Sunday, May 15, 2005

college life for the first time

this week is definitely the best week i had so far this yr in col.. without a doubt.. i feel like a college student first time in my life.. ahaha.. coz usually.. since the starting of the first sem.. i feel exactly like i'm still in school.. except that i don't wear school unis and i actually drive.
let me see.. i think i'll do a daily breakdown.. seems ezier that way
first things first: one of my sirs.. he's got loads of classes wid us.. anyway.. he cancelled all classes for the week. so super free this week
anyway.. let me see.. on monday i still was leading my normal boring school-ish kinda life.. then came tuesday.. my friend had exams the previous day.. so she was feeling down in the dumps.. so we went to get her a berfday cake and stuff (it was her berfday on sun) and we kacaued her for bout 2 hours... lol kinda wasted her time but i hope we managed to cheer her up somewhat
anyway... then wednesday... this day was pretty cool.. lol
went for dota.. for like four hours.. anyway.. after that went back to col.. went home. at least no one really got that mad at me (coz i totally suck in dota)
thursday.. i had my stupid muet exam.. i totally screwed it up.. it was the speaking exam.. and i had absolutely no idea wat i was saying!! my title was so damn hard.. ended up crapping loads of nonsense.. hope i managed to sell at least some of my points.. ahaha.. but the examiners didn't seem as if they were buying any of the crap i was coming up with.. anyway.. as i had exams.. i was excused frm classes all day.. but i was in the first group of the first batch.. so the exam started at like 8.20 (we were all there at 7.30am... although i was a lil' late.. not because i started out late.. but because i was caught in this stupid jam after i made a wrong turning...) anyway.. upon getting back to col (at around 9.05am) i skipped my first class ( i was exempted anyway) and hung out in the library talking and laughing wid some of my frenz who had no classes.. (no mood to go to class.. since i screwed up my paper) after that around 10, my frenz (who were not exempted) finished class... after that.. i went for breakfast wid some of them to kayu.. where we were caught in the rain..i'm glad its starting to rain again.. but still.. not when i'm stuck in it.. super cold and super drenched.. ahahahhaa.. anyway.. after that... DOTA!! man.. i'm becoming a dota freak. a note: i still suck at it. after that we went for a round of CS. my CS isn't any better than my dota (which is to say.. i'm damn pathetic at it.. at least i've improved since i last played.. coz this is technically the first time i played either game) anyway.. thanks to my frenz who actually took the time off their games to help me get used to the game.. and for supplying me with the fundamentals of the games.
anyway.. went back to class for 1-2pm.. after that.. back again to the cyber cafe for more dota
this session sucked.. ahaha.. i didn't play at first.. i didn't mind not playing.. get to watch the keng players play.. anyway.. after that.. one of my frenz gave up his com to let me play.. wow.. terrible.. he was thr telling me wat to do.. then one of my other frenz (not frm inti) saw me.. and began telling me wat to do too.. lol.. i know i'm a noob and all.. but when 2 ppl tell u conflicting things.. u do only one thing: get confused
so i got confused and got slaughtered.. ahaha
anyway.. we headed back to col after that. let me see.. it was roughly around 5 that time. went home.
came friday.. hehe.. we changed all our classes so that we finished (most) classes at 12. got into loads of trouble wid the lecturers coz of that (we're actually not allowed to change classes.. but wth. this one time.. needed to enjoy the week.. the first time i actually felt like a col student *grin*) went to watch kingdom of heaven (again for me.. since i watched it on wed already.. but wth.. sometimes, its the company that makes it fun) anyway.. we were slightly late for the movie (who cares?? *grin*) after that we went for lunch.. and realised at roughly.. mm.... 3.45pm we realised that it was almost 4 (we had class starting at 4.. lol) and rushed all the way back to inti (which is damn far frm gurney) got back at 4.30 (ahhaa.. damn late) but the teacher wasn't angry (at least hopefully not tooo angry) oh well.. it's stupid LAN anyway. don't quite care lol
after LAN we didn't really wanna go back yet.. so went down to canteen and played 3 rounds of foosball wid my friends (out of the 4, i was the worst.. damn embarassing.. but at least i'm getting some foosball lessons frm one of my frenz who's super keng at foosball.. lol) after that i played some ping pong but then my friend still didn't wanna go back (since she didn't get her fill of table tennis yet) so i went back to play foosball again.. practised.. although.. i still suck.. ahhaa
anyway.. friday nite left me totally pooped.. lol
life was so fun this week.. i don't feel like going back to being the 'serious col student' wid study and bks.. although i know that i don't have a choice. oh well.. at least i had a good week
may the force be with college students..

Friday, May 06, 2005

my preciousssss

ok. new post. i'm still kinda lazy to update my blog. since absolutely no one reads it. anyhow.. i doubt anyone really gives a damn about my life. anyway.. i juz wanna check on my tagboard.. it seems to have disappeared.. nothing i do seems to be able to induce it to reappear in my blog. haih. sad sad.
hmm.. i got my exam results.. yay! i passed LAN.. with pretty good grade too... a B. ahaha.. i would have been happy wid a C but a B is much better...
my exam results.. all pretty good.. except bio. bio sucks. big time. i hate that sub. i wonder again, why i actually take that particular sub. i mean.. if u look at my other subs grade-wise.. i got like 4As and 1... mm... D
that totally sucks.
anyway.. i juz moved... since i juz moved.. i've lost like a dozen things.. among the things i've lost are my rangers/guides/brownies scarves.. which is quite sad.. since they are quite precious to me.. my preciousssss...
i'm actually bone-tired.. i'd never believe previously that i could ache this much.. everything hurts.. ahha.. n i'm actualyl quite bruised and scratched.. no idea how..
my new house.. hmm.. it's bigger than my old one. i got my own room. almost everything in it is blue.. hehe.. anyway.. wat else? i'm too broke to buy stuff for it.. so therefore, i'm currently lacking a dustbin a chair and many other essentials.. lol
my room is also a mess.. there are boxes everywhere.. and come to think of it.. my entire house is a mess.. there are boxes everywhere.. ahaha i can't find anything. at least one good thing.. my bro's room, my room and my sis's room.. all are really close to each other. so easy to get around.. ahaha
anyway, that's bout it for my week
may the force be with the people who just moved house
(come to think of it.. star wars is coming out.. i can't wait!!!!)