Sunday, October 31, 2010


wow, time pasts fast.. especially if you have something to do :)

so this weekend was the mother of all weekends - i'm finally having some free time and it's sunday already, zomg !!! we headed to der raum bar friday as we finally had an excuse to go check it out - it being wilson's like third day of celebration, lol. der raum has been consistently ranked in the top 10 bars in the world with at least one of their cocktails winning best cocktail of the year every year at some point or the other. and its near enough to the city - just about a 15 minute drive out. it's also not one of those extremely loud bars - it's rather small, quaint and cosy - perfect place to go! if only their cocktails weren't so expensive..

check out their website if interested by clicking the picca below ! :)

also a few photos from the night. as usual more piccas in the fb album 'old(er) and slightly wiser + halloween'

one of the best cocktails of the night - pharmacy


me and darling


i know, i know, it's supposed to be wilson's birthday but hey, i dressed up so i get to be photographed! :D
but to be nice, i'll upload a few of wilson's piccas too..

and onward to halloween @ lavish!

dressed up as a fallen angel coz well, it was a last minute decision for me to attend and i don't have heap loads of costumes in my wardrobe..

brian the pumpkin killer

ej making kui up

me and some of the girls

more me

and this is it coz i'm too lazy to upload anymore photos.

anyway, just got back from watching resident evil: afterlife and i've got a massive headache. must be all the tv and alcohol i've been going through *sigh* almost finished playing heavy rain yesterday and a movie today.. zomg. also as usual, the minute spring comes, the pollen goes crazy and i wilt with hay fever, meh. gonna nap a while and wake up to enjoy the weekend (what's left of it anyway).

as usual rest of the piccas can be seen from my fb album.

may the force be with pollen infused worlds,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

feel the beat pumping

so it's been a flurry of birthdays lately! happy birthday to jien and my darling !

and my camera too has arrived ! yum yum, sexy sleek white lx5, i love you! you are an awesome buy!

a few of our gorgeous test shots!

photo in low lighting

macro mode

this kinda cool slow shutter speed thing

some photos of the nights coz they were just too awesome.
jien's birthday dinner at zen japanese restaurant and my darling's at bacash and attica. der raum still to come ! woo.

Jien's Dinner

the old housemates back together - minus ivan

group picca

birthday cake

Wilson's Bacash Dinner

onward to wilson's birthday dinner at bacash

the cousins

the viola minus maddie

more of the cousins

with the loved one

and a group picca

no photos of the dinner attica coz by time we finished dinner it was so late so we had to hurry home and sleep, teehee.

ALL PHOTOS CAN BE SEEN ON MY FB under the album 'old(er) and slightly wiser'

also congrats to vinny :) we all in the work force now yo !

may the force be with the many celebrations yet to come,