Friday, December 26, 2008

boxing day madness

i know i've disappeared for the longest time ever.
but i've been busy ! it's boxing day !

let me describe the awesomeness of boxing day and christmas sales...
so far, i have gone shopping crazy.

went to a lancome warehouse a couple of weeks back and bought the dark-circles balm for 30bucks! the original price (according to teri) was like 120. and i also bought the lip conditioner for 10. ori price about 80.

and then today. me, mad and my sister went crazy.. haha, our shopping bags were super super heavy. gasp was on sale.
twenty bucks for a lot of their items ! i bought the most gorgeous bubble dress for 20bucks and it's ori price was *drumroll* $544 !
bought a winter coat and another black dress for twenty each. these are like.. 500++ items going down to 20 !

bought a pair of sunnies too (this is my belated belated birthday present from my family) and guess what =D
it comes with a gift voucher !

that's superbly fantastic yo.
i'm busy and extremely hungry.. shopping is tiring business.

on another note i'm going home for nye coz my baby went back for a short break so i rushed to go home toos !

haha, but hey, i did other stuff too. like cook the most kickass christmas dinner for my family, eng hoe, andrea and sam and teri and rob.

ok. that's it. more photos when i feel like it.
there are waaaaaaay too many already.

may the force be with boxing day,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

dr bunnii

this post is in honour of someone great.

and it's time to celebrate!

whee !
you know why ?
coz bunnii is finally DOCTOR bunnii!!

congrats chie ! WHEE ! u're finally a doctor, wooooo (;

anyway total lack of updates coz my family came melb then i went to adelaide then i'm going back to melb and i've been busy plus no internet.

not many things to update bout.. probably the main thing that happened is me passing all my papers, shrugs.

anyway, yea, sleep time.
too bad i couldn't go back pg earlier =(
can't go back to see my baby anymore, rwar. how disappointing.

on the up point, apparently i've used enough of my phone for them to allow me to change my phone in *drumroll* ONE DAY ! which means actually, i can pick up my new phone.. and like, when i come back to melb i probably am gonna go pick up my new phone (;


ok, bai.

may the force be with doctor bunnii,

Friday, December 05, 2008

hot springs

ok, 2nd part of peninsula.
the ashcombe maze and lavender gardens.

entrance to the maze

you enter via the garden cafe and the first thing you come across is the north and south maze. navigate through that and you're greeted with the most breath taking sight.

our final prize

it's freaking beautiful right? makes the many minutes of meandering lost around the hedges worthed it!

somewhere in the middle of the south maze. it was full of tall hedges and narrow pathways but super fun to maneuver around =)

lost in the maze

we then moved on to the next maze.. a rose maze!

wandering about the rose maze is tiring business

the most perfect rose ever

and the end of the rose maze

tree grove

and we moved on to the lavender maze

wondering which way to go

and there is a bathtub in the middle of nowhere!

sea of lavenders

and a beautiful lily pond

we then moved on the hot spring spa

tis nice stuff it is.
anyway ok that's it, i'm going to go rest again.
it's tiring. lol, seriously spas are tiring !

may the force be with day trips to mornington,

sunny ridge

well i've been busy.
and so blog's been neglected a bit.

haven't really done much touristy stuff during the hols, just plenty of wii and eating !

today though, we decided to go to mornington peninsula and do touristy stuff so we went to the sunny ridge strawberry farm, the chocolate place, ashcombe maze and lavender gardens AND *drumroll* HOT SPRINGS SPA.

superb the place, soooooo relaxing ! WAH !

shitass load of photos but am lazy to post them coz even the ones i edited are kinda a lot =(

so to start things off, photos from sunny ridge !

the strawberries are super hard to find ! under all those leaves which have loads of BEES flying around! SCARYness

searching for strawberries is tiring work so we took breaks in between, teehee

apparently ugly deformed short and stout strawberries are the sweetest ! but they're SUPER hard to find !

and we stopped for lunch

everything's made of strawberries, lol. and we ordered the tea, you know why ?
because it comes in the CUTEST teacosy ever!

ok more about the maze and hot springs another day when i'm not so sleepy.
goodnight melbourne !

may the force be with super relaxing hot springs,