Monday, February 26, 2007

living out of a box

after a lot of hassle, i'm in my new place.
no, its back where i started.. just a different level *sigh

previous occupant hasn't moved out of my room yet. therefore, i can't unpack my stuff till she does.

so, till then, i'm gonna have to live out of a box. or, a few.

bad grammar cat phase still somewhat on.

may the force be with an apartment in a box,

Thursday, February 15, 2007

the simplest pleasures to smile at

it's a little bit late but..

i know it's not good. lol but credit to this being my first ever photoshop effort.

it's always the unexpected surprises that make you happiest

i received a bouquet of roses.
first time i've ever received anything for valentines.
actually, first time i've ever received flowers as well.

the first is always the most memorable though.
thanks.. *hugs* so sweet of you to send them from way over there :)
really love them
*smiles from ear to ear*

my lovely couple dozen

(updated here)
got a box of chocs from wk too.
thanks for sending them. they're really good. and you're gonna get me fat. *lol*

i promise from now on, i shall not complain bout boring valentines.

otherwise, i haven't really been up to anything.
hanging out, the largest nightmarket i've ever seen in pg island, shopping, supeng's farewell and momo couple of times, more shopping.

photos from last night below:

actually.. it wasn't really momo perse. we were club hopping. *lol* but the photos WERE taken in momo. didn't bring the cam to glo and all.

last time i'm gonna see these girls for some time to come.
happy valentines, girls :)

rest of the photos upon request. mostly, it's just us dancing though.

nianz has left for syd, roshan to melb, chensiang to adelaide.. hmm.. i think that's it.
i did not see any of them off.
sorry nianz. see you one of these days, yea?

this will be my last post for a bit. going back to kl sat.
then i'll be going to my new place. i won't have internet connection there for a bit.
this is gonna be a lonely cny. no more co, mad and chie :(
THAT means, no more mahjong for me. *sigh*

may the force be with (as belle terms it) silly badtiming sith assbiters,

Friday, February 09, 2007

at the end of the line

the weather's a killer.
i'm melting.
and it's driving my antibodies crazy.
they aren't earning their keep.

semihard lenses are the definition of uncomfortable.
i miss having eyes which aren't swollen. and being well.
it's making me lose weight.
outsiders are gonna think i'm some abused kid or something.

actually, wait. that might be a good thing.
not outsiders thinking i'm an abused kid.
the whole losing weight bit.
it might be a good thing. i think.

kinda worried. gonna go see claudine tomorrow bout the whole june intake thingy tomorrow.
*crosses fingers* hopefully, she can pull a miracle. like she did for co.
though i doubt it.

if she does, well and good. i'm gonna study my ass off this sem. i'll send her a hamper.
if not, january 2008 intake then. i'll still study my ass off this sem. it'll suck big time though.

i'm so tired of everything.

*cross my fingers* hope things turn out ok.

blogs are boring without pics. and, this is the only new pic i have at the moment.
not really in the mood for hugs. things won't turn out ok with a hug.
but it's a cute pic.

may the force be with july intakes to melb,

Friday, February 02, 2007


sammi cheng, angelina jolie, phyllis quek and jennifer connelly
all in all, not too bad. who's phyllis quek anyway?
they also say i look like jensen ackles -_-"
he's cute. i don't want to look like him though.

other than that, my last day of work today. colleagues treated me for lunch and bought me a photoframe. post a photo of it if i ever get around to it.
oh, and momo couple days back. missed my chance of getting treated to a martini.

otherwise, i'll admit i'm not the brightest spark in the universe, and i'll tell you about why i admit i'm an idiot IF i feel like it.

may the force be with my new beta blogger,