Sunday, November 28, 2004

Bloody gashes

2 more subjects.. can't wait *grin*
hmm... today was a day full of ups and downs... the up: est is over
then my bro decided to treat me for dinner.. food was pretty good... unfortunately when i was getting out of my car outside my house, me with my fabulous and incredible 'luck' (i have a sad tendency of getting hurt on absolutely nth... and anything.. ish) i manage to gash my foot (i was wearing sandals... wish i hadn't) on a pedal-lock... an unused pedal-lock... haih.. got a 2.5cm gash on my foot (doesn't sound so bad, rite? try measuring it on ur own skin to see how long it is..) and the widest part of the gash is 0.2mm... pretty deep.. was bleeding profusely... probably means i need more vitamin k *sigh*
hurts like hell too.. ahaha.. but at least i'm sure i won't get lock-jaw.. hehe
good thing though.. didn't need to dress my wound like i usually do... was hopping up my stairs (and dripping blood all the way.. ahaha.. but had to clean it up after that) and was washing it.. juz had found the iodine (iodine is way way painful.. haih.. ahaha.. wished i could have found flavine instead) and the cotton buds (and dripping blood all over the upstairs as well... definitely am having a shortage of vit k) when my mum came out, and took pity on me.. lol.. even my lil' sis did! hehe.. gave me her precious pillow.. keke.. but i gave it back.. not so bad to keep my lil' sister's things.. ahaha
pain pain pain pain pain... argh...
but at the moment, seems like some of my frenz have worse probs than me, so i'll swallow all my self-pity and whack myself for being such a self-indulgent ass and prepare to listen... keke
may the force be with people who had a bad day

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Clouds with silver linings

the time is 11.25p.m.
days left: 6
hours left: 136 (roughly)
minutes left: 8160 (approximately too)
seconds left: 489600 (something like dat.. got lots of system errors in my readings.. bwah ha ha)
subjects left: 3
papers left: 8

6 days to freedom! it's almost 5 days to freedom!! can't wait.. hehe...
must go n take my driving d.. but since i'm taking it with a friend, it means that i've to be at home (she's going for hols on the 21st) so that means.... i can't go for hols this hols... *sniff* nvm, i've still got loads and loads of plans for this freedom month! my parents going away for a week.. although no point i go down with them also.. since my sis got exams still so i'll hv no one to talk to.. keke... leaves me pretty much to my own devices.. nvm, can go for the tx cf nite d... lol... sadly got no transport anywhere.. coz although my bro's at home, he works.. is gone at 8 in the morn and gets back at around 6.30pm... that means i'll have to hitch rides with frenz whenever i want to go anywhere.. lol.. kinda like a reverse from the usual but wat the heck? as long as i get to hv some fun then don't care d.. lol... got to go and check out when the inti open days are.. time to get myself registered to the college d... hehe.. n also time for me to think of wat i'm going to bring down to kl when i go for short (not kidding when i say short) hols with my frenz...
yay! today also marks a very special day for me *grin* today is the anniversary of my phone (actually the anniversary of when i first started up my phone.. my phone is a real dinosaur... almost 6 yrs old d... but if anyone actually follows the heirarchy of my phones then they'll understand y my phone is so ancient.. but what the heck? a phone is a phone and i'm happy with it... despite its size.. lol) hehe... this time last yr, i was busy painting a stupid yellow banner for traplex (juz a point of information: yellow banners do not take pelaka well... ppl who want to paint banners, stick to light blue, light green, white, brown.. something like dat.. banners which don't take pelaka include red, yellow and black banners.. ahaha..) i was listening to hitz 'artist of the month' avril (do u know that hitz actually juz repeats the songs in the same set order every morning from about 2am to bout 6am? it's actually much better to listen to hitz during this times.. no deejays and most importantly.. very few advertisements... but the set order does get boring after a few weeks of listening to the same thing.. i remember they always played beyonce's baby boy followed by one of this rap songs by one of those ppl i nvr get the name off.. someone like ja rule, nelly.. something like dat.. then after that, avril, then linkin park... lol) first person i ever msged... eileen.. at about 12.30am the nxt day.. wahaha... second was nianz and then jie.. keke
anyway, back to the future.. got est tomorrow and i must repeat (i won't get tired of saying this) 6 DAYS TO FREEDOM!! SOON TO BE FIVE!! ahahaha
must sleep early today.. got another paper tomorrow.. can't believe we're having a paper on SATURDAY! we must be the first yr of students to get that kinda rubbish.. which reminds me.. every cloud DOES have a silver lining... we got NS but then they're actually thinking of having a pre-NS thingy for students who juz finished PMR.. luckily we didn't hv to go through that kinda nonsense too.. ahaha
may the force be with us this spm (yay! revenge of the sith is soon to come out!! can't wait! although in my opinion, george lucas should nvr have made the first three/last three [i dunno how to say it.. it's real confusing.. i mean episode 1: the phantom menace, episode 2:attack of the clones and episode 3:revenge of the sith] coz now star wars has kinda lost its magic... haih... nvm.. i'm still a loyal star wars fan.. although i don't read the bks anymore.. not ever since chewie was killed off.. i'm still quite unhappy bout that *grr* hate r. a. salvatore.. will never ever read a book by him unless it's in my future reading lists.. ahaha)

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Valediction to a companion, a thorn by my side and enemy behind closed doors

-------------------TRANSMISSION IN PROGRESS--------------------
IIIIIIII 10%complete
-------------------TRANSMISSION COMMENCING---------------------

finally! the dread exam's over! PHYSICS is finished!! lol.. so happy... but i s'pose in the way, physics did help me out... as my friend so aptly put "I'm ending out relationship. I'm sorry but this is the way is has to be. It juz wouldn't work out"
Note: She was talking to her physics paper. Makes me wonder about her sanity.. hehe... obviously spm's taking its toll on people.. albeit in different ways i must add.. ahaha
anyway.. 9 DAYS to freedom!! can't wait!! so wat should i do after that?? terbang free! from dawn to dusk... hehe..
to friends reading this: what do u think bout hiking in the morning, dim sum breakfast, back home for a quick bath, then to shopping complex for a movie, lunch and SHOPPING, dinner at home to keep our parents satisfied *grin* and then mamak at night?
or: badminton in the morning, quick snack for breakfast, home to bath, go out 'kai kai' in the afternoon.. maybe to some tourist spots like bird park, war museum, butterfly farm.. nonsense places like that.. with friend it'll definitely be fun.. then night time? mamak? or hang out at coffee bean/starbucks/segafredo/gloria jeans/baskin/ haagen dazs/somewhere like that? argh, that'll be painful on our wallets... maybe somewhere cheaper? maxim's ice-cream's sort of 'cheap'ish.. hehe.. ezier on our pockets....
or maybe plan 3: beach in the morning, drive back to town for an afternoon shopping or summat then nite, back to the beach.. keke...
which reminds me.. better come out with a better excercise regime to lose weight.. fast gaining weight coz of spm.. do nothing but sit at home eating... lol.. study comes in very very seldomly around the eating.. ahaha.. maybe i'd better go jogging more often... i s'pose twice a week is certainly too little excercise.. perhaps 1/3 of the excercise i used to do b4 spm ruined my health.. ahaha... must make sure i look at least semi-okay for the seniors' farewell.. don't wanna end up looking like an oversized pig.. wahaha...kayz, time to hit the sacks, up again for some (unfortunately.. *sigh*) chemistry tuition and back home again to bone up on my bio...
may the force be with whomever who's reading this blog
-------------------------------signing off----------------------------------

Friday, November 19, 2004

Musings and Speculations

haih.. today is thursday.. that means... only five (actually closer to four) more days to PHYSICS! haih.. no matter.. i can already see the marks floating away.. away... i'll probbaly get an A1 when pigs can fly... hopefully, in that case, pigs will fly by next tuesday.. lol
anyway, hmm, i should be studying.. can't bring myself to study already though so decided i'll update my blog.. ahaha.. as if anyone will read it anyway...
today, argh, i'm so bloated... my sister went home today so we went out for dim sum in the morning... then came back for lunch... argh... so full i literally had to crawl up my stairs!! ahaha...
wanna sleep now, i know it's kinda early but i'm moving around like the walking dead (think heroes) but fireworks or watever they're supposed to be keeps on bursting outside my room... haih, doubt i'll be getting a good nite's rest anytime soon...
started re-reading my wheel of time series (can't believe i'm doing that in the middle of spm.. ahaha) anyway, i'm now well into bk7: Lord of Chaos.. forgot most of wat happened d.. *sniff* my fav character died in bk 5: Fires of Heaven... *spoilers ahead for those who are going to read it but haven't reached bk5 yet*

Moiraine Sedai died...

sob sob at least she died taking out one of the Forsaken although probably Lanfear (aka as Mierin during the Age of Legends) was my favourite Forsaken.. oh well, they fell through a ter'angreal (which was destroyed when Kadere's wagon burnt down.. probably all the saidar and saidin swirling around so many Aes Sedai and Asha'man [Rand is the head of the Asha'man so i'll assume he's an Asha'man although at that point he was the only one] probably made an inferno out of the wagan)so might make a reappearance in later books...

*Musings about the Wheel of Time*
i wonder whether Mazrim Taim is going to bring the Asha'man to Rand during Tarmon Gai'don... if he makes an army that doesn't obey him and obeys Taim who's obviously a fame-seeking ass, probably another one like Demandred or Sammael, he might go over to Bal'zamon.. and in that case, bring the Asha'man with him.. that means Rand won't have another hundred companions to seal the dark one back in the eye... but on the other hand, maybe the Asha'man, like the Aes Sedai, will split.. with one faction supporting the Dragon Reborn and the other opposed... hmm, i think Logain will be Rand's second in command.. seems like his going to find glory (min's viewing) and most probably (in my view at least) he'll be the one most loyal to Rand coz in that way, he'll be able to bring the Red Ajah (especially Elaida! hate her!!) down... alviarin's also a nasty piece of work.. smart though... wonder whether she'll become a new forsaken.. hmm.. don't think so... juz another offhand thought... are the two new forsakens taken from the Borderland peoples' bodies reincarnates of Asmodeon and Lanfear? or maybe Be'lal? someone else? and who's that 'tall Myrddral'?? hmm... i shouldn't have used draghkar as my nick last time... dragkars are pretty brainless... evil but brainless... haih... i hope Rand and Nynaeve will be able to cleanse saidin.. if not they're gonna be a whole lot of mad Asha'man running around the world causing another Time of Madness...hmm. probably Gareth Byrne will end up with Siuan? despite all the probs they had initially.. i mean Min saw the bull shaking of the roses.. Morgase's (or house Trakand's) sigil is roses.. so most probably Byrne will not hang on to Andor anymore... I hope Leane and Siuan regain their full potential of power.. i mean they gave up their whole life to the Dragon Reborn (i know, Blues give up their lives for a cause.. .juz like Moiraine) but they're quite cool.. 'specially like Leane..
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END OF MUSING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

lol, since i really doubt anyone's gonna be reading my blog so i s'pose no one's gnashing their teeth since they had to read bout the bks... ahaha.. if anyone wants to give me their opinion of wat's gonna happen, pls do so... i'll luv to hv sumone to talk to about the bks aside from my bro... lol

on a brighter note, i've got my prom dress d *grin* plus all the add-ons like shoes, accessories... blah blah blah.. yadda yadda yadda...
only prob with it is that i borrowed about 90% of the outfit from two pink 'kaki's.. so my outfit is about 80% pink! i know those ppl out there who like pink won't think that's bad (it's not, really) but i'm more of a blue person... oh well, quite like pink anyway so no diff.. won't matter much that i'll be clad in pink i s'pose.. ahaha

nooo... tortoy burst a seam... must get mum to sew him up so that he can *spsh, spsh, spsh* (only my older sis will get it so anyone readin this, don't bother to try.. doesn't make much sense... ahaha) again... will have to make sure he's fixed b4 i go down to kl on the 11th.. sniff, won't be with amy when she leaves... oh well, can't do everything and make everything go your own way i s'pose...

kayz, that's bout it.. time to hit the sacks...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

my bestest friends!! don't ask me why we're sitting on each other.. ahaha.. nth to do with photos d.. ahaha... so sad!! this is our last day in our alma mater, our dear school, MGS... top row from left is josheep, sookie, amy and ME!! bottom row from left is ming, sonia, nianz and jie =) gonna miss all of them lots... *sob* Posted by Hello

SPM break

haih.. i think sejarah has successfully terminated at least a million of my poor and unsinful brain cells.. or they did was try to help me memorize more and more and more and more more MORE facts.. oh well, nothing ever comes easy... certainly not this year's spm. so far, everything that every single teacher across penang spotted for us DID NOT come out..
anyway, my friend has 'kemuka'ed an interesting preposition of why nth predicted came out.. she said that maybe we received the second set (as everyone can see, the set we received this yr is white whereas it's been blue for many many years past...) maybe coz of the accidentally leaked questions during upsr and stpm?? oh well, that'll be a good explanation of why nothing anyone spotted came out...

ok, i think no one really wants to know bout exams... going out soon.. must buy a berfday gift for my dear older sister... lol, luckily can go for bbq this friday ~smile
can take a break from my preps for the next horrendous chapter of exams: PHYSICS
got to go n get a nap d... as i said earlier, history has murdered my pitiful brain cells.. ahaha.. not that anything i studied really came into handy anyway.. hope everyone can celebrate a nice peaceful deepavali and hari raya =)