Saturday, September 29, 2007

sunsets and movies

in all randomness, we decided to head to the beach after my group assignment discussion. yes, the beach, during the start of spring when it was drizzling and at 12degrees. jien and her sunsets, u know?

talk about freezing ! brrr but, really, the scenery looks sooooooo fake! like a postcard but it's real. lolz.

headed to tgifs for dinner and then back to josh's for a movie marathon.

anyway, i had my couple of days of fun and frolic,
it's back to assignments and the reopening of uni.

may the force be with sunsets,

Friday, September 28, 2007

sparkling wine and vineries

its midsem break and who spends midsem break just working and studying? certainly not me, eh?
thank god. *phew

so anyway we decided to have a day trip coz our previously planned trip to the penguin island aka phillips island failed.
wed night, scratch that, thursday morning was spent downloading maps and searching for routes at josh's.
went home and slept for a few hours when woke up to make breakfast for the boys! omg, i feel like a mum -_-

and no mum jokes from ANY of you or heads will roll.

so, one and a half hours of driving and we reached our destination:


we visited 4 vineries: warramate, oakridge, chandon and du bortoli.

taken outside chandon.. chandon's a really scenic

i'm thinking this was outside oakridge though i'm not quite sure

also outside chandon.. love the flowers... they're.. so colourful..

this one, i totally forgot where it was taken.. outside some winyard.. but hey, give me a break. lolz all the vineries look EXACTLY the same.. maybe warramate..

josh at chandon. look at the wines behind him! mmmm.

outside chandon again. most pictures were taken there coz it's rather tourist orientated and therefore, they provide LOADS of place for camwhoring (;

badger creek or something to that effect... the vinery wasn't opened though. josh trying to act cool here. lolz

anyway, the photos aren't chronologically ordered.. we went warramate, then oakridge where we had some lunch (sorry, no pics.. both des and i forgot to charge our cams.. lolz), chandon where we spent most of the day then finally du bortoli where we bought the best wine of the day from (;

there are quite a few photos but they're pretty much variations of the same pictures. may upload more later on (;

anyway, headed back to chadstone for dinner and rush hour 3.
btw, stardust was superb! lived up to my expectations although it has NOTHING to do with snow white. lolz

anyway, i'll sign off with some pictures of scenery taken on our way up..

may the force be with vineyards,

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

new lookalikes (;

gotta head to uni now. later, ppl !

may the force be with (feeling) overworked smurfs,

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

on the evening news

i'm tired, exhausted and my wrist hurts like hell.

i'm lucky if i manage to get 5 hours of sleep let alone have to luxury of sleeping in.

i still have assignments to do, and perhaps, maybe, work? plus finals is coming up so i've gotta cram studying in between.



what type of holiday is this?!?!?! it isn't a bloody holiday if you ask me.

this is nowhere how i envisioned uni-life to be like. *gwumble

sorry, post is coz i'm feeling rather sorry for myself.
i pwomise this will pass in the morning after i've gotten myself some rest!

sigh at least i've got the linkin park concert to look forward to.

my guilty splurge of the semester. again photo stolen from deviantart and i've no idea who to give photocredit to.

i need a massage and a hug. again. lol

may the force be with smurfs,

Saturday, September 22, 2007


so. k-box last night coz apparently, some people didn't want to stay home.
it was a karaoke outing like any other, so i shall cut down on words and put more weightage in pictures (;

one of the best housemates ever (;

josh, jason and j-ann (;
so many j-s

des and jien who's looking kinda red after only like two glasses of whiskey and half a midori lemonade !

jason, me and jien. more j-s (;
bestest uni friends one can get =)

the five of us went to crash at josh's after that. came back this morning where i *beamswithpride* actually cooked lunch for everyone.


wasn't all that great but considering i couldn't really even cook last year, this is a great accomplishment! =D

am kinda broke now though *sobs* karaoke put me 60back plus my parents cut my allowance this mth.. *sigh*

on the bright side though, sem break's started (;

aside from the assgt due when uni reopens, this means i got more time to either:
a) work
b) study (ok, i kid! so maybe i won't really study)
c) do assignment

may the force be with chef wannabes,

Friday, September 21, 2007

looking to the future

i have incredible weakness when it comes to leading a comfortable life.

unfortunately, it doesn't seem like i'm going to be able to continue my lavish lifestyle..

i guess life doesn't really work your way all the time, does it?

may the force be with impartials,

Sunday, September 16, 2007

my unusually sunny sky

i have the most pointless kind of hangover known to mankind. it isn't a hangover perse, but if i drink alcohol, even a bit, i can't sleep and i have no appetite the rest of the day. yes, i know, that doesn't sound too bad but trust me one tends to start becoming slightly mentally damaged with lack of sleep.
aside from being retardedly slooooooow.

yes i know, retardedly isn't a word.
i'm operating on 4 hours of sleep. give me a break.

anyway, friday night, lavish, again, as it was amelie's birthday.

group photo. pity arnold, jin and the rest who came later and couldn't get in =( was the melb uni prom night so the place was super packed. met lance there too, amazingly. lolz
anyway.. vip area X)
amelie's the girl in black. and i think in history, the only birthday girl who went to a club on her birthday and not get drunk.

see that hand on jien's lap. it isn't jason's. fyi. optical illusion. vin says i'm being unusually decent lately (;

boo, our second bottle of black label (pictured above) got stolen when everyone went to the dance floor! i know, we should have left someone to guard the place but not fun or fair on them right?

amelie busy on the dance floor. lolz.

anyway, spent my sat stoning and then headed to wayne's around 1.30 am to hang out. oh wait. that means sunday morning. teehee.

man, those dudes were seriously passed out. not gonna post any of the photos of that night to save them some dignity X)

went for dimsum in the morning but wasn't too hungry *sigh

it's 2.40pm, i'm prob gonna go watch ratatouille later in the evening and i've managed roughly 6 hours of sleep since fri morning.

my brain's seriously fried now. i shall have to proofread this after i wake up. just that i can't seem to sleep =/

still seems like friday. that day just never ended. lol

woo. the world seems unusually blue today.

may the force be with my liver,

Friday, September 14, 2007


its hard to see your dreams shatter.
painful to see your hopes slide out of grasp.

photo stolen from deviantart. no photocredit.
no idea who i stole it from. sorry.

i do try. i really do. i just don't know how to save myself anymore. i'm sliding down too fast and it's getting so late.. too late to reach out.

may the force be with photostealers,

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

another year, this day just for you.

burfday shoutout to ms. gorgeous madison chan, the best sister-in-law ever.

actually.. my only sister-in-law. ever. (;

i promise, i really got you a present! LOL

sorry for the lack of updates recently.

do you know why smurfs live in smurf village?

coz it's always happy and jolly where all they do is sing and dance. hardly any labour goes on there.
it's a fact. smurfs don't work.

only me. yes, i got a job! as a stocktake person thing. i don't know what it's called so i'll call it labourer.
i work 8 hours a day, 3 days a week, and will be working so for the next three weeks.

so it's a REALLY temporary job. who cares?

it's damn sad though.. i'm surrounded by shoes but i can't get em. roger says i can just take a pair or two from the 02/03 stock and no one really will know. but it's against my ethical code so no, i'll just drool over the shoes. lol.

ok. time for me to go sleep. super tired. it takes one and a half hours to get there, about two hours to get home. work starts at 8.30 and i can't sit all day. so yea, i basically stand or walk around 11 hours a day.

night, ppl!

may the force be with madison,

Saturday, September 08, 2007

magic soul

i can do magic too, really.

i made my commercial banking paper appear magically in time for friday. and i didn't look half as troubled as depressed looking dude i met at the assignment box. lol.

anyhow, destressing was next in order so we went lavish. again.

i discovered four things that night:
- i don't quite like 151 (am i right? lol, if it's wrong, you can stop laughing. again. =p )
- b52(?) and the drink which u drop the redbull into (i know i've been told the name of that drink like 8 times already but i've got bad hearing. lol) tastes pretty good.
- clubbing with a swollen eye is quite torturing. oh, that and new shoes (;
- i talk a lot of crap late at night. teehee. and no, i was not drunk.

i look weird. swollen eye prevented me from applying makeup. boo.
swollen eye also gave me a wonky eye. *sobs

ahaha.. as usual, jien's like three quarter way to happy land (;

next on the agenda, ratatouille. i think? or hope more like.

oh.. and on another note.. josh appears in almost all the photos this time. lol. coz someone was complaining the last time there weren't photos with him. lol.

may the force be with magical beings,

Thursday, September 06, 2007

specialest woman in the widest world!

tis a special woman's birthday.

or at least it will be, tomorrow.

a woman who wiped my tears, who gave me advice i needed but was never gracious about hearing, who hugged me when i needed someone. a woman who would never understand why i need so many things but gets them for me anyway. a woman who doesn't think someone so old needs sooooo many teddies and pillows to sleep with but deals with it anyway. a woman who gives and gives but never asks for anything in return.

the best mother in the world.

am looking a bit retarded in the pic but the focus is on my mum (;

love ya mum.
i'll forward this to you in a mail (;

may the force be with the special woman,

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


may the force be with what you're forced to live with,

p/s: i'm not depressed, fyi. just finding life a bit troublesome and wanting something to hug (;

Saturday, September 01, 2007


the worst thing is knowing you could be so much better.

so much potential.
so much waste.

may the force be with something,