Monday, June 29, 2009

ola pola beh!

well exams ended last week and i've been busy busy busy! and i'm back from the dead, fyi (;

so.. some photos from VII which fyi, was a total washout but still.. photoworthy coz we dressed up pretty.

photos.. from the random meet ups not uploaded coz no one has given them to me yet! *HINT: YINA*

ok, that's it. back to a vampyre story.

vin, chin and me

mama vin and yina

nick and yina.

*additional photos i lifted off izzati's fb*

somewhere on lygon for davis' now-or-never dinner

group pic: wilson, me, darren, jien, kenneth, davis, michelle and guan

davis and the girls

the guys

and i was telling about vong's awkward turtle thing and so, us, being us, had a photo of it! darren didn't want to lower himself to our level though :(

vong's gonna be in melb tmrw, and my sis the day after.
oh and vin's parents.
did i mention i'm super excited?
no? i am.
so excited.

may the force be with holiday plans,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

panic mode: ON

so exams start next tuesday.
exam schedule is as such:
16th - international banking and finance
17th - auditing
19th - treasury management
23rd - advanced financial accounting and practices

am.. so so screwed. and yes, i'm blogging (whee) coz i'm on my break.
so so sooooo stressed X(

i wish i had a higher retention rate but wth, slog it out for two more weeks

this is the current state of my room X(
BOTH tables are strewn with notes, text books, journals and notes.
yes, its a bit hard maneuvering round everything but i'll manage.

and if you look carefully you'll see a box of strepsils on my table. did i mention i'm horribly sick (again)?
meh, i hate melbourne weather changes. i get sick EVERY SINGLE TIME, grr.

wish me luck people !
and much thanks to those who called to check in on me or messaged or generally, are just there for me (;
even a simple 'good luck' makes me feel much happier (even if its for a fleeting moment or two)

c'mon jien, guan, yina and those whom are finishing this sem ! time to go out with a bang (;

may the force be with this last stretch,