Friday, January 19, 2007

failed wannabe terrorist smurf

so, i went for paintball at the very best site in the world last sat with my friends.
at the war museum, batu maung.

a hundred bucks later, i learnt a valuable lesson.


i'll make a terrible terrorist.
no, it's not the amount i had to run. neither is it being attacked by red ants. nor my abmyssal inability to breathe properly with the mask on (i think it DOES look very yeng on some of the guys though).

it is my bad aim.

it was fun though.
although i died every single time.
and i got shot in the head, which hurt momentarily but it wasn't as bad as some of the other wounds by friends took.
below is only one of the pics taken from that outing. they're actually loads more, but this is the only one i've received.

terrorist wannabes: yong lun, jo's boyfriend*, danny, me (holding gun no. 45. ppl have pointed out here that u can tell it's me coz i'm the shortest in the group. see, i know i'm short. and shorter than the rest. except for the person on the extreme right. i'm taller than her *lol*), peter and sookie.
danny also points out here (*me points and laughs coz i agree with him) that there's no point in smiling and trying to look prettiful coz no one can see ur face anyway.

hmm. paintball was superbly tiring. my total lack of excercise in the past year also attributed to my muscles protest.
and i kept on fogging up my mask during the third fight. must be due to the excessive breathing. *lol*
the paintball site is damn cool though. with bunkers and all those message runner zones. (the japs and brits REALLY fought there during WWII)
oh. and i also got the moles on my nose zapped off earlier that morning.
i've to wear a plaster on my nose for two weeks =(
aside from that, very routined life here. hang out, work, eat, sleep, internet, etc.

may the force be with terrorist lookalikes...

*note: jo's boyfriend's (she tells me it's a pseudo-boyfriend and officially, they aren't together. it's a technical thing. how.. complicated -_-) name is actually something that ends with a -bert. albert, gilbert, dilbert, ratbert.. hmm.. none of those sound right. damn my dory-like memory. i'll repost when i remember.
oh.. and it my last post, i noted i'd repost one of the photos when i get a version which doesn't have hui sen cut out. i have received a better version but i'm lazy to repost. so i'm lazy. bite me.

Monday, January 01, 2007

a new beginning


a new year. a new beginning.

when i sit back and reflect upon the year that was, 2006, i really don't think i've that much to regret about.

i had a good year.

great friends.

the ones who have been there for me for everything and anything. through the years, since almost before i can remember, i'm glad our friendship has gone from strength to strength and we KNOW that whatever the future brings, in 10 years time we would still be able to hang out, laugh and enjoy each others company. i'm glad this year comes to a close with me knowing that these are the strongest bonds we could have ever forged.
amy, sonia, nianz, sookie, ming and jo. you girls are the best and always would be.

unexpected friends, gotten in college and never regretted.
always giving an aura of comfort, and of course, breaking me out of the total nerd shell i was stuck in, introducing me to a different perspective of the world.
of course, ash. lin, ken, mz, li, jon.

even those whose friendships i had let drift over the time i left form 5, somehow, we managed to get back to having a decent enough friendship to be able to sit around coffee for hours, catching up.
porky, k.yin, sooch, jie, lian and numerous others.

uni friends, totally differing in personality, brain capacity, preferences, taste.. pretty much everything but i'm glad i met you ppl anyway. housemates too. a total whacky bunch whom we only managed to get to know better over food. bonding over food O_o
ej, sarah, yina, steven and those friends i made in kl. you know who you are.

and of course, every other person whom i consider friend-pg or kl. i'm thankful for the friendships given.

a fabulous family. even with dad's rather obsessive paranoia about security, life's good.

about regrets i had this year..
i do regret wasting my dad's 17k with my venture into uni life. i don't regret dropping out of engineering. staying in that course would have drove me insane. i'm not smart enough for it.
i should have just gone straight into business. at least my uni application for transfer to aus, lodgings arrangements and all wouldn't be as screwed up as it is now.
i regret some other stuffs here and there.. but nothing major, really.
and, i would not regret the things that made me smile =)

i hope 2007 will pave my way into caulfield. i don't really want to stay in kl.
i will be more hardworking and stuff this year.
i shan't do things i know i'll regret.
i'll try to be a better friend.
i'll try to not ever take my friends for granted.
i'll try to talk less.
*cough* bullshit. i won't ever be able to talk less. unless i lose my voice.
i'll also try my best to be less antisocial.
smile more.
eat less - wait. not eat less. eat healthier. *lol*
try to live up to parents expectations.

happy new year!
may 2007 bring fulfillment, joy and achievement to all. let it be a better year than '06.

ok. on to less boring stuff. basically that means photos.
WARNING: lots of photos.
if ur internet is still affected by the 'taiwanese earthquake that damaged undersea cables to u.s and other parts of the world' thingy, don't read this post just yet.
if u're really interested in any case.
damned earthquake has screwed my net. i can't use msn and stuff anymore =(

been horribly sick since christmas. i lost my voice. my friends said it sounds smoky. they don't know i couldn't talk at all for two days.
it's still smoky. i don't think it'll be smoky anymore after this.

anyway, met up with my high school friends (again)
if you read this blog and know my dear friend sookie, i'm sure u'll know that she likes taking dozens of similar shots but with slight variations. like. ttbc. or. serious. or. smile without teeth.
makes life fun i guess.

take one: trying to be cute. i hate this particular pose.

take two: normal pose this time.

amy and ming.

sonia and sooch

sookie and porky

woo.. tendrils of smoke..

one of those candid shots i like.

did audit on thurs and fri.
outside audits at warehouses is.. painful. it's hot and sunny. and i'm heliophobic. and u've to count things that aren't really countable.. pellets and stuff. each pellet contains (insert number here) of cartons which contain (insert number here) of particular inventory.
do the math.
it's tough.
but it shall be my job in the future so for my sanity's sake, i shall force myself to enjoy it.

watched night at the museum thurs night with my sis, ji and jun.
how nice of them. i think.
i get a msg at 6.
movie at 8.
ok, i'm dead tired after my outside audit (and i tell you, that audit i did that day was totally messed up. bad stocktaking, categorising, etc.) so i thought of skipping. that, and i didn't read the msg coz i came home and napped.
at 7.40 my sister comes into my room and screams 'ann! you're not ready yet. we bought the tickets already. quickly get up and change'
i've got fever =(
but no matter. movie and dinner (which i had to sit out from coz i had to come home eat coz i've to eat soupy sick ppl food due to my cough and fever) was quite good
it's pretty cute.
ash says that ben stiller and cute don't go together. but actually, i enjoyed night at the museum more than i thought i would.
hyena girls in the row in front of me were a mite bit irritating though.

following mum and dad on sat night proved benefitial. i got a g2000 top. a freaking expensive top which my mum has branded 'cheng keng' and 'fit to wear to work'
hell, it's g2000. their work clothes are lovely.
i just can't afford any of them. like.. ever.
met this couple of whites shopping at g2000 too. super friendly (unfortunately i see that my mum's way more sociable than me) and kept on suggesting tops and bottoms they thought would suit me. ended up spending almost an hour there.
i also got a new bracelet.. made of amethyst and crystal. quartz i think that dude told me.

it's the one on the top. the blue one below is my old one my bro gave me.
actually, the old one looks cheaper. but it's like almost double the price O_o


went to momo (again) for new year's eve.

my girls came over to my place around 6 to get ready.
it's waaaaay fun getting ready with girls. triple the makeup drawer. and accessory collection *lol*
we had a bit of a hitch before entering the club. amy's heel strap broke off. after a year of clubbing, in the space of a month, that's the third case i've heard off.
ej's at maison, then nianz during chrismurf eve and now amy O_o
thank god for expensive well made heels. that and 7/11s. and super glue.

i prefer momo to glo and stuff.

simple reason being that it's classy.

ladies and gentleman,

probably the prettiest club in penang island.

i've got the worse timing ever. i took the picture RIGHT when the lights were changing colours. hence: no colour -_-"

i put this in coz i like shiny, bright, prettiful things.

fireshow to bring the crowd. and to celebrate the occasion which is new year's eve.

the girls having some fun at the swings in momo's courtyard

sonia and i

sonia and amy. photo taken post-being-bullied-by-weiming
they're nauseous even before they entered the club. *lol*

my turn to camwhore with the swing.
the rest all actually have their own personal swing photos but since this is my blog, only mine gets posted. *egoistical smug grin*
other photos on request.
random thought: i just love this lbd. since it's like the only one i own. haha.

wasting time at e&o before going to momo

we were told to be there by 10 but not everyone arrived at that time so amy, sonia and i had a bit of fun with the camera first.

our table is packed.
see, it happened that wei ming managed to get us the v.i.p. table.
and then, we all brought friends..
all of which couldn't get tables..
so everyone ended up putting their bottles at our place.
last count i did of the ppl that came in with us to put bottles at our place was 45.
i think that there were at least a dozen bottles at our table. AT LEAST.

i also got whiskey poured on my head.
it wasn't intentional. i think. ppl were passing drinks above me and some dude accidentally spilt his glass. *sigh*
oh well. he was kinda apologetic. even went to get a stack of paper napkins for me so all is forgiven. *lol*

at the dance floor before the power cut.
yes, the power got cut for a while. the fuse probably burnt out.
it caused the club to be so damned stuffy so we went out for bout 20minutes while power was being restored.
some ppl are rather.. cheapskate -_-
when the power came back and the bouncers were calling for the ppl who had already paid to return in first, a group of ppl pushed by saying that had paid. but they hadn't.
cheapskate behavious -_-"
and the bouncers were a bit too strained with the crowd returning to check everyone properly.

with ken and sohan who also came to join our table. *lol*

fun gang to club with. hui sen got cut out a bit.
i shall repost when i receive the better version of this photo.

varsha, ming, sonia, me and amy
*cough* my arms look humungous here =(
time to start working out a bit again *lol*

bringing sexy back.

two of my best friends ever. as can be seen, they're rather high here.
literally and figuratively.
we took this photo standing on the couch.
in heels.
don't ask me why.
we're all a bit jelly-fished. hard to balance, see?

anyway, had a great new year's eve.
and *grins truimphantly* anniversary or not, no repeat of last year's new year's eve =)

may the force be with 7/11s,