Sunday, June 27, 2010

eating to your stomache's content

Its midway through football season and i've become zombie-rific ! i'm trying to watch as many matches as i can as well as cram in sleep, some social life, my daily chores etc. oh and work. never forget work. and in an attempt to make it more interesting we're putting bets on 90% of the games! so far, our predictions are 50-50 so in any case, we're still making a little bit of money ! :)

so as usual there isn't much to blog about but i HAVE been eating out plenty lately ! so to make people so hungry in the middle of the day/night, i will post lotsa food piccas ! below.. selected photos coz they look super yum.


steak with truffle butter

some blueberry compote thing


this awesome authentic portuguese restaurant in brighton.
that above is an eye fillet espetada.

one of the best steaks i've ever tried in my life :)
third after the truffle butter steak and the eye fillet in bacash.



oysters with some sauce.. can't remember

takoyaki balls

dragon roll

and me eating the yakitori ! yum yum


oyster shot

some.. pie thing

triple medallion - lamb, kangaroo and beef, mmm


its this lovely little restaurant tucked away in the middle of a winery.
beautiful scenery.

and me again coz.. well.. it's me again! :)

spaghetti cooked with.. sea urchin ! ohm nom nom

some orange salmon thing

more pie

and.. steak

Ok, this is about all the effort i'm going to put in for this post. Be well people.

May the force be with you for whatever, whenever, whoever,