Wednesday, April 29, 2009


i am.. having... a wonderful day. not.

i shall start by elaborating about my day.. yesterday.
i decided to go to the city to go look for a masquerade mask coz elaine2's having a masquerade party this fri.. i was wearing boots coz it was effing cold and i felt a sharp poking pain in my left boot and i thought, si liao, spider bit me. but then, before i could do anything about that, my right boot pulled a mentos (if u don't get that, i mean, the heel broke, wtf)

soooo i walked to the tram stop and got off at bourke to get a pair of slippars (yes it was damn pathetic, limping through the streets)
went to look for masks, and didn't get it in the end coz wilson got fined, rofl. poor guy.

anyway, today ! i was heading to the gym wtih vin when i looked at my socks and was eh, how come there's a hole ? and i remembered the 'spider bite' and looked at the hole.. it was like soaked with blood. and then.. i felt the inside of my boot and realised, zomg! NAIL POKING OUT !
so.. in the end didn't go gym. called medione to make a medical appointment, got one, rushed to the city (thanks vin for accompanying me!! I LOVE YOU!) and got a tetanus jab. the doctor was SO unprofessional though, meh. but more on that another time.

and damn it, it was expensive!! and the doctor was unprofessional ! RWAR!

now my arm's.. SORE. and i mean. sore. i can't lift it. meh.


and i had to buy a new wireless adapter. that cost.. a further 30bucks.

may the force be with jabs,

a video coz i realise blogs without photos are boring stuff.

Monday, April 27, 2009


wicket crashed ! zomg !
so ivan reformatted him and now, i'm patiently backing him up again, sobs sobs.

but.. he's working now. even though he's kinda empty =(
thank god for ivan.
and thanks to cal, sandhi and all for extending helping hands (or offers) to get wicket fixed.

fitness ann.

actually, not quite. hahaa, though i've been going gym a crazy amount lately. adrenaline-addict apparently. plus still very gung-ho since i just signed up.

the rush is dying down. have been super lazy to go lately.
or maybe it's just coz its been like 10 degrees lately.

test tomorrow. ibf.
exam schedule's out. very packed schedule indeed. 16, 17, 19, 23rd.

wen if u read this means i'll be really free to layan you when you come melb already since my exams are all crammed into the start of the exam period.

my past week was kinda weird.

to be honest.. i can't really remember what i did.
what i do remember was going to seven at the end of easter break and running into jennifer there. dinner with her, cal and bob sometime later. dinner at oriental spoon to celebrate brian's birthday and drinks after at cho gar.
getting the randomest request from wen to help her buy her plane tickets to melbourne.
assgt and test on fri, going gym after and deciding to take a 'shortcut' home and reaching home an hour later :(
the most awesome (and expensive) peking duck at old kingdom with cal, sandhi, vlad, alex and rofl, vlad's parents, heading home, grabbing my makeup and seven again (zomg, we really have to stop going there..), a night of wii-challenging/football watching sat, and being a plus one on sunday O_o
dinner and j-wow with wilson then back to zagame's for drinks with the penangites.

and today. WORK WORK WORK. do work ! haha. test tomorrow ~ rwar !

first some photos ! most are on fb already though.. well, seems there are tonnes of photos. this is what happens when everyone has a few shots too many and the camera.. travels.
it comes back with dozens of total randoms.

only photos at the clubs though.. all other photos from other events are either non-existant or not with me.

clubbing with the penangites last fri
although, it being seven, met others so quite a few pictures with foreign aliens =p

and when jen was in melb

ok, break time's over.
time to study a bit and then head to gym.
cheers people.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


this is so true about public transport.

yes, even in my beloved melbourne =p

time to take wicket to the hospital. cheers~

Monday, April 20, 2009

easter's over

easter break's over so now i'm blogging and trying to concentrate on doing my endless tonnes of work.

my schedule for the next few weeks:
w7(this week): AFA assgt and treasury management test
w8: IBF test
w9: AFA test
w10: IBF assgt
w11: Audit and TM assgt

gaa, they all cost me about 15-20% each. SIGH.

and two weeks after that i'm gonna have FINALS.

but ! yes, my everloving brother is taking me to Cirque Du Soleil to unwind a bit after the craziness which is week 11 and before finals! yay!

the current touring show is dralion
i am so excited (;
promo pic i found

on another random note, i joined fitness first. i got a super good deal (methinks the fitness first that opened beside my uni is trying to compete with the uni gym) and i hope i'll get into shape before too long.

may the force be with my nxt few weeks of tortured hell,

Sunday, April 19, 2009

hide behind the radiance

happy birthday.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

prepare to dance.. or not

trance energy to kickstart my easter holiday.

it was.. ok.
camera crashed though. so hating my heroes power now.
so all the photos from the day are GONE.
as well as a few vfest photos i have yet to upload.

wtf. i'll go bang my head against the wall now.
and go kill myself.

rwar. why does everything i touch seem to get spoilt?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

my sweetheart housemate =)

my housemate is such a sweetheart.
bar the fact that she goaded me into buying the cutest bandage dress and hoodie ever. but, that is quite beside the point and not that i really mind shopping anyway *cough*

anyway, she noticed my eye bags are getting more and more horrendous lately. and if you know me you'd know my eyebags are already pretty panda-like EVEN when i AM rested. and i'm not really recently.
probably from my crazy workload (which i have yet to actually get seriously into yet) and my non-rested sleep and strange dreams which i've been experiencing lately.

she noticed and found out that no, i do not use the eye-bag cream as regularly as i should and left a post-it note on my computer screen and my anti-dark circle serum beside the post-it note.
something she is SURE i will see everyday before i sleep.
plus its pink. and extremely multi-coloured. so very noticeable.

it reads: use ur eye cream! REMEMBER! FOR RESULT! don't sleep now ! sleep after you apply! IMPORTANT !


may the force be with vinny ninja,

Sunday, April 05, 2009

how awesome can awesome be?

waiting for my shower water to heat up.
vfest was beyond awesome.
more on that in a bit.

updated post!

as i'm sure has been SCREAMED a thousand times over on my fb, i have just attended VFEST!
and.. actually i photoshopped that photo from this!

yes yes, i know, my photoshopping skills are not exactly fantastic but nvm.. i like to syok sendiri, whee.

for those who have no idea what i'm talking about, vfest is this whole day open air concert where there are 4 stages with different acts performing at different times throughout the day, from 2pm till 10pm.
and you can just walk between stages!
the big names that came for vfest was of course, THE KILLERS, snow patrol, human league, kaiser chiefs, duffy and.. well, there were more than 22 artists and.. while i think the BIG NAMES i mentioned above were the acts worthed watching, i did find some hidden gems.
and yes, i know, many ppl hv differing opinions about which acts were the 'big names'.

and i know, fb photos were posted lots earlier coz i wanted to edit some photos before posting on my blog and i've been busy !

the acts we caught (or at least parts of)
villains of wilhelm
jenny lewis
the kills
kaiser chiefs

too bad snow patrol was the same time as kaiser chiefs and at 'that stage'
and after battling our way through kaiser chiefs to get a pretty decent place up front and with this stage already being so packed with everyone being kiasu (like us, rofl) and jostling for a good place for the killers, if we went snow patrol, we'd have to give up our good places! *sigh*

yes, the stage names are really cute..
they are 'this stage', 'that stage', 'the other stage' and 'virgin mobile stage'
and i'm not kidding about this stage, that stage, etc.

me, elaine 1, sue ann and elaine 2
in the super long queue waiting to get in!

the weather forecast for that day was 11-18 degrees with POSSIBLE thunderstorms!
see the fight between the white clouds and the dark clouds?
luckily the weather was almost perfect (;
it was cool and NOT sunny and it didn't rain!

THIS is the weather at 2pm
so dark right? the light side won though.

our tickets @ $140 apiece.
yet it was well worthed the money spent (;


cooling down between acts with some free smoothies

taking a break between duffy and jenny lewis

elaine-elaine-sue ann-sheryl-me

attempting to rockout my vfest memorabilia.. and in preparation for the killers!

with cal
though u can't see it, the shoulder belonged to this really friendly white girl who's a massive killers fan! unfortunately, with the throng being the way it was, i missed her face =(
and then my camera battery died, wtf.

only concert photos i uploaded were of the killers.. i do hv photos of kaiser chiefs, M83, the kills, villains of wilhelm, duffy and jenny lewis but yea, i'm kinda lazy to continue blogging already, rofl.

random shot of the killers.
i was pretty near the stage so i had a pretty decent view..
yet not that many photos/videos coz still too many ppl jostling around!

the killers (my highlight.. and pretty much the only reason why i went) totally rocked the festival!
they have massive stage presence and they put their show together really well.. whatnot with the fireworks and fireballs.
and of course, they praised us in favour of sydney, rofl.
though i bet they praise every stage they deign to grace.

the crowd was singing enterlude while waiting for the stage to be set.. it was really exhilirating X)
among the songs they sang were:
spacemen (opening song)
all the things that i've done
losing touch
mr. brightside (hell, yea!)
uncle johnny
read my mind
somebody told me
smile like you mean it
jenny was a friend of mine
when you were young (closing)

some random photo i found of their performance

and brandon flowers..
he transcends mortal hot.
more awesome than awesome.

did i mention his voice is to die for?

their songs LIVE sound AS FANTASTIC as it does on the records.
imagine that.

a short clip of MR BRIGHTSIDE
the filming's kinda bad but i was more interested in watching the concert than filiming them sing..

the video is taking forever to upload.

anyway, enough about the ravings of this fangirl.

i actually.. went bubbles after vfest, woke up early-ish the nxt day to go out to lunch with my housemates, came back to DO WORK (which is now obsolete, more on that later) and spent my afternoon today in the city. btw, cookie's kinda cool, whee.
eee, a lot of work to do! teehee, it was WORTHED it however. and my body's STILL aching!


may the force be with the killers (and vfest)

p/s: i can go kill myself now T_T
i spent three days doing my assignment and last night an ephiphany hit me (!)
i was doign it W.R.O.N.G and so now my three days of journal-searching and typing can be flushed down the drain.
my fault. this is the problem when you don't think enough. you misread questions. a few times over. rwar.

p/p/s: photo credits to sue ann and elaine too ! i stole photos from them !

Thursday, April 02, 2009

photos from the past

so i was moving stuff about my computer and i opened my pendrive and see what i found!
photos of ming-y's birthday at soi from like three months back! teehee.

so.. a few of my more.. preferred photos (;

belle, sooch, me, amy, the birthday girl and kyin

amua and i

ming-y and amy

and mervin

a group-ish photo

being happy (;

birthday girl blowing the candle of her measley small cake, teehee


she actually fed us all cake.. but me being me, i only uploaded the one of yours truly, teehee

she's 22!

a bout of heart attack

and a few other games where we bullied ning khang

cheers to the night, cheers to ming-y and cheers to our friendship!

ok, back to work. not like i actually did much, rofl.
may the force be with forgotten photos,

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

heaven sends and heaven takes

so i've been keeping myself so ridiculously busy that i don't have time to think.

and it's doing me good. though i better bunk down and start on my assignments. among other things.

and yes, random trips to the city to pick up that top i've been craving for the last 48 hours in the 30 degree heat is not the smartest thing to do but it's worthed it (;

week after easter i have two tests and two assignments due. isn't that just dandy?

this weekend however.. VFEST, hell yea! (i can start on all those things i'm supposed to be doing after vfest)

time to learn up on the killers and kaiser chiefs. and.. those other minis who are coming down.

may the force be with vfest,