Tuesday, August 29, 2006

self-made holiday

well.. i haven't been back to pg since my sem break. which is almost two months. mum was complaining so i went home for the weekend.
at least i thought it was for the weekend =p
it being the week preceeding merdeka, bus tickets sell out pretty damn fast.
so i asked mum to buy a ticket back to kl for me.
and for a reason beyond me ( i shall blame it on my assignments) i asked her to buy me a ticket for the 29th.
which is, yes, i know, a tuesday
and yes, i also DO know i have classes on monday and tuesday.
i DID try to change it when i found out my mistake but by then.. kinda too late.
oh well. that's that.
can't change the past and all that, right? *blek*

anyway, *hmm. i give myself a minute here to collect my thoughts*
friday, jason sent me to pudu after we passed up our assignments. reached penang. went for dinner with my parents and lynn at scarlet. food's pretty good. pretty expensive too. three of us ate up a hefty 180 bucks. that's roughly 60bucks perperson O.o luckily dad pays. lol
saturday: dimsum breakfast. *mmm*
i was initially suppose to eat lunch at 2.30. by 3, when sookie still hadn't returned my calls or answered, i ate a snack at home. no surprise (*lol*) that girl fell asleep and woke up at 4 something although she was the one who called me to go for lunch. anyways, i picked amy at around 4. called sonia who came to take us two starving girls to gurney to eat our er.. 'lunch'
went to fos to buy some stuff where we ended up having to change in the same room due to the lack of changing rooms available. so, us being girls, we camwhored. i'll post a few of the photos up at the end of the entry.
met up with sookie and then headed to food dot com for dinner. i know the name's lame. but the 'oh chian' and 'loh bak' there's heavenly *mmmm*
went to watch jie's performance at tarc after that. got there just in time to watch her performance. it was kinda er.. boring =/ these kinda concerts aren't really my thing but since jie was performing, yay!
went up to bt ferringhi after that coz we wanted to go shop. it was raining so potong stim. no shopping for us. on the up point, we DID try sisha/seesha/spellwordcorrectlyhere
for some reason ri didn't like it. but it did have a real sweet apple flavour. and the smoke's really aromatic. i went home smelling like apple smoke coz sookie kept on blowing the smoke on me. lol
for some reason, ri doens't like sisha. *lol*
and for some other unknown reason, amy and i can't get the hang of smoking sisha (for the sake of my own convenience, i shall spell it as sisha until i learn to real spelling) we kept on inhaling the smoke which made us ended up choking our lungs out. and despite all the effort we put into inhaling the smoke, nothing much to exhale. hahaha.
too bad my cam didn't have batt. nxt time we go sisha again and we'll all bring our cams ok girls?
haha. and sookie.. sorry for spilling the beer on you *paiseh*
sunday started with a bang. i woke up real early coz of some large commotion with lots of screaming and shouting going on. found out that mad had some problem with her health (not too sure wat happened up to now) and everyone was kinda worried. so she went to hospital with the rest while i babysat. luckily nothing wrong with her. just some nasty infected wound. =/
if anything happened to her my bro probably just wither up and die. which kinda sucks =(
she felt better in the afternoon so we went to prangin to fix dad's forever-spoilt-computer (which is currently now better than mine *sigh*) and shop a bit. went to taipan for dinner with uncle lan chai and auntie amy. taipan's beautiful. and they also cater to after-clubbers, late-supperers and late-night snackers coz they close at 4.30am. and the porridge there's really good. they've about 6 different choices of porridge: sharkfin, scallops, abalone and i'm not sure what else. and for approximately 20bucks perperson. woo.
three of us headed up to bt ferringhi (again) to stock up on our cds. there was a raid.
we ended up watching pulse that night. it was actually quite unfortunate how we ended up with pulse.
see, it all started when i picked it up and asked my bro wat he thought of the movie (it stars the 'lost' dude.. shannon's brother. forgotten his name.. but he's cute anyway =p) and then suddenly RAID! dvd seller grabbed the cds out of our hands and we ended up buying the show.
co said i'm jinxed *lol* unfortunate circumstances. i'm not jinxed. it wasn't my fault that when they took me to kl someone banged their car although all the cars had already stopped at one super long traffic light.
also not my fault that their car broke down when they came to pick me to watch a movie one of those days when i was still in pg.
i wasn't in the car when it broke down. so it can't really be blamed on me. *lol*
back to the point anyway. movie kinda sucked
monday. my mum took me shopping at metro. went yamcha with porky, kyin, sookie, shannon, louis and ri later at night.
tuesday: dimsum and then headed back to kl.

offhand thought:
amyyyyy darling!! cheer up okie? occupy urself with other things..
take care okie?? call u again real soon

Frozen Moments

amy, sonia and i
love sonia's top although can't see it
the back's totally bare
and no, i don't dare wear it

it's always fun to shop with girls

sookie and ri
they actually look kind of the same
porky thinks he looks like snoopy *lol*

sonia, sookie and our multicoloured drinks
l-r: suikampeng, gulengpeng, orangejuice, carrotguleng, watermelonjuice

thirteen long years of friendship
too bad nianz and jo weren't around

we look as if we're floating
woo.. ghostly =p

with the keyboardist of 4:12 unlimited, jie!

(note: ttb = trying to be)
sonia ttb normal, jie ttb jie, sookie ttb cute and me ttb sweet XD

at bt ferringhi before it started to rainnn =(

amy and sonia at st. mario's

sookie and i

and we topped off the night with a lil' beer

i miss penang in a way. i miss having a nice big normal sized bed to sleep on with nice comfy matteresses. miss bearbear aka rebound bear (although i got bloo now =p). miss my mum's not usually good cooking. miss playing with my little sister (sometimes). miss hanging out with my bro and mad. miss my friends. miss driving around. miss hanging around complaining about everything to my mum.

but i guess kl's not too bad too *grin*
at least i have bloo in kl with me.
and friends =)

may the force be with ppl who make their own holidays..

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

when day begins at 10pm and night at 11.55am

roughly a week and half ago, ej asked me to follow her and her coursemates out to rush.
she probably took pity on me *lol*

anyway. the more the merrier; more to contribute to opening bottles, eh?

and besides, sookie and jocelyn had come down to kl for short holiday.. at least managed to go out with them =)
i'll just skip to the chase. no one really cares how i spend my days anyway. including myself *lol*

ladies and gentlemen.. welcome to rush

and the ladies
don't ask me to name them. i really don't know all their names.
and its one of the girl's birthdays (farthest right)
so well, happy birthday -insert name here-

so i didn't get her name. bite me. =p

the four penangites: ej, me, sookie and jo

well.. we were there for the normal deal. you know, dancing and drinking?
and it helped that jac's friend brought us ALL in f.o.c, got us the v.i.p. lounge area and proceeded to open 11bottles of chivas and two flaming lambroginis. yes. you read that right. eleven. double one.

jovy, ej and jac shaking their booties..
and jimmy being a wallflower in the background

while we proceeded to get jo drunk
at least like me, she's a sleepy/wasted drunk so she's peaceful. unlike the one beside her.
and i'm not referring to myself, thank you very much *blek*

we're all sober. i swear.

and well.. still sober-ish
*note: that means we're high but far from being drunk

ej and i
the only normal housemate i have left =p
ok. fine. the rest are normal too. just a bit.. reclusive -_-"

by 2, ej had disappeared. joy and some of the rest were looking after her. so that left me with the other two. we had to wait for edward to take us back and he was off looking for HIS drunk friends so well.. hmm a bit of an unqualified disaster. oh well.. that definitely sobered me up. haha. my alcohol tolerance has increased. wah. so proud. haha. not that it's that high. it's just.. higher.. than it used to be. lol
anyways, dragged sookie and jo out of rush coz the trance was making them feel worse. and well..
worse = potential puke. and not so potential puke. *lol
and.. there was this fight outside rush. apparently it's a normal occurance. but wth. they somehow made sticks materialise out of nowhere and had a go at it.
didn't help that sookie kept on yelling 'wat's wrong with them? why want to fight?'
anyway.. edward sent us home (thank god he was there.. nice dude that. lol)
well. actually not home, perse. we stayed at joy's
thanks girls =) you're all really sweet *hugs*

couldn't sleep. coz of well. i was really dirty. and i didn't bring anything to change into.
next morning, waited till sookie and jo were picked up by edward who was sending them to pudu and i came home to my apt.
this is a day where my night begun at 11.55am.
bathed and slept. wet hair and all.
woke up when the liverpool match started.
usually.. i wouldn't mind.
but that day.. *yawn* stomach felt like crap. felt as if i was detached from my body.

on an offhand thought, that's like the best way to lose weight. everytime i drink, i have no appetite the next day..
nah. it'll kill my liver.
bad plan.

anyway.. time to do my accounts assignment.
may the force be with those with bad hangovers..

Sunday, August 13, 2006

freaks and tweaks

have u ever woken up in the morning and just hated everything?
and have no idea why you're feeling that way?

except i know EXACTLY why i'm feeling pissed off.

and how it all begun.
except that since this is a public blog, i shall refrain from posting it here.

no, it's nth about being tricked. i know i'm gullible-ish and i have learnt to live with it long ago (lol)

and, no it's not about being picked up with horrible english. what a turn-off being attempted to pick up with bad english. that's just a sidenote =p
not that my english is that fantastic.. but well.. sometimes first impressions DO count. A LOT.
come on.. who tries to pick you up with "can intro me" (he really means 'can you introduce yourself to me') followed by "can know phone?" (asking for number)
who understands this kinda ppl?

and it's definitely not about my mountain-load of assignments that have yet to be done. definitely not that. although, i wouldn't complain if they magically get completed =)

but.. as i said, since anyone can read this, i shall refrain from mentioning any particulars here.

anyways.. watever, i shall try to stop picking fault at the world in general.
at least, i DO have something to fill my many empty hours now.

an extremely old game but watever.. i just begun playing it.

she actually has other costumes.. although by far this is the skimpiest.
i love those dragon guns. they suck other ppl's blood as ammo.
However, once u run out of ammo and can't refill the blood it needs it starts to suck YOUR blood


sucking blood.
being a vampire rocks.


or in this case.. a dhampire
still rocks though. when else can u be hot and get to suck blood?
wait. that can happen anytime =/


one of rayne's fatality moves.

yea, this game's full of blood. and dismemberment. adds to its charm

i'll never get to dismember anyone in real life.

or kill anyone come to think of it.
and i sure as hell won't be able to see the sight of THAT much blood in real life.

Anyways, i'm currently stuck =( i keep getting killed XD
i know, my gaming skills is close to ZERO but at least this DOES fill my time.

baroque crystal. i just bought a napkin (*note: this also means tissue paper -_-") holder for my mum. she so got cheated =p
70% off now so it's like 60bucks. she paid 200. hahaha
oh well. now at least she can have her matching napkin holders that she always wanted.
grownups can have strange fancies when they put their mind to it.
in order to get that fancy tissue holder for my mum, i had to find it at some metrojaya outlet. and no, pyramid does not have anything as fancy as metrojaya.
and klcc's supply of THAT particular baroque napkin holder with that strange rose-like (or maybe it's a carnation. the carving's not that clear. i know it's SOME flower but not sure which) also was non-existant.
so i headed down to midvalley to get the holder. and.. there was this clown convention there.
ok fine. it wasn't a clown convention *grumble*
it was some ribena competition for kiddos.
and steven wanted to go in check it out. i've no idea for what.

and see, i've never been a big fan of kids.. therefore, the soft spot i have for kids in my heart is well.. like.. small. really small. and compare that soft spot for kids as the one i have for clowns, the soft spot i have for kids is like the size of the whole of asia to pulau ketam. or one of those teeny islands.
yea, as i was saying, i was at the ribena kid convention.
this creepy clown kept on following me and steven. and stuck something on steven's shirt. so me, being a good friend and all, i pulled it off.
and that effing clown had the CHEEK to grab my arm and yank me away.
and. he's a strong-ish clown.
and i'm fragile-ish.
actually no. i'm not.
but it still hurts, ok? *waves fist in general direction of midvalley and all clowns*

*mutters* i hate clowns.
satanic bunch of weirdos

ok. fine. i know it's not their fault they've got freaky outfits and stuff. but still.. i hate clowns. and nth in the world will induce me to ever like clowns. creepy freaks.
oh. and as a note. i didn't wake up everyday for the past week feeling pissed off coz of the clown.

offhand thought: it was fun to shop. i always love to shop. even when i can't afford it XD

what an entry. i shouldn't complain so much.
i shall go feed some more.

i need the entertainment

may the force be with rayne..

Monday, August 07, 2006

my 19th

this is gonna be one damn long post. if u're using plain old dial-up, i suggest you don't read this post. or just not let the pictures download. and if u're paying for everything you download, definitely don't let this page download. u'll kill off your credit.

as can (obviously) be seen, this post is gonna be about my 19th birthday and how i spent it *grins*
ouh. and for those ppl who tagged me, i guess i shall do it at the bottom of this post.
if u're like this real busy person who has precious little time to waste *note: this means my dear old medical student sister who has to do POSTINGS in hospitals with evil supervisors* i'll repeat myself once again. don't read this post.

well.. it all started with my receiving early birthday presents from ash, linmzandhanwei, my bro and his gf. refer to earlier post 'early bounty'

just in case you forgot..
bloo cwumble (yea, cwumble. medical students are sometimes a bit strange).
- and, i love huggables -

and then, steven, alex and khong treated me to the pussycat dolls concert. ej, i know u don't like them but still, thanks for going *hugs*
and thanks guys, for going for the concert. real nice of you all.
the dolls and our ticket. this was stolen from ej's blog. i'm really bad at photoshop. so sue me.

me and ej. i know i look weird. give me a break. i was really sick when i went. really really really sick.

me and the two of the dudes that paid for my ticket: khong and steven.

thanks all of you for getting me there. hmm.. about the concert. well, it was ok i guess. luckily the malaysian government didn't ban the dolls from dressing like themselves. and their singing wasn't TOO bad. it sounded pretty much like how they sing in their cd. which is to say is good for dancing but not that great.
it was really damn hot though. it was more packed than a sardine can. and me not being THAT tall had hell trying to see the performance. and it didn't help that ppl kept on shoving me trying to get a better view. neither did it help that they kept on stepping on me. my toe is so gonna fall off -_-". neither did the group of 'ang moh's next to me that were so godawful irritating help much. and reshmonu's act was like. well. reshmonu. i never was a big fan of him.
too bad the dolls performed for barely 45minutes.
still, i had a good time. great of them to get me there =)

i met up with speepe for lunch on tuesday. which was the 1st of august. at sushi king, midvalley. thanks for the lunch, speepe =)

speepe and her sheep

then. my birthday. big hug to everyone that remembered! really appreciate it. and that you all remembered. i guess i won't list their names out here. but still, thanks all the same. love you all *mwah*

nianz and ej came to my room at 12am to greet me and to share some food. cookie crisps and jamoca almond fudge icecream's wonderful. and violet crumble (courtesy of ash). mmm. thanks nianz, amy and kai siang for the perfume. love it. seems i'm got quite a bit of perfume this yr. lol

bodyshop perfume courtesy of nianz, amy and ks.

that night, took my engineering pals out for dinner at genki sushi. the sushi's pretty good. and i'm a pretty big fan of sushi.

sushi with my engineering pals. or actually just a few of them. steven, khong, zaid and alex.

sushi grave

softshell crab. yummers~

they then surprised me with an icecream cake from baskins. wonder what flavour the icecream was. it tasted a lil bit strange but extra points go for the the actual action of getting the cake. mighty sweet of them =)
i love icecream. ooh, i'm such a sucker for icecream. easily bribed with icecream. hahaha

icecream cake from baskins. mmmm...

the next day, my dear girlfriends ej, sarah and van took me out. we 'borrowed' fariz's car. omg, i love to drive. and i SO miss driving. we were initially suppose to go at 6.30. then 7. then 8. then finally left at 8.30. but it's ok coz sarah was driving at first and well.. since she was driving, we all forgive her.. right?? lol
went to swensen's where we all camwhored. a lot.
got a birthday icecream on the house. and the three of them ordered an earthquake. ooh.. i love you girls. anytime spent with all of you is bound to be fun.

van, ej, me and sarah
- picture perfect moment -

ooh.. i love getting kisses..

of boots and scarves..

cheers, girls~

birthday 'cake' (it's actually more of an icecream XD) i got on the house

yupperz... they love their cherries

...and i love my icecream

and the 8-flavour-8-topping wonder: earthquake~

we then went over to bangsar and due to the fact that we had no idea where to go, we ended up at absolute. again XD
we so need to find a way to get to good places to club. haha. but it was still waaaaaaaaaaay fun coz the company made it all worthedwhile.

van, ej, sarah and me. camwhoring and dancing. not the easiest thing to do. lol

sarah and her dear

ej and sarah. they both look high. let me assure you, they're both sober. i think.

promoting absolute *faint*

anyway, that was a great night out. thanks girls, for making it so.

night after that, followed aereon for some party themed 'back to school'
having absolutely nothing to wear, i wore a pleated shirt and a white button up shirt. seems a lot of ppl dressed that way. even some guys *faints*
they had this 'guy' and 'girl' of the night. omg. and when it came to their performance to choose the winner, they stripped. seriously stripped. one guy even removed his undies (although he tied a shirt around his waist first)
i so do not EVER want to see a buttnekkid guy ever again in a party. EVER again. EVER EVER again.
the girls' performance. they danced. woo.. they're hot. they also stripped. one girl removed her bra. another untied her halter top. a couple actually removed their tops. all for some lousy trip. and a phone. not to say the phone is THAT great a phone -_-"
so, i'm conservative. sue me.

all in all a great weekend. really great birthday. thanks all you ppl who made it so.
gotta get back to my assignments now though. i need to so magically make them appear *sigh*

tags done below:

tagged by ej:

The Rules:
Once you have been tagged you have to write a blog with six weird facts/things/habits about yourself. In the end, you need to pick six people to be tagged and list their names.

i) i'm allergic to grass. i get horrigible rashes when my bare skin makes contact with grass.
ii) i'm a sucker for romance but not that i get THAT much. like ever. lol.
iii) i'm a wasted drunk. once i'm drunk well.. i sort of juz drop. dead person drop.
iv) i miss science subjects. *gasp* and being cuddled.

v) i get nervous when another car gets too close to mine.
vi) i tend to depend on someone to look after me. *laughs* i shouldn't coz i should be more independant XD

tagged by nianz:

1.Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.
...was silk as well, and his gold-embroidered white coat. the helmet beneath...

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.

... and i have it wrapped around bloo so well. only thing i'll get is bloo

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

er. tv. does watching shows on computer count? if yes, then i juz watched dune. if not then, well, i guess the last thing i watched was mtv

4. Without looking, guess what time it is:


5. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?


6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

my paper heart - the all american rejects and the sound of steven msn-ing me

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?

er.. like 51 minutes ago. was walking sarah back to her car. or actually, fariz's car

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?

nianz blog. management journals.

9. What are you wearing?

dark blue satin nightgown

10. Did you dream last night?

i always dream.. my dreams more usually than not aren't really good. hence me always being tired.

11. When did you last laugh?

from roughly 10 until 12. being with sarah and ej, u're sure to laugh. especially when they're trying to create porn-like photos XD

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?

a collage of my friends and family

13. Seen anything weird lately?

guys stripping (so do NOT ever want to EVER see that again. ever. ever ever) and a few girls too *faint*

15. What is the last film you saw?

in the cinema? that'll be er... er... i don't remember. dragon tiger gate i guess.

16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

spend a bit on stuffs for myself. put the rest into bank. hopefully i can live off the interest. maybe help my parents pay for the bloody house. lol

17. Tell me something about you that I don't know:

can check the tag i did for ej. it's roughly the same. but i guess i'll juz add one here. i literally turn BLUE when it's too cold. but i still prefer cold places than hot ones.

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?

hmm. the world's too full of ppl. so i guess like. well.. hmm. nvm. i'll keep my opinion to myself

19. Do you like to dance?

if in a club, yea, although i don't dance well. haha. i don't mind. who are you to?

20. George Bush:
shouldn't be the president of usa

21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?

i actually dont' like children but i guess if i HAD to have a kid and a girl at that, i shall call her something fancy. valura? or vilandra. hahah. i read and watch too much tv =.=

22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
a boy. hmm. jensen. jensen ackles is damn cute. maybe ewan. coz ewan mcgregor's another cutie. lol
or as russell peters (or peter russels. i can never remember his name) suggested: !xbile.
have a kid with a click in his name XD
lol j/k. that'll juz be pitiful for my kid -_-"
oh. and a chinese name. it's important for chinese to have a chinese name. same goes for the girly above.

23. Would you ever consider living abroad?

of course.

i tag (for both ej's tag and nianz's)

my dear friend's facing a bit of relationship problems at the moment. well.. be strong girl. you'll get over it. but if it's not worthed while to hang on, i'll strongly suggest you don't. but the ultimate decisions all your's of course. take care of urself ok?? be here for you whenever you need someone to talk to. *hugs*

ooh.. right.. and special tribute to my lil tyrannical sister who can sometimes be sooooooooooo adorable when she puts her mind to it.
below is a poem she sent to me for my birthday. i still don't like children but my little sister is an exception. she's one of the sweetest kids ever.

Sing Baby Sing
Sing baby sing
The world is getting better
There is something else since we are together
Let's have a ball
Let's do it all
And sing
Think we got it made
(Sing baby sing)
Think we got it made
Sing baby sing
Dance baby dance
And let the sunshine on us
That's isn't anything to stop us
Let's live it up
Fill up our cup
and dance

i know, i know, she copied it from somewhere and emailed it to me. but it takes effort to email me. EMAIL!! she's only 5 and she can use the email! *aww.. i'm so proud of her* AND not to forget, she changed a few of the lines. not bad for a 5-yr-old who doesn't like speaking english much XD
i so have to buy her something when i go back. must pamper her a little bit more. lol

may the force be with those that turn 19...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

tagged by thomas

tagged by thomas. i'm bored, so hell, i'll do it -_-"

10 years ago i was...
- a day short of 9
- in mgs primary.
- in standard3. still very stupid but at that time, a smart enough cookie. horrible at math.
- i don't actually remember much from THAT long ago. i don't remember much from yesterday, let alone 10years ago. forgive me.

5 years ago i was...
- a day short of 14
- in f2? i think so.
- in mgs secondary school
- if in fact i WAS in f2, horribly anti-ed by my math teacher. read a lot as i had some.. er.. social problems. nominated to be a prefect and (at that time) happy to take the post =/ so i was a nerd. i still am. lol

1 year ago...
- in college. a day short of being 18
- actually studying real hard coz i had trials in a few day's time.
- with someone who actually came over to celebrate my birthday the next day with a few other friends. but then again, that was last yr. to the day. EXACTLY. i actually don't bother filling up my mental capacity with events from this period of time till sometime in october. so. not much memories.
- still a nerd but breaking out of my shell. sortof. didn't actually break out of my shell until like.. half a year later. lol
- much better at math than i used to be.

yesterday i was..
- 2 days short of being 19.
- in monash uni, kl
- at midvalley megamall to meet speepe. enjoying sushi. her treat. whee~
- have radically changed from how i was a yr ago. at least i can sort of look after my hair now. haha.
- cursing the effing atm machine at uni for not working. AGAIN.
- borrowing money from khong due to my horrigibly broke condition due to the horrigibly uselessness of the atm machine which had NOT worked for the last 4 days.
- enjoying rum raisin

5 most recent songs i've listened to..
- satisfaction - benny benassi
- blue fear - armin van buuren
- tong hua - guang liang
- so cold - breaking benjamin
- tempted to touch - rupee

5 songs i know all the lyrics to..
- semi-charmed life - third eye blind
- mr. brightside - the killers
- heard that sound -mxpx
- tempted to touch - rupee
- forever young - youth group
(fine i know this is all kinda lame. but i don't usually listen to lyrics. so the songs i actually KNOW the lyrics to are those which are clear and easily remembered. and pronounced. haha)

5 ideal places to running away to..
- penang
- back to my room in kl
- nice place to hang out i suppose. club. cinema. anywhere
- somewhere peaceful? without the sights and sounds of the city.
- arms of someone? i took that from thomas' blog. sorry. i have no idea where i WILL run to.

5 things i really want..
- straight HDs from now until i finish my course and professional cert and watever else i might endeavour into
- ice cream and dim sum
- never to have to bother to watch my weight
- more cash. clothes. car. anything.
- to make it into monash caulfield
- for my assignments to magically be completed. hmm. it's now 6 things i want. haha

5 things i should be doing right now..
- my overpiling assignments
- talk to my sister
- sleeping
- disturbing someone. anyone. i'm bored.
- checking my mailbox. i've got mail from some ppl. whee~ *hugs*

5 biggest joys in my life..
- family. couldn't make it without all their support. emotional, financial, everything =)
- friends. especially those that have stuck through thick and thin with me through the years. especially my high school friends. love you girls.
college friends and uni friends too. thanks for making my life more enjoyable =)
- icecream and dim sum
- my life and everything that came with it. not the best of lives but i have ppl who love me so that's more than enough. lol (this is very awwwww worthy =P)
- that it is my birthday tomorrow

5 ppl i tag...
- nianz
- amy
- sookie
- steven
- whoever else that actually will bother to do it. u can tag urself. i don't mind. don't care.