Tuesday, August 25, 2009

forever young

day 2 of sydney:

we headed to taronga zoo. super awesome zoo though i think melb zoo is more compact but taronga's prettier !
not many piccas coz i got lazy uploading halfway through, mwah ha ha!

matt took us clubbing that night to this club called bamboo.
clubbing in syd is awesome. the girls there are ten-fold hot the girls in melb and they actually roam around the club trying to pick ppl up. guys here are better though, lol.
sucky thing is that everything is served in plastic. super like wtf.

hahaa, omg, so much backlog of photos and stuff. as such, i think i'll stop blogging bout sydney. haha. photos can be found on my fb (;

explanations.. well they're pretty much self-explanatory. our trip there realy consisted of food, food, food and more food.

and some photos of when yina was in melb. this was like, hey, taken two months ago! LOL.

@sharkfin inn

oh and a recent photo of me and my housemates coz i ♥ them, teehee.

at the opening of the new wing of chadstone. zomg, chaddy's even more awesome, whee.

will post some photos from vin's, merv's and cal's birthday sometime down the road. now i gotta.. go.. read through my resume again and make MORE changes coz co says my resume isn't good enough at the moment =(

may the force be with me getting a job,

Friday, August 21, 2009

empty decorations

so while i'm soooooo super bored with nothing to do, i decided to take a break from putting in resumes and to blog a bit. so while i do have some other more recent stuff to blog about (ie vin's birthday etc) i decided to just blog about my sydney trip first.

or at least part of it.

so, as a continuation of my old post, headed to sydney after my birthday dinner. meaning i slept a total of.. like.. an hour before calvin was waking me up to go avalon.
something super retarded we did. five of us went to syd from melb (ok, maybe not jon) but we ALL flew in at different times. like wtf right?
anyway, back to my entry. where was i? oh, right. cal and i reached syd at like 8am so we decided to go circular quay to have breakfast and aquarium after.

i know, sydney and off i am dragging cal to the aquarium? with all our bags and stuff. LOL can't help it. motel room wasn't opened yet and.. i like aquariums !

anyway, photo photo !

breakfast at circular quay

an onward to the aquarium where the first cab driver we took tried to kill calvin.

apparently, according to calvin.. i look like a dugong. -_-
he meant cute. i took it as sea cow. LOL

we headed home to sleep after that while waiting for jon and bri to make their appearance. which when they did, we headed to chinatown.

a word to the wise. don't try asian food in sydney. its.. bad to say the least.

and finally, the last member of our party arrived. we went to a pub for some drinks first and then.. onward to mamak, the awesome-est mamak food in aus i've ever tried. but the queue is crazy long ! think VII/eve queues. outside a mamak. lol.

anyway, that's day 1. more on sydney another time.
till then,
cheers ppl.

Friday, August 14, 2009


so i just got back from my 5-day trip to sydney with the penangites and i've been super busy since then! quite aside from the whole 'trying to get a job' thing, i watched g.i. joe with wilson after i got back from syd, getting myself and him stranded at chaddy with no public transport back after the movie and i've been helping vin prepare for her birthday party tonight !

we are/have been her kuli-s for the few days !
my house now has been super decorated with pink streamers ! tis.. so.. PINK ! O_o

and.. and.. she threatened to cut our (nonexistant) salary if we didn't help her make her onde onde ! :'(
teehee, we still love you babe ! and we know you love us too! teehee.

turning 22's not too bad.

hope you liked our gift to you, teehee. you can finally be 'in' with the entire melbourne and leave jien and i in the dino period..

anyway, a tonne of photos from my birthday dinner held exactly a week ago ! well a bit more than a week ago but small distinction *waves it aside*
anyway, as can be seen i had a blue themed dinner and (almost) everyone turned out in something blue ! meloves!

ivan and vinbaby

half of the table


jien and my 'halva' housemate, kenneth (;

take 2


jean and the boss

izzati! she's so cute (; she dressed head to toe in blue.. even her handbag was blue, teehee. meloves =D


the girls

my girl housemates ♥

mr. vladimir

and.. darren.

ivan and vin


nick and akmal

group pic

thankschu everyone for attending =)
and to sofias for the complementary bottle of champagne =D

more or less all the gifts.. pictured without the ipod from my housemates and darth ewok which.. had a hole and as such.. had to go get fixed. lol.

and some photos from the star wars convention which i went to the day of my birthday itself. i can't help it ! lol.

wokay, photos from sydney.. maybe.. another day. depending.. on whether.. i can.. upload the 200odd pics.

may the force be with darth ewok and everythign in between,