Saturday, July 26, 2008

and you will never keep a diet in our house

as i'm sure everyone who visited strawbunny blog can see that it has been dead for sometime. i blame it on the author touring europe so anyway, i decided to rescue it from somewhat total boredom with a guest post.

oh and i dual-posted it coz, well, hey, my hardwork! lol

this time, not grudgingly allowed by strawbunny (;

German Pop-Up Pancake

  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup flour
  • 6 eggs
  • 1/4 cup melted butter
  • dash salt
  • 1 tsp of vanilla essence
  • Preheat oven at 400*F
The key to this recipe is to blend the ingredients together with a blender or food processor. Whisking it works but it doesn't turn out as smooth. Grease a muffin tray and half-fill each compartment.

Bake for 15 minutes, or until puffy and golden on top. If greased properly it should pop right out. Top up with strawberry jam (i find homemade strawberry jam taste tonnes better than the ones you buy off the shelves) and whipped cream.

to make strawberry jam, cut 250g of strawberries into small cubes and mix throughly with 250g of caster sugar in a pan. let it sit for an hour then add juice of half a lemon/orange and boil on a slow fire for 1 and a half hours or until it is thick and syrupy. add a bit of gelatin powder to make it more firm.

other serving suggestions include topping the puff pastry with whipped cream and adding ur favourite fruit.

Another favourite snack of mine is cheese baked oysters. paying 17 bucks for half a dozen of measley oysters causes havoc on my wallet so the best compromise is to make my own (;

Cheese Baked Oysters

  • 1/2 c. unsalted butter, softened
  • 4 lg. cloves garlic, finely minced
  • 4 tbsp. fresh parsley, chopped
  • Fresh ground pepper to taste
  • mozzarella cheese
  • two mushrooms and slices of ham, cut into small pieces
  • a half dozen oysters
Preheat oven to 425*F. Thoroughly beat softened butter, garlic, parsley, mushrooms, ham and pepper with wooden spatula. Apply garlic butter mixture to oysters and sprinkle mozzarella generously on top. bake for 7 minutes. Serve garnished with a wedge of lemon.

made the pancakes for jien and kenneth this morning. and yes, it's homemade strawberry jam coz ms. jien lim doesn't like jam unless its made from real fruit. ken had to leave before i finished but at least jien seems to have enjoyed the pancakes loads, teehee. sorry vin! i make for you next week ok, promise! but at least u're on falls creek having tonnes of fun, not stuck down here like us, *sobs*sobs*

oysters were for our appetizers last night. sigh, after fatty left i kinda feel somewhat pointless hence turning back, once again, to baking.

anyway, yea, whatevs. i'm gonna get my life up and running again!
may the force be with fattening food,

Thursday, July 24, 2008

iorek bazooka

this is gonna be one of those super mushy emo post, those that i come up from behind and attack me every once in a while.


to my defense, fatty left like.. an hour ago so i shall forgive myself for the whole emo-ness.
i still have tonnes to do.. a case study due tomorrow, classes to catch up on and stuff but still ! *sigh* i'm missing him so much already. it was a good great fabulous holiday. I enjoyed him being here so much the month just slipped me by in a blink of an eye.

His going back kinda marks the return to reality, the return to uni and study. the end of my super holiday.

i'm so looking forward to next seeing you again. enjoyed you here so so much, i wished it didn't have to end ='(
u're on the airplane now, soon to be out of reach again, sigh.
i had the bestest holiday ever, even if though i stayed in melb. i have never, in my life, gone to so many places to eat, never tried so many activities, never did things i thought i would ever do in the near future. you broaden my horizons, sweetie, and i thank you for giving me the most memorable break from reality, ever.

of course, extended thanks to my housemates for all their plotting behind my back to give me such a wonderful surprise and of course, helping me give him a good trip. bestest housemates ever (;

don't say i didn't warn you. lol, emo post. LOL

to cheer it up some photos of my new addition to the clan


baby saw him and he CAPTIVATED our attention from first stare. i tried walking away from him but.. he's so magnetic. he pulled me back. teehee, thanks for iorek, sweetie

he's damn cute. he has a giant belly and even.. a belly button, LOL

he's been assimilated into my clan already! all my cuddables love him already! even coo-2 aka kutu

us, wishing you a safe trip home.. see, iorek and bloo are waving goodbye =(

may the force be with my baby flying home (may he have a safe flight),

and one more, just because.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


as weird as this post is, it's actually about smoothies (;

so as my dear housemates know, my new 'in' thing is.. smoothies! it all started out with kenneth's surprise birthday party and i've never looked back since.

HAHA, actually, it's usually coz i forget i bought fruits and i'm forced to do something with em or risk them going bad, but hey, at lesat its FRESH fruits!

anyway, i got some comment on my tagboard from a passerby about making smoothies and though i dont' use set recipes, here goes =)

photo courtesy of jien

Banana Smoothie
three bananas, broken into pieces.
1/6 cup milk
1/3 cup juice ( i used berri's apple, mango and banana breakfast juice)
2cups of vanilla icecream
1/6 cup cream
2 tablespoons vanilla yoghurt
3 tablespoon of pineapple juice (or crushed pineapple so that there are some crunchy bits in the smoothie)
2 scoops of mango sorbet
1/2 tray of icecubes

and.. you just blend everything together and wal-laH!! banana smoothie (;
recipe works with oranges as well. will wait till other berries are back in season before i try other things.
yes, it taste pretty good but its definitely bad for your health. look at the icecream and miscellaneous other unhealthy stuff in there! passerby, if you're looking for health goods, please, stick to boost. and yes, it takes a lot of ingredients but that's probably because there is a vast collection of unhealthy goods in my fridge so when it comes to making stuff, it's not a problem (;

as i said earlier, there isn't a set recipe, mostly i go by taste, adding any additional ingredients as i go along.

have fun with smoothie making (;
refreshing drink to have, even in the winter.
may the force be with smoothies,

fyi, vin, no more emoing at me already ok! me loves! (;

Thursday, July 10, 2008

i'm defying gravity.

remember me saying something bout having a car breakdown on us sometime back? yea, the boys were changing tyre (the boys being kenneth and ash) while we girls stood about, you guessed it, taking photos! teehee.

a random photo of some BONES i found in my soup, teehee, which actually looks like some gourmet meal decoration after i dumped them on my plate, lol.

since everyone likes jien i shall post a photo of her looking all sultry and stuff (;

ash's favourite dumplings, lol. he'll come back all the way to melbourne just to eat them i tell you.

luna park with ken-jien.

at st kilda

them watching the jet spell 'ban jumps!' in the sky.

coz i've got good photography (;

i'll just fast forward everything, its not that interesting anyway and go straight to... my ski trip and wicked, the most successful broadway production in like five years or something.

Mount Buller

bus trip on the way up, was so excited! even though we had to be at fed squre at like FOUR in the morning, no kidding.

- the couples -

and our lunch break in the lodge. there was a stuffed polar bear there, RWAR!

it was bloody cold, minus five celcius, brr.

and need i say, the scenery is breath taking.

all of us trying to maneuver to have a group photo taken..
it's not easy with the ski poles!

and we finally succeeded!

and some more of me coz its snowing and its cold and i like having photos taken =)

and my good looking sweetheart.

*hearts* baby!

and the next day we headed for the broadway musical, wicked.

couldn't take photo inside the regent theatre but it was so gorgeous inside the theatre.

camwhoring before heading off to the regent

our wicked memorabilia. i love the cosmopolitans, i mean 'ozmopolitons' they served. they come in green glasses (pictured above) and really befits the whole 'green' theme. even collins street was totally lit up in green.

even the poster put up when we leave the theatre was spell binding.

am super in love with the songs now, especially defying gravity and for good.
the story also is really touching, telling how elphaba (the wicked witch of the west) and glinda started out as really good friends, how their friendship remained throughout and how the wicked witch of the west was not really wicked after all. its kinda cute too how they tied in how the courageousless lion was a coward, how the scarecrow and tin man came about and even included a short part of dorothy and toto.

thanks sweetie for suggesting to go wicked, the money spent on the ticket was well worthed it. wicked far surpassed my already really high expectations of it.

and some miscellaneous of the yummier food we've been eating since fatty came here. no wonder i'm becoming fatty *sigh

but still am DAMN happy he decided to stay a farther two weeks with me! this winter break been the best holiday ever, thanks sweetie and of course to my housemates for their numerous collusions to try to surprise me here and there, haha. loves u all! =D

may the force be defying gravity,

yes, i know this was a long post. haha, i've been busy (;
later, ppl!

oh, and before i forget, a shoutout to my sexy diva who's leaving to india! GOOD LUCK and well, i'll try visit u real soon, k? *MWAH

Monday, July 07, 2008

game - ON, VII

fatty's gone for the moment coz he wants his boys night out *shrugs
wanted to watch a movie with jien and kenneth but no more movies at the moment ! had a rather weird day.. didn't make it to anything we wanted, ie. mt dandenong and draculas, and all we ended up with was a flat tyre, lol. long story, i'll get to that another day.

anyway, since fatty came, as i said earlier, went for game on!, some videogame convention for the true geek *cough* it was super fun though, they've got tonnes of games, from old school pacman and pong to the newer halos and wii. the girls and i had loads of fun with the itoy and the dance mats while the boys occupied themselves with stuff like winning eleven and all.
can't take photos IN the convention centre, but we certainly camwhored outside =)

though u can't see it, vin's supposed to be the mushroom. i look retarded, i know, ignore me.

we-sa MARIO, baby, yea! a bit failed la all of us, but still,tis the intended action that counts! (;

the couples, being somewhat like ourselves..

and, some photos from VII
all other photos when i nxt feel like it, teehee.

my girls =)

-the couples-

they were giving out the bands around his neck and the one on my wrist (black one) so i was trying a new image that sadly.. doesn't work for me, lol.

and this random photo coz i think i look good in it.

anyway, time to clean up and nap a bit, skiing tmrw ppl!

loads of love,