Monday, October 27, 2008

stupid stupid stupid mushroom

i am.... a very very stupid person =(

i can't believe i actually did my 15-mark question CORRECTLY but then when i was checking i CHANGED THE WHOLE THING coz i suddenly had a burst of nonsensical inspiration.

15 marks gone, just like that.

i am so damn stupid.

there goes my distinction paper, damnit.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

trying very hard =((

i'm so tired. so very very tired. random cute photo of iorek because he's adorable.

i've got company reporting tomorrow, and yes, i know i should be studying but i'm going crazy from having studied nonstop all day for the past few days.

yet i'm still rather.. contented. it's a weird paradox being stressed yet contented.

but that's because i'm feeling really grateful..
to my sweetheart for having to put up with my stressed-out phone calls at all times of the day and night, and yes, 5am calls are strangely comforting and for always doing a great job of making me feel better. marginally at least i guess. i can't really feel good during exam period =(

to my wonderful siblings for calling me up to check on me and of course to my brother who tapaos food for me every now and then because he's scared i'll starve, teehee.

to my parents whom keep telling me however i do they'll still support and love me ! teehee (although i'm trying to do well still)

to my housemates who leave barli in the fridge and cook dinner and leave food for me and generally being all-round nice (;
i'm still quite.. sad coz all of them are acting like exams are over (they have like a two week break between exams so.. generally, more relaxed) but that's ok ! i will get through my exams !

yes, i will get through my exams.

doesn't help that it's sooo hot, sobs.

investments on friday =((

may the force be with me *please god, let me do well*

Thursday, October 23, 2008

she's 21 too!

i decided to give ms. jien lim one last shoutout on her special day =)

happy 21st babe ! even if *cough* it was a bit unstrategically placed *cough* aren't you glad we still had time to celebrate with you ? and threw in a whole bunch of surprises too ! teehees

am sure u'll do FINE for both ur papers tmrw (;

u finally joined the ranks of a twenty-one year old ! wakakkaa, does that make u feel OLD?

ok, yea, now i've gotta study again.
exams start TOMORROW, noES !


may the force be with god smiling down on me and my exams,

Sunday, October 19, 2008


study plan super tergendala !~
so now it's all

and less of


hahaha, yea, right. i'm still gonna happily be watching shows, surfing the net, being on the phone and sleeping but i just have LESS time to do it !

exams start on friday people, wish me luck !

oh and a happy birthday to ms. jien lim, i'm glad you enjoyed the surprise party we threw for you last night

(,: someone's all grown up and 21 now *wipes tears*

may the force be with me, big time.

Monday, October 13, 2008

royal perth

so it's been TWO weeks since i went for the royal perth show.
so sad right ! it's been two weeks already ! zomg, time moves so fast =(
i really gotta be studying for my FINALS but yea, in between moping about being back in melbourne and away from my sweetie, twilight books, confessions of an economic hitman, true blood, dexter, the fringe, i really haven't been getting anything done, sigh.

true blood's story is similar to twilight.. there are vampires (lots of them) and a star who can read minds. different setting though and i think i've fallen in love with the star of twilight (edward cullen). lol he's sooooo dark and mysterious and supposed to be impossibly good looking. hahaa, apparently vampires are all good looking and stuff because they are predators and like a noxious flower are enticing to their victims, hmm.

the apple's supposed to represent choice and twilight centres around the love of a bella and edward (human and vampire, very alike to movies like underworld, well at first it was akin anyway, haha) and she also quotes genesis in the prologue, bringing up the question of a forbidden choice and stuff. deep stuff isn't it?
haha, actually, nah, twilight's really popcorn fare and it actually kinda depressed the hell out of me coz it's so sweetly romantic and reminds me a fair bit of asher except that my darling's more of a grizzly bear than a vampire even if they both like the dark and are mysterious and stuff.

still, i'm all a-jitter waiting for the movie to come out. lol, don't think the girl's that pretty but zomg, the guy... *faints*
i can't wait !

true blood's very southern so their accents get on my nerves at times but still.. it's not too bad a watch. keeps my attention and yea, i've always had a thing for vampires and therefore, it's keeps my attention. anna paquin's not that pretty but her vampire beau's kinda.. well.. teehee, mysteriously good loooking, woo.

i realise reading too much of twilight has kinda reduced me to a starry-eyed idiot so i shall stop all swooning from this point onwards.
and yes, i also realise that all readers and friends can tell i have a fascination with vampires.
no i do not want to get killed by one but i always thought vampires are.. entrancing, bewitching, alluring, captivating, circean, whatever. lol.

and now i shall get on with the whole point of my post which i'm sure no one remembers if u actually read my rambling which was the royal perth show. scroll back to the first line - i mentioned it, really i did! lol

i went to the royal perth show for one day.. they don't have concession prices like melbourne (10bucks after 5.30) and it costing 24bucks to enter, we all thought it smarter to spend the entire day there.

random scenery shots of the games and rides

ash being all excited with the heat pack he bought, lol

asher and ken playing this game that involves lots of 20c. it's cheats ppl of their money but zomg, it's fun to play (;
but let's face it, we go to these kinda shows to waste money anyway

couple shot

some of the food we had while we were walking around.. haha, my heaven, seafood and icecream =p

i'm so lucky to have a boyfriend who actually buys food i like for me, unhealthy and fattening or not, teehee. even if it was kinda ex :S
lol, he actually bought me a toffee apple too but i gave up on it and chucked it. it's almost impossible to eat =(

there was a dog-show and the dogs pictured above are just some of the award-winning dogs.

both ken and ash playing with the heat-packs

and we came across this cake-competition thing where all the cakes were put on display.
these cakes are all 100% edible and they look really fantastic.
even the flower pots.. they're also 100% edible, cool eh? the flower pots were made by the judges, woo.

my favourite themed cake.

favourite wedding cake.. am so gonna get a cake like this for my wedding (;

cookie competition


and this is a city made of chocolate, yum yum

ash and dennis inadvertently posing with the winner of the wedding cake competition

ferris wheel against a gorgeous backdrop

and lookie what i won ! AND ON MY FIRST TRY of LAUNCHING THE FROG too !
it's this game where u catapult a frog into buckets and i got three out of five frogs in and won a snake ! =)
the snake's actually really soft and quite unlike those hard-as-rock prizes u usually win during these kinda fairs.
this snake costs 30bucks for those who want to buy it ! and i won it with 5bucks, teehee, amma proud of myself (;

me being all happy and stuff with my snake 'scarf'
ash disallowed me from wearing my snake scarf to sara thai =(
i was so tempted to, lol.

on the train home

ken with his prize, spidey!

i took the snake home (which as yet is still unnamed so i shall call him kaa for the time being) to meet iorek and... and..

i'll let the pictures below explain.
as they say, pictures tell a thousand words.

iorek being all friendly and welcoming the new thing invading his bed

kaa attacked iorek!

he's supposed to be a polar bear and supposed to be the top of the food chain and the natural predator but he's too small to fight off kaa ! =(

in the end had to save iorek from kaa. lol, kaa then got banished to the floor. lol.

lol, i know i'm being childish (impossibly so) haha, i can't help it =p
i pity ash, having to put up with my sudden (ok, maybe it's permanent and not sudden) bouts of immaturity
ok, gotta study again.. co bought me durians so i've been happily chomping them while doing this post and i've successfully durian-fied the house.. it all smells of durians, lol.

i love my brother ! and i love durians ! and i love my brother coz he knows i love durians and bought me durians !


almost a week since i left perth. i miss my sweetheart. still.

this posts also marks the end of all my posts of perth.

may the force be with a missing piece of my heart,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

for good

i try my best to take one day at a time,
to just get through today so that maybe tomorrow, it'll be better
to open my eyes every morning and know that i'm one day closer to seeing you again,

to get through my day without spending every moment wishing you were here,
i try to have fun and wish you were here to experience my joy with me,

i try my best to take one day at a time,
but sometimes that's just too hard,

i try to take one day at a time,
but sometimes several days just attack me at once,
making it all so difficult to bear,

but i will take it one day at a time,
that's the only way i know how.

four days since i left yet it feels forever =(

Thursday, October 09, 2008

from some time ago

backdated !
and no perth photos yet coz i'm lazy to scale them down to size to enable easier uploading.

so therefore you can backdated photos from my trip to melbourne zoo with my bro, mad and nellie.

haha, as you can probably tell, it was still winter when we went, hence why we're all in coats and stuff. yes, i went there that long ago. but i only just got the photos from madison hence why late update (;

yes i'm still depressed about being home and all that but hey, i've settled back in my life here amazingly well.. it's almost like i never left. my room's a mess again (i cleaned it up really well before i left) and my bed's a mess again - my bears can no longer be discerned from my pillow-bolster fortress, yes i'm that messy, haha. at least my room's neatish.

i also went to watch eagle eye last night with my housemates and matt.
it was entertaining but i am of opinion that it doesn't really add anything new to the plate. it doesn't have any original story line (it borrows heavily from a lot of other action movies like i,robot and diehard and stuff which in turn borrows from other movies so.. well.. yea, movie buff like me has seen most of it before) and their action shots are dizzying to say the least. it's all like cloverfield (and i liked cloverfield) but its full of explosions and flying mechanical parts (unlike cloverfield) making it a trap for epileptic fits. not that i get them, just.. well.. it wasn't the best action scene i've seen in my life, haha.

one explanation i came up with is that eagle eye was meant for the imax screen which makes watching it on a normal movie screen seem too.. well.. wide. haha. my eyes couldn't follow what was happening on most of the screen during the action scenes and so, yea, headache: ON.

all in all though, eagle eye's not too bad. it won't leave any lasting impression (shia lebeouf doesn't make that great an action hero star -_-) but it's still a pretty decent movie.


it started to rain when we reached so all of us got a bit wet which will explain my flat-on-head hair. haha.

there was this super friendly monkey that posed by the glass keeping absolutely still so we could take some photos. i think it was a gibbon or something.
and that ridiculous feather duster on the bottom right photo is also some monkey which must be some mistake from creature evolution. its cute, but in a ridiculous way, lol.
sorry mother nature for laughing at your creation =p

i realise i repeated photo of ridiculous monkey (does anyone know what it's called?) but it's too late for me to change photos now so you get to see ridiculous monkey second time around (;
teehee apparently mother nature plays spore too!

also photo of madison playing with friendly gibbon who in turn kept completely still for us to take photos. when we left we saw him SWING over to another group of tourists and POSE for them too ! talk about camwhore monkey, lol.

some random shots of us with a stone elephant and our maccas lunch.

this was some 'sumateran' setting which is why there's paddy fields and the whole wild-tigers live here. the pelican aren't caged so they float in any pond they want to.

orangutan sanctuary! (i forgot post the photo of the sign, lol) and some other stone statues we saw.

madison finally saw a real-life kangaroo in australia !

polar bears here are kinda black, meh. apparently polar bears have black skin and their fur's translucent and they look white because they reflect the white of snow. but there wasn't any snow here so the polar bears look rather grimy. better than the singapore zoo's polar bears but grimy still the same.
iorek's so disappointed to see his real life counterparts looking so dirty.

that blur is the cheetah running.

it started raining again! =(

and we saw this adorable little girl who kept posing for us to take photos so we..

decided to copy her! teehee.

bai bai melbourne zoo !

may the force be with missing someone special,