Thursday, September 28, 2006

the dawn of gum~

right, as per doctor's (in this case physioteraphist) orders, i had to get a gymball.
and, so i have.

this is the story of how i got the gymball.
went to pyramid. first gymball's price was RM72 but discounted to RM52.
was thinking of buying RM50 gymball. kinda weird, but some gymballs don't come with pumps. -_-"
anyway, took gymball to counter where there was this promotion.
hsbc credit card users get 20% off.
do i have a credit card? NO
but old lady and friends who wanted to buy a pair of sneakers did.
and they had to spend above a certain amount and needed RM20 more to be eligible for the discount.

i got my gymball for 20% off to become RM39.90
took it home to pump.

an hour later. i'm still pumping the ball.
and no, pls dont' confuse that with humping the ball, like one of my perverted friends said -_-"

its kinda small. and underpumped still. i shall work on making it better tomorrow. when my biceps aren't aching so much.
noticed something weird bout my gymball. tis like a binomial curve.
its volume increases till a certain point.. then it starts decreasing.
or maybe its just my tired muscles complaining.

Image Hosted by

that's half an hour into pumping

Image Hosted by
and this is, the sortof final product an hour later

anyway, chie insisted on naming the ball.
dont' ask me why.

somehow, that conversation ended up with us talking bout the two tortoises we used to own. till they became carnivores and we gave it to our neighbours whom (we found out later) chucked them into some lake. *lol*
gumken cheeballs
don't ask me how it ended up that way.
i was after all, in std. 3. and not particularly bright.
name however, does sound wrong. especially since, it sounds an awful lot like ken's name O_o
luckily i've chucked those tortoises.

anyway, gymball's name is gumball.
how original.

may the force be with gumball,

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

spared by munchkin terrorists

went back to penang for a few days.
had to come back early coz of ACCOUNTS assignment =(
*someone hand me a tissue*

anyway, saturday, bigass party, hosted by my parents. probably coz they wanted to showcase the newly (moreorless) completed garden.
invited all my numerous cousins, nephews, nieces, aunties, uncles, etc.etc.
my job that night however, was to play waitress to my neighbours who attended. yea, all those 'datuk' 'datin' 'tansri' ppl.
hung out with my bro, mad, calvin (neighbour's kid who's my bro's ex classmate) and shao an (one of my numerous cousins but from the other side of the family)
tried convincing shao to come down melbourne. he doesn't like aus though. *lol*
ended up playing tai ti. where mad and i lost almost every single game =(
my card skills suck. seriously. and so does hers.
forfeit: last two drink a shot =/
5 of us ended up drinking a bottle of midori, bottle of white wine and a bottle of red wine. i don't like white wine *bleargh*
but. still remained sober. with all the guests.. and playing hostess *lol*
and. i realised my cousin whom i know only as 'han' who's 3 has a pretty damn hard head. he fell on some fiberglass tortoise display in my garden.. and broke its tail. needless to say mum wasn't too happy.

sunday went for lunch with my old sch gang.
went home early coz of my little sister's lantern party
omg. imagine twenty odd munchkin terrorists running around the house armed with fire!
some kids were adorable (amazing to hear me say that. i'm getting soft *noo!*) but mostly they're a destructive force of nature. its amazing how so many things can get destroyed in one night.
they spared my life though.
pity it rained. ruined the party. they had to adjourn to the basement to continue their rampaging. after they got muddy little footprints all over the house. and sofas. *lol*
mad, my bro and i got pretty drenched though. saving the munchkins from the rain. *sigh* the things we go thru for lynn...

monday spent my day at physio. ms. wong (my physioteraphist) told me i've got a short hamstring or something lidat. and my posture's not right. coz being straight isn't good enuff. u've to put less pressure on ur lower lumbra or wateverugivethismedicaltalkforspinalcordiscalled.

she gaveme some gymball excercises to do.
damn. now i need a gymball on top of everything else i already want.

want a gymball
want. want. want.
need. need. need.
anyone willing to donate a gym ball to me?

me, amy, sonia and nianz

mirror images

nianz and chunglern

the three blackies

may the force be with gymballs...

*there are more pics but i don't have them so i'll not post them*

Friday, September 15, 2006

help end poverty; eat the poor

there are those times where things just suck. everything loses it colour.
these are the times where i keep on reflecting on my life and how i had lived it.

i realised. that i'm too dependant.
which is a bad thing.
parents, siblings, friends...

circumstances change.
and i don't take well to changes =/

gotta be more independant.
attachments are a serious no no -_-"

bah! mind me.
i've got a shitload of assignments and they're all due. soon.
times like this makes me depressed.
so i tend to think too much. and get depressed over everything.
i shouldn't have bothered to blog this

it's a waste of time.
i need a hug

may the force be with smurfs..