Saturday, August 13, 2005

today i am become death

finally!! trials are over!! ok, before i elaborate bout this week, i'll elaborate bout my pathetic study break
wat did i do during study break?
obviously: study
ish.. super damn boring.. damn horrible... wat else?? hahaha.. juz the superlative of any negative attitude.. hahah.. it was terrible.. juz study and study.. and study.. wat do u do during study break? take a break from study? *bleah* yeah right
and my birthday was smack right in the middle of the break.. hehe.. life sucks doesn't it? luckily my frenz came over.. really nice of the four of them as all of them had major exams this entire week.. they came over for a 'surprise' berfday party wid cake and stuff... chocolate banana from secret recipe!! yum!! hehe.. pity them.. wonder how much of their 'surprising' came out of their pockets as they brought gifts as well.. hehe
then this week.. trials.
someone pls kill me
it was sooooooo extremely horrible.. hahahaa
nth to say bout it
anyway, tried the new top-choc ice-cream.. haha.. cheh.. edric can say i evil for tempting him and matt into taking it also.. hahahaa.. nonsense! lol
after bio, our last paper.. we actualyl went mad.. haha.. went to gurney.. saw there was movie for stealth at 12.45 (we reached at 12) and we bought tickets.. quickly went for lunch.. went for movie.. came out at 3.. saw that there was 'the island' playing at 3.30. so went to borrow student IDs from the numerous inti-ans walking around inti. bought tix. then in the 15 minutes we had, went to play time crisis.. hahaha.. the 4 of us ARE crazy.. hahahaa...
anyway, as post-exam celebrations, that's as fun as it can get..
after the movie marathon couldn't move.. haha.. by 6, all of us had sore backsides, headaches, eye-aches and watever other aches one could think of.. haha.. but i requote myself: that's as fun as it can get
lol anyway, now the post exam elation is wearing off.. ish.. time to sleep.. been lacking sleep for the past 3 weeks or so.. hehe
may the force be with euphoria..