Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ushering in the tiger

so happy cny everyone ! i know i'm a bit late but i'm in the midst of like moving, and packing and stuff.

HAPPY CNY to my girls back home ! missing you all like crazy :( too bad can't have reunion dinner with u ppl *sigh*

anyway a little of what i did over the cny weekend -

i picked up my 'new' car ! awesome ride that's gonna cost me loads for ever :(
amma broke *sobs* but looking at the beauty of it makes me feel its worthed it :)

and cny dinner with my family and some friends ! twas awesome.. not many photos of food coz i'm too lazy to upload but a quick run down on what we had is -
suckling pig, salmon yee sang (pictured above), sharkfin soup, lobster noodles, scallops with salted egg, abalone-mushroom-sea cucumber, coral trout and crispy chicken. the restaurant even threw in a fruit platter and red bean soup for free ! amma love red emperor *hearts*

valentines - he surprised me with a thomas sabo charm bracelet with.. lol, one charm on it. he says he'll get me an additional charm for every event we celebrate together so if i want a pretty charm bracelet i gotta stay with him, lol. so cute. feel kinda bad though.. each charm is like a hundred bucks, so crazy ex >.< also got some breakfast in bed, teehee. tis bread with salmon, pate, double brie and either caviar or the usual fish roe. mmm, taste so awesome. and some port which taste good but i don't remember what brand it is. oh, and a walk around docklands and we're going to the moonlight cinema tomorrow night, so excited *wobbleswithexcitement*

anyway, amma gonna roll around a bit.

hope you people out there had an AWESOME cny and valentines.. i know i did !

may the force be with the year of the tiger,


Sunday, February 07, 2010

wedding bells pealing

the days are passing in a flash. unfortunately, its already the second week of february and i'm gearing up and cleaning up to move house ! already all my housemates have left and if it wasn't for wilson methinks my life will be rather depressing.
this year, however, marks very different going ons in my life - not like any other i've ever had.

1. my sis got married, woot woot ! and to the most awesome guy imaginable so i'm fairly ecstatic at this time.


wedding cuppacakes!

the garden wedding

my very gorgeous sister, or should i say, mrs. lian.

sister and her bestie scattering rose petals on the red carpet

the nervous bridegroom awaiting his bride

my dad walking my sister down the aisle

exchanging of rings

you may kiss the bride

needless to say, this was an awesome awesome ceremony. too see these two ppl whom waited so many years for each other finally tie the knot is truly one of the best moments of my life.

congratulations chie, me loves !

anyway, onward with my countdown.
2. i'm moving in with my bro ! even though it's kinda of on the other side of the world, life's life and i'm happy i'm moving in with my bro.
3. i *might* be getting to be the owner of a 2002 mazda protege, pending loan approval. but regardless, i'm very proud to have put the downpayment on my car AND that i actually AM buying the car on my own steam. so what if its second hand, the car is in inpeccable condition and its lovely ! green's not my favourite colour but hey, its an awesomeeeee car.
and i need a car when living with my bro.

now only to pray my loan request gets approved. more on that in a while however (;

more photos soon to come when i've more time ! heading off to tiesto soonish so i need to clean up my room somewhat and do my usual sunday routine. ie. clean house, do laundry, iron, etc. etc :(

and, if my loan approval gets through, a photo of my *hopefully* car too !

may the force be with mazda proteges and loan agents,