Sunday, August 26, 2007

jewels are a woman's best friend

women *heart* jewellery

i am a typical woman and i love it.

it looks good =)

i've not been up to anything since i last blogged aside from..
  • seven
  • calvin's birthday
  • lavish

and a few odds and ends of activity

oh. and malaysia's turning 50.
loads of parties for malaysians here in melby but i've got exams ):

damn midterms and monash. am of opinion that monash is run by idiots. grr!

due to my blog's recent inactivity, these are all rather backdated. i still don't have much mood to blog but an acquired taste will now resume service (;

may the force be with my readers if there are any left..

p/s: if u want to laugh at jien for a bit, visit: tiny winny piggy
lol. she's in f5, yo! not often she actually let's us look at pics from that era.. which is why it's on her friend's blog and not hers (;

love ya, babe. don't get mad. teehee.

Monday, August 13, 2007

out of order till farther notice

know i said my blog's on hiatus but i decided to come out of break for one very important post..

vinny ninja's 20th birthday!

so, happy birthday, babe. may it be a good one X)
don't stress about piano ok! u'll still enjoy coz it's ur birthday and it's YOUR BIG DAY only once a year!

big kiss and hug for you! ur parcel's on the way (;

be good, babe :p

on another front, i haven't been up to much, as if anyone really cared.
for more updates, check out jien's blog. promise i'll update properly with photos and whatnot once i come out of blog retirement.

may the force be with the stressed out twenty year old koala bear,

Saturday, August 11, 2007

blog on hiatus.

lost my mood to blog so i'll be posting elsewhere for a bit.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

smile like you mean it

pardon me, there are gonna be a whole lot of photos in this post! if u've got limited connection like yours truly, i suggest not letting the photos load.

ladies and gentlemen, i have hit my big tooo-ohhhh! nothing much, u might think, to shout about, but i'm under firm conviction that birthdays are the ONE day of the year you should be happy about coz it's the ONE day every year where it's JUST about you =)

so. this is my birthday post.

jien came into my room after i reached home from the airport from picking my sis sharp at 12am to wish me happy birthday. oohs. me loves her! teehee. vin, i love you too ok? =p
thanks soooo much everyone for remembering!! =) sooo touched!

my sister came down from adelaide with ken (obviously her bf if you didn't already know).
was supposed to go shopping with her at 12 but she called saying she couldn't make it so early coz she was busy! so postponed to two. met her then and shopped myself stupid. bought two pairs of boots.. one grey pair and one super furry pair with dice! lolz.

gambling kaki. teehee.

headed to max brenner's at central later coz my sister wanted to try a piece of chocolate heaven. plus we had to wait for my bro and mad to finish work and pick us.

chocolate by the bald man (;

ken and my lovely sister

headed to docklands for dinner where we ate at this super classy restaurant called berth with my bro and madison.

at some fibreglass stonehenge model at docklands. looks like the arch sirius fell through as he died. just my opinion. lol.

berth with my *cough* extremely good looking family (;

food's not that great but the ambiance is fantastic.

went home to chill when suddenly the lights went out and a cake appeared! X)

my sister postponed our shopping so she could pick up a cake! X)

mango gateau from the crown bakery. recommended by ms. madison chan. she's got the most fab taste in everything (;

they got me the relighting candles! zomg. so hard to blow out. apparently it was accidental coz my bro was like 'wei, ann, quickly blow it out or the fire alarm will be set off and if the fire engines come we'll have to pay them' and my sis was like 'how come candles in melbourne are so expensive?'
my sister and ken started to help me blow (in case the fire alarms REALLY got set off) but to no avail! but the candles burnt themselves out in the end (;

siblings! minus 1

more mango gateau. i got the largest slice X)

went to catch simpsons at village cinemas after that. the movie's kinda boring in my opinion =/

woke up and went for dimsum at sharkfin inn. my bro even made a reservation coz he said there if you don't have reservation you won't get to eat! the dimsum is seriously to die for though. SO good!

at sharkfin inn.

part of the dimsum we had. lolz. don't have all coz i was busy eating. X)

went to visit uncle hoongming, aunty kimlan, kenny and ben for a few hours. came back to chill for a bit where i camwhored with my prezzies and we opened a bottle of champagne.

my bro got me and my sister bears from the build-a-bear-workshop! he named mine dobby and my sister's winky. soooo cute! they come with birthcerts and locating bar-code hearts. teehee. mine's in the sleeping clothes -_-
bro and mad said have to get clothes that match our personalities.. winky's in the whole medical getup while according to everyone, i'm always narcoleptic hence my bear following suit. lol. i'm SO gonna go buy more clothes for dobby.

houseelves. no. housebears. teehee.

more dobby.

and more.

and chie and i tried to have a paris hilton lookalike *cough*
bimbo activity. LOL. bears are supposed to be chihuahuas. lolz. although i dont' want ANYBODY comparing dobby to tinkerbell ever.

in my opinion, she failed miserably. LOL.

mad distributing champagne. *pop!fizzlefizzle*


headed to men's gallery after that with co, mad, chie, ken and eng hoe. lolz. gotta say, that was some experience. don't think i'll head back there anytime again. lolz.

i had a blast. really enjoyed my 20th birthday. thanks co, chie, madison and ken and everyone else that made this birthday such an enjoyable and memorable one!

my bounty: sweater from jien, bear (and skiing trip) from co and mad, minutes to midnight and trench from sis and ori uefa euro 04 shirt bought in portugal(!) from ken.

and of course...

a card from my princess! awwwww.

may the force be with twenty-year old smurfs enjoying their birthdays,

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death

i'm still throwing potter quotes around coz it's the only book i have with me at the moment (albeit an ebook. *shrugs* small distinction) so i've read it almost five times already. gimme a break ok! i'm a geek and geeks need to have their daily quota of sci-fi or fantasy. and no, watching it doesn't suffice.

anyway. i deviate.

my ski trip. that's the whole point. so.. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to lake mountains.

so, me, co and madison went to frank's and carmen's around 9.30. went for some hongkong styled breakfast. zomg! hongkies eat super a lot!! the breakfast came with some beef noodles AND toast, egg and bacon. that's more than my usual lunch! O_o

on the way up to lake mountains. scenery on the way up is superb. we passed some wineries, vineyards and cow/ sheep pastures. wows, right??

frank, carmen, bro and madison.

lake mountains stuff is kinda cheap. we rented five toboggans and three sets of skis for only 85 dollars! and the ski pass was like 15bucks per person or something like that. according to my bro, this place is better than mt. buller coz it's not so well known so not so packed and its nearer to the city. hence us driving there.

all geared up and ready to start cross country skiing!

i look superimposed on the background but i really didn't do anything to this photo =) camera lens fogged up though. THIS is why one should by allweather cameras. lol.

we went tobogganing after that. i don't quite like that trail we used. it's really bumpy and the bumps are really deep. super bruised myself from the run. i got a bruised ass! super hard to sit down now. lolz.

snow fight! super cold fighting in the snow. really couldn't feel my fingers after that. that's me hiding behind the blue toboggan. lolz. need a shield ok!

up on the mountains, night falls realy fast. it was like 5plus but it was SO dark. we went back to the cottage we were staying at for steamboat dinner. i super *heart* the cottage. it's so homely with two bedrooms, a kitchen and living room for guests. they even served breakfast of toast, eggs, bacon and mushrooms! but backtrack to dinner first. zomg. the other four i was with eat SUPER a lot!
that's JUST like one third of the food we brought and ate! O_o

the cottage is really homely and quaint but couldn't really sleep coz too bruised already. LOL.

anyway, next morning we had to rush back coz they needed to help me move house to carnegie.
but of course, we went out to take a few photos first.

we all went kawaii -_-

outside wombat cottage.

wombat cottage! named so coz there used to be a wombat living behind their cottage in the cow pasture. but according to tom, the old dude, wombat prob got hit by a car coz he hasn't seen wombat for a few months =(

the cottage is ginornimous! really pretty place. must go back one day. lolz. maybe next year X)

anyway, we rushed back. i packed my stuff, we went to pick jien, dropped our stuff at carnegie, went to ikea, went for dinner, went to coles and then they dropped me home where i unpacked and rushed out to meet lin, roshan, chong wen and mz. lolz. what a breathful -_-

still in the midst of unpacking. my room's becoming semi-livable now.

two more days to my big too-oh! oohs. i can't wait!! *giggles*

may the force be with smurfs becoming older,