Thursday, October 29, 2009

:) // :(

so blog's been a bit neglected lately.

so what things of note have i done lately? up mt dandenong for scones and of course jien's birthday celebration at fairfields park and boathouse and wilson's birthday that night at wabisabi garden.

the lovely couple, ken and jien

jien's group

bbq, yum yum

girls :)

at the bbq pit

ohm nom nom

group picca

jien's high school friends


getting ready to go boating!

vin and i camwhoring while the boys did the rowing

wilson posing while rowing, zzz

vin and i taking a hand at rowing

more boating pics

heading back towards the boathouse

went almost straight for wilson's birthday dinner that night (yes, i don'tk now why everyone's born around the same time, its.. difficult =p)

wabisabi garden

the lovely homemade birthday cake, made with love by pei lin :)

happy birthday wilson (;

wilson and pei lin

group picca

spot the token white guy =p

co's back tmrw.. judgement day tmrw :(

excited to be seeing him but again, *oblivion!*

may the force be with me, really really be with me,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pt cook !

so i find myself once again at point cook. and me being a terrible person that i am, am leaving madison's mum to cook me lunch while i play wii, update blog and fix my cousin's computer.

which amazingly.. even though it took me just under half an hour to do so, I DID ! ,
woot, i am amazing ! and i really hv to stop eavesdropping on ppl's conversations. hahaaaaa.

base of the problem is that her computer couldn't connect to internet. but, bringing wilson's laptop to point cook and trying to connect his here works fine.. so.. i was taking a look at her com to see what i could do (she asked me to try, don't ask me why.. she knows i have absolutely no com skills whatsoever) but i did anyway. and.. i had this flashback thing. lol. of wilson's conversation which his friend, amma htink it was nic, and he was instructing her how to fix her internet problem.
tried it. it works. lol. let ur com's automatically detect IP addresses ppl !

anyway, yea, boring update. i forgot to bring my HD and all over to point cook and his laptop is devoid of any entertainment.

still it's a laptop so that means internet and that means i am not complaining. hmm. time to google some cake recipes to try with mad's mum.

oh and co called me from NY last night. apparently he DID buy me some souvenirs. from coach. wooootttt. am loves !

may the force be with eavesdropping,

Thursday, October 08, 2009

zomg, telllllll !!!

my.. darling high school friends hv been dangling this tantalizing piece of news in front of me ALL NIGHT long but they won't tell me what's going on !


*tells myself i will patiently wait for amy to come home so she will tell me the whole thing herself. since... NO ONE will tell me what's going on without her sanction, sobs*

and.. i hate being out of the loop *grumpy*

may the force be with my lovely girls back home,