Wednesday, March 28, 2007


today = tuesday = earthquake day.

actually, technically it's wednesday. but my time zones are all warped so its still tuesday.

its nice to indulge in icecream. especially swensen's sinfully rich tasty-ies coupled the weirdest conversation makes the best stress reliever ever. mmm.


i so failed bimbo101.
lessons courtesy of ej and wen.

actually, ej said she'd give me an NP. but since she doesn't qualify as bimbo, near passes probably is out of sympathy for me, so i failed badly and i can sleep easy tonight.

learnt a few things bout them. they're dumb, not necessarily blonde, wear pink, giggle a lot, make a lot of unnecessary sounds, have the vocab that constantly revolves around totally, ohmygawd and like-(inswert sentence here)*1, have (according to ej) sticky chewy chocolate for brains (although in my opinion, its not even chocolate.. its just air), mostly, they aren't hot and are of course, "fashionable".
have i left anything out? probably not.

bloo came back from the drycleaners last fri. he's got a bit of a funny smell now, but at least he's home. vin says he's got a cute tail and paws. lol.
he's not blek anymore (;

sidenote: i also picked up some dumb kawaii poses. there's the finger poking dimple (and if you haven't got one, just poke your cheek) pose, the peace-which-actually-refers-to-male-vitality pose, the openhanded-almost-hello pose and the newest.. the dead bunny pose. photos on how to do these poses will be posted when i'm in the mood of making fun of myself on my blog.
and i've learnt nothing new from lectures except for the fact that my lecturer used to want to be a part-time porn star. *shrugs

may the force be with bimbo101,

*1 spelling error intentional.

Friday, March 23, 2007

portals to nowhere

things that irk me:

- getting fat
- pimples
- bad hair days. not that i've got really bad hairdays anymore. but this is all assuming i ever do.
- msn acting all cranky on me.
- being ignored
- not having enough sleep.
- not being sure of what to do with myself.


- the monash portal NOT being abled to be accessed on a regular basis.


seriously, the admin have gotta do something about it. how are people supposed to do assignments and such?

i've got a presentation to prepare. and i can't download my question.
damned portal.

and i'm still pondering what to get.


vin, jien (yes, same name!) and me.
i will upload a group photo of the three of us, jason and dickson one day.
key word here being one day.
assuming i ever get a group photo taken.

may the force be with unopenable portals... (and me, who needs to get the presentation done)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

bloo is blek

the worst lies one can tell are the ones they tell to themselves.

compound the fact that they believe it

the effect is tenfold.

life is really a throwback of the fears we face as children.

my philosophy of the day.

all the killing and murder is getting to me.
i read too much.


i need some sleep.
gotta remember to send bloo to the drycleaners soon.

view before boarding the eye on malaysia.

may the force be with bloo,

Sunday, March 11, 2007

i want to show you just how fascinating kissing is when earth collides with all the space between

good reason why i'm not updating. my life is rather routined over here. shop, hang out, uni, assignments, hang out, shop more, sleep, classes, internet, more internet, repeat.
hence, nothing much to update about.

dropped a mirror. day 6 of the next 2,557. i don't believe in the 7yr bad luck thing though. and i didn't really drop it. it fell of a hook. but it was in my room. does that consider?
oh, and i'm not living out of a box anymore.

cousin just got married. two of them.. but i attended yee fun's church ceremony and not my pg cousin's one. i blame it on distance. travelling back and forth is really tiring.

haven't (surprisingly) shopped a lot lately. i can actually count what i bought since i came back on one hand! books, a pillow case, a top and some facecare products. and plenty of food. wow. i'm so proud of myself. *pats self on back

msn still eating msgs. sorry to those whom have been nudging, msging, winking, etc.
not my fault.
dodgy internet connection.
AND i'm not downloading stuff lately. so, no rolling your eyes and calling me dumb.

very into blue october lately. that and hellogoodbye's 'here in your arms'
that statement was totally random and can be ignored.
blog title's lyrics from a blue october song. fyi.

bikini martini. yes, it tastes as good as it looks.

may the force be with busy bloggers..