Monday, July 12, 2010

world cup fanatics

a bottle of spanish wine and the day off to prepare myself for cheering spain on.. and i have to say the world cup finally came to a close with my darling spain winning the world cup so it was totally worthed it ! twas so happy, although, they were the deserving side. c'mon dutch, you shouldn't play so rough! don't blame the referee saying that he made unfair decisions concering your 'oranje' side.. blame yourselves for pushing him too far with the brutal way your side played ! admittedly spain weren't up to their euros form and that germany really were the most deserving side to win, i'm still decidedly happy that spain won. not that holland deserved the cup. i literally felt my heart lift when the ball went bouncing around the net ( i was pretty bored with the match up to that point) and even happier when i saw the spanish players troop out in their red kits. the should definitely have lifted their cup with the traditional red kit on.. and even better, there was even a star on all their kits to signify the first cup ! its a bit of counting their chickens before they hatch but who cares, it's justified.

and i'm so sorry baby that you went to bet on spain coz i was unhappy you bet on the dutch to win :(

in any case, this is the perfect day when the sun is shining bright, it isn't too cold.. if only i didn't have to work tomorrow.

espanol espanol ! :D

am also super happy muller won the golden boot. that kid deserves it for his skill and flair.. germany's gonna be a country to watch out for next world cup ! methinks i might just change allegiance to germany now, ahahhaa !

may the force be with the espanol,

*side note * my colleagues are hilarious. they put a giant middle page spread picture of spain lifting the world cup on my desk so when i reached work this morning the first thing i see were the la roja, ahahha.