Tuesday, February 26, 2008

of the travelling bear

yo, i'm back in melbourne. it's sunny and windy.. pretty much how i remembered it to be. at least the rain hasn't started yet.

quiet few days coz i'm homeless and am househunting with vin, ivan and jien.
yes, househunting AGAIN.

last couple of days in pg was quiet. went to celebrate porky's birthday at seawind though i had to leave early to go home pack. fri, since i was already done packing, was mostly spent eating and hanging out with my loved ones namely my sister, mum and ash.

sister took me to no. 32: the mansion for our super classy 'sister' lunch.
great ambience, great food and great service.

me with our menu

my gorgeous sister!

my sister was trying to be creepy with the disembodied hand..

for starters we had watercrest soup, a maincourse of (chie's) fish with green goddess sauce (lol!) while i had lamb and dessert of bread pudding.

soup with garlic bread

sister and i with our main course

dessert! yum yum

came home to bum around for like an hour before ash picked me for dinner and to the airport.
headed to tgifs at queensbay where i pigged out.. again.

shrimp martini starter, some cheesy thingy for the maincourse and cookie and cream dessert (;

starter, main course and dessert. i think i put on at least a couple of kg, just that last day itself.

i know he doesn't like me posting photos of him but... LOL sorry =/

had a quiet sendoff coz i didn't want my friends coming up to see me off again.. so only chie, dad and ash came =)

touched down sat where i slept the day off, woke up for dinner at ottopa (or something like that -_-), rambo (gar! but better than i thought it'd be) and poker night with ben, rob, enghoe, mad and my bro.

eng hoe took all our money =(

the boys continued with tai ti while i decided to cut my losses and watch the liverpool-middlesbrough match.

somehow or other, i actually caught the fa cup final too. LOL.

finally finally met up with vin and jien after months of absence ! jien changed so much ! vin's still the same. lol
ok, time to bum around on the couch again.

fyi, pic on top is bloo sunbathing. he packed up and came with me too (;

may the force be with travelling bears,

Thursday, February 21, 2008

highlights of magma red

last post till i'm in melbourne. flying off in a day!

it's weird, how fast time flies.. three months passed by in a wink of an eye and already, it's time to return to reality. i'm so gonna miss home, my fat kid, my mum and sisters, my besties like sonia and amy and the other girls. i'm loath to leave.. *sigh

no more being pampered by my super mum, no more being able to poke fun at my little sister when i'm bored, no more running into chie's room when i want someone to talk to.
no more bugging fat kid when i'm bored, or want his company, no more calling my darlings for random chats, just to pass the day.

i guess, however old i grow, the little girl syndrome in me will never fade.. i still need my loved ones.

i know this has happened a hundred thousand times before, but the dread feeling of leaving, i think, will never go away. doesn't help that i HATE flying alone.

it's the same old tired story, but yet it's different each time. i'll look forward to the day where i'd see each and everyone of u again.

till i see you all again, i'll be thinking of you, so very fondly ='(

<3, ann.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

blessed the broken road

so, i see, lots of 'WHAT I DID FOR V-DAY' posts so i shall jump on the bandwagon toos.

of course i'm excited ok ! first time i actually celebrated a valentine's with a significant other (sonia, sorry babe, u don't count as significant other though, yes, i'm sure ash knows he shares me with u.. teehee) let alone my darling.

so most of my day was spent with my sister and mum where we went shopping for:
a) some clothes my mum needed
b) my BIRTHDAY PRESENT (!) whee.. mum says it's my 21st so i get something special and she might as well buy it for me before i head back to melby to save on the sending fee
c) peach milk tea in winter warmers with my sis and mum

i LOVE LOVE my mum (and sister and of course, the financier, me dad *teehee*) so so much !!

i haven't taken a photo of it (prezzie) yet but it's a pendant from habib. saw loads of these lovey-dovey (and oh, so gina) couples walking around and saw a couple buy an (at least 1.5k) set from diamond-platinum.. wow, talk about big spending =/
which is nothing if you're a working couple but if u're still in high school.. lol, sponsored by the parents, i'm waging =p

anyway, supposed to meet my usual v-day date that night but as i can't drive (buggered my wrist and there's something wrong with it, i can't clench my fist anymore *sobs* ) and she (sonia) has to work so we decided to postpone our usual v-day date. ended up vegging out with my sister, popcorn (which she made and tastes... erm... teehee), twisties and across the universe. it's a strange movie when the high-on-pot parts come about.

suddenly get a call from ash (who went to kl for the couple of days) telling me he's outside my gate. aww, so sweet =) came to wish me happy v-day before the day ended.

friday, went to hospital to un-miku-fy my wrist and now it looks like this:

the suture line is really neat actually.. nothing like the zigzag line i was so worried about.. but as my sister said, the dude's a certified orthopedic surgeon so i shouldn't be so chicken-shit. lol

ash came to pick me up and took me to e&o hotel for our belated valentine's dinner =D

this is me, camwhoring, while waiting for him to reach.
hairstyle courtesy of my older sister who's itching to try new stuff on an a willing victim.. but it looks nice chie, thanks! =)

i look kinda retarded but my legs look a mile long in this photo.. i've no idea why but i like em like this =p

the food's pretty decent and it's a really beautiful place with great service.. bad thing was there was some function going on so super noisy.

loads of seafood, which i love. eee, yum yum.
fyi, i'm 'eeee'-ing a lot again coz i've resumed bunny and it's made me retarded.

fat kid busy eating.. ahhahaaa =p

my wrist is still rather useless so i couldn't cut my crab.. so i was letting my crab camwhore a bit.. *teehee
and the best shot of it -

crab stealing scallop!
i can actually see ash rolling his eyes at this but.. eeee

and coz i had so much trouble eating the crab, ash helped me get the meat out =)
an extremely romantic gesture in glutton-paradise

me busy eating! lol, fair's fair.. since i posted greedy photos of the fat kid, must post one of myself also. lol.
i forgot to take a photo of the fat kid WITH CAKE though =(

beautiful scenery (it's black but it's actually the sea)

we asked the waiter to take a photo of us and he actually went to find a bouquet of flowers, cleared our table AND rearranged the stuff on it to take the 'optimum' couple shot, complete with directions of where to put our limbs and where to look and all.. lol

i look fat, damn, i put on weight back in pg but i still like this photo a lot..

the bouquet the waiter found for us.. super sweet dude.. i think ash left a tip for him? lol

anyways, all in all, i had a great v-day. and yes, i did get him something too. a bit of a rocky beginning but i'm really glad i have you, dear. thanks for the dinner, i loved it so much.
"Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you"
it's three weeks, and i still miss her. however my life improves and smiles it brings, i still see her in little things, hear her in many ways. u'd always be in my heart babe, i lit a joss stick for you to find a light.

please, sign the petition at: buscrashnomore

may the force be with over commercialised events,

Friday, February 15, 2008

happy valentine's!

sourced from beaver and steve

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

globbley blobbley ganglion! (!!!!!!)

if i ever got abducted by aliens, the OT will be how i imagine it to be.. all the walls are light blue and there's a bright light overhead. that was quite possibly the weirdest two hours of my life. reached at 1.30pm where i changed to the hospital gown (OTs are sterilised for good reason.. can't even bring hps in in fear of contamination!) and went to OT2. dr. goh came in, swabbed my forearm with this super foul smelling yellow liquid which i bet is iodine-based, they put a tourniquet, injected me with local anaesthetic (which bloody hurt, fyi), put a screen so i'd not need to freak out at them cutting up my wrist, and, op begins!

kinda hurt in between when they were excising the cyst coz the anaesthetic doesn't penetrate and they only apply MORE anaesthesia as the op is underway.. but u can't quite feel ur forearm.. so it's like phantom limb pain.. weirdest feeling, getting pain from something you don't feel is part of your body. could even feel my pulse at one point, like my wrist throbbing with my heart which dr goh said is coz they're cutting quite near my major artery, wth (keep getting flashbacks of chim telling me they'd to cut off my hand coz they cut wrongly, wth). by time they were done i could not even feel my fingers (coz of the tourniquet) so they've to literally hold my arm to help me get around.. my body felt kinda lopsided, with one side gone.. lol

the aftereffect is i can't even flex my fingers on my left hand coz it pulls on the stitches and hurts! eventhough i'm taking some cocktail of painkillers (which kinda dulls the pain to a constant throb). i also can't type and so messaging and msning's a total bitch. can't even unbuckle stuff properly, meh. plus it looks like i psychotically tried to cut my wrist, noes!

that pink glob's the excised ganglion.. and you wonder how such a damn big thing stays under ur skin

now i got a miku hand to challenge my sister's miku foot! (i shall add that pic when i get back to melb)

see baby? bloo's useful =p and cute to boot

okay, it's too tiring to type. night!

oh, and hv a good v-day toos, ppl! =)

may the force be with ganglions! (not)

p/s: post title's retarded but i look like i got into some serious shit fight so some retardness shall be forgiven =p
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Monday, February 11, 2008

ushering in the year of the RAT

happy chinese new year people!

ushered in the year of the rat at kl with my cousins and relatives. nothing really eventful (nor bountiful) but it was somewhat enjoyable coz i haven't seen my cousins in ages.

came back sat, where we (the family) rushed to clean things up coz mum and dad (and by extention lynn) had a dinner party, chie had to rush to church (and some dinner after) while i went to ken's open house with my boi. they headed to mois(?) and tiger arms later on, so i came home to catch up on my zzzzs. kl's BAD for my health! ulcers and super dry =(
i wasn't being moody ok, baby? ulcers hurt =/

super crazy jam on the way back ! imagine, it jammed on the north-south highway on SATURDAY. and it was supposedly worse on sunday especially coz they closed the highway for the tour de langkawi '08. see, luckily i convinced mum and dad to come back sat ok ! =D
one hour to clear the bridge, meh.

went house visiting with my girls the next day and then rushed home coz my parents hosted another dinner party so i'd to help out. lol.

on another note, i've got a WEIRD growth on my left wrist, just below my palm. it first appeared when i started working the warehouse (hence my complaining back then), subsided for a bit and returned FULL BLAST (and MORE!) when i got back to pg in dec. went to see dr. goh and he told me i've got a ganglion cyst so gotta go for mini op on wed.

super super damn ugly! and its hampering my wrist movement!

heading back to melbourne soonish! i know, very very extremely disconnected post but i'm a bizzy! chie having a jammy party ( wth!?!?) for ji who's leaving for singapore tmrw later sooooo though i'm not enlisted to help out or participate or what not, i enjoy disturbing her. hey, i won't be able to disturb her anymores once i return melb ok !

please, don't forget to sign petition at: http://www.buscrashnomore.blogspot.com

till then, have a great remainder of cny people! =)

oh, and vin's flying to melbourne today! ooh, first of us to fly down, and her first time to melb too.
no worries k babe, u're gonna enjoy urself there =) we'll look after u the best we can.. which means none too well but it's the thought (our thought =p) that counts right? *HUGHUGHUGHUG

have a safe trip!

may the force be with koala vin,

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

blooming lillies

so i know i'm really backdated on updates and stuff, but hey, i've been busy.

got a call from vin and ivan msged me just now about lodging and uni stuff and it suddenly struck me,
zomg, i'm going back to uni soon and i totally forgot about it. haven't bothered about the whole accommmodation, allocation and all that, AHH!

anyway.. at martini last night:

we didn't fit in the mirror too well =(

birthday girl (pretending to be) all kawaii-eh, and hey, she's 21! happy (SUPER) belated birthday mingymoney *cough* mongy!

actually sonia and i picked up the cake and jenny's thought we wanted to write MONEY not MONGY *ZOMG!*
so.. the cake looked a bit strange. but its blueberry cheese and tasted fantabulous. teehee

mingy didn't look too happy about the shot she got on the house.. *lol

anyway, the night was rather a blast =)

ash sent me home before i got pumpkin-fied, watched movies for a bit before heading home.

on a random note, for some reason, the girls have started calling me paddington bear -_-"
well, i know how that came about, but zomg, PADDINGTON BEAR? -_____-


and as usual, YOU CAN DO YOUR PART AT: http://www.buscrashnomore.blogspot.com

one week, i still miss you dearly.

may the force be with buscrashnomore,

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

going off on a tangent

nianz memorial on sunday where we collected petitions and stuff after. headed to youth park that evening to collect more signatures where we *cough* camwhored a bit after we kinda got stopped by some dude who supported our motion but insists we get proper authorization first

i know i look very chan. -_- met jit wei at queensbay yesterday and he kept telling me how bad i look lately. meh.

amy and ming turned up dressed in the same colour schemes! although amy's like the sports version of ming..

headed to some bbq steamboat after to discuss the PLANS FOR CELEBRATING MING'S BIRTHDAY

although knowing us, we kept on going off tangent and we DID NOT FULFILL ANY OF OUR PLANS IN THE END -_-

we still get high around each other

and since sookie couldn't make it and we figured she'd tag herself on the steamboat or something we reserved a place for her.. and even gave her a hat, eyes, nose and.. i dunno.. a shirt?

anyway, martini cafe last night for the REAL celebration but will upload pics later.

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