Thursday, November 20, 2008

yummy for my tummy

my sister's here already, and ken too ! although he's going back to uk on friday.

and so today was a day full of DESSERTS !

first up we went to have lunch then we adjourned to mycube to try out the durian creme brulee and panda ninja. the durian creme brulee is fantastic, seriously.

it's pretty light too so it's good yums, teehee.

and if you thought that wasn't enough, an hour or so later we adjourned to brunetti for round 2 and for my sis to pick out her birthday cake, which honestly, was like super big task to overcome.. it took her half an hour, lol !

brunetti is way better than grecos. it's more or less as pricey but it does taste better although i think greco still has more choice.. brunetti however has better decorations and my sister finally settled on the braziliana a coffee flavoured cake and zomg, it's DAMN good.

i bet that has set some hungry stomaches growling, teehee. it taste as good as it looks. if you go brunetti, try their iced chocolate and tiramisu, it's super fabulous.

camwhoring with our yummy pattiseries, teehee.

ken and my sister

headed home where my bro and mad came over to cook a dinner of steak, irish stew, hash browns and a dessert of durians.

sister's super nice looking cake

and it's yummy to boot.

happy birthday chie!

cut the cake after that and played a few round of taboo before well, here i am blogging about my day. lazy to post photos, i'm so full and i feel like sleeping, teehee.

may the force be with ohm-nom-noming!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

awaiting her royal highness

girls, they make everything more fun.. especially shopping and drinking, LOL

i've been living in my current house since late march. that's a long time, almost eight months and in that time this place has become home.
and now with all my housemates gone home to malaysia, it feels really really empty. like a mere shell of what it used to be. there's no more laughter, no more joking around, in fact, really, no more noise at all.

the girls make everything good fun, jien with her blurness and *cough* being picked on (not so much anymore ok! haha) by us and cinvin with her mummy-ing and pottering around the house with all her new gossip.

*note* i don't have a photo of just kenneth and ivan so i insert a photo with my sweetheart's face in it too, LOL

the guys too make the house whole with ivan, mr. fix-it-all and kenneth with his lame(r) jokes and weird accents.

i know you people are all happy at home (with i-vin touching down later tonight) but i'm sure you'll come across this sooner or later.
thanks for being fab housemates.. and the nando coupons O_o
i'm gonna become nando freak like you all by the end of the year, lol.

on the other hand, i'm not going to be all home alone either (although i currently am home alone)
as i'm sure i've told like a few hundred people by now, i'm returning in january but i am currently awaiting the arrival of my big sister ! and that's dr. da jie jie to you too !

and guess who she's bringing along ?

ken's coming too ! (zomg, another ken-jien couple, GARRR!)

and don't say i didn't do anything for you when you come ok !
i have just spent the last three hours CLEANING AND VACUUMING my not-s0-small house !
THREE HOURS ! rwarrr ! my muscles are tiredddddd

i even woke up early to do it ! LOL

i have cleaned my house's bathroom, even scrubbed the grimy tiles until they're sparkling ! i can't realy get the glass that clean, i don't know why but at least it's more or less clean now ! and i scrubbed BOTH the toilets (eww) and the bathtub and vacuumed the kitchen, cleaned the stove, kept all the utensils, wiped all teh countertops (including the ones which have the steamer and stuff on it) and vacuumed allt he hallways and stairs ! and i even straightened out the shoe area, wahhH !i'm so proud of my sudden cleanliness, teehee.
generally my cleanliness just extends to around my room, haha.

i only have the living room to vacuum but i don't know how to ! justin's stuff is all there ! LOL

am so excited to seeing you again, whee !

may the force be with happy holidays !
i'll be seeing u at approximately.. 10.15pm ! WAH ! less than 10hours away, wheee ~

cheers XD

Monday, November 17, 2008

as the time passes

there are so many things i would like to say but i don't have the words to say them.
there are so many emotions i get when i think of you, mostly those of excitement and happiness, albeit sometimes tinged with a bit of sadness at the distance that parts us.

i can remember the first time i met you, how my friends used to make fun of me. i can remember the first time we hugged or when i saw u again after an absence of two years.

it was all good, all really good.

we had our good times and our bad but i'm glad that we always got through everything and really i wouldn't know what to do without you (;

hahaa, though u might disagree i still think you're the best boyfriend i could ever ask for.

happy anniversary baby, much love =)

new skin

as can be seen i've changed my blog skin.
it was time for a change anyway, was getting bored of the blue skin.

plus like, this skin's more iorek-coloured while the old skin was more bloo-coloured. yes i know i'm a bit psycho and (also) my bear loyalty really wavers.

down point, now i've gotta edit the colours of my shoutbox and stuff.. teehee, am too lazy to ! =/

on the up point, it's now a cleaner blog and one can actually leave comments if you cared to ! YAY

unfortunately though, i don't really like snails !

can anyone make a new blogskin for me, please ??

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

couture doll

i know, i know, been ages since i last updated but hey, it's exams time so there's been nothing to update about for the last god-knows-how-long.

but but i have the perfect event to blog about now !
the (currently-dethroned) queen ejian's birthday at livebait, docklands!

and.. as her birthday falls on melbourne cup day, her theme for the girls was well.. melbourne cup ! the whole frock with fancy hat things ! =)

me with my fancy head-gear thing! =)

the queen with her.. erm.. consort?

the queen and i

amma love her dress !

the girls

jin theng examining ej's wrist

garlic bread for starters while waiting for our orders to come

our super ex entree which meant we had to order TWO helpings!



seafood platter that comes at a whopping $120

birthday girl with her birthday presents - charm bracelet, gucci bag and psp

making her wish

group pic

and another photo of the girls

all in all, i'll say that livebait has really good food which, at fine dining price, is rather usual albeit rather pricey for my normal standards.

in any case, happy twentieth ms. couture doll ! u're finally NO LONGER A TEEN, whee.

may the force be with me and tax law,