Monday, February 28, 2005

Midst of Exams

first week of exam done.. yay! only three more papers to go.. mx-1, bio and accounts.. my english paper, chem and math seems um.. not too good.. but i think i might scrape through.. keke.. omg.. for the first time in my life i actually find english tough..
ooh.. come to think of it i had my moral paper too.. super super hard.. although i didn't study.. but still.. it's almost impossible to study for moral.. the notes are un-understandable and questions are equally ridiculous..
i came out 1/2 hour early.. ahaha.. gave up
at least got frenz to talk to while i was waiting for my other two buddies in the exam hall coz quite a lot of ppl came out early too
otheriwise my week was real real boring.. how interesting can a person' s week be wid exams??
oooh... up-point! i passed my parent test!! so now i got wheels.. hehe.. when my brother doesn't take his car that is..
may the force be with my grades...

Sunday, February 20, 2005

impending dooms day

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hmm... monday was valentine's day.. so to all my friends and family... happy super belated valentine's!! to those who are already attached, i hope u had an enjoyable valentine's day filled with love and affection *grin* to all my single friends out there, i also hope u had a great valentine's *hands imaginary rose to all*
anyway, for me nth interesting happened during valentine's.. hung out wid my bro and his gf (i know.. ruining their valentine's.. but they didn't go out and they invited me to hang out wid them.. keke... plus they wanted to read one of my new year cards.. kaypo ppl them.. ahaha) ate plenty of longan and other sweet and unhealthy stuff.. oh well.. i'm definitely putting on weight.. *sniff* must try to lose all those unwanted pounds d...
anyway, tuesday had nth unusual happening so i'll skip past that day
wednesday.. odd.. two of my lecturers didn't come.. so had plenty of free periods.. feels so odd.. haih.. summore we could have gone to col later since didn't have early lessons.. oh well.. anyway, played plenty of table tennis.. and foosball.. lol.. we blocked up the holes and used a ping pong ball instead.. oh man, my group probably has earned the name of idiots.. ahaha.. since we nvr play any game properly.. lol
anyway, nite time had to pray (hokkien new year) but i fell asleep.. keke.. oops. so woke up past midnite to pray.. lol.. anyway, the house behind mine bought fireworks.. terrible.. couldn't sleep coz it was superbly noisy and extremely bright so thursday saw me all gritty-eyed and grumpy.. keke..
ok.. thursday: didn't have english.. lecturer was absent.. so spent my lesson b4 LAN class playing table tennis.. lol.. seems that we play that a lot.. i'm improving.. somewhat at any rate.. lol then LAN.. my friend's so evil.. she went late.. extremely late.. almost 1/2 hour late.. so i was bored.. real bored.. coz i was like the only student sitting at the back there.. no one to talk to..summore i forgot to bring my book.. lol
then evening.. went to watch constantine wid sum of my sch pals.. the movie was good.. and keanu reeves is super yeng.. ahaha... but i had a slight mishap.. THANK YOU to my dear frenz amy and eileen for helping me out there.. *grin*
friday: got back my accounts results.. surprisingly i did semi-well.. lol my exam week is rite around the corner.. so i've got to study.. amazingly, it seems that a whole bunch of us (the table tennis gang) don't treat is as if exams are coming up.. lol..
oh, and i starting learning how to play pool.. i'm totally hopeless at the game.. dont' know how to play it.. oh well.. can always learn.. ahaha
anyway, back to my books...
may the force be with those who have exams...

Monday, February 14, 2005

year of the rooster

end of my break *sob* i so do NOT want to go back to school!! haih.. oh well.. all things come to an end.. anyway luckily my bro and sis were wid me in kl.. made my trip this time so fun.. i played mah-jong the entire time .. dunno how many hours of mah-jong i've played.. lol.. but we played without money (all no money to gamble.. ahaha)
besides that i went shopping a few times.. terrible..actually s'pose to go watch constantine.. but the queues for movies in kl are terrible... i went to both klcc and midvalley.. my goodness... we queued up for 1 hour.. and we were still like really far frm the counter.. there are 9 counters openthere are about 15 screens in midvalley and almost the same in klccthe entire cineplex floor was filled with queues... and we've to queue up in a snake form.. horrible.. so in the end went shopping..
anyway.. i found a beautiful skirt.. i've been looking all over pg for it but couldn't find.. but oh wow.. the price of the skirt RM80.. so obviously it's still in the store.. ahaha
wat a disappointment
anyway, got back around 4pm to pg.. then had to clean up my hse.. terrible.. finally finished everything around 8.
and here i am, upgrading my blog
unfortunately this yr the bounty i collected very little
oh well.. nvm
oh.. a lil trivia.. those borned in the yr of the rat s'pose to have a romantic yr this yr.. lol
may the force be with chinese this yr of the rooster

Monday, February 07, 2005


sunday.. gonna be able to meet up wid my fren tomorrow! yay! miss her loads.. lol ever since she left to singapore.. and that's assuming she can meet up wid us.. gonna have to go down to kl on tues so won't be able to meet up wid her if she can't meet us tomorrow
anyway, i'm at my wit's end.. doing my moral assignment. the title: do u believe that morality should or should not be based solely on religion? WHy? is it possible to establish a moral system without any reference to religion? if so, how? if not, why not? what could be the basis on such a system, if not religion? describe ur position in detail
that, in other words, is TOTAL crap.. got another title.. but haven't bothered to even look at it yet
another point.. have to finish my assignments by tomorrow.. coz no one's gonna lend me their laptop while in kl.. sad
anyway, not too bad a day.. got to meet up wid one of my other frenz that came back from singapore.. lol.. haven't met him since i was in f1. he hasn't changed.. although according to him, i have.. lol
anyway, continued my spring cleaning frenzy at home.. cleaned up my garden (of sorts anyway) and the driveway.. got to drive to gurney.. thankfully, my brother hasnt' got a heartattack yet.. ahaha.. he and his gf much frequently clench their teeth while i'm driving.. ahahaha..
although i'm not too bad.. although sometimes have tendency to si hoay.. especially on slopes.. ahahahahhaa.. but according to them and my mum.. i'm quite good d.. ahahahahahaha
may the force be with homecoming ppl..

Sunday, February 06, 2005

spring contentment

saturday! first day of my holiday!! *phew* what a relief..
friday was actually a very good day.. on top of the fact that i got to play badminton wid 3 of my frenz.. yay! badminton is honestly the only sport worth playing!! super fun.. although as usual, i think most of our excercise came from laughing.. a lot.. i don't think we stopped laughing from the minute we started till the minute we stopped.. summore i get to complain to my pals.. (as usual!! ahaha)
classes were also pretty cool.. don't know y but the lecturers were pretty lenient wid us on friday (cept for chem.. at the lair of the dragon lady, no one is ever relaxed) anyway, she's actually pretty sweet and cute once u get used to her.. oh, and if she likes u.. i think if she doesn't like u.. u're pretty much dead.. anyway, got a mite bit of hw from her but otherwise the other classes were super relaxed.. even math! surprisingly.. lol.. 2nd period we played games.. with mandarin oranges!! ahaha.. something like team-building in the classroom.. first game was something like having to toss a mandarin orange around.. my group won! coz the other group got caught cheating (moral of the game: cheat and make sure u don't get caught.. ahaha) the other group's forfeit was to eat the tossed around mandarin oranges (eww.. my group's 2 oranges had pua kang already.. leaking juice.. shows how many times we dropped it..) 2nd game was this thing where u've to hold ppl's hands (not the same person) and untangle urselves to make a circle.. my group completed this first.. i don't know how.. lol
moral of these games: however hard a math ques is, u're sure to be able to solve it. another moral is u've got to be smart and patient as well as hardworking and work together and listen to the teacher and adhere to rules to win.. lol
our class was like a market.. so noisy.. till the other classes came out to kua kua c y we were making such a din..
today was wat i call a lazy day.. spent my morning helping my mum do spring cleaning in preps for the new year.. then afternoon did a lil bit of my moral assignment.. then round 4 i slept till dinner time.. ahahah.. me's getting lazy
may the force be with ppl whom are spring cleaning~

Friday, February 04, 2005

rough account

kayz.. i realised that i've been lazy to upgrade my blog.. so now that i've (decidedly low) energy.. and i'm online.. i might as well upgrade my blog..
this is a loose account of wat i've been up to this past week
monday: had this stupid bio quiz. although i studied i didn't know how to answer anything.. faked most of my answers.. argh.. die liao.. this carries weightage in the actual exam.. should have studied harder.. argh
tuesday: i had the unfortunate luck of sitting in the 2nd row for math and so chun there were 3 guys and 3 gals in my row.. we got called out to do this photo shoot for some inti brochure/advertisement/somthing lidat.. lol.. luckily the company in which we had to take the photos were nice ppl.. n they were frenz.. coz some of the poses (like putting arms around shoulders and all) wid strangers? super pai seh
wednesday: stayed around school till like 8.. can u imagine? from 8 till 8? argh.. actually i reached home frm school at 8. dead exhausted by time i reached home.
i've been playing table tennis almost every single free period i have.. lol.. it's real fun.. but mostly nonsense.. since my frenz and i CANNOT play ping pong decently (some of them can.. juz not me.. ahahaha) anyway.. time for dinner.. so no more time to upgrade blog d... got hw summore.. ext.1 math is super super tough.. argh.. time to crack my brain over chem/bio and math again...
heck, even english is hard to do!
may the force be with lethargic half dead ppl who have to drag their poor excuse of a body which is almost a carcass around college.. ahaha.. actually not that bad.. college is quite fun.. although i have to admit.. i AM tired most of the time wid hw, classes and numerous other things.. luckily i finished collecting almost 85% of the math and science club ppl's membership fees..