Thursday, March 19, 2009


this video is so totally heartwarming. gives you this really warm fuzzy feeling inside (probably, possibly, like that cookie above), something i think most ppl have forgotten.. me being most prominent in the 'most ppl' ahhaa. i found it here

moral of the story: don't lose yourself in life.

there's also a link to the video on my facebook page. my current 'feel-good' video. yes, i know i indulge in myself too often to be healthy but i can't help it. guilty pleasures.

on another totally random note, the fantasticness which is ivan has fixed up wicket with an additional 500gb ! THANK YOU ! =D
i finally do NOT need to find files to delete EVERYTIME i download something new.. or try to save anything.
i shall see how long it takes me to fill that up.

i have been keeping myself busy though as usual, no photos coz i'm not one in a habit of taking photos any more. yes, i know, i amaze myself sometimes.. not in the habit of taking photos, rofl.

so i'll leave a picture of zero instead.
yes, he's better looking than edward cullen will ever be.

may the force be with me (and until farther notice)

Monday, March 16, 2009

thinking does me no good.

“Just because a friendship or relationship ends does not mean that the other person is a bad person. Nor does it mean that the other person is crazy. Nor does it mean that the other person never cared about you or any of those things we often say. It simply means that it wasn’t meant to work out and though it is horrible and unfortunate and sometimes heartbreaking, it’s not the end of the world. Other friends will come along, other boyfriends and girlfriends will come along. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. And that has to be okay. It has to be okay because otherwise what do we have?”
Samantha Mott

it's been a month.
this however, is called optimism.
the grass may not always be greener on the other side but it mustn't be too bad. and there's a possibility it is greener.

i know i'll do ok now (;


Thursday, March 12, 2009


i hurt. a lot.

see i finally have something to blog about. i didn't really want to blog this coz my feet aren't particularly pretty but mama vin suggested (insisted actually) i blog about this so here is my finally, newest, latest entry.

anyway, yea, i attended this career fair thing hosted by my uni which was held in the clayton campus (for those of you that dont' know, i study in the caulfield campus and clayton's like.. i don't know.. a half an hour bus ride away)
so, back to story. career fare. nothing much about it there except i stayed a little longer than i should have and i had to hurry back in time to catch my tute. my AUDITING tute.
yes, it's auditing, and really important and therefore imperative i attend.

and like, 1km away (i'm probably exaggerating but it felt like that) i saw the uni shuttle bus turning a corner and if i miss that bus, i'm gonna miss class. so i RAN to the bus stop. yes, i ran. in a pair of freaking uncomfortable heels and for a freaking damn far distance.

don't ask me why i didn't just stop and go barefoot or just skip class.
i can't skip auditing coz it's auditing.
and i didn't think about the whole barefoot thing. probably coz i was laden down with my graduate programme books.

upon reflection, i should have just dumped everything. coz it isn't worthed the pain.

and therefore, i am blistered. and damn miserable. it effing hurts.
it was soooooo painful i almost cried when kenneth asked me to meet him a couple of blocks away and WALK down stairs to get jien's phone. i didn't make it down the stairs, haha.
i took a cab home coz this effing hurts too much to have to make the long half an hour trek back home from uni, rwar.
and almost died when i washed my feet to get out all the dirt and stuff. it. was.. like.. throwing spirit on an open wound. feels like anyway. i've tried that before.
i have not yet figured out how i'm gonna sleep tonight. darren found it hilarious. i think. i'm not sure if he was laughing at my ielts photo or at my feet. vin wants to know how i actually sleep tonight.
i'm not sure either.

a close up of my poor pathetic blistered feet. yes, they actually hurt as much as they look. which is to say, this are the worst blisteres i've ever gotten in my life. ever.

may the force be with my poor blistered feet,

p/s: physical pain's good for the soul i think. i read somewhere that it makes you feel alive. or maybe makes you focus on other.. areas. agree?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

just so you know

i realise i haven't actually found anything i really wanted to blog about for sometime now.

but that's ok.
i'll just be really quick with this update.

as i'm sure most of you know i came back to melbourne already (bai bai penang) and it was a long long trip that consisted of more than 13 hours of travelling, yawnnnn

and also, that due to certain circumstances, well, i'm single again now. hmm. that sounds so lame when its typed out.
anyway, i'm sure most of my friends have heard via word of mouth and whatnot, but yea, to my loyal readers (aka as my high school friends and a few scattered around here and there) i'm not in the most gleeful of moods, but i'm doing ok, don't worry!

uni starts tmrw.

in the mean time, i've gotta unpack. goodnight, world.