Monday, December 28, 2009

of mortarboards and my graduation

hmm, there's so much to blog about i don't know where to start.
and since its almost impossible to catch up on everything i've been up to lately, i'll just give a few brief updates and of course, upload some photos from the most important that has happened to me recently and has been caught on camera - my graduation.

so, my parents were here for a brief two weeks and my sister, the week before in which time we've celebrated my sister's birthday, my parents being here, me getting a job, my bro's birthday and lynn's birthday at werribee zoo. and how can i not mention christmas?

its almost the end of 2009 and i can safely say, when i reflect upon this year and its ups and downs its been full of awesomeness and lady luck smiling down on me.
cosmic something, as weng khong told me last time i dont' remember what he said perse. lol.

so the year started out a bit rough but it ended fantastic - i graduated on time, got my PR in the speediest time imaginable and got a great job on my first interview. life has been so smooth sailling lately and there is really nothing i'd like to change about this year. the whole rough patch in the beginning made me realise that really, i can do anything on my own and that i have awesome friends who are always are there for me. life really isn't as i expected it to be when i made my new year resolutions last year but that's ok.. it was unimaginable but a better one than i hoped for.

so what does 2010 hold for me ? i'm not sure but its a new chapter of my life and i'm prepared to face it =)

anyway, enough with my nattering on about this and that and blah blah. onward to photos!

may the force be with awesome years and fantastic new chapters,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lost in the haze

1. i know my template's a bit retarded but i DON'T have time to change it :(
2. i've been super busy coz my parents are here and i have a super action packed week ! its my grad this thurs (THANKSCHU cal for helping me pick up my grad tickets) and i am ALSO starting work tomorrow. FIRST REAL JOB. so i'm nervous. but i'm excited. actually. i'm more nervous than excited but whatevs.
3. also my parents are here so i've moved to point cook for a bit. yes, the point cook which is on the other side of melbourne from where i live.
4. i've been soooo sick and i'm still not really recovered, wtf. its been ONE WEEK, zomg.
5. i start work on monday. which is tomorrow. did i mention this already? zomgzomgzomg.

well more to come. sooner or later. happy birthday ivan ! sorry i won't be at home to celebrate !

may the force be with the beginnings of new chapters,