Tuesday, December 26, 2006

happy chrismurf

well, i haven't been up to much since my last update.. which was about eileen's leaving.
i have a very routined life and hence, there's nothing much to blog about.
anyhow, a quick log"

15th december: the little princess' birthday celebration at maccas.

with her totally spies (really, don't ask) cake

yes, one of her friends decided to help her blow out the candles.

headed to glo after that with lin and sara and their friends. photos from this night will not be uploaded as there are a shitload of photos on this post already.

17th dec: woke up at 6am to send my parents to the airport for their phuket holiday. that night followed my older sister as my little sister's guardians for her party. (yes, i know my little sister has more parties than i do)
i learnt a few things from her party:
i) kids nowadays are waaaaaaay spoilt.
ii) clowns are actually pretty rich. the dude who was playing mr. pipi the clown drives an s-class mercedes. i shall never look down on clowns ever again.

the rest of the week was spent baby sitting my little sister as well as a few outings with friends. none of which i have any photos.

18th december: eileen left. had to be at the airport at 6.30 am. i made it.. sort of. i did oversleep a bit.
her sendoff party. by far the biggest i've ever seen. and the noisiest. this photo is only of half the ppl that came. but i guess, considering the circumstances..

22nd december: i went for my office party. brought pasta for the potluck and famous amos cookies for the gift exchange. i got a pen in return. meh.
later in the night i went for the ECF christmas dinner at penang club. that's my older sister's church by the way.
good food, pretty company, passable entertainment.
i brought (more) cookies for the gift exchange and got three notebooks with bible quotes in return.

pastor joshua and his family. his wife, nani, and his kids, ben, (damn forgot his name) and allie.
they're at the same table as me, hence me having photos of them.
i actually have photos of the other pastors family somewhere. (keyword here being somewhere)
and, they're a pretty family. i like pretty families.
especially nani. and she's really nice too.

me and my older sis. her makeup isn't really well applied tonight.

the kids having a spot of fun.

left the party around 11pm to pick my parents from the airport.

24th december: chrismurf eve.

wat i wore for chrismurf eve.
i think i look like a christmas bobble.
my older sister disagrees here.

i was supposed to go have steamboat dinner with sooch and porky and etc. etc. at 7.30pm but due to some unforseen circumstances (bloody furniture mover dudes being a good 4 hours late and arriving to move furniture at 9.30pm which nicely coincided with the fact that my parents had a christmas eve dinner to attend which left me and my older sis having to tell furniture mover dudes where to put the furniture) i couldn't catch dinner with my friends.
btw, thanks for calling. =) even if you couldn't do anything to help, at least i vented my frustration on someone. hahaa. wait, that sounds wrong -_-"
for once, i shall bless the fact that sookie is always a couple of hours late. when i called her, she was just leaving so she dropped by to pick amy (who was overnighting at my place) and i up, stopped for a bite at northam beach cafe (the rest had already eaten) and then went on straight to momo to meet the rest of my mgs group.
i also stole ri's santa hat.

momo was fun. till like... a couple of my friends got a bit too tipsy for their own good. one sobered up quick enough. thankfully.
i wanted to go glo to meet the rest of my friends but having already coughed up so much dough for momo, coughing up the cover charge for glo was kinda.. well.. i'm too stingy. and broke. =(
so didn't meet them in the end.
left around 1.40am as my friend (obviously) had clubbed enough. went back to my place where she slept it off.

for the christmas countdown

with amy who has already started turning a lil' bit red =p

sookie, belle, sooch (half hidden by me, oops), me, amy and nianz (who's kinda totally cut off. photographer's fault, that)

sookie, me (and the stolen santa hat which they ended up putting on my head for the night) and amy

high school girlfriends: sooch, suli, belle, porky, me, amy, nianz and sookie

sooch (blocked again), belle, ning khang (dude with the opened mouth), me, amy, sookie and nianz (who's cut into half again)

everyone's finally in!


i awoke on christmas day horrigibly sick. no, it was not a hangover. i didn't drink enough to even be high. i blame it on the lack of sleep.

had the ECF church ppl come over to have a christmas party at my place that night. due to my horrigibly sick condition (i have a terrible cough, i have lost my voice and currently sound like a man, which if you know me and my sortof squeaky voice, is an amazing feat, and have a swollen eye which probably came from my couple of days of not sleeping) i skipped most of the party, coming down in spurts long enough to grub for some turkey, lamb chops, and the various potato dishes.
no photos of me for the night. hehe. i will however upload photos of the christmas dinner if i get them.
i got a top from my sister, a bottom from sookie and a card from my little sister. and numerous hugs from various others.
thankchu to all who made chrismurf a nicer affair.

my love card cum chrismurf card from my little sister.
and yes, that's a portrait of bloo.

new year's coming up.
the next time i blog, it will be 2007.

i don't really have any resolutions.
i just want my life to get be on track.
and to get rid of useless emotional baggage.
not that it's bad, understand. just.. useless.
however, i still can't wait to see what 2007 will bring.
hopefully, passage down to melbourne.
i wish a merry chrismurf to all my friends and family
and above all, a happier and more fulfilling 2007.

may the force be with chrismurf,

Sunday, December 17, 2006


well, eileen's leaving in less than 24 hours.

i'm sorry that our friendship drifted after i left for kl. wait.. it was even before that. when i entered college. but it drifted farther apart when i left for kl.
sometimes, when you look back on life, you regret what you've done and what you've not.

i do regret not keeping in contact with you.

you were always one of the best friends i had when in school. always cheery and bubbly. always a friend - especially when i was sorely in need of one.

anyway, good luck and all the best in uk.
be well and we'll meet again someday.

may the force be with eileen..

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

by request

yea, as requested by few ppl, i shall blog about work.

yes, for those of you who don't know yet, the amazingly lazy and forever job-less smurf (yours truly) got a job as an audit trainee couple of weeks back.

so, my work involves checking through mounds and mounds of files, cheque stubs, sales and purchase invoices, inventory lists, ledgers, etc. i cross check it to the client's accounts and correct any mistakes i find. i do vouching to make sure the client isn't siphoning cash to his/her/their own pocket. i then find out how the client stands in the new financial year.
i also sometimes (although not yet.. i think couple of weeks from now) have to go do stocktake. i'm rather excited about that. THAT involves going to the client's factories and warehouses and do a physical stocktake on their inventory.
my work also involves a lot of secretarial work like answering phones, photostating what i need, shredding paper (no paper shredder in the office and we're being environmentally friendly coz we RECYCLE our own stuff), typing out letters, faxing letters to clients, etc.
it's a small office and hence, no secretaries. just auditors that multitask.

and since i'm a newbie, weilin (she's my handler *cough* sounds so.. CIA. haha) let me audit the files of a relatively small client (of course, she monitors my work and helps me out coz i'm rather dumb and dense at all this). so, after one week of auditing their stuff, i find myself woefully free (yea, i completed my very first audit! *bows* i shall of course ignore the fact that i didn't do anything bout tax and the other harder stuff)
freedom has its drawbacks. i've got nothing to do! reading mags is extremely hard coz i sit with my back facing the front entrance so clients can see if i'm NOT doing work (and hence i can't read mags). i can't use the computer (and hence, the internet) as i'm not important enough to have my own console. and so, i have found myself a new hobby. tarots.
yes, tarots. the book is small enough to hide among the files and so i am now the office 'sampo' and have taken over junny's spot *cough* (that sucks)
she tells me it means 'fortune teller'. i hope she's telling the truth. *lol* 'sampo' sounds awfully akin to 'sampat' and the 'sampat' one shouldn't be me. coz that particular spot has already been taken. *lol* found a tarot set in my office coz weilin got bored of it. yes, i now know the difference between 'death' and 'the sun' and 'the lovers' etc. as well as which is the worse card in the deck (and hence the worse omen of luck one can get) as well as the best. reminds anyone of divination?
my drawing skills have also improved. as i said, freedom has its drawbacks. you've got nothing to do!

and i also met the office's 'bond'. he's a greasy dude who wears crocs. yer, i know, nothing like bond. in-office joke. i've yet to get it.

and i shall be meeting ah-lee tomorrow. he's some dude who i've never met but for some reason, my colleagues (the girls) always make fun of him. makes me curious.

working isn't too bad. my colleagues are all extremely sweet, friendly and helpful. its easy to forget that you're the newbie who knows nothing at all there.
it's just kinda boring. i really really want to sleep in. it's holiday! =(

in the mean time, i shall leave you all with some photos of me during one of the meetups one of those days.

group pic


nianz and amy

ms. chuen

may the force be with tarots,

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

and the way your innocence tastes-

so, ej asked me to update.

i haven't really been up to anything lately.
i work all day. i come back. go out for dinner/supper with friends some of the weeknights. hang out with them more on weekends.

and a movie. once. shopping littered in between.

my life has become rather routined.

attended wei ming's birthday party couple of weeks ago where i overdosed myself with martell.
no, i did not get drunk. i was still very much capable of looking after myself, thank you very much. i turned white (again) apparently. hmm. wat else is new?

headed over to flix last fri night after checking queensbay out. both are below par.
queensbay looks like midvalley.
i've been too pampered by kl shopping. i should stop complaining.

went to ri's party the next day. sonia overnighted my place. that was fun. oh. and i overnighted her place the night before. got to catch up =)
and actually (mostly) dig up all her secrets coz she was rather pumped with bacardi, beer, whiskey and er.. did i miss anything out?

anyway... happy birthday ri and wei ming!

work-wise, it's ok. got a bit stressed out by it yesterday. working life's tough. definitely.
oh, and my heels pulled a mentos on me today. oh well. time to buy new shoes.

watched deja vu. the idea of the movie is good. the movie (near the ending) is not.

otherwise, that's bout it.
might be going to momo tomorrow. but.. i'm not sure bout that yet. coz. well. you know. that.

sometimes, i wish you'll just like.. just.. let me be.
and for once, not lecture/scold me. seriously.
i already try my best to live up to your rules and regulations.

i know this post has no photos. sorry. all photos i had from wei ming and ri's parties haven't been passed along to me yet.
will post them when i get them and i get around to it.
shall restraighten my hair again soon.
that and go to see my doc. apparently i might have a cancerous hamartoma.
no. i do not have cancer and will not get cancer.
go do your research on hamartomas. they might get cancerous LATER on in life. not yet.

well. that's it
this post sounds rather detached. apologies. i've been in a detached sort of mood lately.
thank you to those who have been around for me to destress on.

oh. and i'm being harassed by a phone stalker.
why do these things always happen to me?

to those of you whom don't know, my phone lines crossed with some dude's when i was trying to call sookie on her birthday (celebration day). and.. somehow, on wei ming's trip up to pg hill, my line crossed with that dude's again.
and now, he msgs everyday with the most absurd msgs.
a week ago: mind if i get to know you?
(when i call and go 'oh shit, the lines crossed again..' AND EFFING HANG UP, USE your brain. do i REALLY want to know you?!?!)
yesterday 'hi sayang. dah makan ke?'
and today. a picture msg of floating hearts and a msg professing his undying love. 'hi darling. i love you. do you love me?'
and so, i answered 'stop messaging me. the phone lines crossed previously. stop messaging. it's irritating.'
and then he answers 'whyla mess? (insert some malay gibberish here which i do not even try to comprehend) so you love me ke?'
i mean. WTF.
wat the hell is 'mess' suppose to mean anyway?

maxis has ruined my life. seriously.
don't get me wrong. i love all the girly stuff.. being called sweet stuff by my guy, those cutesy messages, etc.
but NOT by some weirdo. i HATE HATE HATE HATE this kinda weird ppl.
i am cursed with getting stalked by weirdos. for once, please, let it be a cute and charming person. for once. -_-"
is there any way to ban messages? like.. black list this dude?

and i'm doing this tag out of sheer boredom. it's by amy btw.
Part 1:On the Outside
Name : smurf
Date of Birth : 3rd aug '87
Current Status : single.
Eye Colour : dark brown.
Righty or Lefty : righty
Zodiac Sign : leo

Part 2:On the Inside
Your Heritage : i'm a born cantonese. but i make a bad chinese.
Your Fear : being alone, heights, the dark, creepy crawlies, the sun. the list goes on. i'll stop here.
Your Weakness : plenty. i'm selfish&stubborn. *afterthought* and i do have plenty of weak spots.
Your Perfect Pizza : ice cream pizza. i'll settle for an island delight though.

Part 3:Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up : (weekdays) quick, brush, bathe, change.. gotta go work..
Your bedtime : 12. used to be 5am. now it's no later than 1am.
Your most missed memory : i have bad memory. but i do miss all those fun times with friends and family. none really in particular.

4:Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : neither. i'm more a sprite person
McDees or Burger King : maccas
Single or Group Dates : they both work for me. depends on the circumstances-time and place.
Adidas or Nike : no preferences.
Lipton Tea or Nestea : lipton
Chocolate or Vanilla : chocolate. mmm.
Cappucino or Coffee : Cappucino

Part 5:Do You...
Smoke : *rolls eyes*
Curse : not much.

Part 6:In the Past Month
Drank alcohol : u think?
Gone to the mall : shop-a-holic alert.
Been on stage : no.
Eaten sushi : yea
Dyed your hair : no

Part 7:Have You Ever?
Played a stripping game : no. my bod's not fantastic and i shall save myself and my audience the pain.
Changed who you were to fit in : no. wait. yes? hmm.. no. definitely no.

Part 8
Age you're hoping to be married : when i finish my degree, get a job and have a stable income. oh, and of course, find someone i like enough to spend the rest of my life with. can't get married too old though. still have to look good during the wedding. and in the photos...

Part 9:In A Guy/Girl
BestEye colour : hmm. i prefer chinese dudes. so. brown.
Hair colour : as long as it's not too la-la. or weird. spiked hair with dyed tips is hot though =)
Short or long hair : short. spiked. mmm.

Part 10:What Were You Doing?
1 minute ago : blogging.
1 hour ago : er. er. talking.
1/2 hours ago : talking.
1 month ago : sushi party.
1 year ago : ooh. this time of the year last year was way fun.

Part 11:Finish The Sentence
I love : to be loved.
I feel : tired.
I hate : having curfews. *lol*
I hide : my pains, frustrations and fears. you don't really need an audience for all that.
I miss : my car. poor darling definitely misses me. i miss him too! ='(
I need : working clothes.

Part 12:Tag 5 People
usual deal. ej, yina, nianz, jie, whomever and whoever who reads my blog.

may the force be with cancerous hamartomas...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


working has now become better.

results suck.

disappointed smurf.
don't talk to me.
unless it's to give me a hug. real ones preferable to virtual ones.

may the force be with accounts,

Monday, November 27, 2006

working smurf

decided not to bitch too much on my blog so i modified it slightly.

i am officially a vacation trainee.

a vacation trainee basically means you work long hours (8.30 - 5.30) and u're underpaid. till now i'm not too sure what my pay is. i can't think it's too high.

i don't really do anything all day but look at files.
no one leaves the office. not even for the lunch hour.

tis a bit stressful coz i don't really know what to do and how to do any of it.
i hope i shall get the hang of it soon.

it's all my for my future. bite my tongue and keep at it. only two months anyway.

my colleagues are nice though. one of them's pretty hot.
at one point she was laughing and saying 'last time every week go glo.. now go all "gina" '
i shall keep mum on the fact that i'm one of the 'gina' that does go.

anyway. i shall stop complaining bout work. i could be vegetating and becoming useless.

wait. that doesn't sound too bad.

abstract of an article about babies/newborns/infants i read recently:

Newborns can feel all different sensations, but respond most enthusiastically to soft stroking, cuddling and caressing. Gentle rocking back and forth often calms a crying infant, as do massages and warm baths.
...staring at random objects. Usually anything that is shiny, has sharp contrasting colors, or has complex patterns will catch an infant's eye...
...like to be wrapped tightly as it gives infants a sense of security...

hmm. interesting.
no, i'm not looking on how to raise a child. or my little sister.
i'm still blessedly unaffected by the maternal instinct and the need to populate the world with my *cough* good genes.

*more pondering*
damnit. i'm like an infant.
i respond like all of the above

i want a hug.
the tight squeezy comfy kinda hug.
so, as i can't get that at the moment i shall settle for snuggling deep under my comforters and saying goodnight to the world.
i after all have to be at work 8.30am.

may the force be with my infant instincts..

Friday, November 24, 2006

angel's 22nd

so i haven't been up to much aside from shopping like crazy these past few days

retail teraphy is the best. seriously.
except for the fact that i don't own a credit card. oh well. means i'm really going broke. winter wear's damn ex.

oh. that and a movie with sookie, sonia, ken, kenny and roshan.
casino royale's a bit lame. hot girl though. *jealous* how can a girl THAT skinny have boobs? =/

chie's (super extremely belated) birthday dinner at the restaurant in cititel. zhong hua or something. we three went for the retro look. didn't turn up too well. *shrugs* whatever. pictures below.

us girls =)

and us again. lil sis is a fairy. *aww* so shweet.

wait. damn it. i'm softening up towards kids!
and, i can almost hear you calling me mushroom here. don't.

angel and devil
bestest friend, sister, *cough* psychologist
(no, i'm not really a evil or mean or anything but i unfortunately compared to my sis, i AM! ='( )

mum, older sis and lil sis
yes, i know they're all beige and yellow and shades of white and stuff.
means i'm totally contrasting. oops.

us and the princess =)

may the force be with the 7th fairy,

Monday, November 20, 2006

smurf's back

smurf's got a working com again.
actually.. i've got a better sound system too.

i'm blasting my room down.
co left his stereos behind. which i (OBVIOUSLY) stole. that and his leather armchair.

OF COURSE (this is the whole point of this post)
big big THANKS to my dear friend who lent me her spare monitor.

thanks babe for doing me this favour while my ass is stuck in penang.
real lifesaver you are.
more importantly though..


brief update of my weekend.
went to kl to pack my room and hand my keys back to mr. chan (i actually have spares. *shrugs* i can break in when i'm bored)
met this old couple on the bus journey down going down for their friend's kid's wedding. wow. amazing thing is, husband's bout my dad's age but looks WAAAAY older. his daughter's around my bro's age. doing her masters in aeronautical engineering. *cough* apparently still single. enjoys uni life too much to stop studying. honour student. and, if she looks anything like her parents, is rather decent looking. *lol* seems i know quite a lot of their family. proud parents. *lol* i ate lunch with them and he was like 'the nasi kandar at that store's not bad.. my wife's there now. she'll help you get some food' and they promptly offered to pay for lunch. hmm.

i think i look like some long-lost daughter of folk above 50. seriously.

fun, kheng and cheong helped me pack my room and bring it over to their place. two carloads. omg. i've too many things. *lol*
looked around for winterwear and watched happy feet with jason on sat. not a really good movie but no complaints from me. it was the only common unwatched show.
and he has a thing for animated shows O_o
but i shall not complain. since he paid for the ticket. and lunch. and dinner. *lol*
hard to go dutch when he puts everything on credit though.

oh well. *shrugs* wat's the use of being a girl if you don't make use of it every now and then?

bus journey back was rather uneventful unless you count me almost catching frostbite something interesting. first time i turned corpse-like on a bus. complete with the whole pallid, pale complexion and blue-tinged lips and fingernails.

that's roughly it. oh. that and i got a haircut. i look dorkier/nerdier than usual. *sigh* all my straightening got chopped off. *gwumble* time to restraighten. can see my money flitting off. *doublegwumble*

may the force be with kind-hearted amy,

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

he left, she's coming back

so.. my parents wanted to throw this sushi party.. so 6 hours later, wah-lah! this is what we (co, mad, me, mum and auntie amy) made.
mostly under strict working orders of ms. japanese-restaurant-worker-for-6-months-mei yin
unagi bento set and udon soup

dinner for 16
no easy task, i tell you.

anyway, then co and mad headed off, back to aus *sniff (been 5 days since they left)

i'll see them again in june. i'll make sure of that. (i hope anyways. pray i get good results, all of you. NOW!)

chie's coming back in er.. 6days.
it's her birthday today.. she's gonna become the double two. lol.

happy 22nd birthday!

was sookie's berfday last weekend. happy birthday girl!!
photo was taken in the cable car on the way up to penang hill

more photos when i get them.
it's back to kl this weekend for me. got to pack my room up before my stuff gets thrown out.

may the force be with co and mad.. may they quickly get jobs and a place to stay..

Monday, November 06, 2006

legal clubbing

yes, ladies and gentlemen, e-jian can now legally club.
not that being underaged ever stopped her before, mind you

anyway, saturday, was spent celebrating her birthday
12am, i dragged her downstairs where her friends threw her a surprise birthday party.
or not really a party.. they brought cake and we sang her happybirthday by the roadside.. then we went to a mamak to chill where we proceeded to mutilate her cake (see, they don't really like eating cream) and two pots of loh shi fun.

next day, ej, sarah and i dropped by low yat for a while (sorry!) coz i needed to buy some stuff. then we went to klcc where we shopped for a while (and indeed, camwhored *cough), treated ej to dinner at nippon tei then went to watch 'the covenant' and 'death note: the last name PART1'

coming back at 3am, three days in a row is quite tiring. i need to recover my sleep.

Girl's Day/Night Out

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
eskimo babies
camwhoring with zara's winter wear X)

items offered for use in an RM2 bathroom in klcc

birthday girl

ordering food

the birthday ritual: birthdays spent with just us three..

birthday girl with the birthday pea =/ we paid for dinner too k *lol*

and we both got poked by sarah =(

ok.. i put in this photo coz i look nice in it X)

we paid (*note* all this photos are solely for the camera. we weren't really this unhappy paying..)

off we toddled to the cinema..

and i saw this happy feet poster with the most darling penguin..

and we got the entire cinema to ourselves for the whole of like.. 10 minutes

there are actually tonnes of other photos..
viewing only on request
tis way too many to post up
(the photos are mainly just me and ej posing with different faces for the cam.. that and taking photos with a pea..)

came back around 3am. when i then proceeded to pack my room.
back to penang!

i definitely have to many things.. packing is my own private nightmare =(
in the end i brought back a suitcase (small one, mind you), back pack and bloo

i'm currently back in penang and am now computer floating (once again!) *sniff
my big kor kor is leaving in 4days!! ='(

and considering that i got tagged twice, i shall just do it. i'm repetitive. bite me.
Four Things Not Many People Know About Me:
- i am scared of the dark and being alone
- i am allergic to grass (i mentioned this before. *note: repetition)
- i am an icecream, milo, chocolate and cuddables addict (not that ppl don't know this *cough)
- *cough* for me to know. not for blogging purposes X)

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
- starwars
- lotr
- x-men
- all those action movies with decent storylines
- disney stuff
(sounds immature. no insults allowed.)

Four Places I've Lived:
- my old house
- my current place
- my hostel in kl
- various friends places

Four TV Shows I Love(d) to Watch:
- angel, dark angel, roswell
- cartoons like smurfs, x-men, mighty max (again, no insults allowed)
- anime like bleach, naruto, deathnote, etc. etc.
- various other dramas and series on tv

Four Places I've Been On For Vacation:
- australia
- singapore ( i don't remember coz i was too tiny)
- langkawi
- cameron highlands
(see, i don't consider going to kl for cny and stuff holiday coz it really isn't a holiday. and considering that i now stay there, holiday status has gone to 0. and, i don't consider genting a holiday either. coz it isn't. really.)

Four Of My Favourite Foods:
- icecream
- dimsum
- nice food (this encompasses almost every other food so i'll leave it at 3)

Four Places I Would Rather Be:
- holiday
- club/chiling somewhere
- my room in kl (it's got aircon)
- aus

Four Favourite Songs:
(they're current favourites)
- better than me by hinder
- when you were young by the killers
- blind spot by transmatic
- lips of an angel by hinder

Four People I Tag:
- ej
- yina
- anyone who wants to do it. i won't trouble you by tagging you. i tag ej coz i know her exam finishes tomorrow and i tag yina coz she's been free since wednesday

may the force be with penangites..

Friday, November 03, 2006

spread my wings and fly

chow juan and jo are coming to take my computer back to penang now.
so i'll be without my computer for a couple of days.
no more chatting till 4am for the next couple of days for me ='(
no more entertainment to fill up my free time

at least wicket's going home X)

anyways.. exam time

-micro: 27th october
was ok. screwed up my 20mark question but too late to worry about THAT

-stats: 31st october
i gave up my baskins in order to study for this exam. and accounts. not that it made a difference. i didn't have enough time =(

-accounts: 1st november
i spent almost my entire night in mcDs to revise this. was okok. at least i knew how to do it =)

-management: 3rd november
i went and did the most stupid thing ever. i went maison the night before. coz i was sick of studying X)
i'm not gonna regret that either. coz there's no point in regretting anything.
didn't finish my paper. oh well ='(

with ej, yina and joy
and yina's friends
and surprisingly, we met edward there too X)

ooh.. and i begun using blue contacts. don't ask me why i bought blue. long story =(
which looks better? blue or grey? i'll think grey *musing*

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anyways, exam over. time to take a snooze. a long one.

pity my afternoon plans got cancelled. my friend ran over her dog *sigh

ooh and it's ms ejian's coming of age X)


i got tagged by amy. but i've done a tag really similar to this before so sorry girl =( i'll do it some other time k =)

may the force be with dogs,

Saturday, October 28, 2006


this is the first time in a year i'm having an actual exam. wait. scratch that. examS. PLURAL.
i'm stressed and seriously lacking sleep.

doesn't help that i keep on waking every hour.
'cept for last night when i slept like a log.
sorry for not answering your message =(

anyway.. ej's berfday after exam. i'll be heading back to penang the next day so i doubt i'll be blogging for some time.

in the mean time, i'll leave you all with a harry potter parody

don't get me wrong, i love the harry potter series but this IS cute.
and, the 'hermione' is played by lindsay lohan.
i don't like her (lindsay lohan). and she can't act. or sing.
but this is a cute video.

may the force be with those studying hard-ish,

p/s: "FREEHUGS" video in the previous post has been removed =( no more free hugs for viewing on my blog

Thursday, October 19, 2006

*HUGS* make me smile =)

one man's quest to give out
free hugs

i can't believe they tried to ban free hugs

come on, seriously. seriously! life as we know it thrives on hugs.
who doesn't like to get a hug every now and then? who doesn't like to feel the comfort and love of a hug? hugs convey feelings that words cannot. hugs let people, whether friends, loved ones, parents or simply some stranger know that you CARE.

i want a hug.


watch the video. it's definitely worthed the loading time. it's touching.
after watching it i wanted to grab a signboard and go give out FREE HUGS too =)

i'll probably get arrested if i did it here O_o

may the force be with free hugs,

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

soon-to-be-homeless smurf

new house
must come with a single room, internet access and a washing machine.

and a bed

seriously. i DO need a new place to stay. the lease on my current room comes to an end in november and i've to find a new place to stay next sem.
if i want to keep my current room, i've to pay rent for the time i'm having my summer break.. which comes up to a neat little grand total of RM2625.
which can actually buy me a new computer or a return ticket to melbourne to visit my bro there #1
see, this is why changing course was actually a bad idea. =(
i should have gone straight into business.

i'm actually going to miss my room. it is a bit small.. and the security is crazy-assed tight. but it's still comfy AND a single room with aircon. which is like 'omg, you never get those kinda rooms in this area coz they're always full!'

moving out's gonna be such a hassle. and even wanting a single room with internet access and a washing machine is a bit much to ask for *sigh*

anyone know of rooms around here or wants a new housemate whom is not too difficult to live with
#2 please contact me.

mind me. i have just done a stocktake on my room and have come to a conclusion that i've got too many things.
hence, conclusion drawn: i'm gone to have a hell of a time moving my stuff out.

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may the force be with homeless smurfs,

#1 this of course will never happen. my parents would not give me the RM2625. if i want to visit my brother i'm going to have to make sure my grades are good enough to make it to melb. either that or he has his wedding ceremony.

#2 this is of course, if i don't need to share room. sharing rooms makes me grouchy coz i've got privacy issues. otherwise, it's true. i'm not too bad to live with coz i clean up. places which are TOO dirty makes me grouchier. and i tend to clean stuff when too bored.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

accidental firestarter

and well, see, i almost started a fire.

it wasn't on purpose.

at bbq-plaza for lunch.. and me, being absolutely fabulous at picking places to sit, i picked a place where the steam from the bbq steamboat kept on going into my face. so.. i used some tissue.. and put it on the table..
the tissue then proceeded to get blown into the fire.
which then prompted it to burst into flames.
just a note:
not smart to try putting fires out with ur hands.
or ur wooden chopsticks.

which is what we proceeded to do.

anyway, aside from the ash flying everywhere, and us squealing 'ooh, fire!' nothing untoward happened.
and (i think and definitely hope) no one saw.


anyway, it's pretty worthed it. good food and not that expensive.
topped it up with soome thai desserts which we happened to come across while walking aimlessly around trying to digest our bbq steamboat lunches.
oooh.. yummy.. mmmmm

anyway: haze update

actually.. wait. it's not.. just so happened there's haze at the moment.
see that white ribbon like thing? its actually a long roll of toilet paper.. which someone living in the apartments opposite me threw out..
was messing about on the computer and saw something white and angel-like fluttering past my window.
it's toilet paper.. which is now in sunway lagoon.
wth. ppl, throw ur rubbish into dustbins! not out of ur damn window -_-"

and.. just a note. the haze is getting worse =(
damn, stop burning ur forest already!

may the force be with burning trees,