Thursday, November 03, 2005


well.. finally... exams are over!! liberated for the nxt few mths... my poor brain won't need to suffer anymore.. haha
i juz thought of this:
1 brain versus 5 exams
it's not fair.. it's almost akin to playing 1 pro dota player against 5 high-end noobs...
it equals to the pro getting beaten into dust
same thing goes to my brain.. it gets beaten into submission
and it doesn't really make a difference.. coz i don't know what nonsense i remembered
hmm... oh well.. time for enjoyment now..
some of my col frenz and i plan to go langkawi after they all finish their papers (haha.. poor humanitarians... they've gotta suffer till 11th nov.. and one until 14th.. lol)
i hope that the trip turns out.. furthermore.. they want to be 'adventurous' and juz go there and hope that there'll be a vacant hotel room.. haha.. and the 7 of us.. are going to CRAM in that room.. ooh.. lol oh well.. not that i think we'll be sleeping much...
anyway.. so many things to do after exams.. haha... karaoke? haha.. we're gonna make each other go deaf.. lol
haihz... i discovered something very odd about my brain
stuff i NEED to remember like my exam schedule, notes, EXAM STUFF.. it absolutely refuses to remember anything... and things i want to forget.. it juz keeps on resurfacing in my mind over and over and over again... how pathetic.. the brain works in strange ways: remembers things you want to forget.. and forgets things you NEED to remember..
oh well.. i'll be grateful i've got a brain, however pathetic it is

back to my happy thoughts... those things which i can't forget = BAD MEMORIES
haha.. i'll stick to my happy thoughts... when u come across bad times, go back to when u were happy.. not quite possible for me, but i'll juz look forward to new happy memories.. haha.. which hopefully will bury the old ones
yay!! exam over!! think i might have pissed some ppl off.. haha.. with my overjoyous outlook of life at the moment... haha.. as most of them still have exams... haha

may the force be with happy on the outside ppl..

Friday, October 07, 2005

letting go

"I've learned that things change, people change, and it doesn't mean you forget the past or try to cover it up; it simply means that you move on and treasure the memories. Letting go doesn't mean giving up, it means accepting that some things weren't meant to be."

i came across this in k.yin's friendster. i have to say, reading this.. really strikes a chord. some memories should remain as that: memories. hindsight is important-it teaches us valuable lessons. sometimes one juz needs to get burnt to know the danger of a fire. moving on and treasuring memories is a rather apt statement. it holds true.. one will learn more from experience.
many things in life juz aren't meant to be. and, accepting those things that weren't meant to be is the best way to move on. but unfortunately, letting go isn't always an option.
i know many many things in my life which juz aren't meant to be.
many things in my life which i juz dont' cement with
one of the most prominent things in my life which i juz don't cement with is studies..
as i said... letting go isn't always an option...

now.. if only i can get thru my exam with a reasonably high UAI....

anyone up for another round of dota?

i feel the keen need of pawning someone.. haha.. OWNING!! DOMINATING!! GODLIKE!!
that's juz wicked sick
i've got too much dota in my system
but i have to confess.. it pretty fun.. haha...

may the force be with unwilling exam-takers...

Sunday, October 02, 2005


*sigh* wat a waste.. my 3rd and final sem at inti has finally become interesting and fun... and it's gonna end in.. mm... 5 days... haih... saddening
it's rather interesting that despite the fact that our exams are juz around the corner, we're all still rushing out to play dota every break we have... lol, poor jo gets blamed everytime a few of us don't go.. oh well.. i'd bet she'll live wid it.. poor gal.. lol
exams start in 16 days.
oh well.. we need our time for fun and frolic
or not.. we'll all juz go mad
i'm gonna miss all the frenz i made here at inti... they really made my college yr really fun and a pleasure to attend. all the ups and downs... frenz who came and went... i'm thankful that this yr was pretty much filled with joy and laughter... thanks to all my frenz who made this yr so memorable
lol, i have to say this though.. in one of the debates my frenz and i were having.. i have come to a conclusion that ppl are juz plain weird.. i s'pose, arguably it is pretty normal for them, i still find it wrong.. wrong wrong wrong.. haha..
hmm, prom nite.. prom nite was pretty fun... thanks to all the ppl at table 11 who made the nite an enjoyable one! lol.. despite certain ppl at my table being pretty mean.. it was really funny.. and did brighten the nite up considerably... haha prom ended really late though.. more than an hour off..
went to glo after that. first time. hmm... i have to say i was pretty blur and lost in thr. thankfully there were the 4 ppl there who were more or less looking out for me... lol i must have pretty much ruined their nite (or morning more like it).. oops.. sorry.. my sincere apologies.. lol
it wasn't too bad... not really wat i expected but i didn't have much expectations so it was more or less a pretty good experience
hmm.. watched the hsc summer carnival video.. lol.. there was this ONE memorable scene... it will forever be etched in my memory.. pretty evil of me but who cares.. sue me.. haha.. i'll live wid my evilness....
juz installed dota on my com.. hopefully.. i dont' get pawned when i start playing.. oh well
my dota was nvr good
hmm... was taking a good look at my finances. think i'm gonna have to get a job come yr end. maybe at coffee bean or something
jeez.. how tiresome.
oh well
exam coming up. *note* 33 days to freedom! woo hoo!! pei wen's berday coming up. must remember to go.. must! must!
sure hope i don't oversleep and miss it.. lol
may the force be with ppl taking their final paper....

Thursday, September 15, 2005


today, as i sit here, surrounded by numerous bks, i ponder upon this question which has been a constant gnat in my mind... 'Why in the world do i bother to blog? i don't even particularly like blogging'. the first answer that comes to mind is 'coz i'm bored' however pathetic that makes me and my life sound, i'm sad to say it's true. anyway, blogging, in a way, is a good way to keep up wid frenz lives.. although.. i seldom read my frenz blogs... wait a minute... seldom? more like nvr.. haha.. 'cept for like... wat, 3 ppl?? pathetic
anyway, this has been a turbulent month or so for me... despite the exams, which, by the way, rendered me an idiot as my brain cells were all killed off, i have to say, august was a pretty happy month for me... i had a good sem break and i have to say, i was genuinely pleased with life *grin*
good things, however, do not last.. they nvr do.... life is like a hill... it goes up, up, up but regardless, it will come down in the end... and i s'pose september stars clash wid my leo ones.. hahahaha....
it's pathetic. only 14days have passed. and i this mth has been waaaaaaaaaaaaaay frustrating, irritating, upsetting, any negative emotion. seems everything bad HAS to happen together all at once. oh well. i'll live and i definitely hope life will pick up again soon.. haha... oh well... i'll juz picked up the scattered shards of life and continue from there.. sooner or later, the puzzle will be completed.. muah ha ha!! i'm trying to sound.. hmm... poetic?? juz comes across as lame.. oh well.. back to my bks... prom coming up. finals coming up. freedom coming up. woo hoo!!
may the force be with non-willing bloggers..

Saturday, August 13, 2005

today i am become death

finally!! trials are over!! ok, before i elaborate bout this week, i'll elaborate bout my pathetic study break
wat did i do during study break?
obviously: study
ish.. super damn boring.. damn horrible... wat else?? hahaha.. juz the superlative of any negative attitude.. hahah.. it was terrible.. juz study and study.. and study.. wat do u do during study break? take a break from study? *bleah* yeah right
and my birthday was smack right in the middle of the break.. hehe.. life sucks doesn't it? luckily my frenz came over.. really nice of the four of them as all of them had major exams this entire week.. they came over for a 'surprise' berfday party wid cake and stuff... chocolate banana from secret recipe!! yum!! hehe.. pity them.. wonder how much of their 'surprising' came out of their pockets as they brought gifts as well.. hehe
then this week.. trials.
someone pls kill me
it was sooooooo extremely horrible.. hahahaa
nth to say bout it
anyway, tried the new top-choc ice-cream.. haha.. cheh.. edric can say i evil for tempting him and matt into taking it also.. hahahaa.. nonsense! lol
after bio, our last paper.. we actualyl went mad.. haha.. went to gurney.. saw there was movie for stealth at 12.45 (we reached at 12) and we bought tickets.. quickly went for lunch.. went for movie.. came out at 3.. saw that there was 'the island' playing at 3.30. so went to borrow student IDs from the numerous inti-ans walking around inti. bought tix. then in the 15 minutes we had, went to play time crisis.. hahaha.. the 4 of us ARE crazy.. hahahaa...
anyway, as post-exam celebrations, that's as fun as it can get..
after the movie marathon couldn't move.. haha.. by 6, all of us had sore backsides, headaches, eye-aches and watever other aches one could think of.. haha.. but i requote myself: that's as fun as it can get
lol anyway, now the post exam elation is wearing off.. ish.. time to sleep.. been lacking sleep for the past 3 weeks or so.. hehe
may the force be with euphoria..

Thursday, July 21, 2005


*yawn* i'm not particularly fond of updating my blog.. lol oh well.. i s'pose since i do have a blog i might as well blog
mm... wat has happened to me since i last upgraded.. a lot.. but i can't remember most of it.. so i'll just write a brief highlight
on the 31st of may.. it started off a fun day.. went for baskins!! hehe..i got my rum raisin!! yay!! after that... in the evening.. went to play badminton.. when one guy accidentally hit nianz in the eye with a shuttle.. ooh.. scary.. she started screaming.. i ran to get an icepack (which wasn't cold.. but no choice) and then yew drove her to the hospital.. thank goodness he knew where the emergency entrance is.. got stopped by police coz yew was driving real fast and illegally cutting in at the roundabout.. lol conversation was something like as follows:
polis: mengapa pandu cepat?
yew: kawan cedera.. mata
polis: huh? aiyoh.. bawa dia ke mana?
yew: lam wah ee
polis: oh, ambil pusingan (gestures) cepat.. pergi (to fellow police friend) matanya darah lar.. beri mereka pergi...
anyway.. needless to say.. we got to the hospital.. she got admitted and the nxt two weeks was spent with countless inti ppl terrorising lam wah ee hospital (me included) hahaha
pity them.. coz she had like visitors almost 24/7 (obviously the most popular patient on the floor.. haha)
anyway.. after she was ok and came out.. my turn to end up in hospital. involved in accident and got whiplash.. thankfully my passengers (nianz and jo.. i'm so sorry to involve both of you!! to yew and kev.. sorry for worrying both of you.. lol i was kinda blur) were both ok.. anyway.. i too caused a serious uproar in loh guan lye.. in my two day stay... my visitors got called to keep quiet 4 times.. haha.. luckily i got the suite.. it was like this really sterile hotel room with a small bed.. but the bed was soooo cool.. got to 'levitate' and stuff.. hehe.. and gave nianz, jo and yew something to play wid in my room.. coz i had a wheel chair.. hahaa.. and this seriously pathetic darth vader mask thingy
anyway.. came back to college... got lectured by a few of my lecturers for getting myself involved in an accident
anyway.. now.. let me see... mm.. nth new at the moment.. my foosball's improving.. got nominated for ms. hsc.. haha.. not that i'll win.. oh well.. had the dumb photoshoot thingy.. ended up doing nonsense.. coz i so do not know how to pose.. anyway.. time for me to go bug shuba to send some of the photos (the group ones my frenz and i who were nominated managed to convince the dsa to take for us wid their super cool camera.. hehe..) to send them to me.. dunno y.. the photos... juz couldn't be sent..oh well she sent me the wrong ones
watched fantastic four... wat can i say bout it?? it's fantastic!! and jessica alba's sooooooo pretty/hot/beautiful however u wanna put it.. hehe
oh.. nianz left to sunway already.. so now my group's become smaller.. lol oh well..
anyway.. i'm totally screwed.. trials coming.. have to finish two assignments (one a bloody mini-project) by like.. mm.. 6 hours time.. it's currently 1.18am. damn tired.. oh well.. i'll survive
can't wait for the one week break.. hopefully can plan the kl trip by then.. and obviously.. hopefully can execute it as well.. lol
may the force be with stiff-necked people..

Sunday, May 15, 2005

college life for the first time

this week is definitely the best week i had so far this yr in col.. without a doubt.. i feel like a college student first time in my life.. ahaha.. coz usually.. since the starting of the first sem.. i feel exactly like i'm still in school.. except that i don't wear school unis and i actually drive.
let me see.. i think i'll do a daily breakdown.. seems ezier that way
first things first: one of my sirs.. he's got loads of classes wid us.. anyway.. he cancelled all classes for the week. so super free this week
anyway.. let me see.. on monday i still was leading my normal boring school-ish kinda life.. then came tuesday.. my friend had exams the previous day.. so she was feeling down in the dumps.. so we went to get her a berfday cake and stuff (it was her berfday on sun) and we kacaued her for bout 2 hours... lol kinda wasted her time but i hope we managed to cheer her up somewhat
anyway... then wednesday... this day was pretty cool.. lol
went for dota.. for like four hours.. anyway.. after that went back to col.. went home. at least no one really got that mad at me (coz i totally suck in dota)
thursday.. i had my stupid muet exam.. i totally screwed it up.. it was the speaking exam.. and i had absolutely no idea wat i was saying!! my title was so damn hard.. ended up crapping loads of nonsense.. hope i managed to sell at least some of my points.. ahaha.. but the examiners didn't seem as if they were buying any of the crap i was coming up with.. anyway.. as i had exams.. i was excused frm classes all day.. but i was in the first group of the first batch.. so the exam started at like 8.20 (we were all there at 7.30am... although i was a lil' late.. not because i started out late.. but because i was caught in this stupid jam after i made a wrong turning...) anyway.. upon getting back to col (at around 9.05am) i skipped my first class ( i was exempted anyway) and hung out in the library talking and laughing wid some of my frenz who had no classes.. (no mood to go to class.. since i screwed up my paper) after that around 10, my frenz (who were not exempted) finished class... after that.. i went for breakfast wid some of them to kayu.. where we were caught in the rain..i'm glad its starting to rain again.. but still.. not when i'm stuck in it.. super cold and super drenched.. ahahahhaa.. anyway.. after that... DOTA!! man.. i'm becoming a dota freak. a note: i still suck at it. after that we went for a round of CS. my CS isn't any better than my dota (which is to say.. i'm damn pathetic at it.. at least i've improved since i last played.. coz this is technically the first time i played either game) anyway.. thanks to my frenz who actually took the time off their games to help me get used to the game.. and for supplying me with the fundamentals of the games.
anyway.. went back to class for 1-2pm.. after that.. back again to the cyber cafe for more dota
this session sucked.. ahaha.. i didn't play at first.. i didn't mind not playing.. get to watch the keng players play.. anyway.. after that.. one of my frenz gave up his com to let me play.. wow.. terrible.. he was thr telling me wat to do.. then one of my other frenz (not frm inti) saw me.. and began telling me wat to do too.. lol.. i know i'm a noob and all.. but when 2 ppl tell u conflicting things.. u do only one thing: get confused
so i got confused and got slaughtered.. ahaha
anyway.. we headed back to col after that. let me see.. it was roughly around 5 that time. went home.
came friday.. hehe.. we changed all our classes so that we finished (most) classes at 12. got into loads of trouble wid the lecturers coz of that (we're actually not allowed to change classes.. but wth. this one time.. needed to enjoy the week.. the first time i actually felt like a col student *grin*) went to watch kingdom of heaven (again for me.. since i watched it on wed already.. but wth.. sometimes, its the company that makes it fun) anyway.. we were slightly late for the movie (who cares?? *grin*) after that we went for lunch.. and realised at roughly.. mm.... 3.45pm we realised that it was almost 4 (we had class starting at 4.. lol) and rushed all the way back to inti (which is damn far frm gurney) got back at 4.30 (ahhaa.. damn late) but the teacher wasn't angry (at least hopefully not tooo angry) oh well.. it's stupid LAN anyway. don't quite care lol
after LAN we didn't really wanna go back yet.. so went down to canteen and played 3 rounds of foosball wid my friends (out of the 4, i was the worst.. damn embarassing.. but at least i'm getting some foosball lessons frm one of my frenz who's super keng at foosball.. lol) after that i played some ping pong but then my friend still didn't wanna go back (since she didn't get her fill of table tennis yet) so i went back to play foosball again.. practised.. although.. i still suck.. ahhaa
anyway.. friday nite left me totally pooped.. lol
life was so fun this week.. i don't feel like going back to being the 'serious col student' wid study and bks.. although i know that i don't have a choice. oh well.. at least i had a good week
may the force be with college students..

Friday, May 06, 2005

my preciousssss

ok. new post. i'm still kinda lazy to update my blog. since absolutely no one reads it. anyhow.. i doubt anyone really gives a damn about my life. anyway.. i juz wanna check on my tagboard.. it seems to have disappeared.. nothing i do seems to be able to induce it to reappear in my blog. haih. sad sad.
hmm.. i got my exam results.. yay! i passed LAN.. with pretty good grade too... a B. ahaha.. i would have been happy wid a C but a B is much better...
my exam results.. all pretty good.. except bio. bio sucks. big time. i hate that sub. i wonder again, why i actually take that particular sub. i mean.. if u look at my other subs grade-wise.. i got like 4As and 1... mm... D
that totally sucks.
anyway.. i juz moved... since i juz moved.. i've lost like a dozen things.. among the things i've lost are my rangers/guides/brownies scarves.. which is quite sad.. since they are quite precious to me.. my preciousssss...
i'm actually bone-tired.. i'd never believe previously that i could ache this much.. everything hurts.. ahha.. n i'm actualyl quite bruised and scratched.. no idea how..
my new house.. hmm.. it's bigger than my old one. i got my own room. almost everything in it is blue.. hehe.. anyway.. wat else? i'm too broke to buy stuff for it.. so therefore, i'm currently lacking a dustbin a chair and many other essentials.. lol
my room is also a mess.. there are boxes everywhere.. and come to think of it.. my entire house is a mess.. there are boxes everywhere.. ahaha i can't find anything. at least one good thing.. my bro's room, my room and my sis's room.. all are really close to each other. so easy to get around.. ahaha
anyway, that's bout it for my week
may the force be with the people who just moved house
(come to think of it.. star wars is coming out.. i can't wait!!!!)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

attempting to push clear of the mist

today is the official first day of my study break. as one of my friends said: this is the time to break from study. then friday only begin the study break. lol
anyway, i'm unfortunately sick so studying is like trying to work myself through this glaze. my brain is totally misted up. oh well. i'm totally behind in my 'study schedule' lol damn end up still onlining
went up to inti this morning and totally wasted my time. forgot to bring my bks up and therefore i was left with absolutely NOTHING to study. but had to stay up there coz i was waiting for my friend who was suppose to return my bk.. but due to some unforseen circumstances, i couldn't get my bk back. so i had a totally wasted morning.
anyway, there is actually no updates wid my life. lol i'm upgrading my blog due to extreme boredom. i SHOULD be studying but i can't bring myself to study anymore. keep on sleeping or watching tv or onlining.. damn. shouldn't slack off so much.
learnt the fundamentals of pool. still pretty (actually superbly) bad at it.. seem to have problem pulling my que back after i hit the ball and i don't control the que to well.. lol
anyway may the force be with slackers like me,

Thursday, April 07, 2005

blog insertions

okok.. this is a blog to fill in some of the blanks of my past blog 'belated update' coz i forgot i did this stuffs till like recently
anyway, one of those days i went for blood donation.. went with sookie, angie and vanessa.. super lawak.. all of us were SOOOO scared... then went there.. wanted to do blood test and we had to fill up some form first.. my goodness they asked the stupidest questions.. anyway, after filling out the form we realised.. *drum roll* we were all UNDERAGED
i was underaged by like.. 5 months? sookie even more
so we had to go around col trying to find a lecturer/adult to permit us to donate blood.. finally ended up going to the dsa to get permission there.
anyway, during the blood donation itself.. ahaha.. sookie and i were having competition to see who could fill the blood bag up fastest.. i won!! yay!! ahaha.. actually that's because i started earlier.. ahaha.. anyway, the entire time we were pumping blood we were commenting on each other's progress.. "u're bag's half-full d!! hurry!!!" ahahaa
anyway, recently amy came back frm her ns.. went out wid her.. for baskins!! hehe.. i LOVE baskins!! except it seems rum raisin is either super popular or super unpopular.. can nvr find it.. ish! anyway.. sookie!! sorry bout yi xin's prez.. coz i sent amy to gurney so i decided to pick up her prez since i was there.. than her frenz didn't come yet so she came wid me.. then i saw this pair of super cute purple butterfly earrings so i bought it for her.. amy asked whether could share since she was leaving and she wanted to pass yi xin's prez to her thru me.. and she got this matching necklace.. asked me to wrap for her.. so it was easier to share.. sorry!!
anyway, attempted learning how to play drums juz now.. i'm quite hopeless at it.. cannot coordinate the right hand, left hand, right foot, left foot.... ahahaha.. dunno wat nonsense i was playing
oh well.. it was funny.. laughed most of the time
haih.. tomorrow is my ACCOUNTS second test!! damn.. i die d.. dunno wat the hell i am doing. oh well.. i'll live wid it kua.. i hope
at least i get to meet up wid some of my old sch pals tomorrow during yi xin's berfday.. that gal super keng.. having berfday party at evergreen
may the force be with ppl who are sick to their core..

Sunday, April 03, 2005

belated update

kayz.. been some time since i've last updated my blog so here's my new update
my life has been pretty monotonous since i last updated my blog.. everyday wake up go to col, come back.. blah blah blah...
although honestly i have to say col life is gettin more fun.. lol i s'pose coz making new frenz
furthermore nianz came back to study in inti.. i know she misses singapore but we're not THAT bad rite??? n our inti gang's quite fun rite?? lol
amy left two weeks ago.. haih.. miss her.. although fortunately for her she seems to be enjoying ns... it was great meetin up wid her juz now.. get to catch up a lil' bit on stuff miss talking to her d.. although she's changed a lil bit.. lol.. and i can't believe she doesn't like shopping d.. oh well.. lol when she gets back frm ns must ingrain into her the shopping bug again.. ahahaha
went for baskins that day.. so happy!! first time i ever did stupid parallel parking!! ahahahahahah!!! but unfortunately my rum raisin was sold out.. damn.. now have to wait two mths b4 can eat it d.. ahahahaa... the 31st was a day of ice-cream.. ahahhaa.. my gang planned all day to go eat baskins.. when we went, the queue super super long.. anyway, after finishing i went home.. then my bro asked me whether i wanted baskins.. so we went.. but the queue near pulau tikus there was amazing.. there were actually ppl lining up OUTSIDE baskins to go in.. needless to say i didn't go for a second round of baskins.. in the end tried this jap icecream.. no idea wat it's called but it's pretty good
april fools day yesterday.. my goodness.. first time in many years kept on getting fooled.. lol.. oh well.. i don't think i'm ever going to play april fool jokes anymore.. after experiencing an april fool's fiasco..
lol.. i'm soooo happy!! i passed LAN-MEC!!! more or less anyway.. so far got 46 out of 60.. it takes 50 to pass.. so i've essentially passed d.. lol alhtough finals this coming sat i don't care.. i've passed liao.. bwah ha ha!!
ook.. nxt test on thursday.. ACCOUNTS!! ahhh!!
lol.. summore mid terms coming up.. better go hit the bks..
may the force be with ppl who passed LAN...

Friday, March 11, 2005

Tears and Laughter

spm results finally came out!! damn.. didn't do well but oh well.. i've come to terms wid it
honestly should have known that the results won't be that good d.. ahaha.. my car broke down yesterday so something like a bad omen.. luckily i had friends to help me out when my car broke down.. and of course, thanks to the inti security guard, the eon centre mechanic, ming, jo, varsha and their friend, my mum and big brother.
to all my friends who did well in spm.. congratulations!! congrats to nianz for her 10As, jo for her 11A1s (freak! ahaha), jie for her 11As, amy for her 8As, sonia for her 8As and sookie for her results too. i'm glad for you guys that we all did well..
kudos too, to my inti friends who did well.. even those who didn't score straight A1s.. ur results were good too, k? i know many of u expected straight A1s but A2s are considered As too.. to those who didn't get straight As, ur results were all pretty damn good too so don't feel bad.
went to gurney to 'celebrate'. ahaha.. anyway, went to fish and co. the food was good.. seems like i spent my whole day eating.. i went to eat a waffle.. then went to fish and co.. then went to secret recipe. i'm stuffed to puking d.. ahaha
went to 1-stop in the evening wid my bro and his gf. hehe.. they got me this crystal thing that's s'pose to improve memory.. it's real pretty.. and blue too!! yay!! kind of 'congrats u did well for spm gift' although honestly, my results didn't kinda warrant the crystals. thanks guys!
to all my friends who i met up wid last nite for the million dollar baby and today for results and kai kai after that.. thanks for making this morbid day so much better!! u really really made my day fun.
juz a note to some of my suicidal contemplating friends... u guys did well!! don't think stuff like dat k??????? it's not worth it!!!
may the force be with straight A scorers...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


can't wait for tomorrow.. can meet up wid my frenz to makan.. and movie!! yay!! and summore since spm results are coming out thursday no col on thursday.. lol
i got my chem and math and LAN results.. i did ok.. except for LAN.. that one i did terribly but who cares?? i juz need to pass.. ahaha.. still got math ext-1, english and bio to come.. not to mention our SPM results. oh well.. i think i'm mentally prepared to get it.. ahhaa.
had a great lunch juz now.. pan mee.. first time i've ever tried pan mee. yum!!
had badminton match juz now.. kena ta pao dengan teruk teruknya.. ahaha.. oh well.. who cares?? it was fun.. at least i got to excercise.. have been seriously lacking that recently.. putting on weight like nobody's business.. ahaha
lol.. during english juz now we had this listening test. at least it was better to listen to than the one we heard last week. the one we heard last week honestly couldn't be heard. the aussie's accents was juz terrible.. really incohorent. they juz kept on babbling and babbling.. argh. after like 5 minutes of talking i think i heard the total of like four words.. honestly!! terrible.. ahaha
oh my gosh.. my bio is certified pathetic.. can't believe i actually redid my assignment 3 times coz i kept on getting it wrong.. frustrating!! ahhaa.. don't know wat's wrong wid me
may the force be with the recepients of results..

Sunday, March 06, 2005

temporary freedom

today is saturdat night.. finally exams are over.. accounts was um.. ok.. i think.. i think i'll pass.. don't know how well i'll do but oh well.. that's life.. hehe
juz now went out for lunch wid my frenz.. in a coffee shop.. we had chicken rice although i think fatty loh's chicken rice is better.. but this one wasn't bad.. pity my frenz nia.. all crammed at the back of my car (there were um.. four ppl there.. hehe.. ming sat in front) we had our lunch somewhere near our col.. we all came out early frm acc though.. almost one hour early (it was a two hour paper) i know i definitely gave up quite early..
bio yesterday was an absolute killer.. didn't know how to answer a whole lot of questions so i made everything up.. came out early also (it's a 1 hour paper.. imagine how pathetic my answers will be)
had the first leg of my badminton tournament yesterday.. my partner's no longer ming.. coz she didn't want to play d.. so i partnered one of my col-mates.. we won!! yay!! nxt leg will be on tuesday.. against the lecturer team!! ahh!!
now wondering whether we should go for the mid-sem party.. methinks it'll be a bit boring.. doesn't seem like anyone frm hsc is going.. and we'll be feeding mosquitos.. i'll think about it.. lol
nxt week is wat i call result week.. nxt week we're going to be receiving our spm results!! (AHH!!) good thing is no col on thursday.. but then nxt week we're gonna be receiving our first assessment results as well.. as well as our mid-term results for accounts.. nooo... i did super badly i'm sure...
hey, ppl... sonia's coming back on the 21st of march (that's her sem break) will u all be free to meet up wid her? i'll be having exams around then.. along wid jo n ming but probably we'll be able to go hang out wid her.. how bout all of u?
my head hurts.. i juz spent my last.. um.. 6 hours watching tv.. ahhh!!! pain... lol
oh.. i joined circles d.. anyone have any idea how to use it? coz i definitely don't.. lol
may the force be with free birds..

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A mosaic of my friends and family.. to those whose pictures aren't here.. sorry!! Posted by Hello

Monday, February 28, 2005

Midst of Exams

first week of exam done.. yay! only three more papers to go.. mx-1, bio and accounts.. my english paper, chem and math seems um.. not too good.. but i think i might scrape through.. keke.. omg.. for the first time in my life i actually find english tough..
ooh.. come to think of it i had my moral paper too.. super super hard.. although i didn't study.. but still.. it's almost impossible to study for moral.. the notes are un-understandable and questions are equally ridiculous..
i came out 1/2 hour early.. ahaha.. gave up
at least got frenz to talk to while i was waiting for my other two buddies in the exam hall coz quite a lot of ppl came out early too
otheriwise my week was real real boring.. how interesting can a person' s week be wid exams??
oooh... up-point! i passed my parent test!! so now i got wheels.. hehe.. when my brother doesn't take his car that is..
may the force be with my grades...

Sunday, February 20, 2005

impending dooms day

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-------------file upload complete------------
hmm... monday was valentine's day.. so to all my friends and family... happy super belated valentine's!! to those who are already attached, i hope u had an enjoyable valentine's day filled with love and affection *grin* to all my single friends out there, i also hope u had a great valentine's *hands imaginary rose to all*
anyway, for me nth interesting happened during valentine's.. hung out wid my bro and his gf (i know.. ruining their valentine's.. but they didn't go out and they invited me to hang out wid them.. keke... plus they wanted to read one of my new year cards.. kaypo ppl them.. ahaha) ate plenty of longan and other sweet and unhealthy stuff.. oh well.. i'm definitely putting on weight.. *sniff* must try to lose all those unwanted pounds d...
anyway, tuesday had nth unusual happening so i'll skip past that day
wednesday.. odd.. two of my lecturers didn't come.. so had plenty of free periods.. feels so odd.. haih.. summore we could have gone to col later since didn't have early lessons.. oh well.. anyway, played plenty of table tennis.. and foosball.. lol.. we blocked up the holes and used a ping pong ball instead.. oh man, my group probably has earned the name of idiots.. ahaha.. since we nvr play any game properly.. lol
anyway, nite time had to pray (hokkien new year) but i fell asleep.. keke.. oops. so woke up past midnite to pray.. lol.. anyway, the house behind mine bought fireworks.. terrible.. couldn't sleep coz it was superbly noisy and extremely bright so thursday saw me all gritty-eyed and grumpy.. keke..
ok.. thursday: didn't have english.. lecturer was absent.. so spent my lesson b4 LAN class playing table tennis.. lol.. seems that we play that a lot.. i'm improving.. somewhat at any rate.. lol then LAN.. my friend's so evil.. she went late.. extremely late.. almost 1/2 hour late.. so i was bored.. real bored.. coz i was like the only student sitting at the back there.. no one to talk to..summore i forgot to bring my book.. lol
then evening.. went to watch constantine wid sum of my sch pals.. the movie was good.. and keanu reeves is super yeng.. ahaha... but i had a slight mishap.. THANK YOU to my dear frenz amy and eileen for helping me out there.. *grin*
friday: got back my accounts results.. surprisingly i did semi-well.. lol my exam week is rite around the corner.. so i've got to study.. amazingly, it seems that a whole bunch of us (the table tennis gang) don't treat is as if exams are coming up.. lol..
oh, and i starting learning how to play pool.. i'm totally hopeless at the game.. dont' know how to play it.. oh well.. can always learn.. ahaha
anyway, back to my books...
may the force be with those who have exams...

Monday, February 14, 2005

year of the rooster

end of my break *sob* i so do NOT want to go back to school!! haih.. oh well.. all things come to an end.. anyway luckily my bro and sis were wid me in kl.. made my trip this time so fun.. i played mah-jong the entire time .. dunno how many hours of mah-jong i've played.. lol.. but we played without money (all no money to gamble.. ahaha)
besides that i went shopping a few times.. terrible..actually s'pose to go watch constantine.. but the queues for movies in kl are terrible... i went to both klcc and midvalley.. my goodness... we queued up for 1 hour.. and we were still like really far frm the counter.. there are 9 counters openthere are about 15 screens in midvalley and almost the same in klccthe entire cineplex floor was filled with queues... and we've to queue up in a snake form.. horrible.. so in the end went shopping..
anyway.. i found a beautiful skirt.. i've been looking all over pg for it but couldn't find.. but oh wow.. the price of the skirt RM80.. so obviously it's still in the store.. ahaha
wat a disappointment
anyway, got back around 4pm to pg.. then had to clean up my hse.. terrible.. finally finished everything around 8.
and here i am, upgrading my blog
unfortunately this yr the bounty i collected very little
oh well.. nvm
oh.. a lil trivia.. those borned in the yr of the rat s'pose to have a romantic yr this yr.. lol
may the force be with chinese this yr of the rooster

Monday, February 07, 2005


sunday.. gonna be able to meet up wid my fren tomorrow! yay! miss her loads.. lol ever since she left to singapore.. and that's assuming she can meet up wid us.. gonna have to go down to kl on tues so won't be able to meet up wid her if she can't meet us tomorrow
anyway, i'm at my wit's end.. doing my moral assignment. the title: do u believe that morality should or should not be based solely on religion? WHy? is it possible to establish a moral system without any reference to religion? if so, how? if not, why not? what could be the basis on such a system, if not religion? describe ur position in detail
that, in other words, is TOTAL crap.. got another title.. but haven't bothered to even look at it yet
another point.. have to finish my assignments by tomorrow.. coz no one's gonna lend me their laptop while in kl.. sad
anyway, not too bad a day.. got to meet up wid one of my other frenz that came back from singapore.. lol.. haven't met him since i was in f1. he hasn't changed.. although according to him, i have.. lol
anyway, continued my spring cleaning frenzy at home.. cleaned up my garden (of sorts anyway) and the driveway.. got to drive to gurney.. thankfully, my brother hasnt' got a heartattack yet.. ahaha.. he and his gf much frequently clench their teeth while i'm driving.. ahahaha..
although i'm not too bad.. although sometimes have tendency to si hoay.. especially on slopes.. ahahahahhaa.. but according to them and my mum.. i'm quite good d.. ahahahahahaha
may the force be with homecoming ppl..

Sunday, February 06, 2005

spring contentment

saturday! first day of my holiday!! *phew* what a relief..
friday was actually a very good day.. on top of the fact that i got to play badminton wid 3 of my frenz.. yay! badminton is honestly the only sport worth playing!! super fun.. although as usual, i think most of our excercise came from laughing.. a lot.. i don't think we stopped laughing from the minute we started till the minute we stopped.. summore i get to complain to my pals.. (as usual!! ahaha)
classes were also pretty cool.. don't know y but the lecturers were pretty lenient wid us on friday (cept for chem.. at the lair of the dragon lady, no one is ever relaxed) anyway, she's actually pretty sweet and cute once u get used to her.. oh, and if she likes u.. i think if she doesn't like u.. u're pretty much dead.. anyway, got a mite bit of hw from her but otherwise the other classes were super relaxed.. even math! surprisingly.. lol.. 2nd period we played games.. with mandarin oranges!! ahaha.. something like team-building in the classroom.. first game was something like having to toss a mandarin orange around.. my group won! coz the other group got caught cheating (moral of the game: cheat and make sure u don't get caught.. ahaha) the other group's forfeit was to eat the tossed around mandarin oranges (eww.. my group's 2 oranges had pua kang already.. leaking juice.. shows how many times we dropped it..) 2nd game was this thing where u've to hold ppl's hands (not the same person) and untangle urselves to make a circle.. my group completed this first.. i don't know how.. lol
moral of these games: however hard a math ques is, u're sure to be able to solve it. another moral is u've got to be smart and patient as well as hardworking and work together and listen to the teacher and adhere to rules to win.. lol
our class was like a market.. so noisy.. till the other classes came out to kua kua c y we were making such a din..
today was wat i call a lazy day.. spent my morning helping my mum do spring cleaning in preps for the new year.. then afternoon did a lil bit of my moral assignment.. then round 4 i slept till dinner time.. ahahah.. me's getting lazy
may the force be with ppl whom are spring cleaning~

Friday, February 04, 2005

rough account

kayz.. i realised that i've been lazy to upgrade my blog.. so now that i've (decidedly low) energy.. and i'm online.. i might as well upgrade my blog..
this is a loose account of wat i've been up to this past week
monday: had this stupid bio quiz. although i studied i didn't know how to answer anything.. faked most of my answers.. argh.. die liao.. this carries weightage in the actual exam.. should have studied harder.. argh
tuesday: i had the unfortunate luck of sitting in the 2nd row for math and so chun there were 3 guys and 3 gals in my row.. we got called out to do this photo shoot for some inti brochure/advertisement/somthing lidat.. lol.. luckily the company in which we had to take the photos were nice ppl.. n they were frenz.. coz some of the poses (like putting arms around shoulders and all) wid strangers? super pai seh
wednesday: stayed around school till like 8.. can u imagine? from 8 till 8? argh.. actually i reached home frm school at 8. dead exhausted by time i reached home.
i've been playing table tennis almost every single free period i have.. lol.. it's real fun.. but mostly nonsense.. since my frenz and i CANNOT play ping pong decently (some of them can.. juz not me.. ahahaha) anyway.. time for dinner.. so no more time to upgrade blog d... got hw summore.. ext.1 math is super super tough.. argh.. time to crack my brain over chem/bio and math again...
heck, even english is hard to do!
may the force be with lethargic half dead ppl who have to drag their poor excuse of a body which is almost a carcass around college.. ahaha.. actually not that bad.. college is quite fun.. although i have to admit.. i AM tired most of the time wid hw, classes and numerous other things.. luckily i finished collecting almost 85% of the math and science club ppl's membership fees..

Saturday, January 29, 2005


time for my weekly update.. hahi.. cannot go to kerachut d.. coz of the earthquake two days ago in indonesia, my mum was scared they'd be another tsunami or summat
anyway, good thing too.. totally swamped in homework.. chem can actually kill a person.. not to mention my bio quiz on mon..
argh.. the first assessment for accounts.. i totally screwed mine up.. haih... wat a waste.. crap... oh well, nth i can do
lol.. col is getting more fun.. we actually play table tennis in all our free time..
came up wid a new game.. TFT a.k.a table floor tennis.. honestly.. the main objective of the game is not to serve the ball.. so we'll be playing even on the floor.. ahahahahahahahah
pity those guys that play wid us.. coz they actually play quite well.. but when they play wid us they're forced to lower their standards to playing nonsense... ahahaha
finally started my parent lessons for driving.. dunno when i'll graduate frm that.. hopefully quickly..
ooh.. and i got new source for jap anime d.. apparently some of my friends watch too.. so i'll be borrowing from them.. keke
naruto lives on!!
got a shock.. juz now one the jap anime fans came up to me and said sasuke-kun. lol
nvr knew that he knew i watched..
may the force be with jap anime fans..

Monday, January 24, 2005

twice is the charm

today had a friend's farewell.. it was super fun.. we went to makan in the fish n co where we kacaued one of the workers.. keke.. hope we didn't get her fired
also went to watch national treasure.. haih.. i watched it twice in 24hours.. i watched it last nite with my siblings at 9.. then again at 3 today.. luckily it's a good movie.. and besides.. i got a slight discount.. got my tix at RM7 coz i got 'subsidised' by some of my pals..
hmm.. actually.. this week had nth really interesting.. ooh.. how could i forget? juz now at gurney, met sum m'sian idol ppl.. keke...
anyway, still got stuff to study.. unfortunately.. i still have my first assessment for accounts on thurs.. and i'm totally totally totally totally lost
may the force be with those ppl watching the apprentice (which i currently am)..

Saturday, January 22, 2005


today's my first public holiday.. can't say i really enjoyed it much. my mum woke up this morning and decided that since chinese new year's juz around the corner, we (my sis and i and mum) would spend the day spring cleaning.. argh.. i hate vacuming. my goodness.. the freaking vacuum cleaner.. super heavy.. summore must vacuum the ceiling and i couldn't use the ladder (my sis had to clean the fans) so i had to tip-toe.. of sorts anyway.. haih.. now got serious muscle-ache..
but went out for makan today (lunch) wid my sis coz she had to buy her bus ticket home to kl.. didn't do any shopping though (everyone super broke liao) but bought my friend her farewell gift.. yay! gonna meet up with her on sunday..
haih.. i'm gonna end up with a bad image in col. coz that day there was agm for ye and i was tehre coz i thought i'd be nth but a shareholder.. manatau end up as the assistant for human resources (guys, u know how bad my business skill is, rite? anything wid me and business sure die wan.. i'd think i'm a good worker nia.. nth more.. no head for business at all) anyway, i ended up attempting to step down.. didn't work.. but i unfortunately probably ended up with the image of a whiner.. the president called me that day to ask whether i really didn't want it (which i obviously said yes) and now dunno whether he'll replace me or whether i'd be holding the post in name..
haih.. wat a mess
summore my first assignment due nxt thurs
i don't know how to do it
and got my first assessment (also known as exam) on thurs too.. accounts.. shit.. i'm totally lost in that sub
bad week
at least i can meet my konco to make up for my bad week
better get back to studying for accounts
why is everyone in my col so smart? like the top guy from frees is there as well as a lot of top class guys, the top 3 mgsians are there, bm high school smarties are there.. so are a whole gaggle of brilliant peng hua ppl as well as the cdk gals..
i'm doomed
hmm.. i feel pretty crappy and morbid today
may the force be with those facing their first assessment..

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

cause for excitement

took my driving test juz now.. my goodness.. it's a real test of patience.. i went to my driving school at 7.15 like dat.. then after that waited till bout 8.30 before we left to the mainland.. frm there (reached around 9.30) had to wait till bout 10 before we went to do our circuit test.. started my test at 10.15. finished the hill at 10.16. did my parking in two minutes (yay!) and then three point turn in another minute. all in all, i was done by 10.19. didn't make much of a dif. had to wait again (it's really hot at melati.. honestly) till like 1.30pm before we could do our road test.. the jpj officers had their lunch break.. hehe.. made like three new friends (coz we were all waiting together for sooooo long.. nth to do.. so started to talk) although aside frm 1 who goes to my college, i don't know any of their names.. hehe... anyway, wat the heck.. i passed!! yay!! toook route C and i think i did quite well coz he asked me to take the shortcut (which shortens the journey by more than half.. hehe) anyway, got back to soon lee at bout 2.45 where we had to wait(again!) till like 3.30 before we went home.. got some great news bout a friend.. so happy for her.. hehe..
and another up-point.. LAN class got cancelled.. so therefore, less homework for me when i return to college tomorrow.. lol
i talked to my bro juz now.. he's lending me his car (effectively, it's now mine.. yay) so that i can drive myself up to college (after, of course, i pass my PARENT TEST.. the much longer and infinitely harder to pass test) so u know wat guys?? if u dare sit in my car, i can actually take u all around d.. no more need for transport.. hehe.. don't worry.. i'm a safe driver i think.. don't go above the speed limit (usually quite below it) and all that nonsense.. lol.. nvm, i'll have to be certified 'safe' by my parents first
anyway, MUET classes are total crap.. i mean, we're like doing elementary stuff.. like the 'listening' test.. they tell u this bloody long thing bout an earthquake.. come the question 'what do u know bout the earthquake?' answer A. it was massive B. it killed 3000 people (they tell u in the recital it only killed 2, 500) and much other nonsense like that.. i mean, it's such a waste of time.. i think i'm gonna start cutting muet classes d.. that'll allow me to lie in longer on sat morning.. unless i go play badminton with my konco... which is a MUCH MORE WORTH IT THING TO DO WITH MY SAT MORN
lol.. watched 'a series of unfortunate events' a movie adaptation of the book with the same name.. i've never read the books unfortunately (they're too expensive to buy) but the movie's quite good if a bit dark..
haih.. got prob with my bio assignment *sigh* gonna be some time before i can finish it.. can't find any pertinent material.. argh
may the force be with those that pass their driving exam..

p/s:- i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed i passed
bwah ha ha!!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

driving test

*yawn* i'm totally exhausted.. this week has been both mentally and physically tiring for me. keke
had the math and science society first meeting (unfortunately all hsc members bcum automatic members.. dunno y i ended up as treasurer.. ele's fault.. ish..) anyway, aside frm that i had plenty of driving lessons after classes.. so that means i don't actually reach home till like 9.30 pm at nite.. and that means i actually juz use my house to sleep.. since i'm out of the house at 7 am.. lol
my driving test in on monday.. 17/1 i can't believe it.. we actually have to take leave to skip college!! wat the heck?!?!? lol and get all the lecturer's permission (6 all in all) aside frm that, my saturday classes are starting (9-11am) oh well.. at least college is getting quite fun.. since i've made new friends and all..
haih.. i'm really burnt out.. tomorrow got classes and then driving.. sunday again.. better get enuff rest b4 my test on monday..
may the force be with those taking their driving test~

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Rejuvenation of Strength

yay! my first week of college finished.. finally.. i was waiting the whole week, since monday for this weekend.. haih.. one thing i realised bout college... it makes me miss my konco more.
anyway, thankfully, i had a game of badminton to look forward to. although in the end only amy n i went, i still had a great time.. thanks amy old pal!! although.. hehe.. u're not old
it was slightly messy though.. i overslept coz i've been seriously lacking sleep lately.. anyway, woke up and went for badminton like 1/2 hour late.. hehe.. pai seh
anyway, after reaching, i realised that no one had shuttles.. so amy fetched me back to the main road where i walked back home to get my shuttles
hehe.. luckily didn't need to walk back to ymca.. eileen saved my neck.. she saw my plight and fetched me to ymca.. hehe.. thanks buddy
anyway, although amy and i didn't really play much badminton (fooling around.. lol) i got semi-excercised.. and got to talk to amy.. wow, real a lot to talk about after not meeting her for like wat? two weeks?? argh.. i'm gonna die in col without my konco.. not very good at making frenz and after all.. i did grow up with my old gang
also found out some very disturbing news about my ex-sch.. although i'm thankful i'm out of school, feel quite sad when i hear wat's the developments going on in the school.. i have to say, they're rather negative.. long live our dear alma mater.. long live mgs.. but with its current status, i'm quite worried bout how long my dear school will live on.... *musing thoughtfully*
anyway, look forward to goin out with my frenz again tomorrow.. yay!! must buy sumthing for syen.. although everyone's seriously broke.. all runnin low on vitamin M liao.. ish
may the force be with people starting college~

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

offhand thought

juz an offhand thought, now thati'm nicely stuffed and all with my college's cyber lab's fried maggie.. as usual, i'm in the cyber lab.. i've nowhere else to go.. lol
anyway, someone told me that tsunamis are very 'pat'... they're super kaypo coz always wanna butt in..
when an earthquake happens, tsunami comes
when a volcano erupts, tsunamis come
when any possible natural disaster comes.... a tsunami comes with it
kaypo to the max..
may the (not!) force be with busybodies..

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

reopening of life

today is the first day of college. i'm currently in my college's cyber cafe, using it now that i've an hour break.. wow, the bks.. C-R-A-Z-Y!!! soooo heavy! like triple the weight of my bks in schools.. ish, even with the locker, our backs are breaking. coz we've to lug the books for all the subjects we have coz we don't have time to go back to our lockers to get our books. we've got a sad 5 minutes to get to our classes (although at the moment, we're excused if we come late coz the lecturers expect us to get lost our first few days of class) but after the amnesty period *slash.. heads roll*
anyway, i'm in all my classes with a friend and got quite a few frenz around too.. although many aren't in the same class as me.. nvm, we meet up with them when we have coinciding break times.
hmm... the crappiest thing is everyone's allowed only a sad 1 hour in the lab. oh well.. nvm i s'pose coz we've got one hour breaks so it fits right in.
later we're gonna have to go for LAN class... and our first half of the year is.... *drum roll* MORAL EDUCATION. crap
2nd half will be HISTORY or as it's called here MALAYSIAN STUDIES crap and double crap
no more naruto for me d... i no longer have the time.. haih, i was at such a cliffhanger episode... when naruto was fighting hyuga neji and (obviously) neji was winning.. so he told naruto his sob story.. my goodness, i wonder why these ninjas all have bloody sad lives.. like gaara.. argh, super super super sad.. not only gaara, sasuke, naruto, neji and all this powerful ninjas live really sad lives.. i s'pose those like sakura, ino and choji who live comfortable lives never made it to the third round of the chuunin exam. more in depth bout the characters with sad lives which i've juz watched.
gaara: he was created to be a weapon. so they incorparated a sand demon into him making him highly (emotional-wise) unstable. he kills to make himself feel less lonely coz he never had love from his family. his father had been trying to assasinate him since he was 6 (he's now 12) coz his father didn't want a double-edged weapon anymore. his siblings (temira and kankuro) listen to him coz they fear him. he's super powerful though.. almost impossible to kill.. and he kills with a snap of his fingers.. or the closing or his palm, literally
sasuke: he is the only survivor of his clan, the uchiha. his brother killed his entire clan and his life centres on taking revenge. he works hard and is super powerful. unfortuntely, being the most outstanding rookie in the konoha village also attracted the wrong kinda attention. orochimaru turned his disgusting serpent eyes on him and marked him, making sasuke destinied to turn evil. haih, for such a gaya character, that's a waste. but i think (according the orochimaru, he had to be taken away from naruto coz they have a bond making sasuke more caring about his companions and not only himself and his vendetta) that sasuke's gonna turn back good.. maybe in episode 300 or somthing riduculous like dat. sasuke only lives to kill his brother who mocked him for being too weak to be able to save his family.
neji: an individual from one of the most powerful families in konoha, neji's byakugan makes him one of the most powerful people in the chuunin exams. his sad story was that he's from the branch family and is forced to use his life to look after the head family. he hates the head family coz of a misunderstanding when he was a young kid, his father was killed by the head family.
naruto: this guy has a demon fox put into him when he was young in order to save the village. he has no parents (i've got a theory that's he the son of the fourth hokage, the fella who saved the village from the demon fox) and nobody acknowledged him and treated him like total crap. he strives hard to gain recognistion and although he doesn't know it, many people have acknowledged him as a good ninja. namely, rock lee, uchiha sasuke, kakashi, sakura, hyuga hinate, iruka and many others. but he still needs to work to improve his volatile skills (like controlling his chakra)
haku: this guy looks like a real beautiful lady.
that's not why his life is sad btw.
he has the power of the advanced bloodline (so he can create his ice-chamber) but due to political unrest in his village when he was young, the villagers blamed him and his mother for many many nonsense reasons. his own father tried to kill him after killing his mother but in his panic, he accidentally lost control of his chakra, causing ice (he controls ice) to form, killing his father and allowing him to escape. he took refuge as a beggar where zabuza found him and cared for him. because of that, hake devoted his life to zabuza.
kayz, that's already many stories of ninjas with sad lives.. i think i can find out more if i have the time to watch more episodes.. ahaha.. damn, i'm a super addict.. anyway, classes are about to begin d, so i'd better not waste too much time on the blog.
hehe, in answer to wat my friend wrote in my earlier blog.. finally i'm into jap anime. but don't have the time to watch it.. haih.. sumore no streamyx or broadband to download the subsequent episodes.. haih... coz it's already at episode 160 sumthing and i've only got till episode 90
back to my college live. it pretty much is as boring as school.. more boring coz i don't have all my konco to talk to me liao.. oh blah. at least i've got one of my bestest buds and a kindy friend who's made college more interesting and fun. i miss school though.. haih
may the force be with people who are beginning classes again today, january 3rd

Monday, January 03, 2005

the turn of the season

the day is 2nd january 2005
this is my last day of school holiday.. i'm now on the verge of setting out on a new voyage.. i'm beginning college classes tomorrow
and heck, it's no better than school.
worse in fact. longer lecture hours and shorter breaks..
anyway, my last two days of holidays were kinda fun. my sis came back for a few days so went out a lot. a lot a lot. had a nice cookout with my neighbours on new year's eve. lol, made us soo full.. spaghetti and pasta, jelly, cake.. all the nonsense.. and all of us drank champagne to top the meal off.
then the nxt day. saturday
not too bad. had the grass mowed, cleared up all the nonsense, went over to my neighbours to help her prepare for her bbq (berfday gal) and then went for a family dinner then came back, went over to celebrate her berfday with her 60 plus frenz then came home. watched naruto till like 3 in the morning then zzzzz, beddy bye.
nxt day, woke up, continued my whole boring routine of housework, eat...blah blah blah..
then naruto again.. ahaha.. i'm an unfortunate addict. watched like 50 odd episodes in like 5 days. ahaha
may the force be with addicts~

Saturday, January 01, 2005

happy new year!

i've got like 2days left before my college reopens. better put my freedom into good use.. lol, unfortunately, i'm now hooked onto japanese animation series, namely naruto (thanks to my brother who's a jap anime addict) i've spent most of my free time watchin naruto and i have to say, it's actually quite good. after one week of furious watchin, i'm now onto episode 35.

warning: naruto spoiler ahead. it's a spoiler for like episode 100 something. those that don't wanna read it, ignore watever's written in blue.

*sniff* got a spoiler from one of my friends that sasuke is gonna become bad..he's gonna go over to oshimaru to gain more power to be able to get revenge on his brother. wasted nia. sasuke, naruto and sakura had a kinda cute bond between them. hate each other but will willingly put their lives on the line to save each other's lives.. oh, and kakashi too.. who's always late and always is reading that book *come come paradise* ahaha.. but he's still a pretty 'chun' character

wat a waste! sasuke's like one of the most gaya characters in the show.. lol. him and kakashi. sakura's irritating and a terrible friend.. pity ino only... naruto is an idiot (note: one of the most commonly used words on the show.. ahaha) and always trying to play a fool.. but he's powerful (with the demon fox in him and all). i wonder, now that sasuke has that weird purple thingy in addition to his own power, the sharingan, will his chakra be more than naruto's?? it's definitely more than sakura.. she's pretty useless..
although sasuke's clan has been wiped out, i wonder, is kakashi somehow related to him? coz the sharingan is an advance bloodline jutsu but kakashi has the sharingan too.. although his is permanent (sasuke can summon the sharingan to both eyes at will) and kakashi's sharingan is only in one eye.
probably one day, sasuke and naruto are gonna have to fight and i wonder how it'll be.
oh, 2004 is gonna end liao.. happy new year to everyone!!
may the force be with naruto addicts~