Wednesday, June 25, 2008

happy surprises

scratch that.
he's right here, right now.

my housemates were all in cohorts with him to give me a surprise!
though it was a good surprise.
am gonna be a bit bizzy to update again.

later, ppl.

may the force be with surprising,

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

we be bubblin' (;

yea, i know its been zomg ages since i last blogged.

so after i finished exam, i have been up to quite a bit. headed to the zoo, dim sum and other odds and ends of activities which i didn't have any photos taken.

zoo photos and oh so happy with dim sum me photos will be uploaded when i get em. no idea when that is.

oh i guess i'd better have a photo alert. plenty of photos.

my life lately kinda operates on euro time. been watching all the weekend matches with my big brother at zagame's. the atmosphere there is soooooo FANTASTIC. lots of russian fans though O_o who periodically yell RU-SS-IA! every five to ten minutes.

among the things i did over the weekend was: bubble! (and needless to say, rushing home for the euro)

me and vin fooling about in slinky's house before bubble.

sally, me, penny, vin and tracy.

tracy, vin and me

i *heart* lasers

and some karaokeing the next day with my housemates + davis and jee keng at party world.

oh-so-sexy jien and lil-miss-cutey- jee keng.
if u focus on jien's leg, woo, +10 to sexiness (;
plus she ISN'T doing her standard jien pose.. teehee, no tongue sticking out this time!

vin and jien having a spot of fun, dancing and being happy =)

though u can't see it, both of us actually have bow-ties/ribbons on our collars..

vinny koala.

can actually see jee in the background, lol.

jee loves party world fried rice! (;

doing what we do best *cough*
no, i did NOT mean the retarded part =p

somewhat group photo.. minus me =(

now this one minus jien =(

jien, jee keng and davis

some other random shots

oh, and just in case you were wondering, yes, i can cook steak. amazingly (;

i'm SO EXCITED!! fatty's coming in THREE days! actually, it's closer to T.W.O days, woot.

may the force be with bubblin,

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


all those months of saving, of stinging have just... gone down the drain.
just. like. that.

its the start of winter break, omg, i've to go get a job.

i need more time management skills, zomg, my phone bill's insane.

Friday, June 13, 2008

freedom smurf

am. finally. done. with. exams.

found comm banking.. ok i guess? will pass, i hope. not too confident bout performance though the opposite holds true for fin. mngt. corporation law was also a somewhat disaster *sigh, will see bout everything after results come out.

on the up point, i'm officially ON HOLIDAY (;

which makes it double the fun coz jien still has exams, teehee.

actually.. not really =( nothing much to do anyways, lol.

now, there's nothing to do but wait for my fatty to show his face in melb, in EXACTLY TWO WEEKS.

on the down side, have just been told i'll have to spend TWO out of my THREE summer break in melb, yea, you got that right. TWO. means i'll only be flying back to penang on the 3rd of january and leave it again in february =(

shrugs, i'll try my best to have a blast in melb with my siblings anyway.
tour, anyone? (;

may the force be with freedom smurfs,

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the last supper

who hasn't seen leonardo da vinci's the last supper?

for other versions of it, click here

not a bad starwars view of this famous painting, isn't it?

teehee, amma bored.
too much law in too few hours =(

on the up point, one more exam !

may the force be with the last supper,

Saturday, June 07, 2008

one day

If I could change the currents of our lives
To make the river flow where it's run dry
To be a prodigal of father time
Then I would see you tonight

If I could find the years that went away
Destroying all the cruelty of fate
I must believe that love could find a way

Lonely finds me
One day you will come
But I'll wait for love's sake
One day to me, love

If I could see beyond the here and now
If you could hear me calling you somehow
If I could know that love is reaching out

To find you with me tonight

Then hope could make these promises come true
Beyond what I could say, what love can do
With every moment leading me to you tonight

Lonely finds me
One day you will come
But I'll wait for love's sake
One day to me, love

I will stay forever here to wait for your love

If I could change the currents of our lives
To make the river flow where it's run dry
To be a prodigal of father time
Then I would see you tonight

Lonely finds me
One day you will come
But I'll wait for love's sake
One day to me, love

Lonely finds me
One day you will come
But I'll wait for love's sake
One day to me, love
One day to me, love
One day to me, love

I will stay forever here to wait for your love

- one day by trading yesterday

everytime i hear this song, i think of you,
everytime i hear thing song, i miss you even more.

every day and every night means one day closer to seeing you.

and yes, i'm very well aware i'm not supposed to blog coz i've got exam on monday!

damn sad my papers - fri, mon, tues, fri
give me a longer break in between to prepare? =(

may the force be with giant tictacs,


happy 21st kah yin !

hope you have/had a blast and a wonderful time!

may the force be with k.yin!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

concept sleeping

i've been studying for like, oh, erm, teehee, a few hours straight, with a few (ok, so more than a few, teehee, i got bad willpower) ebay-break-times in between.. and to my horror, i'm getting O-L-D!

ATTACK OF THE KILLER BACKACHES! and headaches. for the last couple of weeks or so.

i am tired and i want to sleep.

and then i decided to go stumble around for some nice places to sleep.. and here are the best i found!

actually, they're just concept designs and like custom-made stuff (plus i lost the link for the site already *paiseh*) but i just thought i'd share..

anyway, yea, this is another random post.

i am SO SO scared!
comm banking in two days! LESS ! it's already THURSDAY so exam TOMORROW, omg! i'm not prepared !

and i wonder WHY I'M TAKING FINANCE! i suck at it ! =(

performance measurement and control on monday, followed by financial management tuesday and corp law on fri, then i am FREE.

for the time being at least, but after that, all i have to do is be excited about the holidays and seeing my fatty again.
I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms again.
ok, yea, i really shouldn't be blogging.

oh, with a bit of hopeful understanding thrown in between.

nxt time i blog, i'll be free!

may the force be with hair-tearing smurfettes,

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

learning better

when we first moved in, i remember thinking...

moving in in a neighbourhood of old people was going to be a bad idea - u know the whole if we make too much noise we'd disturb our neighbours and all that and they wouldn't like it? and (judging by my old place) having stereos blasting will just cause them to come knocking on our door and complaining to us. plus our house, like 80% of tenants in this particular housing area, was old and stuff kept getting spoilt, like our central heating, fuses kept blowing, the water heater intermittently decided not to work... stuff like that.

but i've learnt better.

our neighbours are one of the best we could ask for (cept for dude who keeps stealing our carport and giving us a stuck up face)

this is why:
  • when we first moved in and our house heater wasn't working, our neighbours actually came in and spent an hour trying to get our central heating and water heater working. while the central heating doesn't work still, it is still a really magnanimous nice 'welcome to the housing area' gesture and i'm really glad for that.
  • the nice old lady is always so sweet to us, always stops to chat with us, complimenting us on how we look and stuff (even when we look like crap) and she's got the most adorable dog which she allows us to play with whenever possible
  • nice old dude who ALWAYS takes our dustbin in for us after dustbin days and waters our (not really cared for by us) garden and all the rose bushes and stuff around our house.
  • if they see us girls carrying really heavy grocery bags struggling to get our stuff to our unit (which is the last unit and quite far in) they always help us carry our stuff
  • they take our mail in for us (coz we had a spoilt postbox cover and it more often than not fell off, leaving our mail open to the wind and rain) and leave it by our door-grill.
  • someone (not sure who but am suspecting old dude) fixed our postbox cover for us after it got spoilt soon after we moved in and we just couldn't be bothered to get it fixed and left it hanging.
they're so sweet! they're really friendly (of course am not talking bout red-car-dude) and are always willing to lend us a helping hand, chat with us and not once have they ever complained about noise or anything.

while our house isn't the best (though light years better than my old one), i think the neighbours more than make up for it.

and i feel kinda bad about ranting about someone stealing our postbox cover when someone, whoever he/she is actually fixed our postbox cover for us.

and my week of ranting.. well, i'm ok already and i think this should be the week of appreciation coz of all those notes and msgs of encouragement i got.
exams in 3 days! am so scared but still happy !

chie left the CUTEST msg for me on her strawbunny blog and even vong sent me the cutest 'good luck in exams' card (; and some other randoms from my friends and family. ooh *smiles*
oh and my girls, of course, all being so nice and supportive, yay. i love you all ! and i SUPER MISS YOU ALL !
and lol, of course my baby's been having to deal with my extreme panicking and stuff, thanks sweetie =D

and yes, i've seen it's the journey through life, they ppl that help, the things that you appreciate, that truly make life worth living, not just wishing for the end result.

anyway, time for me to hit my books,
its three days !
may the force be with my last three days (and a week thereafter),

Monday, June 02, 2008


i realise that i do not have any photos with you..

in any case, happy birthday chim~ I know u read my blog so its quite safe to wish you here though i ended up wishing u on other modes of communication too.

i've forgotten how old you are but no difference, you're still young enough to spend the day inebriated. adds to the fun, yea? and if i'm right, yesterday, and tomorrow and probably next week as well (;
with all the additional perks singledom brings, right? lol

may the force be with the chimp,

Sunday, June 01, 2008

seasonal fruits

its the season again.

no, not winter.

its durian season ! *SOBS* no durians here for me !

and i began to think of those fruits i really regret not having here..

mm, cempedak, especially FRIED cempedak... they should be in season now too! =( no cempedak for me either ! nor rambutans.. or mangoes, *sigh

oh well, whatevs, i'm hungry. i hadn't had the opportunity for lunch.


talk about makan buku, tidur buku and the last part (which i know is supposed to end with bola but buku's more apt now) i can't remember.

ga, am going crazy.

may the force be with seasonal fruits,