Sunday, October 31, 2010


wow, time pasts fast.. especially if you have something to do :)

so this weekend was the mother of all weekends - i'm finally having some free time and it's sunday already, zomg !!! we headed to der raum bar friday as we finally had an excuse to go check it out - it being wilson's like third day of celebration, lol. der raum has been consistently ranked in the top 10 bars in the world with at least one of their cocktails winning best cocktail of the year every year at some point or the other. and its near enough to the city - just about a 15 minute drive out. it's also not one of those extremely loud bars - it's rather small, quaint and cosy - perfect place to go! if only their cocktails weren't so expensive..

check out their website if interested by clicking the picca below ! :)

also a few photos from the night. as usual more piccas in the fb album 'old(er) and slightly wiser + halloween'

one of the best cocktails of the night - pharmacy


me and darling


i know, i know, it's supposed to be wilson's birthday but hey, i dressed up so i get to be photographed! :D
but to be nice, i'll upload a few of wilson's piccas too..

and onward to halloween @ lavish!

dressed up as a fallen angel coz well, it was a last minute decision for me to attend and i don't have heap loads of costumes in my wardrobe..

brian the pumpkin killer

ej making kui up

me and some of the girls

more me

and this is it coz i'm too lazy to upload anymore photos.

anyway, just got back from watching resident evil: afterlife and i've got a massive headache. must be all the tv and alcohol i've been going through *sigh* almost finished playing heavy rain yesterday and a movie today.. zomg. also as usual, the minute spring comes, the pollen goes crazy and i wilt with hay fever, meh. gonna nap a while and wake up to enjoy the weekend (what's left of it anyway).

as usual rest of the piccas can be seen from my fb album.

may the force be with pollen infused worlds,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

feel the beat pumping

so it's been a flurry of birthdays lately! happy birthday to jien and my darling !

and my camera too has arrived ! yum yum, sexy sleek white lx5, i love you! you are an awesome buy!

a few of our gorgeous test shots!

photo in low lighting

macro mode

this kinda cool slow shutter speed thing

some photos of the nights coz they were just too awesome.
jien's birthday dinner at zen japanese restaurant and my darling's at bacash and attica. der raum still to come ! woo.

Jien's Dinner

the old housemates back together - minus ivan

group picca

birthday cake

Wilson's Bacash Dinner

onward to wilson's birthday dinner at bacash

the cousins

the viola minus maddie

more of the cousins

with the loved one

and a group picca

no photos of the dinner attica coz by time we finished dinner it was so late so we had to hurry home and sleep, teehee.

ALL PHOTOS CAN BE SEEN ON MY FB under the album 'old(er) and slightly wiser'

also congrats to vinny :) we all in the work force now yo !

may the force be with the many celebrations yet to come,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


a quick post before i sleep.

this is the end of my life as i know it..

long story short, my team is understaffed so i'm working 7am - 5.30pm days now on till we're not so understaffed and then i can do 7.30-5pm.

that's like 9 and a half hours in the office, wtf. this is no life at all.

good bye life, was nice knowing you. i'll see you again in october.

poor baby. tis not a good time to be a chauffeur. meh. time to sleep. toodles.

may the force be with overworked polar bears,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

linkin park concert

of all the bands in this world linkin park is my favourite. and they don't do new albums too often so concerts are like once in a few years kinda thing. its been three years since their last concert and man, was i waiting for their new concert. its one of those things i will gladly splurge for. hell, i'll even go alone if i can't drag anyone else along with me. but but.. this is all..

till i found out their touring dates.

melbourne - 13 december.

oh, zomgwtfdamnit. i'm going back to malaysia on the 11th. wtfwtfwtfwtf. WHY is melbourne on the last stop ! why couldn't they come melbourne FIRST? T_T

i'm so disappointed i could die. sigh. LINKIN PARK WTF.

i think this is almost worth changing my flight tickets for. except i can't afford it. and. and, wtf, i think my mum will kill me if she found out i'm cutting back my 13 day trip back to malaysia after two years just coz of linkin park.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


heading over to arintji to celebrate my belated birthday with my sister this weekend( i know, my birthday is lasting for like a week and two days, how awesome is that? ahahha). i've been reading rather contradicting reviews about this place.. the age said it was horrible and was revamped to become something awesome(ish)
however bloggers and some other food places strongly recommend we NOT go there.

hmm, however as a rule, i always follow the age epicure - 9/10 they are true to their word and places they do recommend are usually on the money. verge, comme, madame sousous and various others.. the epicure is hardly ever wrong !

oh well, just made my booking. its too late to change now!

i do however approve that they have their meals tailor-made - they can either be entree size and meant to be shared or it can be a huge-ass plate meant as a main. with 6 of us going methinks we're gonna have our very own little degustation menu set up. plus the restaurant is situated on fed square so its gonna be rather scenic to munch our food overlooking the yarra river.

oh have i mentioned that this was opened my jacques reymond? although as his second restaurant its probably NOWHERE near his first, i'm hoping he took enough time out after its whole 'revamp'ing thing to make it almost as awesome as his first.

i know, i can't expect it to be as awesome as the first.. a meal in jacques reymond is likely to cost you at least 180 (they only do degustations on the weekend) and this one you can get a meal for as low as 30, ahhaha!

owh well. wish me luck on my choice of restaurant people!

link to restaurant here!

may the force be with arintji,

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

chocolate sunrise

so now that its all over (my birthday that is) a proper proper update about what i did and what i've been up to.

so, the party itself was a blast. so awesome that everyone i invited turned up :)
also thankschus to my kulis of the day.. my family, wilson and maddie's mum. lol ! don't know what i'll hv done without them.

madison baked me a cake.. supposedly with nancy's help but by time nancy reached around 3 the cake was already all done ! just needed the candles but the cake looked awesome - and tasted awesome to boot. thanks ;)

both of us dealt with the menu of the day aside from the bbq and deep fried stuff and i believe it was a success, teehee.

bbq boys were really cham all night - my bro and wilson barely ate coz they spent all their time cooking.

some photos from the night. the rest can be seen on my fb acc under choco bears attack!

teehee, i like prezzies ! and the prezzies were ORRSOMEEE :)
tiffany and cos necklace, jammies, jackets, chef's blowtorch, lingerie, shoes, candles, etc. etc.


we headed to lavish after that.. yawns, i'm too old for these kinda things! teehee.

nxt day spent the WHOLE day cleaning up T_T parties aren't easy yo. lotsa cleanup *cries*
but then again with my army of kulis behind me it got all done up i guess. my poor bro and maddie.. at least i had the next day off. and the day after.. and the day after that.. lol !

also, had... to lug our trash to the yongs coz there wasn't enough place in our bin ! T_T

spent monday in, having my hair cut! LOL its now super short and according to lotsa ppl i know look like an anime character. wilson says i now look like nico robin. lol, sigh. i really don't know if that is a good thing or not.

he made me do a treasure hunt for my present at 12midnight. twas kinda fun but i realise i'm none too smart-i can't solve riddles! if gollum ever caught me (ala bilbo baggins style) i'll defo die k ! lol
he gave me a marcs jacket, aww *heart*

watched predators on tues and then dinner at comme, some french/spanish fusion restaurant.

i just got back from daylesford - went to the choco mill, the spa and lakehouse. actually wanted to go to some lakes and parks around that area but started raining NON stop. meh. oh well, still an awesome awesome day.

plenty of chocolate and a relaxing spa later, i'm back in pt cook and i'm well satisfied :)
thanks baby.. twas awesome.

also thankschus to all my friends and family.

woo, chie's coming down nxt week to celebrate my birthday coz she couldn't come down last week or this coz she's working (my birthday lasts THAT long, i know! its awesome)

CANNOT wait, mwah ha ha! MORE PRESENTS, whee !

may the force be with greedy bears,