Sunday, March 30, 2008

the three left

my holiday is coming to an end =(
three more days, baby, i don't wanna go home.

haven't been up to much since my last update. mandaring for our world famous pizza, potluck with his friends, harbourtown for loads of shopping, king's park, metro and Cottesloe Beach.
who am i kidding? i've been up to a lot !

am having loads of fun, even when i'm not actually going to see anything.

sunsets and beaches

may the force be with fat kids (mine in particular),

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

my poor tortured blue baby

my housemates' THREAT to make me go back melbourne:

this really reminds me of deady bears.. i'm all hung up on you

they keep bullying my baby! the bloo one. its like tearing my soul out everytime i see what they do to him.

i will bend but not break

i'm gonna break if they keep doing this to him. i can't come back any earlier! my FLIGHT DATES ARE ALREADY BOOKED AND PAID FOR!

please, take him down and tuck him into bed =(

more on perth some other time. fast eddy's last night for some milk shakes but otherwise, nothing new.

may the force be with my deady bear,
sobs sobs.
save his soul.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

greetings from the bottom of the planet

super nice part of fat kid's room.. his chess set and aromatherapy candle (;

right, fat kid went to work so i'm kinda bored so have to entertain myself for the next 5 hours =(

fyi, perth's not too bad. really sketchy public transport service but the scenery here is breath-taking.

waited for yina at southern cross and both of us went to the airport together.
had like an hour plus to wait coz (idiot) me misread our flight time as 8.10 when it was really 8.40.. LOL

us camwhoring while waiting for our airplane to take off..

the mess that made my hand luggage

the plane touched down HALF AN HOUR early, meaning i reached (perth time) 10.15 (12.15 melby time). fat kid's phone was off so he didn't come to pick me with felix, kenny and dennis till 11plus =(
perth's not as cold as melby was so i was kinda.. too warmly dressed. LOL.

went to his church in the morning for some easter service thing.. his university is ENORMOUS and it's BEAUTIFUL. i'm jealous ! monash looks like a rock being compared to klcc beside curtin uni. seriously a place out of a postcard.

this is only a SMALL part of his uni (where the church had some carnival thing going on)

headed to fremantle after where there was some art festival thing going on.

that's not a statue! it's bronze dude! whose kinda.. erm.. perverted. LOL.

punk-scot-bagpipe-playing dude. he plays the bagpipe REALLY well.

saw this in the freeo market. tis adorable (;

went to cicerello's to sit and chill for a bit
it's a restaurant right by the pier.. soooooo b-e-a-u-tiful!

some of the life display tanks in the restaurant.

ok, so maybe not to chill (toooo hot! am meltered) but it's a beautiful place anyways.

views from where i was sitting. beautiful right?

waiting for the rest to make their appearance (;

i ate at sara thai, the place where my fat kid works. the crispy squid is DELICIOUS. no photos coz don't wanna embarass him in front of his colleagues.. teehee
headed to pot black (i think?) for snooker coz everything's closed on easter.. =( and timezone for some arcade games

went for a walk at the (finally) lively city.

london square or walk or something.. nice architecture stuff.. in comparison to federation square *cough*

and all over the walk, there are people performing
there was this break-dancing thing, but that kinda sucked so didn't bother taking photos

zomg, beautiful scenery outside the museum.

and i've been shopping!
got a new top.. and the necklace toos ! whee !
yes, black again but there were no other colours and the top's really nice
and since he said just get it.. lol, who am i to disagree right?
wokay, bad background but it's not easy to camwhore clothes by yourself. LOL.

yea, i know, not many photos.. fat kid has a phobia of cameras (being in front of them.. and no patience to be behind one either -_-")

day 3 here coming to an end =(
though, to be honest, i miss melbourne. lol.

may the force be with western aussie,

p/s: i found out what my housemates are doing to me darling bloo!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

easter bunny, here i come !

first things first, davis' birthday.. happy 23rd dude !

had a quiet dinner with him, jien, gj and izzati and tgifs then headed back home to cut his cake !

wth is jien doing, LOL.

our half eaten cake

davis doing our favourite pasttime... laughing at jien (;
we still love you babe !

on to more recent and big bubus !

jien flooded our house!
somehow she managed to clog the drainage hole with a cloth and that made the water overflow, flooding the kitchen and a BIG PART OF OUR CARPETED LIVING ROOM! ahahhaaa

we heard a SCREAM and ignored her (as usual) then we went down to get some stuff to eat and ZOMG, downstairs flooded... cleanup time !

spent a VAST MAJORITY of our supposed 'rest coz easter breaks started!' day cleaning up the living room.. lol.

and worse ! the stain was BLUE coz her jeans lut sek.. staining her light coloured stuff too! poor girl's having a bad day =(

it's still hilarious la, so forgive me if i still laugh at you babe =D

bizzy cleaning up the carpet

and while i was helping her take her clothes out, i got an electric shock ! zomg, the base of the washing machine was soaked went the laundry room flooded! whole place was full of currents -_-
i literally felt my heart stop.. and i still feel weak ! could only play three rounds of badminton just now before i gave up.
teehee, i'm milking it for all its worth but take it from me people, getting electric shocks is NO FUN. and it does not give u an adrenaline rush, don't believe those weird junkies that let their heart stops and then shock it up to experience the rush. it might kill you !

honestly, i wouldn't have blogged this but vin asked me to.. lol

calvin's coming over with his friends in a bit so gotta sign off here.
happy easter, people, next you hear from me i'll be in perth ! (less than 48 hours to go !)

whee, am so excited to see my darling again.

may the force be with (lol) BLUE STAINS,

Friday, March 14, 2008

it is OFFICIAL..

... i am a squatter !

so far, i have and will spend

3 weeks on my brother's couch

1 week on my new (but now quite done up) bed in my new home

1 and a half weeks at my darling's.

then back for the remainder of my time at my new place till everyone goes home

then back to my bro's !

i don't even need to really unpack !
not until i come back from perth, that is.

on another point, i'm not flying alone this time! yina's flying with me coz irwin's in perth too (;
she called me last night to tell me her great news; that her parents greenlighted her trip and irwin suddenly had a windfall. lol,

8 more days, i can't wait, can you babe?

fyi, moving tomorrow (or sunday) so i won't have much internet connection (unless i can bum off one of the neighbouring houses wireless or i'm at uni) so until then, miss me people.

may the force be with my new cosy home and of course, my holiday to perth,

Monday, March 10, 2008

a mth fourteen.

hey girl, guess what? penang's opposition now. i know you would hv been glad and laughing that loud voice of yours, griping that you weren't old enough to vote yet happy coz the rest of the penangites finally found something to fight for.

it hits me that i will seriously never have given a damn about politics except for you.

you would have been laughing at me bubbling that i found my house, washing machine, fridge and dryer and my 'i-am-a-genius- dance' and that i managed to get my always wanted queen-sized bed. you would have been making fun of me about the reasons of wanting to get a larger room and giving me tips on how to save my never-enough allowance. you would hv been going 'ooh! perth now, girl !' and telling me your age-old advice about nvr visiting the guy first. i'm sorry dear, i didn't follow that particular advice.
you would have loved my room, it's all pink and white striped - just your thing. i wish you could have stayed in it, you were supposed to this coming june. in fact, i'm sure you would have loved how my new place is shaping up.

i dreamt about you and it seemed so surreal, it seemed that nothing had changed, you were still within grasp. read amy's post and it made me cry again.

1 month and 14 days. i still wish you would answer your phone.

i read somewhere that you should not say the name of the dear departed, they might feel tied to earth somehow and not find peace.
i try not to say your name, but i hope you know we always love and think of you.
i hope your family's better now.

love, ann.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

opposition landslide

hi, am bizzy. no time to update.

election fervour has hit my house, everyone (all five of us) have been discussing the elections nonstop.

penang is an opposition state now. har har.

and so is apparently another four states. wow, crazy-ass results.

found my new place to stay. need to get furniture. haven't quite recovered from VII and ikea and moomba that formed my action-packed saturday.

i can fit a queen-sized bed in my room.

14 days before i go to perth to see my baby. my non-blue one. also yay.

am hungry. lunch time.

photos later on.

may the force be with leftists,


photos from VII

the three unfortunate singles. lol.

bro and mad.

group photo =D

more or less group photo

the boys

the girls

we-sa right behind ze dj !

mad being all smouldering, smoky hot while teri and i concentrate on being normal (;

all those enjoyments

ack ! strangulation!

they just want a little fun..



last group photo of the night

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

ooh, whee, teehee

its bloody freaking hot today.

but that's not the point of this post. the point of this post is, the strangest request your brother has ever made from you.

ok, not your brother perse, but his friend/housemate/other person who has to endure this squatter

'eh, ann, this friday, you can get us (that's like 8 people!) into se7en?'


my brother's friend asking me to go clubbing ! AHAHAHA. as if i got a lot of connections like that -_-"

oh and my flight got CONFIRMED today (;
big bubu with the return date (i thought they meant MELBOURNE time, not PERTH time, damnit) so i'm returning only on THURSDAY morning, not WEDNESDAY morning as i originally thought.. ohnoes! i've to bring my tute work to perth to do ! lolol.

oh wells, nvm, i'm gonna enjoy myself to bits there.

i'm falling sick. co's germs passed on to me. lol, he's collapsed on the couch so i'll hv to entertain myself some other way. munchie time, am off people!

may the force be with confirmed flight dates,

Saturday, March 01, 2008

the AMs of the month

am still homeless.

am not liking the couch too much.
but it's better than any other alternative.

am having lost some stuff, probably in transition between the washing machine and my boxes/suitcases.

am getting stressed without my regular internet and having the sem start a couple of weeks but probably not going to get a house soon.

am having to stop shopping coz i keep shopping but i'm really kinda broke. already spent almost a couple hundred since i got back to melb.

am also having a sleepy bunny nighty now. it's really cute (;

update: sleepy bunny has been repossessed by chie who pouted at me coz she thinks its too kewt to pass up. POUTED! meh.

am still missing you to bits even though more than one month has already passed by (

am gonna fall asleep soon coz of my barely couple of hours sleep last night due to se7en. but also feeling a bit forlorn coz co, mad and eng hoe have gone out for dinner but i'm too tired to go along and follow them gambling after.

i haven't seen/clubbed/met ej in ages! =)

cal, vladimir aka vlad (authetic russian name LOL), joyce, me, alex and bob

the penangites! and joyce. lol.


monash gals: diane, celina, ej, cheryl, me, sam and jess

may the force be with sleepy bunny,