Sunday, July 23, 2006

early bounty

the coming of lin for a 4-day holiday to kl brought me some unexpected joy. quite aside from the fact that she came down and i got to meet her, she brought some stuff all the way from down under (i think =P)
the day she came down, we went to asia cafe for dinner cum supper. met up with her and her bf, han wei and his gf, li lynn (not too sure whether i got the spelling right *embarassed*) and my dear old loud speaker friend, pei wen. anyways, after supper, her bf sent me home and she was like 'wait, i've gotta pass you something.' out came the above! i swear, i didn't stop smiling that night after that.
ladies and gentleman, my early berfday bounty. cheaper to send it down by hand than to post. thanks so much you guys! love the things. so shweet of all u all to remember *hugs*

introducing ya'all to bloo crumble, a name my older sis and i agreed on. he's the blue bear if u all didn't guess. haha. sounds juvenile but who cares. i never confessed to being a matured person anyways.
thanks, ash for sending it down =) that and the violet crumble. oooh.. mmm i love chocolate. and cute huggable stuff. thanks soooooooooooo much =) i'd didn't think u'd remember *hugs*

lin, mz and han wei. thanks for the single-hippo bouquet. it's blue! omg. i love it. it's adorable. and furry. furrrrrrrrrry =) lin, thanks for everything. being a friend. and being there for me always. love ya more than u'd know. lol

and, of course, to the my dear big brother and his beautiful girlfriend, madison. thanks for the perfume. i love the smell. she's got great taste. it doesn't smell too aunty or too youngish or sickening sweet. juz a right floral smell. anna sui's love perfume in a butterfly shaped bottle. i am so crazy about butterfly patterns. hehe. so nice now i've got butterfly shaped bottled perfume
i also am currently into kenzo too. hehe. one day, i'll save up and go buy myself a kenzo perfume. mmm =)

2nd day lin was here, i went to meet her for dinner and drink in pyramid. first went to some viet restaurant wid van, ej, lin and urs truly. the meal was OK i guess. after that we dropped by at magical theatre restaurant and bistro where lin and i both had 1 and half shots of flaming lambrogini. wow. it's like drinking fire! pictures will be uploaded when and if i get them. a must-try-at-least-once-experience =) it's like drinking fire. and the effect kicks in quite fast. but ok. wasn't high or anything.

3rd day, i went to dinner wid steven, alex, khong and joo hor and then we walked to pyramid after that where they stayed on to watch dorm. roshan had come to kl so he picked me and lin up and we went to his uncle's club. -_-"
no offense and not trying to be a racist but like, despite having good music, it's very uncomfortable being there. and some old 30-yr-old uncle tried to pick me up. wtf?!?! he like kept on tweaking my rubberband on my hair and when i turned around he started talking to me. this is when roshan came to my rescue. then old uncle backed off for like 10minutes. then he went to stand behind me. and tried to grab me around the waist. i was like 'f***!' and he had the cheek to tell me that my 'boy' (roshan i'd assume) allowed him to take me to dance. and i was like 'he doesn't own me and i've got the right of choice. anyway i've got a bf' (god forgive me for lying about having a bf) and i walked off. blah. *grumbles*
downing tequila didn't help to wash the distaste of that place from my mind so lin, roshan and i left real early. THIS is why a girl should NEVER go clubbing without a GIANT group or her BOYFRIEND in tow. never again. i must remind myself. effing idiot. it seems everytime i club in kl idiots irritate me -_-" and they can never take hints. wat is wrong with the ppl here? are that really THAT dense? !@#$% it's not as if i go clubbing often (at all!) in kl. *grumbles*
and, i shall never want to see horny old totally not-hot aunties dancing as well. it's painful.
crashed at lin's hotel room that night coz i was out past my curfew. haha

anyways, it was great to meet lin and hang out with her. take care in sydney, babe. all the best!

may the force be with my dear friends who didn't forget.. (mwah!)

Saturday, July 15, 2006


my day begun almost like any other day. wake up, bathe, clean up, dress, go out.
except it begun at 6.30am.
genting highlands everyone. not the best place to go but still damn fun to go up with your friends.

quick log:
7am: left uni for central
8am: reached central (yes, the wonders of kl public transport system) bought tix for a 9am shuttle bus up to genting and having an hour to kill, ended up at mcDs for their breakfast.. sausage egg mcMuffin.. mmm.. yummy.
9-10.10am: bus trip up
finally. we reached genting! went for quite a lot of rides. i even went on all the effing rides which i was adamant NOT to go to. namely the corkscrew. oh well.. i survived it! kinda fun.. sadly only 4 of us made it up. the rest all ppk us -_-"
flying coaster, corkscrew, cyclone, merry-go-round (laughs), teacup, pirate ghost hse (lame ride this), sg rajang flume ride (not fun being wet AND cold. lol), flying seat thingy, motion master, bumper boats, toboggan, go karts, etc.
and i'm so proud of myself! i actually went on the corkscrews and stuff. without puking my guts out. lol *pats myself on the back*
ooh.. and i actualyl went rock-climbing! see ash? i told u i could. sort of. haha. as long as it's not toooooo far. and i didn't kill anyone too *grin*
and yes, i know ur theory of being pulled up. steven thinks the same. (sigh) i guess majority wins. hahaha
at the bumper boats, the girl in line four groups before me caused a giant mess. she was using something in the lake, (my friends and i have a theory it's her phone) and someone bumped into her. HARD. (note: we ARE playing bumper boats) which caused watever she was carrying to fly into the lake. she came back almost in tears and complained to her mum. which caused her mum to go marching THROUGH the throng waiting in line to INSIST the workers dredge out the lake and find the missing item. and they, being malay and indian workers (i'm not being racist here.. it's just that the workers up there in the theme park aren't really THAT educated) couldn't understand a word of her bulletfast perfect english =/
they kept on saying stuff like 'cannot. we cannot. cannot.' think her crazy ranting threw them and left them wid a vocab of like. zero. lol
anyways, she left the throng yelling 'they're so impolite. so impolite! so impolite!'
hey, welcome to malaysia lady. wat did u expect? -_-" ur kid does stupid things and u're yelilng at ppl who CAN'T DO anything about it. come on, the water in the bumper boat area is also the wtaer that powers the flume rides and fills the paddle boat area. WHAT COULD THEY DO?!??!!
5pm: boarded bus back to central
7pm: reached. went to petaling street to shop a while. khong bought a new shirt. and steven was offered hentai by some dude. he came up, made a beeline straight to steve and told him something that sounded awfully a lot like 'cheeky cheeky master'. at that point, the rest of us started laughing so hard that i didn't hear much of anything else *musing* steve's prob got the hentai look. lol. (sorry for spelling error in unedited post =P)
9pm: back to carrefour and swenson's!
10.30pm: back to our apartments
all in all, the day was fab =)


on the right is the first and only smurfette u'll ever see doing archery.
trying my hand at archery
i suck at it
real bad


retreat into our childhood: merry-go-round


motion master above and three guys trying to be cool below =p


look real carefully.. i'm at th
e top left hand corner!
i'm leading. *evil laughter*
it's more tiring than it looks though


<--- steven and khong having fun spinning themselves around in the teacup

aftereffects --->


bumper boats! since i'm the one with the cam, no pix of me *sigh* lol


khong, steven, alex and me (seriously, don't ask what i'm doing. ask no questions and i shall tell u no lies)

brrr. cold *shiver shiver* lol
steven, khong, me and alex

reap the rewards

wat an absolutely fantastic day. *sigh* uni gonna start soon so not gonna be able juz to pick up and go off for hols like this after this.
ooh.. right.. results came out.. congrats to all my friends for their straight HDs or almost straight HDs (yes, that's right. all my friends. for STRAIGHT or ALMOST STRAIGHT HDs. smart buggers, all of them. lol)

may the force be with ppl who survived the corkscrew,

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

post worldcup syndrome

italy won! =)
the finals approached with me not really siding any side as my fave team got booted some weeks ago. anyhow i still favoured italy for few reasons:
i) france knocked spain out
ii) it's more fair for italy to win coz france won the cup recently
iii) how COULD france knock spain out?

it being the finals, i decided that i was DEFINITELY not going to watch it alone. so, called lin and found out world cup finals destination: han wei's place
headed over wid sookie at around 10pm where we spent some time gossiping and watching han wei play dota. everyone arrived around 1.30. small party but still fun.
thank god sara brought food. world cup's really screwed up my biological clock. and my eating schedule's gone out of the window. lately, my lunches are eaten sometimes around 4pm. dinner at 12am =/ lol on that particular day however.. i somehow ended up missing ALL my meals. coz.. parents went out for lunch but i already had a date wid amy so i passed. ended up in strait settlements (ref: previous post - and then again..) which has no edible food within its vicinity (actually.. there are. but i was lazy to walk across the road =P) so ended up not eating
had a bite at some bakery around 5? came back JUST in time to miss dinner at home (that was around 8+) *sigh*
anyway.. back to footie. as i was saying. small party. sookie, lin, sara, han wei, michael and me. luckily we didn't go for the street party. it was raining cats and dogs. which screwed up astro's signal. and kept on causing blackouts. played black jack during the match. accompanied by a few shots of whiskey. *note: never ever mix whiskey with coke AND sarsi. it tastes... horrigible =/* after the match watched serendipity which was sort of corny.. but it being a romance flick, that's expected.
sunday never ended. we went for mcDs breakfast after the movie. then i came home. and i WANTED to sleep. but i just couldn't. slept for like 2 hours. and then i was up again.
it's monday. but i still feel like it's sunday. missed lunch. and dinner. again. i'm hungry. again.
its a day that never ended.
on the up point, madison went to the airport. and she bought me anna sui's sui love. *musing* i wonder whether it's for my birthday... hahaha. if not i'll have to pay her back. lol.

anna sui's sui love

how nice. *grin*
i've gotta get a regular sleeping and eating pattern again. lol.

may the force be with the italians...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

and then again...

long time since my last update.
anyway.. today is the 9th of july. means today is the world cup finals day! the world cup has turned my life upside down. my biological clock is totally screwed up. i sleep at 5 almost everyday whether or not there is a match. and in the afternoon, i feel like a zombie but i can't sleep coz i've to help around the hse (i'll probably make a good maid/babysitter/labourer with all the 'training' i'm doing now. makes me wonder why in the world my parents HAVE a maid -_-")
i so hate leather sofas. i thought they were nice. until i ended up having to polish all teh sofas in my hse. omg. torture. my muscles have been begging for relieve but to no avail *sigh*

anyway... i went prom gown hunting. oooh.. i love shopping. even when it's not for me! anyways, picked amy around 2 and then we begun our hunt. ended up in strait settlements *note: this is where i bought my old prom gown from and the sales ppl there are sooooo friendly. and the girl helping us, emmy, is soooooooooo sweet. and helpful. and has impeccable english) after strait settlements.. drove to a shop in greenlane which my mum told me about. but i couldn't FIND it =(
and.. this idiot policeman pissed me off while i was there. i was driving (mind u, well within speed limit) and he horned at my car and pointed to the side of the road. i was wondering wth did i do wrong but watever, i pulled over. and then he rode past me and turned around and like asked me to wait (upon reflection he might juz have been apologizing but at the moment i though he was asking me to wait) so i bloody waited. and waited. and he disappeared from view. and still i waited. he didn't appear -_-" i drove off
couldn't find anything nice so we went back to strait settlements where she bought this really beautiful brown dress with beaded embroidery (at least it isn't black)

last few weeks were pretty much the same as usual. movies, going out, movies, going out. steven came down to pg so went out wid him couple of times. spent most of my hols shopping (omg i really racked up a psycho bill. haha. luckily this mth loads of savings)
went glo wid sookie, tracy and a whole bunch of saints guys last week. kinda fun, clubbing especially since i haven't gone in a long time.. and going anywhere wid sookie and the rest of them is always fun.
ken is still a killer when he's drunk/high. lol. luckily his car's ok now.

holiday is coming to an end *awwww*
frankly, i don't mind baby sitting.. but it really is trying sometimes when i've to wake up at 7am in the morning to tie my little sister's hair in the strangest concoctions. i suppose it's sweet that she wants me to do it and no one else.. but when u consider that i sleep at 5/6am and have to wake up at 7.... *yawn*
going back to kl in three days time. *sigh*
may the force be with prom gown hunters...