Friday, March 11, 2005

Tears and Laughter

spm results finally came out!! damn.. didn't do well but oh well.. i've come to terms wid it
honestly should have known that the results won't be that good d.. ahaha.. my car broke down yesterday so something like a bad omen.. luckily i had friends to help me out when my car broke down.. and of course, thanks to the inti security guard, the eon centre mechanic, ming, jo, varsha and their friend, my mum and big brother.
to all my friends who did well in spm.. congratulations!! congrats to nianz for her 10As, jo for her 11A1s (freak! ahaha), jie for her 11As, amy for her 8As, sonia for her 8As and sookie for her results too. i'm glad for you guys that we all did well..
kudos too, to my inti friends who did well.. even those who didn't score straight A1s.. ur results were good too, k? i know many of u expected straight A1s but A2s are considered As too.. to those who didn't get straight As, ur results were all pretty damn good too so don't feel bad.
went to gurney to 'celebrate'. ahaha.. anyway, went to fish and co. the food was good.. seems like i spent my whole day eating.. i went to eat a waffle.. then went to fish and co.. then went to secret recipe. i'm stuffed to puking d.. ahaha
went to 1-stop in the evening wid my bro and his gf. hehe.. they got me this crystal thing that's s'pose to improve memory.. it's real pretty.. and blue too!! yay!! kind of 'congrats u did well for spm gift' although honestly, my results didn't kinda warrant the crystals. thanks guys!
to all my friends who i met up wid last nite for the million dollar baby and today for results and kai kai after that.. thanks for making this morbid day so much better!! u really really made my day fun.
juz a note to some of my suicidal contemplating friends... u guys did well!! don't think stuff like dat k??????? it's not worth it!!!
may the force be with straight A scorers...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


can't wait for tomorrow.. can meet up wid my frenz to makan.. and movie!! yay!! and summore since spm results are coming out thursday no col on thursday.. lol
i got my chem and math and LAN results.. i did ok.. except for LAN.. that one i did terribly but who cares?? i juz need to pass.. ahaha.. still got math ext-1, english and bio to come.. not to mention our SPM results. oh well.. i think i'm mentally prepared to get it.. ahhaa.
had a great lunch juz now.. pan mee.. first time i've ever tried pan mee. yum!!
had badminton match juz now.. kena ta pao dengan teruk teruknya.. ahaha.. oh well.. who cares?? it was fun.. at least i got to excercise.. have been seriously lacking that recently.. putting on weight like nobody's business.. ahaha
lol.. during english juz now we had this listening test. at least it was better to listen to than the one we heard last week. the one we heard last week honestly couldn't be heard. the aussie's accents was juz terrible.. really incohorent. they juz kept on babbling and babbling.. argh. after like 5 minutes of talking i think i heard the total of like four words.. honestly!! terrible.. ahaha
oh my gosh.. my bio is certified pathetic.. can't believe i actually redid my assignment 3 times coz i kept on getting it wrong.. frustrating!! ahhaa.. don't know wat's wrong wid me
may the force be with the recepients of results..

Sunday, March 06, 2005

temporary freedom

today is saturdat night.. finally exams are over.. accounts was um.. ok.. i think.. i think i'll pass.. don't know how well i'll do but oh well.. that's life.. hehe
juz now went out for lunch wid my frenz.. in a coffee shop.. we had chicken rice although i think fatty loh's chicken rice is better.. but this one wasn't bad.. pity my frenz nia.. all crammed at the back of my car (there were um.. four ppl there.. hehe.. ming sat in front) we had our lunch somewhere near our col.. we all came out early frm acc though.. almost one hour early (it was a two hour paper) i know i definitely gave up quite early..
bio yesterday was an absolute killer.. didn't know how to answer a whole lot of questions so i made everything up.. came out early also (it's a 1 hour paper.. imagine how pathetic my answers will be)
had the first leg of my badminton tournament yesterday.. my partner's no longer ming.. coz she didn't want to play d.. so i partnered one of my col-mates.. we won!! yay!! nxt leg will be on tuesday.. against the lecturer team!! ahh!!
now wondering whether we should go for the mid-sem party.. methinks it'll be a bit boring.. doesn't seem like anyone frm hsc is going.. and we'll be feeding mosquitos.. i'll think about it.. lol
nxt week is wat i call result week.. nxt week we're going to be receiving our spm results!! (AHH!!) good thing is no col on thursday.. but then nxt week we're gonna be receiving our first assessment results as well.. as well as our mid-term results for accounts.. nooo... i did super badly i'm sure...
hey, ppl... sonia's coming back on the 21st of march (that's her sem break) will u all be free to meet up wid her? i'll be having exams around then.. along wid jo n ming but probably we'll be able to go hang out wid her.. how bout all of u?
my head hurts.. i juz spent my last.. um.. 6 hours watching tv.. ahhh!!! pain... lol
oh.. i joined circles d.. anyone have any idea how to use it? coz i definitely don't.. lol
may the force be with free birds..

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A mosaic of my friends and family.. to those whose pictures aren't here.. sorry!! Posted by Hello