Friday, November 30, 2007

brought to you from changi airport

so, i'm midway through my bloody long 3 hour transit. yea, travelling alone sucks.

changi airport's pretty nice.. much better than the (crappy) tullamarine airport which i spent a good four hours at (bro had to drop me off early coz he's gotta work today ! - so sad wei..
unfortunately for me most stuff is closed coz its like.. 5am -_-

anyway, after burning up a good high phone bill, i'm still rather depressed. mum's gonna kill me.
so what do i do? lamest of things, i blog.

they provide x-box consoles and stuff but not too fun playing alone. at least there's 10minutes free internet.
gotta go find a new terminal. later~

may the force be with me,

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


it's weird how some moments define who you were, who you are, who you will be.
it's strange how some moments mean everything yet they pass you by in an instant,

it's those moments you will never regain that you will miss the most. it's those moments which you will look back and not regret even if it changed your path of life. those moments that you wish you did something different but you can look back, maybe with a pang of sadness, you can smile at the happiness it brought.

it's those moments we all live for, those moments we cherish. with the joy and tears moments like those brought, i'm glad i got through them, maybe neither stronger nor wiser, but at least with more awareness and less naiviety.
and if i had the chance to do it all again, even if i had known the ending, i doubt i'll have done anything different.

thank you, though you'll never know why and i don't think i'll ever be able to form my gratitude into more than just an idea.

Friday, November 23, 2007

killing loneliness

so, last blog for quite some time.. moving to my bro's tomorrow and then back to penang later this week. been keeping myself busy.. work the whole day off, come back in the evening and bum around. jien's gone already so i'm feeling kinda lonely here.

but ! at least the thought of new shoes keeps me happy.
work's tiring but now there are some additional perks so it has become bearable.

i SUPER hate pairing shoes though. imagine a warehouse with thousands of shoes scattered on the floor and we've to pair them up. crazy task i tell you !
ESPECIALLY BLACK SHOES ! all look the same! you know how eye/mind boggling and exhausting it is? sighhh

thinking about it, i'm actually quite sad to stop working.. audrey, daisy, roger and ahm are pretty fun to work with.. even with the not-so-good working conditions.. they brought in their own kettle and microwaves and stuff for the warehouse.. so that we'll have better lunch break. lol !

anyway.. on to random presents.

jien gave me earrings before she left ! super love them! thanks babe (;
they're to replace the pair i lost last time.. she said she saw this pair and it was similar so she bought it for me ! aww. so sweet of her right?
bestest housemate ever ! =))

damn unnatural though.. coming back to an empty house all the time *sobs

i also got a terry-cloth tube dress from my fat kid (with cake).. which i also super love ! its in baby pink (;
SUPER sweet.

photo doesn't do the dress justice but for now, it'll have to do.. when i doll up nicely with it, i'll be sure to repost. teehee

bro didn't bother to check his mail for a week. lol. thought my dress got lost in the mail =/
but ok, i got it in the end. whee~

same dress.. different colour. =D

may the force be with killing loneliness,

Monday, November 19, 2007

loyal we'll ever be

i came across a surprising discovery today.

my school actually has its own website which you can visit here
and i'm not talking about my school as in my university coz if monash doesn't have its own website, it's just asking for academic suicide.

i'm talking about my dear old MGS.
yes, my high school.
one of the smallest of all schools in penang yet it has its own website.
and facebook and friendster account but as those are run by my friends *waves it aside*

it's all in malay and as i read it i came to a horrific discovery.. i can still understand malay. actually, that isn't horrific. just trying to be melodramatic. heat's screwed my mind up.

i actually really miss those times in high school.. but looking back upon photos of the past, you really think how did THOSE people become who we are today?

a photo of my best friends back in the day (i'm taking the photo >.<) and you think.. our lives have changed so much..
(and of course, how we look.. we kinda look.. rather.. bad last time.. lol)

the close bonds of friendship we had are, aye, still there, but it has drifted apart aside from the handful we hang on to..
we've gradually drifted apart and majority of us can't even meet up with each other anymore due to conflicting university schedules.. that and us being thrown all over the world

i do miss high school. life was much less complicated then..

and though i'm not sure how all your lives have taken shape, i do wish everyone the best of luck. may we all lead the lives we wanted =)

and though our patriotism to our school varied greatly, i'd say, in the end, we are mgs-ians and loyal we'll ever be.

may the force be with every one of you girls,

- postnotes -
#1: actually i got totally led off the original point of me blogging. the point was that my school has a website and that its UPDATED. that came as a complete shocker.
#2: i looked rather retarded in high school. i know i don't look THAT much better now but i DO look better. stop making fun of my high school pics. i already know i looked.. nerdy =p
and you know who you are. stop smirking.

under the gun

She's got her halo and wings
Hidden under his eyes
But she's an angel for sure
She just can't stop telling lies
But it's too late for his love
Already caught in a trap
His angel's kiss was a joke
And she is not coming back

Because heaven sends and heaven takes
Crashing cars in his brain
Keep him tied up to a dream
And only she can set him free
And then he says to me

Kill me now, kill me now, kill me now, kill me now
Kill me now, kill me now, kill me now, kill me now

Yeah she's got a criminal mind
He's got a reason to pray
His life is under the gun
He's got to hold every day

Now he just wants to wake up
Yeah, just to prove it's a dream
Cause she's an angel for sure
But that remains to be seen

Because heaven sends and heaven takes
Crashing cars in his brain
Keep him tied up to a dream
And only she can set him free
And then he says to me

Kill me now, kill me now, kill me now, kill me now
Kill me now, kill me now, kill me now, kill me now

Stupid on the streets of London
James Dean in the rain
Without her it's not the same
The same, the same, but it's alright

Because heaven sends and heaven takes
Crashing cars in his brain
Keep him tied up to a dream
And only she can set him free
And then he says to me

Kill me now, kill me now, kill me now, kill me now
Kill me now, kill me now, kill me now, kill me now
Again and again


its 37 degrees today. working in laverton at a temperature of 37 degrees is how hell must be.. dusty, badly ventilated, bloody hot and you've to work.

may the force be with melbourne winter,

Saturday, November 17, 2007

one and only

having a couple of crazy days..
headed up to dandenong mountains for their famous scones yesterday afternoon (while also forgetting to call bridgette and minako.. garr! hates my memory!) and walked around a bit..

the famous english scones and ms. marples

the girls: izzati, jien, jee keng and me

we were in a bit of a rush though.. coz the shops all close at 4 and we reached up there at around 3.10.. lolz! all couldn't wake up X)

the have the most darling shops there.. like tea shops, puppet shops, souvenirs.. stuff like that

and sweet shops.. with weird sweets.. lolz!

and weird stuff like.. this -_-

headed down to chadstone for a spot of shopping (late night on thursdays and fridays *grin*) and then to boxhill for dinner.
that night, to seVen for a night of wild partying and drinking..

erm. actually no. we just went. minimum wild partying =(

taken while we were lining up while we're all still all prettily dolled up..
ok forgive my makeup.. its a bit weird. and i was super rushed for time when getting ready to go to seVen
seVen was super packed ! zomg ! HEAT ! i hate the heat =(

some of the drinks we had..

we asked some dude to take this photo for us.. and he used his own camera to take the photo as well ! garr !! me no likee X(

and when our makeup melts off.. =/

lil miss cutie (meaning jee keng)

anyway, i'm back home to nurse my sore, tired and blistered feetses =))

if i go clubbing again tonight my feet are so gonna break off =((
but *shrugs* that remains to be seen of course.. opportunity cost between fun and feet. lol

*note* am too tired to go clubbing tonight.. i'm not as young as i used to be =( i've got useless feet and am too sleepy to drag myself to dress up and go out.
damn, you know you're old when between going out and staying home, you opt to stay home coz u're too tired =(

may the force be with my last couple of weeks in melbourne,

Thursday, November 15, 2007


sister's birthday !

yea, i know she's hot. you guys can stop drooling now. she's taken.

happy 23rd birthday ! can't wait to meet you again. SUPER MISSING YOU.

and calling you is becoming a bit too expensive.

sigh. enjoy your birthday! present end of the year when i i meet you.
can't wait.. to see you again. you've always been my pillar, the constant figure i can depend on when down.. when i need someone to talk to.. always accept me for my faults, even when i keep on messing up my life, you're there for me. through everything, you've been there to cheer me up. through tears and worries, you're the girl i know will always be there for me.


penguin island!

while waiting for the bathroom to be vacated, i shall blog about my day.

i had an extremely good day.. surprisingly =))

went for this tour package thingy to phillips island (henceforth to be known as penguin island) with jien, jee kheng, davis, guan jia, dewi and izzati. on the way we stopped at some winery and a wildlife farm. and not knowing anyone who was going (aside from jien and jee kheng initially), thought it was gonna be a bit dull and stuff (my anti-socialness kicking in.. teehee)

anyway, whatever. i'll just post photos.

in the tour bus at the start of our journey

stopped at some cafe in cranbourne for lunch..

at the winery..
where after the wine testing, we had a spot of camwhoring..

next stop.. the maru fauna park where we met the star of the day..

the baby wombat (think her name is.. erm.. i forgot actually >.<) davis fell in love with her.. combined, me, davis and izzati have approximately 30 photos of the wombat

few other animals there.. eg. kangaroos, dingoes, appachas(?), emus, donkeys and stuff.

actually.. we all have our own personal 'feeding kangaroos' shot but i'll only post this and the next one

then headed to the penguin island. stopped at woolamine (?) cove.. apparently a surfer's paradise.
and.. this is why:
l-r: davis, gj, jee kheng, jien, me, izzatii and dewi

stopped at some place (noobies? haha. sounds a bit.. wrong) for another look of the penguin island.. the more volcanic side.
sun was setting so you can't really see but the rocks are black..

headed to penguin parade after that where sadly, no cameras allowed ! so no photos of the penguins

might post more photos when i get them from davis and izzati. till then, it's 4am and way past my bedtime.

may the force be with penguin island,

Sunday, November 11, 2007

go-karting !

so, my holiday plans didn't quite turn out the way i thought it would.. *shrugs* some instances are beyond our control, aren't they?

anyway, ( i think due to my constant complaints) i went go-karting today.

it was so fun ! even if i'm super slow (at least i wasn't last.. teehee) and got bumped around quite a bit, this was really really fun *beams*

and, note, go-karting here is nothing like the go-karts back in genting. THOSE are slow. these ones have a max speed of 40kph which in a go-kart, is pretty fast already. at least to me =p

in the photos: me, my bro, mad, eng hoe and teri.

my photo with jien makes me look fat so am not posting it (;
didn't take photos with the rest like andrea, erica, rob and all. actually there are photos.. just not with me >.<

other photos of the track and stuff in another cam so will upload it another time.

anyway, i've been functioning on too little sleep for too many hours already.

may the force be with go-karting,

Saturday, November 10, 2007


life's been spinning on too fast..
haven't been up to much this week cept for meeting YC, shopping, couple of movies, pool and crown with calvin, roshan and calvin's friend ( i keep thinking his name is rayon coz it SOUNDS like that but it's defo not spelt that way) and playing some tennis game with the guys last night (where, obviously, i got my ass trashed.. sigh)

have to try to save a bit though. aside from the presents, treated myself to something nice.
and been shopping around for new perfume.. not for myself, mind.

mmm. i love armani code. for men. AND women.

so gonna get myself armani code when i've saved up a bit (;

ok, that was random but true.
armani code. tis the best !

photos from last night when i get them.
may the force be with armani code,

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

in the middle of all the circles..

7th november and i'm done with all my papers.
after-exam euphoria, come to me!

so weird, after a few weeks of grueling away, i have totally no feelings about finishing exams.
something's wrong with me.

exams were... not so great. so unlike tutorials and knowing me, i only read tutorials meaning i have no idea how to do the papers. boo. kinda spent the majority of my time during papers calculating how much i'll need to get to pass. that does not bode well for me.

some backdated photos.. as usual (;

that's at the linkin park concert couple weeks back with my ever loving housemate. actually more than that. three weeks.

at ying thai yesterday, bad photo but only group photo =/

on to new addictions: scrabulous ! i keep getting trashed by him =(
i know it's just a game and it's ok to lose but very bo kam luan. lol ! me no likee ! his english too good. *sobs* but it's still tonnes better than minesweeper. lol

ok. this is a very disconnected post. it's too early to think properly.
yes, i blame being awake at this weird hour on my penchant of being friends with people who have no respect for my sleeping habits.
ok, i kid, i kid. i don't mind really and i'm usually awake by 8plus so it's fine for them to call me at this time.
just being a grouch.

time to wake jien up to go shop. teehee.

oh, and to also find some prezzies and get over the most unsettling news i've heard all day.

not that my day has been far moved into but i think i'll be unsettled by the news for a few weeks to come. lol

may the force be with shopping,

Saturday, November 03, 2007

aging of the couture doll

ms. sassy couture doll's turning one year older..

ok, this is an unflattering photo but i still love it. taken EXACTLY one year ago. lol, still remember going to maison and she was a few hours shy of being 18 but they let her in coz it was her birthday.. aww

miss her and her fashion advice.. =(
oh wells, she'll be here next sem (; teehee

may the force be with her..

on an offhand note, i can't believe i've used up my free minutes AND almost half my cap just ten days into the cycle. where does all my credit go?
actually i know, but damn, that still sucks. should go upgrade my plan -_-