Thursday, June 21, 2007

some bitches should rot in hell. seriously.

mng sale started today.

so i went mng with my mum and sis to shop.

left my stuff in the changing room while i went to look at some bags and get opinion on how i looked.


some bitch stole my phone.


sobs. am going to go buy a new sim card later. ppl, leave ur numbers on my msn. will give u a call as soon as i get my new card.


the phone is bloody cheap and NOT in good condition. why in all effing hell would she steal my phone? -_-"

what a bad week.

may the force be with me (and may it burn the bitch that stole my phone),

touching base. briefly.

so basically my week in pg just involved shopping and eating.

am so bloated.

had the most fab seafood dinner last night. 8 of us and 11 dishes. no kidding. there was this four season tofu seafood thing, char koay kak, seafood glass noodles, crab, softshellcrab, spiky shell, lala, mantis prawn, nestum prawns, squid, fish and fried icecream for dessert. and super cheap too! seven of us just paid 40 each for SO much seafood (it was darren's birthday). mmm. seafood haven.

mum's been cooking all my fave foods coz i haven't been back for ages. and been taking me shopping. also coz i haven't been back for ages.

i love being pampered (;

oh. and the smurf got a haircut. it's short and it looks terrible *sobs

someone tell me what to do with my hair now? i hate it. hate hate hate. boo.
meh, nothing i can do but wait for it to grow out.. and i can't even straighten my hair in aus!! its gonna look like crap! noes!! ='(

anyways. will be back in kl this sat. so. you people better prepare for me to come back!!! (;
you people better NOT make fun of my hair. or i might just break down and cry.
warn you all first! someone, warn jason.

sigh, i miss my long hair.

may the force be with ruined hair,

Saturday, June 16, 2007

chocolate showered

so. ming tagged me.

Instructions: Paste the following on your blog and tag 5-10 people to answer the questions below. Have them tag other people. Your "tagged" friend will answer the questions about you.
1. Origins of name and meanings healthy and beautiful =)
2. Age 19 on the verge of 20.
3. Birth place Lam Wah Ee, Penang
4. Siblings older brother and sister and a lil princess.
5. Nicknames chengjienanny, smurf/smurfette, mushroom, spap, mashimaro, peh keh, muffintop, etc.
6. Hobbies and lifestyle reading, hanging out with friends/siblings, bumming around, refer to profile.
7. Shopping place zara, mng, nafnaf, anywhere with decent clothes
8. Theatre GSC
9. 3 words that describe me klutzy, doormattish, icecream and hugs
10. Favourite activities Shopping, an unhealthy lifestyle, anything fun-ish. yes. geek activities like mage included.
11. Frequently visited websites blogs, friendster, anything decent i come across on stumble.
12. Dressing style anything so i don't overheat. i like winter clothings though.
13. Model of my phone/incoming call ringtone sony ericsson t-10 (yes, i know.. old and kinda cacated phone. *shrugs. buy me a new one then =P); darude's sandstorm
14. Collections stamps. books.
15. Favourite colours Blue & purple.
16. When I get lonely, i complain to everyone, bloo included (;
17. Favourite type of movie, and the one that is most touching anything which has a decent storyline and acting which isn't slapstick humour or involving ghosts.
18. Favourite type of music, and favourite song alternative, rock, etc. etc. fave bands include snow patrol, linkin park, quietdrive.. you get the picture, right?
19. A must-wear jewelry my necklace and crystal bracelets. they don't actually complement my clothing or give me luck or improved memory or anything.. i just wear them. more sentimental value than anything.
20. I can’t live without money. and a decent internet connection. and a bed. with bloo.
21. apparently, question 21 doesn't exist


22. A man who can make you lose your mind that's a need to know basis. most people don't need to know.

23. Females that I admire like, really admire? my mum and sister. and, natalie portman - smart, beautiful, talented, rich and sophisticated.
24. Specialties i'm one of a kind. i don't do anything really well, but i do them all decently enough =)
25. My best culinary dish Fruit Cheese Pie
26. I see and I have to buy anything that catches my eye at the moment i have sufficient cash in my wallet *lol
27. Biggest eew factor Insects
28. Favourite books too many to mention. anything good, basically. and no, text books and all those teen novels don't count in my opinion.
29. Best thing people said about me *shrugs* dunno. any praises i get is a good thing - they're seldom and far between *lol*
30. Country I want to visit the most nowhere in particular. just as many as i can before i die..
31. Usual time for bed and getting up 3-4am; 10-11am. unless i have exams. or something to do. 32. What I wear to sleep favour boxers and other form of jammies.
33. If I can’t sleep, I'll bum around the net.
34. I hug this during when I sleep bloo
35. Something that I currently am interested in icecream and hugs
36. Something that I make a habit out of talking too much. yes, i'm TRYING my best to break it.
37: Bad habits I can't break not being able to say no =/
39. Favourite artist too many to mention.
40. Favourite actor/actress Natalie portman, edward norton, anyone with good acting skills. no one in particular.
41. I’ll get excited when I'm having fun
42. Expectations in a mate nice, taller and slim, compatible personality who can understand me.
43. Flower that represents me the most getting flowers is always a good thing. dunno if any represent me specifically.
44. If Valentine’s not the 14th of February, I want it to be don't celebrate it enough to really care.
45. What do I view ‘love’ as? intangible and probably something beyond our grasp.
46. If I can be a guy for a day i don't want to be a guy. i like being a girl JUST fine =D
47. Something that makes me cry sad stuffs.
48. What would I do at the end of the world? hug.
49. What I wanna say the most now i should sleep shouldn't i?
50. Something that I wanna say to people I tag after this do it if you wish.


1. What is your friend's name? ming-y
2. Jock, Geek, Prom King/Queen, Loner, "Friendly(Flirtatious, Promiscuous etc.)".Pick the word(from the list above) that best describes your friend. friendly
3. Choose 5 adjectives to describe your friend. tall, sweet, pure, sociable, nice
4. What colour do you think best associates with your friend? white
5. In 10 years time, where do you see your friend? probably married with tonnes of kids , living the life of rich 'taitai' - the whole tea parties, sipping coffee in coffeebean and stuff =)
6. Describe your friend's blogging style. original

tag done =)

may the force be with the caffeineted mango,

Friday, June 15, 2007

pick a colour. any colour.

what's the first thing people do when they finish exams? EVEN if they were kinda hard and you're unsure you can pass when you had three exams consequetively?

no. *poke* who goes sleep? that's just a serious waste of FREE time, right?

ej tells me if i tell her one more time how free i am, she's going to punch me. HAHA.
fyi, she finishes on the 20th. hence the jealousy. and the violence. lol.

anyway. we went out celebrate. actually.. vin and dickson haven't finished yet but since i'm heading home to pg this weekend they can give me a day. or two. can't they?
yes, they can. (;

so, first up on the itenary was (finally) jien's formal dinner thing.
ok, so it wasn't actually formal dinner but we three girls actually wore dresses and forced the guys to look all nice. first time i ever saw jien wearing a dress! X)
luckily jason was ok already. he was like super sick yesterday.. high fever and all. and we all look kinda good despite looking seriously chan for the past two weeks. exam pressure, see?

there are very few photos taken in the steakhouse.. by time we reached (kl's really jammed, fyi), it was kinda late and we were the LAST people to leave so not nice to hang around taking photos. there's some group photos taken but i look F-A-T in them so i refuse to post them. look at vin's or jien's blog once they've updated... they'll probably post it coz they look nice =/

we were supposed to head to ruums to support zhen's brother who's competing in 'so you think you can dance'.
by time we finished dinner however, over already! we missed it. again! for the fourth week consequtively. zhen's gonna be damn pissed at us *sobs

and so. we headed maison instead where we spent more than an hour languishing in the courtyard waiting for jason's friends to make their appearance. their 10minutes DAMN long -_-
so. we took photos while waiting. *lol

full length view of us. and our dresses. vin loves this photo coz she says she looks really slim in it. lol. she is, really. she just always complains she's fat -_-" kinda like what i do actually.
'cept in my case, i'm actually getting there -_-

chong lun actually told me i'm fat *sobs*
i think i'm seriously not going to eat anymore. boo.

me, vin and jien out in the courtyard.

*lol* jien looks high here. but, we're all totally sober. after-exam euphoria making her high.

and i shall post a photo with dickson coz he's in like none of the other photos.. or he is actually but i don't look nice in them so i refuse to post them X) in my defense, this IS my blog so i can afford to be a narcissist. lol.

the first friend i ever made in monash, mr. see =)

with vinny ninja! amazingly, she didn't bite me last night. lol.
only jien did -_-
jien should just stick to pinching the guys, really.

the jiens =)
jien is the smartest and most hardworking person in our group.
we'll all SO die if she didn't exist.

btw. i look pale coz i always am. its one of those facts of life.

the colour and quality sucks coz jason's friend, yes, that one, blocked out the flash -_-

and.. yes, vin and jien, i'll post singular photos coz you both don't like it when i post collages =(

and so, i got photos from vin already. so... a few more photos of our happier moments for those who care. that means.. vin and jien. lol!
seriously. yes. i know they were there. *lol

at the klcc fountains before going to san francisco steakhouse. its a seriously beautiful place.. =)

vin and her boys. *teehee

chong lun, hunter, jason, me, vin, jien and alex. this is like two bottles of dewar's later.
we all still look pretty good *cough* if i might say so myself *lol*

ooohkays.. maybe not that dude in white.. he's the exception to 'looking okay if i might say so myself' *lol

and.. last one i'm posting. there are tonnes more. and i'm lazy to do any editing coz this isn't my computer =/

this night was like the gayest i've ever seen jason act. seriously! but at least we all had fun and it was a good way to let go of all the exam pressure (;

i'm back in pg at the moment. will stay back till the 23rd where i go back to kl... however, may not be able to stay there long though so all our plans get thrown off!
problem with my visa application *sobs* that's coz since i got a conditional, i have to apply to ask aus to let me get a student visa without a firm offer.. wait for that to come, i have to apply for my eCOE... wait for that to come and THEN only i've to deal with my visa.. THAT means.. its going to take QUITE some time and so going for hols with the rest is gonna take a miracle of good timing. *sigh

i so wanted to hang out with them before i left coz i know i'm gonna miss them sooooo much when i'm in aus.
cept for jien. coz i'm going to be staying with her so probably wont' miss her all that much *lol

anyway. will see how everything goes. will keep you folks in kl posted about my movement!

in the meantime, does anyone have a spare monitor i can borrow till i fly off on the 7th? i can't use my computer unless i have a monitor ='(
going into withdrawal *sobs

may the force be with temporary-freedom euphoria,

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

drawing blanks.


i went into money caps thinking... oh if it comes out like the tutes it can't be TOO bad coz i read all of them already.

how wrong i could be.
i sat there, looked at the questions, thought, oh shit i don't really remember reading about this and then proceeded to completely blank out.

yes, i left the hall early. sitting there staring at my kinda blank exam script did nothing to help. shit. i'm not going to pass.

there really is nothing to be thankful for.


may the force be with what's not really here anymore,
nothing to drink to today.

Monday, June 11, 2007

bad way to go down in history. boo.

i just got a friendster message:

i don't think u remember me but i saw u trip over a dog in ms chee's tuition before
mind being my friend?

wait.. you think? i got insulted for my bit of klutziness that occurred TWELVE YEARS ago and do i mind being ur friend?

c'mon, i don't really even remember people i met yesterday, let alone twelve years ago AND am not particularly interested in having my friendster account set up for meeting NEW (albeit this might be qualified as OLD) friends.

zomg. i'm remembered for my klutziness.
i'm so gonna have to get the klutz in me out.
what a sucky way to go down in history for.

right. i'm ranting. money caps is a killer.
triple whammy coming up.
why can't monash set up a proper exam schedule?
back to money caps.
may the force be with idiots like me,

Thursday, June 07, 2007

a charmed life

yes, i know i'm always a little black cloud of doom when it comes to exams.
it's just how i am.

however, in vein with the 'think positive' email jien sent, i shall try to take a more happy outlook on my life at the moment. i don't think it really totally applies to me coz it says stuff like i am thankful.. for the husband who snores all night, because he is at home asleep with me and not with someone else.. or for taxes that I pay because it means that I am employed..
some do though. so i'll copy those that do apply to me and throw in a few of my own.

.. i AM thankful for..
  • the clothes that fit a little too snug because it means I have enough to eat
  • a floor that needs sweeping because it means I have a home
  • the pile of laundry and ironing because it means I have clothes to wear
  • weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day because it means I have been capable of working hard
  • the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours because it means that I am still alive. albeit with exams to do ='(
  • receiving personal and meaningful messages because it means I have friends who are thinking of me
  • to be able to study because it means my parents still give me a choice in doing what i want with my life and support my decision
  • feeling broke at the end of my monthly money cycle because i know i spent quite a bit of it on retail therapy or having fun with my friends
  • being a little lonely for home sometimes but knowing that there are many people out there who care for me
  • not having enough time because it means i have so much to live for
hmm. ok. my life is more semi-charmed than charmed. there are still a few glitches in it and i know there are more to come. lol. at least i should be thankful i'll be alive to have glitches right? lol
1 exam down, three more to slog through. couldn't finish my law paper. now i know why the failure rate is so effing high (30%)! it's not actually hard.. there's just not enough time!! *sobs*
give me a hug and tell me everything will be ok.

may the force be with being thankful..

Monday, June 04, 2007

remember the glue. and cement.

there is something seriously wrong with the world at this period of time.

relationships seem to be taking a downturn.

not all. just enough for me to worry.

personally, i blame the position of the moon. its got something to do with gravity.
and no, it is not supported by any scientific evidence but i blame the moon anyway.

*hugs* babe.

and wk, you too. it'll be ok. given time. go and get some icecream therapy. it helps. mostly (;

and ej.. gotcha. glue. and cement. yes. check. will have to look into that.

on another note.. my gorgeous big sister is back from adelaide. whee. will be heading back after my exams end on the 14th to spend a few days with her before she heads back down under.

the focus in the picture is of course on my gorgeous big sister.
she also doesn't know i posted this photo but i'm sure she'll forgive me (;

i will then be coming back to kl to pack my room and move. again! *sobs* am kinda sad even thinking of leaving.. i'm kinda attached to kl now.. *sigh
the ppl and the place.
ohwells. all good things come to an end.

law paper on thurs. that's like.. in three days! ohnoes! i'm only starting to revise on offer and acceptance.
back to work.

later, ppl.

may the force be with the moon and its bad karma-filled, terrible aura and chi radiating gravitational pull..