Wednesday, May 30, 2007

feeling rather useless

10simple ways to save yourself from messing up your life
  1. Stop taking so much notice of how you feel. How you feel is how you feel. It’ll pass soon. What you’re thinking is what you’re thinking. It’ll go too. Tell yourself that whatever you feel, you feel; whatever you think, you think. Since you can’t stop yourself thinking, or prevent emotions from arising in your mind, it makes no sense to be proud or ashamed of either. You didn’t cause them. Only your actions are directly under your control. They’re the only proper cause of pleasure or shame.
  2. Let go of worrying. It often makes things worse. The more you think about something bad, the more likely it is to happen. When you’re hair-trigger primed to notice the first sign of trouble, you’ll surely find something close enough to convince yourself it’s come.
  3. Ease up on the internal life commentary. If you want to be happy, stop telling yourself you’re miserable. People are always telling themselves how they feel, what they’re thinking, what others feel about them, what this or that event really means. Most of it’s imagination. The rest is equal parts lies and misunderstandings. You have only the most limited understanding of what others feel about you. Usually they’re no better informed on the subject; and they care about it far less than you do. You have no way of knowing what this or that event really means. Whatever you tell yourself will be make-believe.
  4. Take no notice of your inner critic. Judging yourself is pointless. Judging others is half-witted. Whatever you achieve, someone else will always do better. However bad you are, others are worse. Since you can tell neither what’s best nor what’s worst, how can you place yourself correctly between them? Judging others is foolish since you cannot know all the facts, cannot create a reliable or objective scale, have no means of knowing whether your criteria match anyone else’s, and cannot have more than a limited and extremely partial view of the other person. Who cares about your opinion anyway?
  5. Give up on feeling guilty. Guilt changes nothing. It may make you feel you’re accepting responsibility, but it can’t produce anything new in your life. If you feel guilty about something you’ve done, either do something to put it right or accept you screwed up and try not to do so again. Then let it go. If you’re feeling guilty about what someone else did, see a psychiatrist. That’s insane.
  6. Stop being concerned what the rest of the world says about you. Nasty people can’t make you mad. Nice people can’t make you happy. Events or people are simply events or people. They can’t make you anything. You have to do that for yourself. Whatever emotions arise in you as a result of external events, they’re powerless until you pick them up and decide to act on them. Besides, most people are far too busy thinking about themselves (and worry what you are are thinking and saying about them) to be concerned about you.
  7. Stop keeping score. Numbers are just numbers. They don’t have mystical powers. Because something is expressed as a number, a ratio or any other numerical pattern doesn’t mean it’s true. Plenty of lovingly calculated business indicators are irrelevant, gibberish, nonsensical, or just plain wrong. If you don’t understand it, or it’s telling you something bizarre, ignore it. There’s nothing scientific about relying on false data. Nor anything useful about charting your life by numbers that were silly in the first place.
  8. Don’t be concerned that your life and career aren’t working out the way you planned. The closer you stick to any plan, the quicker you’ll go wrong. The world changes constantly. However carefully you analyzed the situation when you made the plan, if it’s more than a few days old, things will already be different. After a month, they’ll be very different. After a year, virtually nothing will be the same as it was when you started. Planning is only useful as a discipline to force people to think carefully about what they know and what they don’t. Once you start, throw the plan away and keep your eyes on reality.
  9. Don’t let others use you to avoid being responsible for their own decisions. To hold yourself responsible for someone else’s success and happiness demeans them and proves you’ve lost the plot. It’s their life. They have to live it. You can’t do it for them; nor can you stop them from messing it up if they’re determined to do so. The job of a supervisor is to help and supervise. Only control-freaks and some others with a less serious mental disability fail to understand this.
  10. Don’t worry about about your personality. You don’t really have one. Personality, like ego, is a concept invented by your mind. It doesn’t exist in the real world. Personality is a word for the general impression that you give through your words and actions. If your personality isn’t likeable today, don’t worry. You can always change it, so long as you allow yourself to do so. What fixes someone’s personality in one place is a determined effort on their part-usually through continually telling themselves they’re this or that kind of person and acting on what they say. If you don’t like the way you are, make yourself different. You’re the only person who’s standing in your way.

interesting article
best thing about it is, its true but i doubt i'll be able to put it into practice.
other articles of this vein can be found in the link above.
have fun.

this is medieval bunny. there is no point to medieval bunny except for the fact that i changed everything on chie's lappie to medieval bunny when she was bathing last time i met her. that'll make it.. december.

right. there is no point to medieval bunny.

feeling rather useless at the moment.

may the force be with medieval bunny,

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


for a while, there was a lull in tagging. for some reason or other, tagging is suddenly all the rage, again. and, although doing tags isn't really blogging in my opinion, i shall be nice and do my tags.
yes, i know, i'm always nice.

this tag is by wen.

5things found in your bag:

5things found in your purse/wallet:
-money (bills and coins. at the moment, more coins then bills. *sigh* accounting handbooks are expensive and yes, i know it's stupid buying the handbook a week before the exam. *shrugs)
-loads of cards. atm, student id, ic, license, hostelcard, some miscellaneous cards. use your imagination.
-photos. loads of photos. mostly of my uni bunch. one other different one (;
-book receipts. apparently, my mum's trying to keep track of my book expenditure. lol
-a bookmark from my lil princess.

5favourite things in your room:
-my computer.
-my kettle
-my cupboard, and yes, the clothes in it. as well as the shoes.
-my bed and everything on it.

5things i've always wanted to do:
-pamper myself-massage, manicure, pedicure.. you get the idea.
-tour the world
-pass my exams with flying colours; without actually studying TOO hard for it.
-shopping spree. and i mean.. a real one. without budget.
-just lie back and relax and forget the world for a bit.

5things i'm currently into:
-refer to my profile, interests. too much work to retype.

5ppl i tag:
-vinny ninja
-alpha. lol
-erm. basically whoever that reads my blog and wants to do a tag.

no, if you don't want to do the tag, you don't need to.

right. that's it.

back to my studies.

becoming rather paranoid, pointless and psychotic. BUT that's normal for me. it's not unfounded this time around.

may the force be with paranoia,

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

power'd by hugs

i have just been told that caulfield and clayton may not be accepting applications.
or. they are. just very few.

and i still haven't received my offer letter. i am so scared.

and with my outstanding results, i'm sure i can go.
[super sarcastic mode here]

someone remind me why i'm taking accounts and finance? i can't understand anything at all.
i am so scared i won't even be able to manage the credit average.

where have all my brain cells gone?


lyrics from bowling for soup's shut up and smile:

all we need is an icecream and a hug.

how apt.

poor darling. he's hard at work keeping me company.

yes, i know i sound as if i'm verging on psychosis. *shrugs*

chie. i want a hug ='(
virtual hugs work too. not too picky at the moment.

i need my results. back to my books.

ej, wen and i have decided that ej will be the nerd, i'll be the geek and wen's the dweeb.

so. i am ann, the geek. lol. i love those girls. they always cheer my day.

oh. and i lifted a fortune-cookie-telling site from ming's blog. apparently i would do well to remember that radioactive cat has eighteen half-lives.

erm.... right.

may the force be with (still) stressed out smurfs,

Monday, May 21, 2007

doomed to be bitten

Rules: For those who have been tagged, you are required to write a story about one of your crushes, be it a current or previous crush. To be exactly different from the common tags, there is no questions imposed this time. All you have to do is to write a story about him/her. Also, five persons will need to be tagged at the end of the post. You must post up these rules before you start writing.

boo. so i got tagged.
i really don't do this mushy kinda stuff on my blog. not my thing.

BUT i also know vin's gonna make my life hell if i don't do it.
she did tag me and stuff. and i'm scared of being bitten by her. *sigh
*~vînbåBy~*//emo says: u got tagged
*~vînbåBy~*//emo says:
and u have to do it!
*~vînbåBy~*//emo says:
i wan to read =p
| j-ann* | fat central says:
| j-ann* | fat central says:
but i got mkw work to do!!
*~vînbåBy~*//emo says:
is a good way for me to know stuff
*~vînbåBy~*//emo says:
is 9pm
*~vînbåBy~*//emo says:
u wont sleep till 1 or 2
*~vînbåBy~*//emo says:
plenty of time!=D

and i have the awful habit of NOT being able to say NO.
so, i shall put aside my marketing assignment, my law tute AND my accounting revision to humour her and write something about one of my crushes. -_-"


so what to write?
there's nothing to write.
yes, my crush (more of a best friend) is a guy and he knows who he is, i know he reads my blog, and i dislike parading my personal life on the web.

for the lack of anything to say, i shall cut and paste lyrics from boys like girls 'thunder'

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?

You'll always be my thunder, and I said

Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors

i shall promote this song coz i'm currently in love with it.

sigh. i'm going to get bitten anyway. -_-"
why embarass myself AND get bitten? that's a lose-lose situation.
this works. at least i DID do the tag. i'll just tag anyone who reads my blog and is in the mood to do the tag.
there's nothing to know. i lead a simple boring life. if you're really that eager to know about all this stuff, ask me. i'll not blog it.


the weather's a bitch.
did you know smurfs melt in high temperatures?

no? well, you do now.

the view outside my window IS fabulous though.

still want a hug.

may the force be with bitables,

Saturday, May 19, 2007

officially, i am..

ms. extremely worried smurf.

stress has increased ten-fold. no wonder i'm getting white-streaked hair.

some people i know got offers to monash unis in aus. i haven't.

and its been almost two months since i put my application in.

kl isn't all too bad but all i ever wanted since i was in primary was to go melbourne to study. dreams that get washed away hurt more than hopes you can't achieve.

it's not good to harbour dreams. refer to demotivational posters two posts prior to this.

but i do know those that got to unis they don't want.

i hope that doesn't happen to me.

most of my assignment results are out. money and caps is terrigible. so's marketing. god knows how i'm gonna manage my credit for these two subjects.
at least law and acctg seem savable so far.

last major assignment due monday. bless the day i met jien. she really saves my life at these times.

finals is in three weeks.
its so near! there's no time left.
i can't grasp any of the subs.

yes i know i sound like panicky smurf. i'm close.

i also feel like a terrible person. and the problem is, i know i am.
i just pretend i'm not. it works. most of the time. *shrugs
except for the days when i wake up and feel bad about it. hmm. i'll live.

boo, know i promised i you i wouldn't post these pictures up but.. *shrugs.
just this one time. i guess. sorry =/
may not be heading to melb to study after all. i'll still be heading down so i guess if nothing else, i'll be there for a week break..


may the force be with gummybears,

Thursday, May 17, 2007

of the moo, oink, woof, pak and bloop.

kl = stress.

in all randomness, we decided to head up to genting for a short holiday.. you know, get away from stress and have a change of routine? initially, we thought sunday would be a good day but it was mother's day and vin wanted to spend it with her mum.

as we don't have class on wed, we decided to go up after our classes finished on tuesday.
transport courtesy of jason while lodgings at the very classy, beautiful and comfy Highland Hotel were courtesy of jien. her parents are SO nice.. they booked a couple of rooms for us and took care of all the administrative stuff. we didn't need to do anything. premier class rooms too! yay (;

jien however, *cough* accidentally requested rooms near the stairs. she really meant lifts but right.. *shrugs*
our rooms were extremely far from the lifts. i can almost hear her denying this. lol. not that it mattered though. we had extremely lovely rooms.

so like any other trip we took, we did EXACTLY the same thing we could do down in kl. shopped a bit, ate, walked around, watched next and spent the night in the room coz we all were too bummed to attempt entering the casino.

we did play bumper cars and rockclimbed though. you know, for the change of routine. lol

key: TL (topleft), TR(topright),
BL(bottomleft), BR(bottomright),
TM(topmiddle), BM(bottommiddle),
ML(middleleft), MR(middleright)

click on the photo for a bigger version

TL: jason and dickson in our rooms
TR: we had like 6 failed shots of this.. having three girls pile on top of each other is no mean feat. hard to balance, see? lol
BL: jien forcing us all to eat her maccas hotcakes (which in actual fact are pancakes with butter and honey. they taste good though. until of course jason decided to pour the remaining packet of honey onto the pancakes..)
BR: outside the theme park which we decided not to enter. by time we reached up it was about 3plus 4 so it became very unworthed it to enter.

TL: random shot of us on the escalators.
TM: our feet.
TR: group pic by the rockclimbing wall. i lost the drawing straw thingy so i ended up climbing first. i DID however reach the top fairly quickly BUT two days later, i still ache all over. lol. i'm so unused to physical assertions. lol.
ML: full-length shot of us girls in the mirror by the lifts.
BL: dickson doesn't like being fed by other guys. lolol.
it is SO fun to force guys to take have photos of them taken. lolol.
BM: jason and i before we begun climbing.
BR: us girls again outside while waiting to enter the cinema. next starts out well but kinda fizzles out come the end =/

TL: homeless people =(
TM: we discovered taking pictures at that rock formation thingy looks really good.
TR: jason's pretending he doesn't know a photo with him in it is being taken.
MR: apparently taking photos while people are jumping turns out well sometimes. just not when i take it. lol.
BL: group picture by the rock. it's fun disturbing random ppl to take photos for us. lol.
BM and BR: erm. kinda self explanatory. mostly random shots of us taking as many photos as we could during our trip. jason carrying vin. vin, jien and i having a photo by the merry-go-rounds. jason and dickson... erm.. no description for this photo. lol.

near death experience. some people should NEVER modify their cars AND try to show off. damned bugger nearly hit me. and for once, i wasn't walking in the middle of the road or doing something stupid like that. i was being a GOOD pedestrian and walking at the side of the road and it wasn't dark AND that guy DEFINITELY saw me. heck, he avoided ALL my friends and we were walking in a loose vertical line. his damned car was like an inch away from me. if i see him again, i'm so gonna kick him down the stairs.
just for kicks.

TL: camwhoring outside our hotel after our movie. it's super cold. brr. i love that weather. it's so hot down here =(
TR: group picture. we are all so colour coordinated. guys in black, girls in white. it wasn't intentional though..
BL: we like having photos taken. *shrugs
BR: group huggle! *squish*

TL: vegging out at our rooms at night.
TR: vin's being punished for something i don't remember. she gets thrown onto the floor.
BL: look! its benny ninja! LOL
BR: them, learning to chacha. since i make the odd number, i get to take the photo X)

TL: jien and i both woke up around 7plus so we had to entertain ourselves for like 4 hours while waiting for the others to wake up. so. camwhore shots. on a random note, i stupidly picked up a ringing phone which was ringing at like 8am i found in some locked panel in the corridor. it was ringing so loudly! damn irritating!! but right, it was the hotel admin so nothing fishy. teehee.
TR: view of genting. so serene. love that place. loved the trip. especially the company.
MR: jien and i had breakfast at the bakery. that's me and my hot chocolate. its sooooo cool. they give you a cup of hot milk and sticks of chocolate which you can add to the milk. it not only looks mouth watering, it tastes as good as it looks. mmm. i love chocolate.
BR: in the shuttle train thing.
BL: in jien's place. we're back from our trip. ='(

we ate lunch at gotong jaya.
the breakdown of our bill was something like this:
drinks: RM5
rice: RM3
fuyok: RM18
brinjal: RM10
batin fish:RM90

when we saw the bill our jaws seriously hit the floor. got cheated already ='(


at least we had a good stress-free trip! now its back to our little abodes down here, and stress is kicking in. exams coming up and LAST assignment's due in a few days.

i am so exhausted. lack of sleep in the last few days. i was so tired i accidentally deleted my handphone's inbox. ohnoes!!! all my msgs i'd been keeping! *sniff*

may the force be with random roadtrips,

Monday, May 14, 2007

brightest of all the colours

yes, some of you may have seen my very shortlived black blog with the fluttering butterfly but since those that have seen it say its really hard to navigate around, i've changed to this one. it doesn't look half too bad in my opinion =)

i still might change back to the original one coz i can't figure out how to put the comments part on this template. yes, i know nothing about html codes and computers. bite me.

wait. no. don' t bite me.
current resolution: avoid all forms of biting.

may the force be with,

Sunday, May 13, 2007

shadow of the day

i like demotivational posters. they're hilarious and they give a good account on reality. check them out either here or here.

note: it might make one feel more depressed so therefore, emo-ers should not visit that site and visit this one instead. fab ego booster.

was at yina's with ej couple day's back where the three of us and kai caught up along with two bottles of red wine, tai ti and (as kelvin terms it, the old woman game) bridge.
it's interesting. bridge i mean.

its the weekend yet it doesn't feel like it. still feel like friday. hmms.

anyway, it's sunday and is mother's day. so a big *hug to my mum. i'll send her the token of appreciation i picked up for her soon. know its late BUT its the thought that counts, ok! X)

changed skin, as can obviously be seen. it's kinda hard to navigate and this kinda prettiful complicated skin isn't really my thing but i woke up this afternoon and i was so bored of my old skin.
i will change back to the old one in a few weeks; after all, aside for the butterfly, it's not really me. i admit i am more of the boring character my old blog represented. anyway, *note: new skin is obviously not designed by me but somehow when i was sortof customizing it to fit me, i accidentally lost the acknowledgements.. oops.

may the force be with mum,

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

birthday babies

the highest concentration of birthdays in my calendar is focused around the end of april and the beginning of march.
so, a punctual/early shoutout for the may babies.

:amy, nianz and ken, happy 20th. to wk. happy birthday to you too. i can't remember how old you're becoming X)

my lovely darlings, sonia (i know, i'm late. soweeee!), nianz and amy! X)
happy birthday!! *huggiezz*

also, a very merry happy mother's day to my dear mum and as usual, a double celebration coz it's my dad's birthday too! happy birthday, dad X)

may the force be with them,

Monday, May 07, 2007


had lunch at subang parade with the group and sheryl. initially we were supposed to go watch spiderman3 but jien couldn't make it.. our group's very 'all for one and one for all' so we didn't go catch it.. actually, wait, we're not so all for one and one for all but since we were supposed to watch it together, we shall.
since all of us cleared our friday night schedules *cough* not that I have to but the rest do.. *lol* with the sudden vacancy of plans, we were all left horridly free. asked jien if she wanted to go karaoke instead and while waiting for her reply, jason and vin crashed at my place. in the end, jien couldn't make it *BIGSIGH* she missed out on SO much

vin, you CANNOT carry me. not when i am much heavier than you -_-

ANYWAY, wen called asking what we were doing so she came along for the ride. headed to asia for dinner.
notetoself: when suffering from gastric, do not eat too fast. will feel worse than you initially did. lol. i'm TOO greedy -_-
thanks for the eno =)

digi fu-yoh ppl came over to kacau a bit where they(dickson,vin,jason and wen) won pens and dickson won a shirt as well O_o

headed to redbox after that while we proceeded to get ourselves intoxicated and sing outselves hoarse.

yes, i sing when i'm high. i still don't sing well. i, however, do not need to listen to myself sing X)

(CWfrmTopLeft) vin, jason and i in my room awaiting jien's answer, beginning to karaoke, random shot of me with the guys, random shot with me with the girls

(CWfrmTopLeft) me and jason, wen and dickson, random shot, vin and jason
those two actually look sort of like a couple but no, they're not. they just like having pictures of themselves taken.. lol

(CWfrmTopLeft) we were all quite high at this point in time, erm.. another random shot, jason, wen, me and dickson, look at vin.. she's squashed! LOL

(CWfrmTopLeft) vin and jason ttbc-ing, jason and vin, me and vin, vin and wen shaking their booties X)

group pic: vin, jason, wen, me and dickson

karaoke-ing's real fun. since the room was totally ours, we turned it into a temporary club/bar when we grew too hoarse to sing. even the guys danced.. *lol* (mepokesthem) vin went on rampage and bit everyone. now i've got tonnes of bruises. have to wear long pants for some time. i look like some abused kid -_-"
lol watching the biting war between jason and vin WAS hilarious though.
looking back on this pictures i have discovered a sad truth about myself. my eyes are of different size. EVEN if u ignore the bags *sniff* LOL
oh well.
we were there till 4plus.. the waiter (i think) knew some of us coz he kept on talking to us, asking where jason hung out and stuff? but they say they don't know who the dude is.. lol
headed to darussalam to eat then home after that.

really have to go karaoke-ing again.
EVEN though, yes, i know i don't sing well, it was still way fun X)

may the force be with karaoke,

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

daemon counterpart

meet arkadian, my daemon counterpart:

according to arkadian, my profile reviews that i am modest, assertive, spontaneous and responsible and therefore am matched with the ocelot daemon.

you can get your matching daemon at the golden compass, the official website for the movie of the same name. it's gonna be released in december '07 and it looks really good. or actually.. the site does. but it stars nicole kidman. as a general rule, i love nicole kidman movies.

handed up law monday morning, which, hey(!) was yesterday! huge weight of my shoulders =) hadn't been sleeping much lately as i was working on law. semi-noctournal as i am, sleeping at 6.30am and waking early to continue working does no wonders to my body.
went for lunch with bernard at midvalley then came back uni to meet jason. after he handed up his assgt we went to pick vin where we played with her brownie/browney (brother and sister spell the name differently *shrugs) he's SO adorable!! doesn't like me much though =( doesn't want to layan me *sigh

that's her browney.

ANYWAY, the three of us headed to oneU where jason got his breakfast/lunch/tea and went to catch any movie at 5. that was so random, the time was so screwed up, that we ended up watching the hills have eyes 2. it's gruesome but not scary. better than hills have eyes 1. and aside from a few embarrassing moments on my part, it made an enjoyable and relaxing(?) conclusion to our stressful week. next assgt due next week, so we're gonna be super stressed in a bit.

was supposed to go meet ej and her group that came down, namely brian, jonson, liqian, etc. etc. at maison but i couldn't get transport there and taking a cab alone at night in kl is just asking for trouble.
yes, spap, i agreed with you but i didn't want you to drive me there when it's so far out your way -_-

sorry, ej for ffking!!! =( will not next time. promise!

went for dinner and joined dickson and his friends at mage.
played catan with clarence, sat, dickson, wei sheong and some dude who doesn't like to lose much. lol. he won, ultimately, but during the course of the game.. O_o

yea, whatever, came back, msned for a bit and crashed till now. gotta start on my mkw assgt. its due thursday. sigh.

oh. and i got my pendrive back. jason took it from the lost and found and found out it was mine. so he did the honourable thing and returned it. lol!
thanks.. i think? lol

may the force be with the golden compass,