Tuesday, September 29, 2009

black tie affair

as ming-y pointed out, it's been some time since i updated. its not like i've been doing much, if anything at all.. i just.. lost the drive to update my blog.
but anyway, some photos to keep my readers happy =)

madison's birthday from a couple of weeks ago.

it was a quiet birthday coz my bro was really sick for a bit there.

the cake look sa bit out of shape. dunno what mr lai did with it.

happy birthday madison !

madison blowing candles out.

mad with my bro


master nel

with the hulk

and her mum

hmm, what else can i update about ?
ooh, right. jien's grad was last thurs, she had her grad dinner on sat. it was also teri's hen's night in which i attended the after party and not the dinner/strip show coz i was at jien's grad dinner.

no photos from all these coz i didn't bring my camera and as such, photos are not with me.

however, a giant CONGRATULATIONS shoutout to jien on graduating..
to teri. may your marriage and wedding thereafter be blissful and happy =)

onward to more photos ! this time from silk road, a collaborated black tie event.

with the guys


the guys

meihui! thanks for the beers (;

merv and cal

the penang boys

wilson, ashley and nadia

the glasses kids (;

us again

the two groups

dance floor

welcome to melbourne nadia ! and enjoy it (;
all in all, a good night.. despite some.. unforseen circumstances. teehee. i'm sure most of you will have heard of it by now, right ? lol

may the force be with black: tie affairs and lists,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

not so bad after all.

there are sometimes life really has no grand plan for you. you're just one of those ppl that got left behind in life's wake and you're not really sure what to do, how to manage everything and you wake up wondering how the hell you ended up this way.

but sometimes, life also gives you a wake up call that however bad it can be, it could always get worse. and at times like this, like now, i thank god that life looked after my family and it was nothing.

i have to remember to count my blessings more often.

may the force be with everyone,

Friday, September 04, 2009

photo perfect

so a little bit of what i've been up to lately.

1. vin's birthday couple weeks or more ago.

2. then the week after it was cal's birthday..

3. and wen was down in melbourne for a few days (why didn't you come for a weekend?!?!)

4. and so was ej!

some random photos of our meetups at red emperor, rooftop and cabana.

-red emperor, southgate-



and how will we ever forget the eventful merdeka eve celebration at cq? malaysia is 52 years old, and we ushered in independence day in style (;

kenny sia, kim ong and dj lapsap were at cq and while quite like a regular clubbing event, it was still a clubbing event with malaysian celebrities =)

and who can forget the post kenny sia did on his blog, immortalising those two forever as drunks? ironic isn't it they weren't? LOL

ok. time to sleep. super tired

good night world.
oh and good morning (;

may the force be with unemployed smurfs,