Saturday, April 02, 2011

study.. and me

are really not good friends ! i hate it !

even though, blah blah, i know it's supposed to be for my own good and it will help me improve myself etc. etc, i really really hate it !

life is depressing nowadays.. it really REALLY revolves around work, study, eat, sleep. wtf, that's no life.

i really wonder if studying again is going to be beneficial :x

it's not however, cheap, and it's painful to see my bank account go so sharply downwards. i really better not waste my money ! so.. hv to pass ! even though pass rate, is wtf, 33% *cries*

wish me luck, ppl !

in the mean time, a photo from grampians coz it was a really fun trip

ok, meh. so there were two !

may the force be with my mortal enemy,