Monday, May 25, 2009


so now i'm finally in the mood to blog about my first ever CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: DRALION

so, dralion was the most fantastic show i've watched this year. tonnes better than v-fest or trance energy, rofl.
for the uninitiated, dralion's the currently touring show of cirque du soleil which is basically a really fancy circus.

some clips of dralion for those of you who want to see why i've been gushing about this for so long.

seriously, if u're in melb, i strongly recommend you go check it out !

anyway some photos from outside the tent (no photos/videos allowed during the show, obviously)

checking out the souvenir shop

finally bought some stuff, yay !

mad and i with our souvenirs, rofl. i know mine's a bit off but dralion = lion

us both waiting in line to go use toilets during the intermission, lol

at the optus tent

i had a blast there.
i swear i spent the next few hours after the show just grinning like an idiot.

may the force be with dralion,

Saturday, May 16, 2009


so i had a really full day yesterday.

i shall just skip past what i did in the day time coz that's boring stuff.. the whole usual routine: class, class, library doing work and reading books, class, class, gym session with justin.
it was the night which was a whole different ball game from what i'm used to doing.

no, i was not out clubbing as usual but i went for a charity event called drawtism!

its a pictionary night to raise funds for autism

and it's going on all through june ! so, do sign up ! quite aside from the fact that you'll be doing a good deed to someone, you actually will have a lot of squeaky clean fun !

well, maybe not squeaky clean from the amount of beer that was brought, but still ! it's a good experience and was retardedly fun =)

even if during my turn to be the 'pictionarist' i ended up having to do charades with daniel FILMING me, it was still loads of fun.

do do sign up, or donate ! from the goal of AUD500 aimed to raise, we actually had tonnes of fun and manage to get in AUD1800, give or take a couple hundred.

and i won a pack of crayolas ! hehe, lynn's gonna be happy.
and thankschu cal and wilson for letting me *cough*borrow*cough* your lot tickets!

may the force be with drawtism,

Monday, May 11, 2009

fish are friends, not food.

i realise i should really be doing my assignments but yet here i am blogging.

because today is a special day !
it's a dual celebration for my family because NOT ONLY is it mother's day it is also my dad's birthday !

happy mother's day !

and happy birthday dad !

i love you two to bits for sending me here and being ever supportive, whatever trouble i might throw your way. i love you for being the best parents i could ask for, even if sometimes i think you are both too strict, i know you're really doing it out of love =)
and you brought me up well, and i'll be lucky if i could be half the parents you two are to me (';

teehee, lotsa love !!

on.. another totally random note, i had this weird fish dream couple nights ago. which got me thinking about fish. and where's better to see fish than at the aquarium?

so, i headed there today to look at fishies.

it kinda sucks but yea, whatever, i've been wanting to go for awhile.

anyway. yea. photos.

i swear this frog's real.

and you might not believe this but jelly fish are the easiest sortof fish to take.. the rest were really blurry coz the fish move too fast. but jelly fish.. omg ! they look good on camera!


more jellyfish.

and last bit of jellyfish before i move on.

this is a massive ray.
will probably feed a family for a week. or so.

and a shark.

sigh, not many photos coz they're mostly BLUR :(
thankschu wilson for following me.. haha, though to be fair i followed him to rushall for temptation fishcaf. it's.. actually pretty good and its decently priced (!) though since it's mother's day the usual menu was changed so there wasn't so much variety =(
and its in the middle of nowhere. the train station is hidden behind this dark creepy path and its like, on the way to bundoora. i haven't even heard of bundoora ! haha.

may the force be with fishies,

Saturday, May 02, 2009

congratulation to my beloved sister

i am super happy today !
or actually not today, it really was from thursday but it kinda just spilt over and i'm still really happy for my beloved sister.


coz she's.. now engaged ! (yes, i've sung this over fb and msn and like zomg, i dunno what else)

i'm gonna have a new brother-in-law! whee~

and yes chie, i'm sorry coz i'm like telling everyone before u have the opportunity to, but i can't help it ! this is EXCITING BUSINESS !
and i'm gonna be the maid-of-honour ! *jumpsaround*

and i suspect my brother better be super sweet to madison for the next.. year or so. rofl.

I LOVE YOU CHIE ! teehee.

she looks so pretty.. and glowy ! and HAPPY ! and.. *jumpsaroundsomemore*

may the force be with my engaged sister,