Tuesday, September 21, 2010


a quick post before i sleep.

this is the end of my life as i know it..

long story short, my team is understaffed so i'm working 7am - 5.30pm days now on till we're not so understaffed and then i can do 7.30-5pm.

that's like 9 and a half hours in the office, wtf. this is no life at all.

good bye life, was nice knowing you. i'll see you again in october.

poor baby. tis not a good time to be a chauffeur. meh. time to sleep. toodles.

may the force be with overworked polar bears,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

linkin park concert

of all the bands in this world linkin park is my favourite. and they don't do new albums too often so concerts are like once in a few years kinda thing. its been three years since their last concert and man, was i waiting for their new concert. its one of those things i will gladly splurge for. hell, i'll even go alone if i can't drag anyone else along with me. but but.. this is all..

till i found out their touring dates.

melbourne - 13 december.

oh, zomgwtfdamnit. i'm going back to malaysia on the 11th. wtfwtfwtfwtf. WHY is melbourne on the last stop ! why couldn't they come melbourne FIRST? T_T

i'm so disappointed i could die. sigh. LINKIN PARK WTF.

i think this is almost worth changing my flight tickets for. except i can't afford it. and. and, wtf, i think my mum will kill me if she found out i'm cutting back my 13 day trip back to malaysia after two years just coz of linkin park.