Friday, October 07, 2005

letting go

"I've learned that things change, people change, and it doesn't mean you forget the past or try to cover it up; it simply means that you move on and treasure the memories. Letting go doesn't mean giving up, it means accepting that some things weren't meant to be."

i came across this in k.yin's friendster. i have to say, reading this.. really strikes a chord. some memories should remain as that: memories. hindsight is important-it teaches us valuable lessons. sometimes one juz needs to get burnt to know the danger of a fire. moving on and treasuring memories is a rather apt statement. it holds true.. one will learn more from experience.
many things in life juz aren't meant to be. and, accepting those things that weren't meant to be is the best way to move on. but unfortunately, letting go isn't always an option.
i know many many things in my life which juz aren't meant to be.
many things in my life which i juz dont' cement with
one of the most prominent things in my life which i juz don't cement with is studies..
as i said... letting go isn't always an option...

now.. if only i can get thru my exam with a reasonably high UAI....

anyone up for another round of dota?

i feel the keen need of pawning someone.. haha.. OWNING!! DOMINATING!! GODLIKE!!
that's juz wicked sick
i've got too much dota in my system
but i have to confess.. it pretty fun.. haha...

may the force be with unwilling exam-takers...

Sunday, October 02, 2005


*sigh* wat a waste.. my 3rd and final sem at inti has finally become interesting and fun... and it's gonna end in.. mm... 5 days... haih... saddening
it's rather interesting that despite the fact that our exams are juz around the corner, we're all still rushing out to play dota every break we have... lol, poor jo gets blamed everytime a few of us don't go.. oh well.. i'd bet she'll live wid it.. poor gal.. lol
exams start in 16 days.
oh well.. we need our time for fun and frolic
or not.. we'll all juz go mad
i'm gonna miss all the frenz i made here at inti... they really made my college yr really fun and a pleasure to attend. all the ups and downs... frenz who came and went... i'm thankful that this yr was pretty much filled with joy and laughter... thanks to all my frenz who made this yr so memorable
lol, i have to say this though.. in one of the debates my frenz and i were having.. i have come to a conclusion that ppl are juz plain weird.. i s'pose, arguably it is pretty normal for them, i still find it wrong.. wrong wrong wrong.. haha..
hmm, prom nite.. prom nite was pretty fun... thanks to all the ppl at table 11 who made the nite an enjoyable one! lol.. despite certain ppl at my table being pretty mean.. it was really funny.. and did brighten the nite up considerably... haha prom ended really late though.. more than an hour off..
went to glo after that. first time. hmm... i have to say i was pretty blur and lost in thr. thankfully there were the 4 ppl there who were more or less looking out for me... lol i must have pretty much ruined their nite (or morning more like it).. oops.. sorry.. my sincere apologies.. lol
it wasn't too bad... not really wat i expected but i didn't have much expectations so it was more or less a pretty good experience
hmm.. watched the hsc summer carnival video.. lol.. there was this ONE memorable scene... it will forever be etched in my memory.. pretty evil of me but who cares.. sue me.. haha.. i'll live wid my evilness....
juz installed dota on my com.. hopefully.. i dont' get pawned when i start playing.. oh well
my dota was nvr good
hmm... was taking a good look at my finances. think i'm gonna have to get a job come yr end. maybe at coffee bean or something
jeez.. how tiresome.
oh well
exam coming up. *note* 33 days to freedom! woo hoo!! pei wen's berday coming up. must remember to go.. must! must!
sure hope i don't oversleep and miss it.. lol
may the force be with ppl taking their final paper....