are solely for the camera. we weren't really this unhappy paying..)

off we toddled to the cinema..

and i saw this happy feet poster with the most darling penguin..

and we got the entire cinema to ourselves for the whole of like.. 10 minutes

there are actually tonnes of other photos..
viewing only on request
tis way too many to post up
(the photos are mainly just me and ej posing with different faces for the cam.. that and taking photos with a pea..)

came back around 3am. when i then proceeded to pack my room.
back to penang!

i definitely have to many things.. packing is my own private nightmare =(
in the end i brought back a suitcase (small one, mind you), back pack and bloo

i'm currently back in penang and am now computer floating (once again!) *sniff
my big kor kor is leaving in 4days!! ='(

and considering that i got tagged twice, i shall just do it. i'm repetitive. bite me.
Four Things Not Many People Know About Me:
- i am scared of the dark and being alone
- i am allergic to grass (i mentioned this before. *note: repetition)
- i am an icecream, milo, chocolate and cuddables addict (not that ppl don't know this *cough)
- *cough* for me to know. not for blogging purposes X)

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
- starwars
- lotr
- x-men
- all those action movies with decent storylines
- disney stuff
(sounds immature. no insults allowed.)

Four Places I've Lived:
- my old house
- my current place
- my hostel in kl
- various friends places

Four TV Shows I Love(d) to Watch:
- angel, dark angel, roswell
- cartoons like smurfs, x-men, mighty max (again, no insults allowed)
- anime like bleach, naruto, deathnote, etc. etc.
- various other dramas and series on tv

Four Places I've Been On For Vacation:
- australia
- singapore ( i don't remember coz i was too tiny)
- langkawi
- cameron highlands
(see, i don't consider going to kl for cny and stuff holiday coz it really isn't a holiday. and considering that i now stay there, holiday status has gone to 0. and, i don't consider genting a holiday either. coz it isn't. really.)

Four Of My Favourite Foods:
- icecream
- dimsum
- nice food (this encompasses almost every other food so i'll leave it at 3)

Four Places I Would Rather Be:
- holiday
- club/chiling somewhere
- my room in kl (it's got aircon)
- aus

Four Favourite Songs:
(they're current favourites)
- better than me by hinder
- when you were young by the killers
- blind spot by transmatic
- lips of an angel by hinder

Four People I Tag:
- ej
- yina
- anyone who wants to do it. i won't trouble you by tagging you. i tag ej coz i know her exam finishes tomorrow and i tag yina coz she's been free since wednesday

may the force be with penangites..

Friday, November 03, 2006

spread my wings and fly

chow juan and jo are coming to take my computer back to penang now.
so i'll be without my computer for a couple of days.
no more chatting till 4am for the next couple of days for me ='(
no more entertainment to fill up my free time

at least wicket's going home X)

anyways.. exam time

-micro: 27th october
was ok. screwed up my 20mark question but too late to worry about THAT

-stats: 31st october
i gave up my baskins in order to study for this exam. and accounts. not that it made a difference. i didn't have enough time =(

-accounts: 1st november
i spent almost my entire night in mcDs to revise this. was okok. at least i knew how to do it =)

-management: 3rd november
i went and did the most stupid thing ever. i went maison the night before. coz i was sick of studying X)
i'm not gonna regret that either. coz there's no point in regretting anything.
didn't finish my paper. oh well ='(

with ej, yina and joy
and yina's friends
and surprisingly, we met edward there too X)

ooh.. and i begun using blue contacts. don't ask me why i bought blue. long story =(
which looks better? blue or grey? i'll think grey *musing*

Image Hosted by

anyways, exam over. time to take a snooze. a long one.

pity my afternoon plans got cancelled. my friend ran over her dog *sigh

ooh and it's ms ejian's coming of age X)


i got tagged by amy. but i've done a tag really similar to this before so sorry girl =( i'll do it some other time k =)

may the force be with dogs,