Thursday, November 03, 2005


well.. finally... exams are over!! liberated for the nxt few mths... my poor brain won't need to suffer anymore.. haha
i juz thought of this:
1 brain versus 5 exams
it's not fair.. it's almost akin to playing 1 pro dota player against 5 high-end noobs...
it equals to the pro getting beaten into dust
same thing goes to my brain.. it gets beaten into submission
and it doesn't really make a difference.. coz i don't know what nonsense i remembered
hmm... oh well.. time for enjoyment now..
some of my col frenz and i plan to go langkawi after they all finish their papers (haha.. poor humanitarians... they've gotta suffer till 11th nov.. and one until 14th.. lol)
i hope that the trip turns out.. furthermore.. they want to be 'adventurous' and juz go there and hope that there'll be a vacant hotel room.. haha.. and the 7 of us.. are going to CRAM in that room.. ooh.. lol oh well.. not that i think we'll be sleeping much...
anyway.. so many things to do after exams.. haha... karaoke? haha.. we're gonna make each other go deaf.. lol
haihz... i discovered something very odd about my brain
stuff i NEED to remember like my exam schedule, notes, EXAM STUFF.. it absolutely refuses to remember anything... and things i want to forget.. it juz keeps on resurfacing in my mind over and over and over again... how pathetic.. the brain works in strange ways: remembers things you want to forget.. and forgets things you NEED to remember..
oh well.. i'll be grateful i've got a brain, however pathetic it is

back to my happy thoughts... those things which i can't forget = BAD MEMORIES
haha.. i'll stick to my happy thoughts... when u come across bad times, go back to when u were happy.. not quite possible for me, but i'll juz look forward to new happy memories.. haha.. which hopefully will bury the old ones
yay!! exam over!! think i might have pissed some ppl off.. haha.. with my overjoyous outlook of life at the moment... haha.. as most of them still have exams... haha

may the force be with happy on the outside ppl..