Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the world doesn't just disappear when you close your eyes

i wished it did.

happy halloween.

time to go steal candy meant for the trick o' treaters.
may the force be with all those mini-sized ghouls/witches/fairies/whatevertheyare having fun tricking and treating..

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

freedom flowchart


the perfect remedy when you're feeling frustrated and tired at the world..

when you suddenly get periodic fits of anger..

when you need something to cheer you up..

when you wonder why the hell everything happens so fast..

and why life keeps throwing so much crap at you..

or when you're just plain bored..

i'm trying my best to be all zen and at peace with the world.
the effort's actually probably taking place in the weirdest form, but at least i am trying.

to date i haven't freaked out over exams or anything else for quite some time, by quite some time i mean two weeks... or less =p

bunny is such a lifesaver.

oh, and btw, don't ask about the new selection of music. just.. fits (;

may the force be with bunny,

Monday, October 29, 2007

we're a metaphor in the end

have you ever reached the point in your life where you're just too tired to feel?

i'm unfortunately, seemingly at that point.
missed the train to uni making me late-ish for my paper.. plus i have no idea what i was actually doing for that paper.. nothing from the tutorials or sample papers came out.. but, as i left and begun walking home, it was all just kind of a blur. yes, a blur, even with the half an hour of swatting flies out of my face.
which, if you know me, is really weird coz i'm a rather high-strung sort of person..

women, we think too much.
but, its just what we do.
and, those who can follow our chain of thoughts will definitely benefit..

omg, random thought: i think flies are attracted to my soap/lotion/perfume/hair products. i seem to be attracting loads of them. curse the summer ! i want the winter back.. X(

anyway, moving on to new addictions..

it's the cutest comic and the link can be found at the bottom of my page.. under boredom: the desire for desires

siblings always were a pain..

so kewt right !
i've SO addicted chie to it (;

may the force be with frozenrealities,

Friday, October 26, 2007


yes, i know before any of you start commenting, i KNOW i'm supposed to be studying and all that but i have no effing idea how to do infos so.. kinda like.. no incentive to study, y'know? zomg, this sem is TERRIBLE. i've degerated from a decent student to a totally disillusioned and disaffected uni student. boo.

yes, i know i've become extremely grouchy. sorry for you having to put up with my surliness.. =)

anyway, decided to blog about jien's birthday.
so, it wasn't much of a celebration coz its exam period and stuff. prob will go out celebrate it properly after exams end.. means after the 9th when jason's exams end.

the boys came over monday night/tuesday morning so that we'd be the first to wish her (;
her grandma beat us to it.. but at least it's the thought that counts right? right??
got the cake from michele's which isn't the best, but pwomise, after exams, i'll go get u some greco's.. a bit far for me to go now, eh.. lol. sorry =(
just a note, it's super hard to be all a-sneaky around your housemate.. she tracks your every single movement in and out of the apartment making the simple act of going out to get a cake (and, aye, a present) akin to sneaking out of your home under your parents' watchful eyes back in high school..

fyi, i never sneaked out of the house coz i'm a good daughter (;

cake and jien (;

there's actually a video of her head being half smooshed into the cake when a mini cake-fight ensued but i'm not posting it.. one, coz i don't wanna host it on youtube, two coz everyone who witnessed it already has the video and doubt anyone else, aside from vin, is seriously interested in watching it.. lol

our housemates are soooooo kewt. lol, apparently, they asked their chinese friends how to say happy birthday in chinese and they came out to wish her.. in chinese! haahaha.. dunno what they said actually, but still.. so nice! lol

popped TWO bottles of champagne.. i mean, sparkling wine (apparently, champagne's only known as champagne IN champagne and everywhere else it's sparking wine.. teehee) where we proceeded to get drunk.. not.
c'mon, it's only two bottles.. how will FIVE people get drunk on TWO bottles?

jien the alco.. *shakeshead* she willingly did this without any prior alcohol intake. hahaa.. imagine, jien.. an alcoholic.. rofl

anyway, that night went to tgifs for dinner, courtesy of desmond.

they make a really cute couple (;

at the peak of vanity, use a handphone as a mirror. it works.. as can be seen by demonstration above *cough

jien and i. teehee, prereq right, my blog i post at least ONE photo of myself? (;

anyway, happy Halloweens! quite a few parties going on now and tomorrow night.. but studying's all the priority now =) i even got myself banned from facebook in this time of extreme pressure!

meh, not like i'm really studying NOW perse, but at least i'm trying. damn, how to maintain my average like this? argghhhh. stress.

hmm, but still.. kinda daydream a bit on how i'd dress up ASSUMING i ever attended a halloween party.. kinda sad right? that i never have in my life..
hmm.. angels are kinda appealing.. although i know i'm not the wholesome goody-two-shoes thing but still... hmm...
slutty nurse/frenchmaid/stewardess outfit defo not appealing...

hahaa. ok. will stop daydreaming, effectively now.

back to studying..

may the force be with trick-or-treaters,

Thursday, October 25, 2007

expensive cocktail menu

so in true celebratory spirit (hey, i'm preparing for the sixth, that's all) i was just stumbling around to see what drinks would be perfect for a celebratory meal.

and, i came across the classiest drinks one could think of (all prices listed in USD)

Truffle martini
Price Tag: $100
At Rocco Forte's Browns Hotel in London, England, you can enjoy a Truffle Martini. This drink contains Martini, chocolate liqueur and a truffle soaked for 48 hours in premium vodka.

think that's expensive? there's more..

Ritz Sidecar
Price tag: $515
The Bar Hemingway in the Paris Ritz offers the Ritz Sidecar. It is mixed using Cointreau, cognac and lemon juice. It uses very rare 1830 Ritz Reserve Cognac (hence the damn ex price). In three years, sixty customers have willingly paid $515 to taste this unique cocktail.

i was never a big fan of martini but this i won't mind..

High Roller MartiniPrice tag: $1k
Ok, so approximately half goes to some anti-hunger charity, so it isn't ALL that bad.. This cocktail comes from a luxury chain of 27 high class restaurants- each with its own unique martini name. This High Roller Martini shares its name with the famous Vegas Strip and comes complete with a diamond ring.

but even that isn't even close to what drinks money CAN buy..

Mai Tai
Price Tag: $1,400
this lil' drink doens't look like much but it holds the record for most expensive cocktail in the bar at the Merchant Hotel, in Dublin, Ireland. Apparently it's the vintage rum used to make this extravagant cocktail that makes it so special. This J. Wray Nephew, 17 year old rum is the same spirit that was used to create the first Mai Tai in 1944. There are said to be only six bottles of this Jamaican Rum in the world and the bottle at the Merchant Hotel is kept in the safe at night.

and then there's..

Diamond Cocktail

Price tag: (starting) $4,350
This cocktail is made from Charles Heidsieck Vintage 2001 champagne and Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac, and includes Angostura bitters and a sugar cube. The final price tag here is determined by the piece of jewelery that you would like to have presented in the drink. $4,350 will buy you a 0.6 carat diamond, but that price could go up to $19,000 if you are interested in something a little "pricier". Available at Piano Bar at the Sheraton Park Tower Hotel, London.

and the cream on the cake..

Martini on the Rock
Price tag: $10k (that can freaking pay for my semester already O_o)
Maybe you would just prefer something a bit more elegant? This Martini on the Rock is a classy little cocktail and it goes for the special price of $10,000. The only "rock" here is a 1.5 carat diamond from the hotel jeweler at the Algonquin Hotel, New York. This special concoction is said to be a real thirst quencher for the ladies.

actually, i'm sure it is a thirst quencher. one look at the diamond.. thirst automatically quenched.

anyway, gotta get back to my books.. three more papers to go..
may the force be with celebratory drinks..

all information sourced from The World's Most Exclusive Cocktail Menu
there are more expensive drinks there if anyone's interested (;

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

sobering up

for a vast majority of my life, i believed the world was a prettier place than it really was. attribute this to being sheltered by my family, coz, i suppose, to them, i never grew up from that fat toddler i once was.

but, we learn. we see, we learn, we hurt, we grow but ultimately, we move on.
as cliche as it sounds, time does heal all. hurt, anger, desperation, sadness, everything. or maybe, sometimes, it never completely heals but we still move on with time.

i think i understand now, and i guess, thank you.
we live what we learn.

and, in the end, we'll see, we'll be ok.


anyway, holiday plans! sis got internship in adelaide *sobs* so she'll only be back in penang for a measly two and a half weeks. meh.

so, in true sisterhood spirit, we're going for holiday ! =D

am super missing my big sister.. =(

she says singapore over the new year's so.. well, we'll see how it goes..
wouldn't mind heading somewhere else but we're somewhat broke and singapore's not that expensive to go to.. if we're willing to let our asses rot on the 10hour bus ride down.. yawn.
between family and the tonnes of new year's eve's parties back home.. hmm.. family wins
=( no partying in pg for me this year.
i believe, if we hang out with her friends over new year's, it'll be a lot more of hanging out in her type of bars (i.e, the more boring sort.. sorry chie ! it's true) and less of the getting drunk and puking on the sidewalk.. lol
hmm. actually, that's really good for my liver. bad for my endorphine generation or what-not, but good for my liver.
sorry girls, another time.. maybe for cny if i'm around, which, knowing me, i never am -_-

will blog about jien's birthday another time..
gotta study now..
may the force be with macroeconomics and me scoring FULL marks for it to achieve my D average =(

Monday, October 22, 2007

donk lim's 20th.. teehee

its a special girl's birthday... or at least it will be tomorrow

to the best housemate a girl can have.. jien lim ! =D

you're a great person who's not so kuai anymore..
btw sorry for the lamest present ever.. promise i'll do something better next year. yea, and plan properly ahead. sorry, this year i'm a bit too scatterbrained to do anything properly. and.. yea, i know u know all about my scatter-brained-ness.. kinda cham for you, have to live with me for the remainder of your course in aus.. does that thought daunt you?

anyway, happy 20th birthday ! someone's no longer a teen! hahaaa. although u haven't looked like a teen in forever (;

i'm glad i met you, glad you're my housemate, glad you're such a good friend. i hope you have a great birthday although i know you've got your interview AND exams coming up. and if you don't.. hang on ! we celebrate kao kao after ur exams ok? baileys on me. and no, i am NOT an alcoholic -_- *pokesyou


may the force be with donk lim,

btw, with this i have fulfilled ur blog-by-today requirement (;

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

in pieces

ok.. influx of blog posts lately. forgive me, i've been going through a rough patch. or several. however (!) promise no more emo crap. being emo's so indie and last season. lol. true i am emo by nature BUT i think that jien will get bored of my emoness before too long and chase me out of the house with a broom =(

so, i'm proud to say that smurf's attempting to grow a backbone, grow up, learn better, say goodbye and let go.

anyway, backdated stuff.
yvonne came to melb for 11 days. hence, loads of pics from the few outings we had with her.

first up: lavish couple friday nights ago.

group pic: jin, emily, lisa, yvonne, jason, arnold, josh, me, des and jien

the boys plus some guy, william, that appeared midway thru the night

girls being all cutesy and kawaii. lolz.

random pics

anyway, couple days later des, jien, jason, yvonne, josh and i headed to brighton beach for a spot of camwhoring and taking in the scenery and stuff.

honestly, scenery in aus is much prettier than in malaysia.
and this isn't me being not patriotic. its true (;

jien's artistic photography. she's very proud of this photo so i'm posting it (;

the boys

the girls

almost group pic

i'm right about scenery, aren't i? (;

and last night, the event i've been waiting for like ever! linkin park concert!! *laughsmaniacally*

chris cornell (opening act) = sienness. no one really even knew his songs and he was on stage syok sendiri. lol

anyway, once lp came on, the arena practically crumbled with the cheers. teehee.
right, i'm embellishing but c'mon, i've been waiting for this concert since i was like what? 14? =D even brought my lp shirt from pg X)

actually.. the shirt makes me look like i'm 14 all over again.. -_-

chester broke his wrist when he fell of the stage. ouch. they paused the concert momentarily for him to do something with it but within 10minutes, he was back saying "f**k it, my wrist is gonna be broken in an hour i might as well do this"
of course, needless to say the crowd appreciated this gesture.

haha, i'm getting carried away with my lp euphoria. super enjoyed the concert. my pictures kinda suck though... shrugs, memories will last for this one =)

anyway, back to mugging.
exam's in 9 days and i haven't even begun studying. stressnus maximus but for some reason, i still can't concentrate when studying.. argh!

may the force be with backdated posts,

in the end nothing really matters

When I pretend,
Everything is what I want it to be,
I looked exactly like what you had always wanted to see,
When I pretend,
I can’t forget about the criminal I am,
Stealing second after second just cause I know I can,
But I can’t pretend that this is the way, it'll stay, I’m just,
(Trying to bend the truth)
I can’t pretend I'm who you want me to be so I'm,
(Lying my way from)

(No, no turning back now)
I wanna be pushed aside, so let me go!!
(No, no turning back now)
Let me take back my life
I’d rather be, all alone!!
(No turning back now)
Anywhere on my own, cause I can see!!!
(No, no turning back now)
The very worst part of you…

I remember what they taught to me,
Remember condescending talk,
Of who I ought to be,
Remember listening to all of that,
And this again,
So I pretended up a person who was fitting in,
And now you think this person,
Really is me and I'm,
(Trying to bend the truth )
The more I push,
The more I’m pulling away,
Cause I’m,
(Lying my way from)

(No, no turning back now)
I wanna be pushed aside, so let me go!!!
(No, no turning back now)
Let me take back my life,
I’d rather be, all alone!!
(No turning back now)
Anywhere on my own, cause I can see!!!
(No, no turning back now)
The very worst part of you….
The very worst part of you….
IS ME!!!!!

This isn’t what I wanted to be,
I never thought that what I said,
Would have you running from me,
This isn’t what I wanted to be,
I never thought that what I said,
Would have you running from me,
This isn’t what I wanted to be,
I never thought that what I said,
Would have you running from me,
This isn’t what I wanted to be,
I never thought that what I said,
Would have you running from me,

(no turning back now)
I wanna be pushed aside, so let me go!!!
(No, no turning back now)
Let me take back my life,
I’d rather be all alone!!!
(No turning back now)
Anywhere on my own, cause I can see!!!
(No, no turning back now)
The very worst part of you…
The very worst part of you…

linkin park concert rocked!
i'm hoarse and have sore feet but it was SO worthed it (;

may the force be with lp,

Monday, October 15, 2007

confusion is nothing new

i'm confused. but i guess that's a perpetual state i'm always in.

i do know what i want, i really do. i just don't know how to manage attaining it.

will update about my last few weeks soonish.

may the force be with someone,

Monday, October 01, 2007

see the sky

i'm taking a break for a while.

i know lately i'm going on a lot of breaks from my blog but lately, i've just lost my mood to blog.

i'm sorry for everything, for what could have been, what should have been, what i could have done, what i didn't.

look into the sky.. and see your life as how it could have been, how it should have.
see it as the best you could have lived it, and see the opportunities you let slip by.
see the mistakes you made, see the lessons you learnt.
see the hurt you have, the hurt you caused.
see the past, the present, the future.
see the happiness, see the gloom.
see the choices you still have yet to make.
see the lives you touch, the lives you left your mark on.
see the good you have done with your life, see the ugly.

but most of all, see how to pick up your life and make best use of it.

see and escape the worries of the earth.

i wish i didn't care so much.

will resume blogging someday, i guess.