Tuesday, April 29, 2008

welcome to the world of FB

today, sonia finally got FB.
welcome to the world of modern, babe (;

i know, that's pointless. am feeling pointless again. midterm for financial mngt wasn't such a breeze but i gotta do well.

i also kinda pissed bridgette off i think =(
was supposed to go work casual for her but then i realised that finals is just around the corner and it isn't such a smart idea to go work now.
she didn't sound too pleased when i called just now to tell her i doubt i can make it.. but i'll still work this week la, until they can find a new replacement.
i feel so bad =(

so so bad.


and people keep outbidding me for my ebay stuff. sobs sobs. i wanted the juicy coulture jacket! ='(

may the force be with totally random emo chicks flicking you off (haha),

Sunday, April 27, 2008

sexy diva

its sexy diva sonia saxena's birthday.

happy 21st babe.

i'm still disbelieving that i won't see you for the next 5 yrs, NO!

am missing you already.
have a blast babe, stay sober (;

BFF, girl. *HUG

love, ann.

may the force be with sexy divas,

Saturday, April 26, 2008

the extremes of boredom and stress..

ever wondered how'd you look a red-head? or a blonde? or, to an extreme colour, bright pink hair or maybe blue?

i'm sure you have. but you didn't have the guts to do it.

yea, me neither.

that's when photoshop comes in handy.

i'm a light-hazel people!
was so tempted to make jien a red-head or a bright pink head.
i did actually, but she has banned me from posting it, so just me.

i am also studying for my midterms, am going cranky and am royally pissed at the mixup in communications for one of my assignments.
hence which, i turned myself blonde, hehe.

ok, that's it. back to study.
may the force be with blondie,

Sunday, April 20, 2008


finished my corp law at 6am last night so am having quite a bit of time on my hands. aye, other assignments to do, will get down to it sooner or later, hopefully sooner rather than later.

in the mean time, i might as well make you hungry.

and give you some eye candy.

chianur came to melbourne so we went crown thurs night so she could have a bit of fun. lucky girl had a winning streak (;

glenhuntly station, waiting for our train

in the spirit of true narcissism, i know we went to crown to take chianur out but its all photos of me.
reason #1: most of the photos were taken with chianur's cam
reason #2: she left her camera with someone so i can't get the photos
reason #3: i was always narcissistic.

and whose holiday is complete without a round of clubbing? all that alco, blood pumping and music. who could miss it?
hence, eve.
club fri night where we had to wait for two effing hours to get into the club.
please, i don't know why we actually waited that long. never again, i say.
we are apparently, extremely patient people.
*note* we are not hardcore clubbers.
long story, no elaborations provided here.

ivan, me, matt, pei shan, chianur, vin, jien and kenneth

hehe, jien's giving me a kiss (;

the three high school friends.. pity jee keng wasn't here.

loving couple

and the other.

and slinky.

*sigh* and to think i was trying to retire from clubbing. meh, seems that's not gonna happen.
and it works so well when i'm back home...

anyway, performance and comm bank time.
i'm not even quite sure why i blog anymore. boo. no fun, no one blogs much anymore.

may the force be with sleepy anns,

p/s: my ceiling's fixed.

and the ebay monsta has been reborn! more on that another time. xoxo.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

lol; lots of love

it's my favourite boy's special day

u're turning 21 tomorrow!
i'm sorry i can't be there with you when the day turns..
i'd love to be there when you turn 21.

still, know i'll be there in spirit wishing you the very best of birthdays,
i hope you like the stuff i gave, even if you don't have anything to open on the day itself,
who asked you kaypo open it when i was in perth? hehe, at least u still hv a card right? handmade toos! (; so much effort put in, eh.
enjoy your celebration, whatever you decide to do in the end.
and hey, try to look forward to your birthday k? once in a year thing

even if it comes hand in hand with getting drunk. lol. still, good excuse to go meet new people.. just not new person, if u get my drift. lol.

*chuggleskuddlehuggles sweetie, love you.

oh, and depending on which date picked, it's our second yr and fifth month or our fourth month together =)
happy some sort of anniversary date toos ! =D

can't wait for the day i get to see you again.

and guess what i got?

my very own paul frank hoodie!
even though it's his birthday, he got me something.
aww, so sweet of him. *wub*me loves.

p/s: sowee bout being a complete grump last week =(

its a special couple of days.

coz, my darling sonia's also celebrating her birthday this weekend!

zomg, i'm so sorry i can't make it =(
of all celebrations, THIS is the year i REALLY want to be there but gaa, logistics =(
someone come up with a teleportation device, please?
hope you get my prezzie before your actual birthday.

happy early birthday wishes babe, miss you to bits.

everything i could ever want was contained in those moments,
i wished you could be here to see our 21st with us,
wish you could be here to HAVE a 21st with us
love, ann.

Monday, April 14, 2008


sorry about the temporary closing down of my blog. it was only one day, people! i'm sure you don't miss it that much. i was in the midst of some tantrums again and i figured it'll be safer to close my blog then to randomly delete my posts which i know i'll just regret after i calmed down.
yes, i randomly delete stuff of my fb and blog when i'm pissed.

anyway, eve on friday:

first time clubbing with my housemates! and my old uni buddies (;

*cough* i know we all go clubbing quite a bit in melbourne but for some reason we have NEVER gone together before.. until friday of course.
mostly coz ms. lim was insistent that we go as she needed to destress after her midterm paper.

we dragged jason along who in turn dragged his group along, hmm.

eve's quite nice, good music though there are too many random steps placed everywhere around the club, freaking deceiving, damned steps.
especially half blind clubbers like yours truly who broke my contact in perth and have yet gotten around to getting its replacement *grumble*
i hate clubbing in glasses, hence i went half blind, noes.

ivan, lance, jason, vin, me and jien

yay, my favouritest girls (here, in melby, after madison of course, teehee)

we finally all met up and clubbed together again, just like old times, eh?

with mamavin

candid shot. only jien saw the camera and had time to pose (;

with the blur-one-jien

jason see


someone got cut out. am thinking it's wilson though i can't be sure.

this time, wtf, it was me. why they cut me out? =(
matthew, vin, ivan, jason, halfmyface, desmond, arnold and josh

sexy vin and fulloflove (also slightly tipsy) jien.

woot, they're working it out

sat went for jap buffet at surf japan (or something like that) with my bro, mad, eng hoe, yin ling, teri's contingent and i brought mine as well =)
co was so nice as to get mad to follow eng hoe and picked me and my housemates up to go.
and i can read a map ! not the greatest map reader but not too bad *cough*

the restaurant is racist though ! we ordered gyoza and they have the nerve to tell us, oh gyoza's not for asians.
we were all like wtf, what's wrong with them?

anyway, was bloated full of sashimi, uss-ed when i got back, no photos, will get them from vin and mad soonish.

may the force be with grumpextraordinaire-(ex)bloated-anns,

p/s: am trying my best to get on top of my work as well as not grump too much. hard not to grump with my workload and my serious backaches though. i need to go for a massage. boo.

p/p/s: and i can't believe ivan's gonna go watch armin! *jealousness*

p/p/p/s: after reading bout the other konsortium bus crash, the weight returned. i miss you, look down on us baby girl and smile. i'm glad my family decided to fly instead of taking the bus; they went to kl that weekend. i wish you were still here so i could talk to you, i miss hearing your voice and your not always useful but extremely hilarious advice. i can almost hear you telling me something but i know, i'll not hear your voice again.
it's almost three months since you left us.
i think we're all getting better, even amy. i hope your family is too.
stay strong ok girls? love ya all loads!
and i can't believe i'll be missing ALL YOUR 21st BIRTHDAYS ! *sobs*sobs*
that totally sucks =(

ok, enough random post notes. am ending. seriously. bai.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


one week since i got back from perth so i decided i might as well finish all the posts about the trip.

i didn't really do much after cottlesloe beach coz my fat kid had exams so i was pretty much confined to having
a) nothing to do
b) going out on my own.

sunday, i picked option A in which after fat kid cooked me my pineapple fried rice, i spent the day (and a vast majority of the night) watching terminator: the sarah connor chronicles.

which of course, included the time he went to work leaving me with 5 hours of having no one to talk to hence which i went to the park near his house for a bit till it got dark.
its scary to walk around his place alone at night. really.

monday saw me off to carousel after i got his lunch (option B). its actually quite funny (and endearing i might add) to see how worried he was that i might get lost or accidentally end up on the other side of perth. fyi, i made it there and back just fine (;

got myself a new book, couple pairs of stockings, tops and a skirt (partly funded courtesy of my darling, teehee)
whee, i *heart* shopping

tuesday was my 'zomg, he's got exam and then class and then work(!) day' so basically, after seeing him off to class at 12 i didn't see him again till 10 pm -_-"
went to carousel (again) with yina for a couple of hours before we headed home (carousel's basically 80% of ONE level of chaddy, lol)
that night, yina offered me a lifeline of dinner where we headed to conca's, perth's famous chilli muscles.
famous though it is, it's not as great as they put it to be.

nice looking chilli muscles and garlic bread which according to cheryl doesn't taste like garlic bread O_o

yina and i mostly finished this particular bottle.. apparently the rest don't like drinking and we're not gonna waste it, are we? LOL

transport courtesy of cheryl (pink) and her friend xiao ling (?)

yina and her darling, irwin.

which of course, i was so happy eating i kinda forgot to go home to unlock the door for him.
actually not me, everyone was happily eating! lol, not totally my fault. in any case, he somehow got in so didn't quite make a difference what time i got back, hmm.

wednesday, yay, i had him all to myself for the day =)
down point was i was kinda sad about having to leave perth that night. meh, perth seeped into my bones!
anyway, we went to freo to walk around a bit (actually i wanted to go to the freo prison but we never made it there, lol, nvm, save for my nxt trip, teehee)
ate at kaili's (coz cicerello's was FULL), perth's (apparently) no. 1 voted seafood place.

one cool thing is after you order your food, they give you a food buzzer. it lights up and vibrates when your food is ready and you can go back to the counter collect your food. woo~

my bbq mediterannean seafood dish

we then walked around a bit and ended up at the maritime shipwreck museum (generally coz it's kinda beside kaili's)

giant shipwrecked ship!

it was kinda boring though *cough*
went for some dessert at angel cafe,

angel cafe's special crepe with homemade-angel caramel (;
taste sooper good

and what's a trip out (in my opinion anyway) without icecream? =D

after that (the crowning part of my trip out that day, we went to the maritime museum

and we went for the submarine tour! yay, thanks sweetie (;

the sub, Ovens (apparently all subs, maybe of this model or something, all start with the letter O)

we were the last two to get the submarine pass for the last tour of the day =D
as you can see, i'm very proud of my pass. LOL

i am ON the sub! =D
some random facts about the sub: it costs 64 mil to be built (sometime in the 1970s or 1980s), is a model used in the WWII and when refurbished in 1991, cost a farther 100 mil. it was decommissioned in 1995, counting in inflation, this sub cost in the billions!
ahhaa, ok, so i don't really know what it cost in today's value, but saying in the billions makes it sound ALL THAT MUCH MORE impressive ! =D

different models of torpedos.

layout of Ovens

torpedo-loading bay

our tourguide with the super claustrophobic-inducing sailor bunks behind him

and.. even if there isn't space on board, there is a space for this minibar that houses, guess what?
yea, you guessed it. BEER.

super small kitchen!

me at one of the portholes (there are MANY portholes to clamber through, pity those old people we were touring with.. even without the effort of climbing to the top of the sub, the whole clambering up and down ladders must have been tiring..)

looking like he owns the hold.

control cockpit

one of the two giant periscopes. this one is for sighting safe areas for surfacing. the other is for launching torpedoes.

there are many many dials on the ship. makes you so tempted to touch..

last porthole to clamber through!

we both in the engine compartment.

the engine compartment is one of the biggest compartments in the sub. when the engine's running, the temperature in the compartment apparently goes up to 50degrees.
eek, i'll so melt if i ever lived in a sub, hmm.


our tour came to an end =(

on the sub

saw this statue

which makes me look extremely tall! =D

some of the displays at the museum

and the periscope that allows you to see around freo

went home to spend some quality time with him, the last few hours for a long while to go, before going out for dinner with kenny, ken and shao li at sara thai. then, off to the airport.
bai bai perth.

hallo stress of melbourne life =(

wokay, break time is officially over. assignments, assignments! midterms, gaa.

may the force be with the stressed out smurf,