Friday, July 17, 2009


results came out last night.
i'm officially a monash graduate, woot woot.

am i proud? no. not really.
am i happy? extremely.

am in adelaide now. will blog proper when i return.
sister took me to mapo for my celebratory meal, whee. am love ! (;

may the force be with partying before working,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

rock the world ♥

today is the first time in a long long time where i don't actually have anything to do. well, not exactly true coz i spent my morning walking from post office to post office around the vicinity to check on my as yet unreceived parcel but still, its odd, it being 4pm and i'm home. with nothing to do. no plans, nothing.

refreshing yet a bit... boring.

so what have i been up to since my last post ?
that was.. great ocean road with my sister =)
she left on wed so i was busy spending time with her till then.
thursday.. thursday jien, kenneth, darren and i were bored so we headed to the city and decided to visit the old melbourne gaol ! and wilson came along for the ride coz he was already at rmit and yea, rmit's courtyard is actually part of the old melbourne gaol.

camwhoring while waiting for wilson

all of them were green except for me ! rwar !
there was this reenactment of ned kelly's case at the magistrate's court.
it was.. really lame coz it was like all volunteers.

we also went to this whole 'jail experience' thing where they give u a chance to experience how it would be like to be thrown into jail.
basically.. the sargeant yells at you, makes you stand in lines against the wall, puts us into cells and then.. they turn off the lights leaving us stranded in the dark for 5 minutes.

therefore jien and i took the opportunity to camwhore a bit.

at the female's exercise yard.

went to have dinner at the blue train cafe with jennifer and james, roshan and vong later on. headed to crown for a while after that where roshan won like 30bucks from a ONE DOLLAR modal, rwar !

friday was spent in the city for a while and then to VII to celebrate nick's 22nd birthday. some photos from VII.

vong, me, vlad and akmal.

riorn and lawrence

super group pic!

on a totally random note, VII is being a total bitch lately. the club is like almost 100% empty yet they still won't let ppl enter. super retarded, zz.

saturday i TRIED to go row boats with jien and kenneth but it was so crazy windy it was almost impossible to even walk, yet alone row boats.
lol to the numerous ones of you who kept laughing at me for wanting to go row boats with the 'typhoon' going on, lol, yes yes i know, the wind was crazy and yes, it was impossible to go row boats =(

and.. bubbles for a while. lol, i nvr realised it took almost half an hour to walk to chillipadi from southern cross. damn retarded walking so far to eat then walking back to bubbles. lol, thankschu wilson for following me back to southern cross and then walking back in the rain =D

SUNDAY i finally got to go row boats ! LOL ! not really.. boats perse. more sampan than anything else.
but but so sad, sunday not many people could make it. hehe, and nick decided to come along to 'celebrate his birthday' with us, lol. thankfully actually. more ppl, more fun. jien and i were so super retarded at rowing the boat, it was a good thing wilson decided to come along too.

it was heaps fun though. even if it started raining sometime in the middle. totally worthed it. it was super beautiful there. boating at the river is something totally different, and super scenic.

i took a train to fairfield telling my friends that i know its somewhere around there but i don't know where exactly it was. and i found a map at the station. and.. i took a photo of it. a precaution. just in case i got lost. yes yes, you can stop laughing at me. but i can't read maps too well and i frequently get lost, haha.

and we found a trojan dog.

we found the park.. and jien was gesturing down telling us that she could see the boathouse!

at the entrance of the boathouse where they have this extremely quaint english teahouse by the river.

view from where we were eating.

and they supply throw rugs in case people got cold by the river!

look at how cheap the port and muscat is ! $1.50 per glass ! and to think we pay around $6 to $15 for a similar glass at restaurants in the city!

and then we took to the river ! only $28 for an hour for up to 5 ppl ! but easier to go with only 4 ppl.. at least it gives some space to maneuver. coz seriously, even while we were trying to maneuver to take turns to row the sampan, it felt rather like the boat would capsize everytime we moved around.

nick and wilson handed the rowing fine. jien and i on the other hand.. didn't handle it too well. hahaa, had a few near collisions with branches that were sticking out of the middle of the river.

you can actually feed ducks and swans and some weird duck-like-bird-that-seems-like-it-mated with-a-lion.
and you could picnic on the boat too =)

twas superbly fun. after i got back had dinner with ken and jien at ling nam =)
headed to nick's after for his houseparty.

spent yesterday with wilson for a bit since he headed off to europe last night. dinner with vong and yes, that basically sums up my life at the moment.
haha, and an end to my 72 hour redbull marathon. hehe, gonna go back rest a while again. and finish watching my season of reaper.

and i realise super long post !
and i wasted almost two hours on this, i finished my laundry and i had lunch. whoopee.

may the force be with rocking the world,

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

when all that's left is you

everyone has left !
my sister just left this morning, vin just left 15 minutes ago.. so did her parents.
suddenly my house is not a bustling hive of activity and noise.
davis went back to singapore to work.
a friend might head back to malaysia for good.
and this winter break is a break full of uncertainty and foggy futures.

i realise, as we grow up, more and more often, as we reach different phases of our lives, everytime we say goodbye to a person, there might be a high possibility that we might not see the person again for a long time to come. and i realise, everytime we say goodbye, we miss the person more than we should.

anyway, yea, went up to GOR with my sister on monday so here are some photos of the breathtaking scenery.

at apollo bay

at the apollo bay hotel for lunch. super loving the giant fireplace!

12 apostles

sister attempting to catch the reflection of the 12 apostles in my sunnies

my favourite-st sister!

next stop was gibsons steps!

starfish pic

emo shot =p

and the loch and gorge

great ocean road is an AWESOME place to visit for PHOTO-TAKING opportunities. EVERY scene looks like it was pasted out of a postcard. mind you, NONE of this pics are photoshopped. imagine that (;

the journey up however is RETARDEDLY long. 4 hours of driving, zzz.

have to say, the whole system for obtaining PRs and stuff is pretty blah too. meh.
makes life so troublesome.
i DON'T qualify, sobs. and spending hours in immigration departments and migration lawyers offices is not appeasing my temper.


may the force be with those that need it (you know who you are),